Your Guide to Hosting a Mueller Report Reading Party

Banquet table with juice, cookies and snacks.

The  redacted Mueller Report has been available to the public for some time. You can even listen to it for free on Amazon Audible. It’s also available in print.  However, it is roughly 400 pages long. If you listen to it in audio format, its about 19 hours.

Reading through a legal document can be difficult, so why not make it more fun by throwing a little read-a-thon or listen-a-thon? It is important that public be educated and aware of what is going on in the country, so why not bring your family and friends together to participate in this very fun and educational party opportunity?

How to Host a Mueller Report Read/Listen-A-Thon:

  1. Think about the format that you want to use. Do you want people to take turns reading from the actual report or would you prefer listening to audio? Will you need speakers, will you project the content onto a screen? Once you decide on the format, you can obtain the version that you want.
  2. Choose a location. Will this be hosted at your home or another venue?
  3.  Create a timeline for the event. When will it start, when will it end? How many breaks will you have? When will people eat?
  4. Decorate to liven up the atmosphere. You could choose a theme that speaks to you, it could be a black and gold theme, a red, white and blue theme, a Watergate theme, whatever you like.
  5.  Decide who to invite and then send invitations. This is a wonderful opportunity for an intimate gathering of friends and family to join together and read or listen to the report. You might send a formal evite or simply text or call people.
  6.  Plan your menu. For a 19 hour read-a-thon, it is crucial that you have plenty of food and beverages available, as well as activities that people can engage in during downtime or if they wish to take a break from the reading or listening.
  7.  Plan your activities. It’s good to have relaxing activities to accompany the read-a-thon. This may mean adult coloring or painting stations, crafting stations or maker stations. This is also a wonderful opportunity for group craft activities, like a quilting bee or knitting circle. Imagine a group gathered around a tray of tea and cookies, listening to the Mueller Report and quilting. Very picturesque, no?
  8. Have space for people to rest. When you are hosting an all night party or read-a-thon, guests will need a place  to rest. It might help to prepare a guest room or spaces for people to sleep.
  9. Provide notepads and pens. Be sure to provide paper and writing tools for those who wish to take notes throughout the reading.
  10. After the reading,  consider whether or not you’d like to host a follow-up discussion where your guests can discuss and ask questions about the report or simply call it a night.
  11.  Sit back, chill and educate yourself.                                                                                                                               Helpful Tips: 
    • Keep the restroom tidy. Be sure that the powder room is tidy and stocked with all necessary supplies, like toilet paper, hand soap,  and clean towels.
    •  Make sure guests remain safe. If drinking is involved, remind guests to drink responsibly or arrange transportation home, if necessary.
    • Be sure to ask guests for any special dietary considerations prior to planning your menu.
    • Be sure that you have plenty of water and beverages. You may want to have coffee, tea, water and light snacks throughout the event. You might offer a nice DIY Happy Hour in the evening, for those who are over 21. You can get as fancy as you want with the food. You might like to organize a potluck and have people bring dishes or you might like to arrange for food delivery or carry out.
    • Allow for frequent breaks. When creating your read-a-thon schedule, be sure that you’ve built in opportunities for breaks.

Sample Mueller Report Party Overview:

Guests Arrive: 6 AM-  sausage, egg breakfast casserole, croissants and muffins and fruit-infused water, orange juice, coffee and tea.

-Begin reading/activities-

9 AM- Snack break with fruits, cheese, nuts, granola

12 PM- Lunch al fresco, grilled chicken, shrimp kebabs, fruit salad, grilled vegetables, lamb burgers, potato salad, crab cakes

3 PM- Afternoon Tea break with tea, scones with cream/jam, tea cakes, cupcakes, deviled eggs and other light refreshments

6 PM – Dinner with roast beef, grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and other dishes

9 PM-  DIY cocktail bar with fruits, nuts, cakes and other desserts

12 AM- Midnight Snack with popcorn, candy and fruit cup with whipped cream

3AM- Light snacks/conclude reading and goodie bags for guests

Note: Resting space, activities and light snacks available throughout

Activities: Adult painting, coloring and crafting


Easter Meal and Devotionals

A photo of a cross with a gray , cloudy sky. Image by <a href="">congerdesign</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this, all men will know that you are my disciples if you love one another. John 13:34-35, NIC

My goal this Easter has been to read a devotional every day during Holy Week, repent for my many sins and thank the Lord that he is merciful.

In addition to spiritually fortifying myself, physical fortification will include an Easter dinner of soft shell crabs, jambalaya, cornbread, and a dessert.

Blessings and prayers.


