Have You Encountered Internet Defamation of Black Women?

This is a page where people can post links to websites or videos that defame Black women:

I’m sure we’ve all encountered some form of Black Women Bashing on the internet. It may seem like the internet assaults against Black Women don’t matter, but with the growing use of the internet, bloggers, vloggers and internet magazines are all becoming more popular. The internet is a form of mass communication. Some months ago there was an article on Psychology Today by Satoshi Kanazawa, a professor at London School of Economics, in which he claimed that science proved that Black women were OBJECTIVELY the least attractive women.

Articles like these are all over the internet. Please help by contacting this blog with any information you have about internet attacks against Black women. If you come across an article that you think maligns or defames Black Women, post your suggestion here. If you come across a video that you think degrades Black women, post it here. Together we can challenge these articles and overcome these stereotypes of Black Women!

19 thoughts on “Have You Encountered Internet Defamation of Black Women?

  1. People in the Westernized world hate Black women, sad to say. And the use of the internet makes it easier for them to express their dislike and contempt of Black females. But as a Black female, I don’t care what these haters think. I don’t like them either and don’t need their seal of approval. I plan on being an author/journalist when I get older since I am only 17.


    1. Really? You are in the minority of White men in AmeriKKKlan who love Black women. Count yourself lucky that you love Nubian Queens who are beautiful, elegant and the mothers of civilization.

      It is nice to find a White man that is not racist!


  2. Dee says:

    i was appalled and dismayed at a YouTube posting blasting THE BEAUTIFUL AND ACCOMPLISHED ACTRESS named Kerry Washington WHO PLAYS Olivia ON THE TV
    SHOW “SCANDAL” – the comments included house whore, master wench and other deplorable names…but not a peep was heard about her role as a slave in Django ….


    1. Teja says:

      I don’t like Kerry Washington very much as a black women. More white men are starting to approach me because they think that I am that roll. The woman who will have sex without emotional ties, etc and have no real lover or desire anything more than sex. I dislike that show. She sort of is a bit slutty, I mean I hate it when POC females use themselves that way on tv because white people will believe it because they see us as monolithic. So if Kerry sleeps with every man, all black women do. She is playing the role of a Jezebell and only cementing in whites mines that us colored women are nothing more than mistresses for married white men. White women are individuals so no matter who they sleep with on tv, they will be seen as different.


  3. Zipporah Ammon says:

    There is this open group on Facebook called Relationship Talk 2.0, and all they do is bash, degrade, and belittle black women. What is funny and ironic is that they never really discuss relationships or anything similar. Truthfully, it’s just a bunch of black men and white women creating interpersonal relationships with each other, while belittling black women. I noticed that whenever a black woman or man would point out the fact that these men abuse black women, black men would not really respond. But whenever a black man or white woman had something derogatory to say about black women, black men came running. I don’t understand why the black women are still involved in that group. To me, common sense would tell me that they are not liked or welcome there.


  4. Gia says:

    Many of these people are paid and hired to bash black women and keep the community apart. Especially the “black” men on Youtube. They are paid to do this behavior for the exception of the idiots who sell out because they can. Why would they pay to destroy black women on the internet” Because they can be wiped out genetically so they want to stop us from going with anyone. Think of it as population control and you think an institution built and focused on demeaning black poeple wouldn’t pay a few to keep them distracted, sad and in their place. Anything to stop them from breeding, even Canada was busted for having paid trolls on various forums persuade and attack the subject. Please research this heavily.

    It’s nice to see this site is going into bigger issues rather than just our problems. Ferguson for one and learning how to protect our kids from the media showing them bad likeliness. My little sis was in front of the tv today and saw a black women leave her family and kids only to end up under a white men to get her clothes torn off in graphic lewd behavior. She is 8, and I saw her see it before I could turn the channel. It’s stuff like that that shapes our daughters and sisters. That movie Addicted is shameful along with Scandal. My sister has seen the commercials that come on during family night and Kerry is with a white man just like the chick in Addicted getting her clothes ripped off. My heart weeps for my little sister, will she grow to be nothing more to be a mat for white men.

