Election 2016…WTF America???



70 years ago, we liberated a continent from fascism….now we’ve put a fascist in our highest office.

I always felt in my heart, that beneath the veil of racism, at the core, America was a civilized and decent nation. Despite the history, despite the politics. I always assured myself that it was just a corrupt small group of plutocrats that were holding the country back from being the Great Nation it truly aspires to be.

When I sang the Star Spangled banner, I sang it with all my heart. Not because America was perfect, not because I felt America was superior, but because I truly felt proud in my heart of what America could be one day. I may share my hurt and give criticism of the inequities within the United States, but I only do it because I want and truly believe that in time, America will be better.  I told myself that if Americans could come together and overcome the number one thing holding us back, racism, we would be an unstoppable force.

Now, I can’t imagine singing the Star Spangled banner, I don’t know if I’ll even be able to put my hand over my heart. I will not be able to call the elected official of the highest office in the U.S by such a noble title as President. I cannot.

I am disappointed America. I am so disappointed. How could anyone put someone, who degrades everyone, including our veterans, women, people of color, Muslims… who openly endorses violence against people exercising their free right of speech…something we undeniably cherish in the United States…someone who has demonstrated he knows nothing about the constitution… into the most valuable office in the nation?…


I am disappointed…I am disappointed America. You deserve better and SHOULD have done better.

To me, this election signifies how broken our political system truly is. I am not registered as a democrat or a republican largely because I’ve ALWAYS felt that the way the system is set up is undemocratic. Why do we have to have two parties control the country? There’s nothing in the constitution that says we need Republican or Democratic parties. To block out third parties and not even give them a fair opportunity to share their views with the public, to deny them the right to participate in the debates…is undemocratic. We are, in effect, denying people the right to choose their candidates.

The fact that we are in a nation where money controls our politics and our media has destroyed our system and damaged us. We need to evolve from the two-party system and we need to evolve from the money in our politics and we need to evolve from our racism.

Unfortunately, America is going to have to deal with the consequences of what we just put into office. All those people who voted for this creature will soon see what they’ve gotten…You guys ready for China to be a super power??…

I only hope to God that not too much damage will be done in four years…

Americans who don’t support this and there are many of us…stand up. Remember, we the people…

At least we have Barack until January 19th

1 thought on “Election 2016…WTF America???”

  1. I swear, America will go to hell in a hand basket. Electing Donald Trump as president will have disastrous effects on this country years if not decades down the road. He will appoint Conservative supreme court judges that will dismantle progress amongst the LGBT, Women’s Rights, Civil Rights for minorities and he will repeal everything Obama puts into place. Also many of the social programs that many people rely on will be done away with so many people will be left without a source of income to leave off of. Also it was proven from my own research that Trump’s economic policies will cause another economic recession. Good luck to White America with having this man in office because they will need it soon.


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