“It’s not about racism”

“It’s not about racism” (fl. 2016- ) is a phrase I have been hearing in the days since Donald Trump was elected US president. Some people, most of them Black, say Trump mainly won…

Source: “It’s not about racism”


my thoughts: I find it incredibly offensive that msnbc brought people on to say this election wasn’t about racism…if it were about economics then trump should’ve been the last person to win…his policies are not designed to help poor people or even working class folks, if it were just economics Jill stein would’ve been best and Hillary after her. I’m offended at the lengths that some so called liberal white peoples will go to deny racism…to me these people who deny the role racism played are almost just as bad as the people who support trump’s racism in the first place. One has to wonder what would it take for these people to admit that something is racist…someone wearing an ” I hate n-ggers” shirt and murdering blacks and other minorities indiscriminately…? Or would they just pull the old “lone crazy white wolf” argument and the old black rappers use the n-word too trick?… Watch and see how crazy things get and see if they change their tune.

2 thoughts on ““It’s not about racism””

  1. I understand where you’re coming from, but it really isn’t about racism. It played a part, undoubtedly, but it was a small (albeit vocal) part. This election was about populism vs. establishment politics. We’ve had decades of Republicans and Democrats, the results being increased income inequality and fu
    rther war. The system is broken so many people voted against the system. Hillary Clinton was an Establishment candidate, Trump was the populist. He was guaranteed to win on that basis alone. As soon as Bernie lost the (rigged) primary, the outcome to me was obvious. It’s tragic and sad and disgusting that Trump is President-elect… but the primary reason for it is Establishment politics, not racism. We need to focus on the root cause or we’ll never solve the problem.


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