Black Woman Called N-Word & Spat on at Starbucks


A Black woman and a Black man were sitting in a Starbucks in Seattle, minding their business when an irate white man called the Black woman a “n-gger bitch,” and then spat coffee on her. The onlookers sat there doing nothing.


Read the  full story here. 

Remember a while back when the story of the Black woman touching the white guy’s dreads went viral? Well, here is a story of a Black woman being literally spat on and called the n-word, think this will go viral?…


Probably not.

This story is reminiscent of this incident that I posted about a while ago.

This type of thing happens to Black folk every day. What is interesting to me is that the white male targeted the Black female, not the Black male. My mother said one time that “years ago the black man was the most hated person in America, now I think the Black woman is the most hated person in America.”

Maybe she has a point. I’m thinking that he targeted the Black woman because he was a.) afraid to target the black man b.) he knew that a woman would be less likely to fight him back c.) stereotypes portray black women as masculine, so he felt justified in assaulting her.


What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Black Woman Called N-Word & Spat on at Starbucks”

  1. It’s so sad. Going back to what one Sista wrote in RacismReview back in 2011:

    “Since white man are the primary perpetrators of the US’s racist patriarchy, white men by and large are still viewed with suspicion. The way black woman conjures up all those negatives images for white men, as mentioned in the post, so does “white man” conjure up negative images for us. It’s one thing to put up with racialized sexism and sexualized racism outside our homes, but to actually bring that in the house? where we expect the most comfort and freedom? It’s not a brick wall, but it is a major mental hurdle to climb.

    Whereas white men have limited experience with black women, we have tons of experience with you, the majority of which is not good. Even at it’s best, white skin still represents mainstream culture, a culture that negatively judges black culture, black women.”

    Racialized sexism is evil. As for those who sat by and done nothing to help that Sista at Starbucks, shame on y’all! That incident happened in a city that claimed to be liberal. There’s nothing “liberal” about Seattle. Same ol’ white supremacy as the rest of the U.S.


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