The Orlando Shooting, Patriotism & Election 2016


By now, I’m sure you are all aware of the Orlando mass shooting that occurred early Sunday June 12, 2016. If you haven’t, in short, another person, armed with an AR-15 rifle entered a club in Orlando and murdered 50 people and injured countless others.

Very tragic and heartbreaking, but sadly not unique.

If you listen to the politicians, the same recycled dribble can be heard. Some politicians will blame this on “radical islamism,” *cough cough trump*, some will go back to the gun control argument and get into a monotonous debate with other politicians when we all already know that they’re not going to change anything, some politicians will give their thoughts and prayers, then turn around and take contributions and money from the NRA and gun lobbyists.

It’s very distressing. Congress  has NOT been doing their job. If we could, I would call for Congress  members who refuse to do anything to address this issue of gun violence to be brought to trial for endangering the people, convicted and replaced with people who have common sense.

As citizens, I wish we could fire the Congress and bring in an entirely new lot. Remember this incident when you are voting by the way.

Even if you’re not politically savvy, common sense would be tremendously helpful in this situation.

To address the recycled dribble of politicians:

  1. Donald Trump blames this on “radical islamism:” Most mass shootings in the U.S are committed  by American white males. When are we going to discuss “radical white maleism?” Are we going to profile young white males? We gonna close down all the country clubs in the United States because those radical white males might be plotting to shoot up the next night club?
  2. Debate about gun control in congress: We’ve been hearing this same discussion for years. It’s very clear that Congress isn’t mature enough to come to a compromise on this issue. Don’t talk to me about the same bullshit over and over again when we all know you can’t agree. You need to bring in a conflict mediator or psychologist to sit in on these congressional meetings about gun control so that they can babysit them and help these republicans and democrats talk through their issues and come up with a compromise because they’re incapable of doing so on their own, apparently. These congress members lack common decency and common sense.
  3. Our Thoughts and Prayers Politicians: I love prayer, I love thought, but don’t lie and tell us your thoughts and prayers are with people and then turn around and kiss the NRA’s azz. Don’t put the lives of citizens in jeopardy just because the NRA is paying your way, while you sit in your plush offices with your Secret Servicemen. How about you use some of that “thought” to think about some real solutions to the gun control debate, how about you pray for some common sense and pray that you can stop sitting on your azz and diddling with the NRA, while your citizens are being senselessly murdered?..(List of politicians in bed with the NRA here) I’ll bet that God is sitting in heaven, looking down and thinking “these hypocritical people are pretending to pray and I’ve already given them an answer to their prayers…it’s called common sense smh.”


Ideal Solutions:

  1. Get entirely new congress. Remove these fools who haven’t been doing their job.
  2. Get rid of the democratic and republican parties. The divisiveness is costing  every day Americans their lives. Let’s just be American and work toward common sense policies.   Practical Solutions: 
  3. Stop racist policies abroad and at home. If you provide equal opportunity and you stop structurally racist policies, that would eliminate a lot of gun violence by default because when you treat people well, they’re more likely to be loyal to you and in turn not shoot you in the azz.
  4. Do something about the amount of bullets out there. The gun argument is like beating a dead horse, so how about changing it up. If you don’t want to regulate guns, how about regulating bullets? If you have an empty gun, there’s only so much you can do…I mean you could clunk someone on the head with it, but what else can you do?…I mean you can have your gun, you can keep it in a case on your mantle, admire it, you just won’t have bullets. How bout that?
  5. Keep bullets out of the hands of extremists…of every background. If someone has a documented history of violence or extremism, there’s no reason for them to have access to high-powered bullets. Should be common sense, but apparently not.
  6. Disband the NRA- they’re glorified, sexually-insecure white supremacists.

The Election:

I can’t even express how disappointed I am in this election. I think we have one candidate who is ignorant, openly-racist, unqualified and dishonest. I think we have another candidate who is politically-savvy, politically correct, pretends to love minorities, but still supports structurally racist policies. I think this is a terrible choice of candidates. All I know is that I will NOT be voting for the openly-racist, unqualified candidate, that much is sure. For the latter candidate…what choice do I have? I think I’m stuck with voting for the latter candidate (Ms. Politically Savvy) because what other choice do I have?…and that’s all I can say about that. The candidate I wanted, in all likelihood, is dropping out of the race.


I’m African-American and I have all the reason in the world to hate America. I think most of us have reason to hate America because of the racism and the history, but despite all of that. I don’t hate America. I care about America, I want the U.S to aspire to become the great nation that I know it can be. I want us to get to a point where we can truly be proud to be American. Where we truly love liberty, we truly  provide equal opportunity, where we can be safe from gun violence. Where we set an example for the rest of the world. We are not at that point yet and I feel as if it’s largely because of this corrupt political system. Democrats and Republicans have been controlling the government too long, there’s too much divisiveness. There’s too much money involved in politics and it’s destroying the country, literally.

Does the government even care about it’s citizens? They are supposed to be working FOR the people, but they’re ruling over us.


Leave your thoughts:

What do you think it’s going to take for Congress to get their act together?

Do you think America is going down the drain?

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