Korryn Gaines: My Thoughts


Korryn Gaines was a 23 year old from Baltimore County, who was shot and killed by Baltimore County Police Officers on Monday, August 1, 2016. The News reports that the police came to Gaines house with a warrant for her (for a traffic violation) and a warrant for another man whom she lived with.

When police knocked on the door, there was no answer, so they obtained a key and entered. Gaines was sitting with her child with a shotgun. The police “negotiated” with her for several hours before Gaines reportedly (allegedly) pointed the shot gun and threatened to shoot the officers, at which time she was shot and killed. Her 5 year old child was also wounded, but not killed.

Here are my thoughts. I believe that Korryn Gaines had a mental disability of some sort and what police should have been trained to do was call in conflict negotiators, who were trained in psychology. I also think that shooting someone to kill should be an absolute last resort. For example, police could be trained better to use a taser or another non-lethal weapon to disarm people.

I feel that police are much too quick, sometimes, to shoot people, particularly people of color. There was an incident where a white man, William Bruce Ray shot at police, but he was not shot and killed. He was taken into custody. So obviously, police are capable of disarming and arresting people with guns, without killing them. In addition, I am not clear on why the child was shot.

if the officers account of events is true, I blame the Criminal Justice System and the poor training the policy makers give to their officers. I also feel that mental health care needs to be made more readily available to people.

It’s unfortunate and sad because a young woman is gone now and her children have lost a mother when all of this could’ve been prevented. Edit: as more details emerge, I may modify my opinion. We don’t know whether police were truthful or not and we don’t know why they didn’t want her posting her account on Facebook either.

4 thoughts on “Korryn Gaines: My Thoughts”

  1. It’s amazing to me how quickly people are to believe an article when the victim is a black woman but are all “I don’t care what nobody says, don’t let the news slander them by bringing up their pasts” when the victim is a black man. As I’ve seen everywhere regarding Korryn it’s the total opposite. Folks are often screaming “I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it, it’s racism, it’s racism” when it’s a black man. You all waste no time doing your own research because you value and empathize with the black man who is the victim. Empathizing with the children seeing their parents murdered by a cop who should be trained to not react on site with gun violence right off. There are gif sets and other commentary that shown where police admitted to kicking down her door and her son also repeated they kicked in the door. Not only was she murdered unjustly but her partner, a man, whom I read beat her as well, is still alive while she’s dead. That frail, skinny black woman was seen as more of a threat than the man. Her son also said he ran and they started shooting where he was and shot him in the arm “on purpose”.

    Black Lives only matter when the victims are black men. When it’s a black woman then all of sudden people are empathizing with the cops. That’s why I’ not a big of Black Lives Matter. I feel this has little to do with understanding the cops but more about people immediately painting a picture in their heads about who they thought Korryn was because of internalized misogynoir. It’s clear people have a different aspect on what qualifies to be a victim of violence when you’re a woman, let alone a black woman vs. a man because of our misogynistic views about female behavior. Also prevention is not on the minds of cops who are trigger happy towards black people.

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      1. It wasn’t necessary to kill her at all, what bothered me is the amount of black people shouting she deserved to die, while these same black people are jumping on cars, rioting or protesting in the streets for black men shot by cops unarmed or not. All they keep saying is “He was a human, it doesn’t matter, he’s human” but yet Korryn Gaines, according to black men and the black community was a loud mouth ghetto girl who shouldn’t obeyed the cops. The difference in the way we protect black men, and the way we protect black women is absolutely pathetic. I’m sorry if I come out disrespectful, but I’m just angry, but even the tone in your post is almost like blaming her and siding with the cops for her death and dismissing any type of immediate empathy for her, while you’re posting article after article empathizing with the deceased black men. Black people immediately sided with the article didn’t care, and believed the cops no matter what when the victim was a black woman, Korryn Gaines, but when the victims are black men you all are like “I don’t care what the article says, I don’t care what he did, he’s a human”. That’s my problem with all of this, how black women aren’t protected the same, how black female victims NEVER get the same support from yall. Pro-blackness is very cis male centered which is why I roll my eyes at all of this “Lets fight racism, put my fist in the air” love fest I’m seeing from black people, because black people do not protect black women the same, and I’m over it.


  2. I am still upset with how she died and the cold and callous response from the “community”. I recall one of my sista bloggers on Tumblr posted a series of tweets with a white man was saying the same thing you said above; she didn’t have to die, they could’ve disarm her. This white man had more sympathy and empathy than the “community.” Fast forward two weeks later, a black man was shot in Milwaukee (it was said he was stealing) this time the “community” said he didn’t deserve to die and proceeded to riot. There is definitely a profound difference in the way that Blackistan responds to the deaths of black men vs. black women.


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