Unarmed White Woman Killed By Police In Minneapolis

An Australian woman named Justine Damond was shot in Minneapolis after calling the police to report a suspected sexual assault. For unknown reasons, when police arrived, she was shot. It has been reported that she was unarmed. The police officers have been sent away and placed on administrative leave. One of the police officers was named Mahmoud Noor and the other was named Matthew Harrity. It has been reported that Noor was the one who pulled the trigger.

Noor may be Somali, while Damond is white. Interesting role reversal here. It will be interesting to see how the media and society respond to this. We know countless Black women (and men) have been shot by white police officers and usually when this occurs, it is accompanied by investigations into the victim’s character. Their past will be scrutinized, to look for the slightest infraction, their parentage will be criticized. Will this be the case with Justine?

Will the media wonder whether Justine was behaving aggressively, will they say she might have had an attitude, will they do thorough backgrounds check to find out whether or not she smoked weed in 7th grade?

I doubt it.

It’s a tragedy that someone unarmed was killed by the police. It’s a tragedy that someone lost a daughter, a fiance, a friend… as we Black folks know already, there are systemic problems with policing in this country. It’s unfortunate. BTW, the police officers were wearing body cameras ( they weren’t turned on). This demonstrates that body cameras alone aren’t enough.

The Somali Community in Minneapolis is prepared for an assault on their entire identity. As we know, when minorities do something, the entire group is blamed, when it’s a white person, they are just individuals gone made.

Documentary About Police Shootings (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKh2Xp0m_QE)