Black Women Don’t Get Bamboozled: White/Non-Black Hair Companies Are Now Trying to Peddle Black Women Natural Hair Products

Aveda recently came out with a “product” that is designed for Black women. It is supposed to “moisturize,” and eliminate “frizz.” I’ve noticed recently that other white companies have been trying to jump on the Black natural hair bandwagon.

Well, this Natural Black woman isn’t falling for it. For years and years these white companies didn’t care about Black women’s hair health and that hasn’t changed. These companies, I believe are now seeing that more and more Black women are starting to transition back to our natural hair and they want our money, plain and simple.

It is reminiscent of how the Black hair care industry was infiltrated by non-black businesses that copied Black products and then sold us their products [which enriched their communities], while the Black companies went out of business.  Not only did the Black community lose money from this, but their products were not good for our hair. Many of us who used these chemicals ended up losing our hair and we had to turn to weaves.

Many natural haired black women rely on other Black women to produce healthy, effective natural hair products. I , for instance, only purchase natural hair products that I know are black-owned and reliable. One of my favorite is oyinhandmade and I also use sheamoisture. In addition, I sometimes make my own natural hair products from organic shea butter. If you go on YouTube, you’ll find many Black women with natural hair who make and sell their own products as a small side-business.

These women actually CARE about Black women’s hair health because they HAVE our hair. These white companies are just out to exploit and take advantage as usual. Don’t get fooled, don’t let these companies peddling natural hair products, who didn’t even care about our hair a few years ago, supplant our natural hair care industry that we are building.

I will continue to support black-owned natural hair products and I won’t be supporting Aveda or any of these other companies that don’t have our best interests at heart.

My natural hair journey was a very intimate part of my identity and I’m not going to let some company that doesn’t care about Black women take that away.

Black Natural Hair Companies:

  1. Miss Jessie’s
  2. Oyinhandmade
  3. Shea Moisture
  4. Naturalicious

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