Violence Between Racists and Non-Racists..



Last week during Trump’s inauguration, an anti-fascist man was shot by a man who was an alleged Trump sympathizer. The information about this shooting didn’t become viral.

What did become a meme and go viral was an incident that occurred at Trump’s inauguration when an alt-right white supremacist was talking to the news station and a masked man, who appears to be Caucasian, punched him in the head.

I will just say this, there are times when physical force is necessary, like when your life is being threatened and you cannot get away, you have the right to use physical force to defend yourself. I will also say I hate everything that white supremacists stand for, yet I don’t think the violence is necessary.

While I don’t condone physical violence, in the sucker punching incident, no one was seriously hurt. However, the shooting was far worse than being punched in the face. Violence isn’t the answer.

what do y’all think?

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