Genocide in Myanmar: Rohingyas



The reality facing the Rohingyas, a Muslim confessional ethnic group living in Rakhine province in western Myanmar, is the threat of genocide. Ever since Burma became independent in 1948 they have been targeted whenever ambitious (or desperate) politicians need to deflect attention from other matters. Both government officials and party leaders have called for their expulsion from their homeland, and the main opposition ignores their plight. The build up to the elections in late 2015 witnessed the final destruction of their civic rights in Myanmar (completing a process that began with the 1947 Constitution) and increasingly they are detained in what are now permanent internal refugee camps, where they are denied food, work and medical care.

If the regime fails to rein in the persecution of the Rohingyas (which only sustained international pressure will achieve) we will see a repeat of the by now familiar refugee crises, as the Rohingyas flee oppression. Moreover it is almost inevitable that there will be further inter-communal violence, aimed at forcing the remaining Rohingyas either to run away or succumb to mass murder.



read more: http://www.alternet.org/books/theyre-under-threat-genocide-and-nobody-paying-attention

The treatment of people who identify as Rohingya is a human rights violation, I do not understand why it is that the national community continues to allow these things to happen. You would think preventing this type of atrocity, genocide and just general human rights violation would be a priority. I don’t get it. If we can’t live in a humane world, then what kind of world do we have.

The Early Warning project lists Myanmar as number 1 country at risk for atrocity/genocide.

P.S Why is it that the American Media would rather report on the lies of the Trump campaign than actual news?

Read more about this here and here

How to Help:

  1. Spread the word
  2. Write your senators/ reps
  3. Support Amnesty International
  4. Donate money to organizations supporting Rohingya


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