    And to the user. For the record, Kerry Washington is a shameful person who makes money stimulating graphic sex acts. Her multiple tasteless straight sex scenes, nudity and lesbian sex for her white agents, producers, and script writers. She is a soft porn actress puppet wrapped up in designer clothes and nothing more. All her scenes are Monster Ball cringe worthy with this animal desperation whites want us to be viewed with.


  5. Gia says:

    We should speak of television defamation because the same ladies who watch and contribute money to media and movies where black women are shown as twisted, oversexed , whoreish , cold, angry, cheating women Scandal , Temptation, The Have Nots, Monster Ball etc are the same ones shocked when no man wants to marry them! You can’t whine that men of other races and even black men don’t want you when you are praising and buying tickets to movies like Addicted , Temptation and Scandal. Characters like Olivia Pope are only fun for the night, not the morning after for men. No guy wants to marry a women who they think will cheat on them and black women aren’t cheaters, they are just shown that way in EVERY FILM. Men see the lies and drink the kool aid while black women call the cheaters “real” and “strong” and “progressive”. Too bad black women will keep fueling the money machine of the production companies. To those ladies purchasing tickets and loving movies those shows and movies you that way, you can’t complain when you are on your sofa in pjs watching Addicted , totally alone. This is while the tv parades to the world as an oversexed cheater. Why are you on the sofa alone, watching your netflix paid Scandal. Gee , I don’t know.

    Give me a movie, where the lady is a loving mother, scientist, doctor, zombie, crime fighter, judge, captain, wholesome love interest or superhero anyday.


  6. I believe that the internet defamation of Black women is a extension of the anti Black female misogynoir culture in Black America. In other words, many Black American males use the internet to spew hatred, troll and belittle Black women online to make themselves feel better about themselves. And because deep down, they hate themselves for being born Black and powerless in a world dominated by White men.


  7. Dave says:

    I’m a white guy who has dated different races. I must say that I definately prefer a black woman for a variety of reasons. I’ve been married to two black women and am currently. I just think there is nothing more exciting than having a sexy black woman next to you and showing her off in public. I can tell you from experience that black pussy looks better, smells better, feels better, fits better, taste better and IS better than white pussy!! There is no question about it once you have had both. There is good and bad in every race but a sexy black woman is just the best.


  8. April says:

    Ladies, we have the power. Go back to all those damaging you tube videos and facebook groups that you listed and use the tools on these sites to report the video or the group as hateful, and tell all your friends to do the same. Enough of these reports and the videos, channels and websites will be shut down. If other people are hating on us then let’s give them a reason.


  9. Truth Jackson says:

    I completely agree that too many Youtube videos degrade and defame Black women. Especially those by Black men. However, to the commenters, particularly Gia and some others who chose to call Kerry Washington a ‘whore’ and say that they don’t like her as a Black woman, are just a part of the problem. Kerry Washington has the right to play whatever role she wants to play, just like a White actress. If that involves having an affair, so be it. Women of all ethnicities and races have affairs. Making it so Black women don’t have affairs, don’t have interracial relationships and other respectability politics Black people engage in only limit Black people more. I’m tired of us limiting ourselves and silencing our stories because we are scared we’ll look like whores or bed wenches. The only people who will see you as a whore or a bed wench are people who dislike Black women anyway, regardless of what they do or don’t do. I’m sick of the Black Community shaming Black women who aren’t darn near immaculate, or who aren’t asexual, soft-spoken, and virginal. Not all of us are like that! When you shame Kerry Washington and you shame other Black women for embracing their sexuality, you are helping those patronizing, hateful trolls who degrade Black women on the internet.

    Give up the respectability politics and let Black women be individuals! Yes, be mindful of stereotypes in the media, but don’t have a heart attack any time a Black woman (particularly a non-stereotypical character like Olivia on Scandal) chooses to embrace her sexuality just like any other woman.


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