“All lives matter”



“All lives matter” (2014) is what some White Americans and their hangers-on cannot seem to stop their colour-blind racist selves from saying when the phrase “Black lives matter” comes up. Not just ordinary people, but even those running for president – in both parties.

“Black lives matter” became a catchphrase and the name of a protest movement in 2013 after George Zimmerman was found not guilty and got away with killing Trayvon Martin. The phrase and the protests took off a year later after the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson.

Over the past year or so citizen video and Black Twitter have made clear to the nation what many Blacks have long known: that police regularly kill Blacks and get away with murder. As if Black lives do not matter.

So at the very least, under the circumstances, saying “All lives matter” in answer to “Black…

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2 thoughts on ““All lives matter””

  1. It’s atrocious how they actually sprayed OVER her image while saying “All lives matter”, like her life DOESN’T matter, like NOT all lives matter. Saying “All lives matter” and “Not all lives matter” simultaneously. What a head-popping contradiction.


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