Mass Outrage in Black Community Over Killing of Black Woman By Police Officer…




In case you missed it, you may not have heard about it, but a Black woman was killed by police, while holding a fake gun. The woman was allegedly in a verbal conflict with another person, when the fake gun was pulled out, when police saw her waving the gun they shot her.

This case seems somewhat similar to Tamir Rice, who was a young Black boy who was shot while playing with a toy gun. I am sure it’s just a matter of time before the Black woman is blamed for this. However, remember when Dylan Roof murdered 9 people, he was safely apprehended and treated to a burger lunch by the police officers… when the Aurora movie theater shooting occurred, the suspect was safely apprehended and brought to trial…when a black woman holds a fake gun, she is shot on the spot.

You may also not have heard about this story. A black woman died in a South Carolina prison, due to dehydration. She was taken from her hospital bed and placed in prison for failure to pay a fine for shoplifting. This Black woman had been suffering from gastroenteritis when she was taken by police from the hospital. If you’ve ever had gastroenteritis, you’ll know that it’s a bitch. I had it in February and I ended up in the Emergency Room because I was so dehydrated. If you’re not careful, you can lose a lot of fluids from this illness and it does kill a certain number of people each year, so…

when this woman was deprived of fluids in prison, she was effectively sentenced to death… for not paying a fine for shoplifting. (Side note: If she was poor does it really make sense to be made to pay a fine for shoplifting?.. Maybe community service would have made more sense. Don’t know)

The death of this woman is far from unique, many Black women die in prisons, unfortunately. Not only that, but Black women are going to prison at double the rate of white women.

Most of the Black women in prison are incarcerated for non-violent crimes. One infamous example is the story of a Black woman whose husband was selling drugs. He gave some money to his wife, which she used to buy groceries and household necessities. The police arrest her husband and sentence him to 15 years (after he plea bargained), they arrest his wife and sentence her to 30 years for conspiracy. All she did was use the money he gave her to buy groceries, but she got more time than her husband did. By the way, the drug laws in the US are inherently racist any way.

This is the world we live in, y’all.

Don’t expect mass outrage or a flood of support from our community nor our black brethren. We have no allies.

It’s bad for Black people, especially Black women now, but depending on who gets elected, it could get worse, so be prepared.

Take the necessary steps to protect yourself. Get a passport, learn another language, have something to protect yourself (mace, pepper spray, legal firearm.) start an emergency savings fund, always keep a first aid kit and get out of dodge bag for every member of your house on hand.

I have all of these things, so I take this very seriously. Protect yourself, no one has our backs.


In other news, there was an attack in Brussels today about 186 people were injured and 34 dead.



4 thoughts on “Mass Outrage in Black Community Over Killing of Black Woman By Police Officer…”

  1. Oh my God! This is truly heartbreaking! I had to share this on Twitter. We can not forget about our sistas either. They are being killed by racist cops just like black men and children. We are all in this struggle together.

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