A post by Abagond about billionaires. It is notable that according to Abagond, “the net worth of 7,000 ordinary White American households or 98,000 Black ones (based on median wealth in 2014, adjusted for inflation,” is equivalent to 1 billion. Note the stark contrast in white vs. black net worth overall.


The view from Billionaires’ Row overlooking Central Park in New York (via MarketWatch).

A billionaire is someone whose wealth is equal to at least a billion pounds or dollars: $1,000,000,000.00. This post, written in 2019, will use current US dollars, worth 2.0 grams of silver.

There are currently 2,135 known, living billionaires according to Forbes magazine. New York has 103, Hong Kong 93, San Francisco 74, Moscow 69, and London 62. Only 14 are Black, Oprah Winfrey among them. Oxfam says the top 26 billionaires are as rich as the bottom half of humanity.

Isabella dos Santos of Angola, $2.3 billion.

Some famous billionaires (those in greyare dead, adjusted for inflation):

  • > $100 billion
    • 374 John D. Rockefeller (Standard Oil)
    • 350 Andrew Carnegie (Carnegie Steel)
    • 298 Nicholas II of Russia
    • 220 Henry Ford (Ford Motor)
    • 200? Vladimir Putin (maybe only 70)
    • 199Basil II of the Byzantine Empire

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Stop Mindless Internet Use

A photo of a Black woman, a white man and a white woman all staring at their phones and not interacting.

Someone once said that time is one of the most precious assets in life. Everyone’s time is limited, and I shudder to think about how much time I’ve wasted mindlessly on the internet.

Don’t get me wrong, the internet has allowed me to connect with individuals who I wouldn’t have known otherwise, it’s allowed me to take online classes and read some great blogs. Many people rely on the internet to generate an income. The internet is not all bad, but when used mindlessly, it can certainly suck up your time and your life.

I am making a conscious effort this year to be more mindful about my internet use.

For the past decade, I’ve spent essentially half of my life on the internet. As a result, I’ve developed a pain in my neck, poorer eye sight, disrupted sleep patterns, poorer habits and increased stress.

I’ve spent less time with my family, been short with them because I was too deeply involved in the happenings of the internet world, instead of the offline world, which is more real. I’ve neglected my hobbies, including writing and ironically blogging.  Although I’m slowly picking up blogging again, I’ve been away from the blog for a while. Yet, I haven’t been away from the internet.

Mindless internet use may mean something different to everyone, but generally this is what I consider mindless internet use: 

  • Endless hours on social media, checking status updates
  • Online shopping and browsing without a purpose
  • Searching random things online
  • Watching junk, trashy reality shows on streaming websites
  • Anything that doesn’t enrich the mind or add value to your life
  • Anything that doesn’t have a purpose or end in sight
  • Going on free online dating websites with the hope of meeting a quality mate (lol!)
  • Anything that is not beneficial to overall well being (for some people this may include watching destructive, racist YouTube videos, unknowingly reading false news stories or conspiracy websites, watching violent/degrading pornography or casual sex websites)

Can you relate to any of these mindless internet time wasters? I certainly can.

I don’t want to live my life and think back on how I spent it mostly on the internet doing nothing and neglecting the things that really matter in life. Yet, most people need the internet for work or to take online classes, to view cooking or instructional videos etc. Sometimes the internet can be a good tool for connecting with friends who live a distance away.

Initially, I attempted to go cold turkey and cut out internet for a while, but this backfired because I couldn’t benefit from useful resources, like educational documentaries, online classes etc.

So now, I’ve set a goal to develop a mindful/ digitally minimalist internet mindset. To aid my journey, I will be reading the book Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport.

I’ve set the following goals for myself:

  1. Spend more time with my family
  2. Indulge my hobbies, like the arts, crafting, writing, playing the piano
  3. Get out into the world and enjoy nature
  4. Develop real intimacy with real people
  5. Give my eyes and neck a break
  6. When I go onto the internet, have a purpose, such as to watch an educational documentary or a wholesome movie, take an online class, do professional tasks or connect with friends/family
  7. Set time limits on non-essential social media use

My start up plan:

  • I’ve already set up my phone and computer to give me downtime for 30 minutes before bed.
  • I’ve blocked certain non-beneficial/ addicting websites.
  • I’ve started reading before going to bed, even if it’s just for a few minutes.
  • I will be reading Digital Minimalism.
  •  I will schedule time where I just focus on my non-internet hobbies.
  • I will develop guidelines/ a schedule for internet use.


So, I will be doing some book reviews in the coming weeks and this will include tips and a review about the Digital Minimalism book.

  • Do any of you struggle with mindless internet use? Do any of you have any suggestions for how to curb neck pain from computer/looking down at a screen constantly?
  • Do you ever long for the days before cell phones, WIFI, social media and being constantly wired up?