Against Internet Attacks

In the age of the internet, where internet dating, working off the internet, blogging, youtube and internet shopping are becoming the norm, internet abuse is also becoming the norm. There is a widespread problem of cyber bullying.

The purpose of this website is to expose the internet attacks aimed specifically at Black women. The constant bashing of black women on YouTube  on internet forums and on blogs is not only discriminatory, but it is potentially damaging to the self esteem of young black girls and women who come across these internet attacks on Black women.

Yes, we have the right to free speech in the United States, but there is a fine line between free speech and hate speech. In return, we also have the right to challenge and disagree with these internet attacks on Black women.

I believe these attacks are designed to attack the dignity, femininity and spirit of Black women. It is about time these internet attacks against Black Women be called into question. In an age where the internet has become a form of mass communication, we must be careful that these negative stereotypes and discriminatory postings and videos that defame Black women are not the ONLY image of Black women that is put out there. This blog will address the internet defamation of Black women and challenge these stereotypes!

12 thoughts on “Against Internet Attacks

  1. Yes the internet is where Whites show their true color. Most Whites in AmeriKKKlan are racist and subtly and overtly support racism and racist behavior in society.


  2. Lord of Mirkwood says:

    @Farty Fartsalot

    A. Your username is so obscene, I gagged just typing it out here.

    B. Explain to me where Peanut is racist. Being proud of your own heritage does not equal shaming on others. Clearly, your and Andrew’s reading comprehension IS terrible. Go back to preschool.


  3. @Lord of Mirkwood

    A. Really? The word “fart” is so obscene? Overreact much?

    B. “black not white-dipped-in-chocolate” is shaming those she considers “white” on the inside. Not only racist, but exactly the type of thinking that hurts her own cause.


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