All White Oscars 2016- Who cares?..

Gone with the Wind, 1939
Gone with the Wind, 1939…What’s difference between this and the Help, 2011?

There is some controversy because the nominees for the 2016 Academy Awards are all white. Speaking as a Black woman, I am not surprised by this and when I hear about Black people getting upset about this, it puzzles me.

Hollywood is racist.

They are funded and controlled by white people. Even with a President of the Academy being a person of color, the power and money of Hollywood is derived from rich white people. For years, they have done nothing beneficial for Black people, except reward and endorse stereotypes going all the way back to Hattie McDaniel, who portrayed a mammy in Gone with the Wind, up to Denzel Washington portraying a criminal in Training Day, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer portraying  modern day mammies and most notably Lupita Nyong’o  portraying an enslaved woman. All of these  Black actors are amazingly talented and portrayed their roles (Stereotypes or not) in the most dignified manner as possible, given the fact that stereotypes limited the scope of their characters. So I am not taking anything away from them.

However, it comes as no shock to me that the Oscars are so white, we should know how Hollywood is.

How about this?…Instead of asking white people to accept Black people as equal human beings, (which we’ve been doing for years…how’s that been working out?)…how about we invest in our own communities and create our own Film Industry for Black people. A film industry that is devoid of racial stereotypes and one that uplifts Black people, including and especially dark-skinned Black women, who for decades have been resigned to portraying mammies and sapphires in Hollywood.

No, Donald Trump the BET awards don’t count, BET is owned and controlled by a white-owned corporation, so stop with that.

But, Black people, really this is just getting sad, please let’s stop asking white people to want us and instead, let’s invest in our own Black film industry.

#TohellwithOscars2016 and To hell with White Hollywood.

8 thoughts on “All White Oscars 2016- Who cares?..”

  1. It does seem that establishments like the Academy have a special fondness for movies portraying black people as subjects of pity (at best). Back when Precious came out, I couldn’t for the life of me understand why critics loved that racist pile of dreck, even to the point of nominating the actresses for playing obvious, unflattering stereotypes. And then there was how excited people got over Lupita’s portrayal of a benighted slave. Surely African people must be damn tired of this repetitively pseudo-piteous crap coming out of Hollywood.

    Personally I’d like to see a fantasy/sci-fi action movie with major black characters, especially a black leading lady. Something in the genre of Conan the Barbarian, the Scorpion King, or 300 for instance. Or alternatively King Kong and Jurassic Park/World. It would be a welcome change of pace from the pseudo-sympathetic tripe.

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