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6 thoughts on “More Information

  1. Thanks for your thoughts about the white model with the painted skin. While speaking with my girlfriend on the phone she ask me if I had seen the article? I replied no and look it up on line. After careful review of the shots and then the white model came up. I studied it for a couple of minutes and what I saw was an industry that has completely run out of ideas, become insane, hate their own skin and is finally letting the truth be told.In order to sale their trashy magazine they have to find ways to get us talking about their shitty magazine in hope of making sales. No one is buying their magazine because their readers are all white and they can not stand to look at their own skin because it remind them of their soulless being that goes into a school and shoot 26 children and adults. These pictures tell me that white people are truly insane and hate the skin that they are in the Vail has been lifted and the world knows and sees that the white man today is just as wicked as his forefathers were. They are a soulless people who kills his mother before killing others, rapes little children, have six with his sister to conceive children, sleeps with animals, walks into a movie theater and kills innocent people. Vogue magazine sent out a very powerful message that black woman are the African Queens and using a white 16 year older to hide behind tell me that this magazine is finished and a dieing breed. While they have tried to keep their magazine lily white they have missed the boat and their doors will be closing soon. By think that they can erase the black woman, they are only erasing themselves. I know they want to be like me, walk like me, dance, like me, have a soul like me, have beautiful multicolor skin like me, but you are a soulless people and will never be me. Paint your skin a coal black dark richness all you like you can never be the beautiful me.


    1. i hate the magazine article and the picture of the black-face white girl, but i don’t believe that all white people are soulless. truth be told, you can find evil and good people in all races that is evident. I love Black people, but I also love all people and at the end of the day I would rather be with someone who is kind of whatever race than someone who isn’t kind of whatever race. just to clarify that i don’t support the idea that one race is inherently or innately more evil than the other because evil can be found everywhere and anywhere. i do however acknowledge that some (if not most) white people harbor prejudices against people of color, but that is more so due to upbringing, brainwashing and their white privilege than any inherent issue. it’ a social thing.


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