1. Maybe the cablasian nonsense started so came off as “less Black,” to make all the white people more comfortable at the country clubs. You know, since they were getting beat in their own game by a young Black man.

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  2. Yeah, Kelly. I think you’re right about that. In addition to the usual football/basketball/track that was expected of young Black boys – my parents had us swim, play tennis and even water polo. (I sucked at golf.)

    When Black kids succeed in areas that are not expected, many become less-Black (deemed as such by society and sometimes accepted by themselves).
    Tiger knows he’s Black – even today – yet his experiences and education have little to do with what is commonly accepted as what it is to be Black in America today. His friends (Jordan, Barkley, et all.) are Black but distanced from what many view as the common Black experience.

    Cypress is pretty close to South-Central. Being Black and different from Snoop an’ dem and those who could more easily fit within the ghetto/gangsta’ model probably left him without a peer group while he was growing up. Some mixed-race kids become ‘extra’ to prove that they are still ‘hard’ while others are left on the fringes and opt out of the street culture altogether. Most never retain their street-cred AND go on to succeed in a larger society. Being Black+ is the trick he never fully mastered.

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      1. You’re right. Kanye went into a deep depression and really lost his way. He used to drop some socially conscious issues about race when he first came out. But after his mother…..he changed. He became very full of himself,dumped his beautiful girlfriend Alexis and picked up some trash known as Kim K. Yes he’s been on a downward spiral since then.smh

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      2. Yes! I miss old Kanye! Heard em Say and All Falls Down are a still a couple of my favorite hip hop SONGS, and I’m not too into rap or hip hop like that. They saw he was getting love and people were listening to him so they fucked up his life and took him to the dark side. [That’s just my theory.]

        No way would old Kanye be laid up and reproducing with that trash.

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