Black Girls Don’t Get Trafficked or Sexually Abused…


I put a search into google for “Black girls,” hoping to find something positive, but one of the first searches that came up was this headline “Teen Sex Slave Diary: Epstein Didn’t Want Black girls.” I had not heard of Epstein or this unfortunate incident, but apparently he is an American financier who slept with teenage girls repeatedly. Now, this man is a sexual predator, so I was wondering why the media felt it necessary to highlight his racial preference as it pertains to preying on young women and girls. I did a google search and sure enough, this story was plastered in various social media outlets in the UK and it was a pretty popular article.

Very bizarre. What was so astounding about this man’s racial preferences as a sexual predator?

I then thought, isn’t it sad that in a country where 40% of women trafficked for sex are Black that we can find countless narratives discussing one sexual predator’s racial taste in young girls, but I can hardly find any articles in those same media outlets about the Black women getting trafficked by the thousands.

I think that instead of focusing on Epstein “not wanting black girls,” people should be focusing on the thousands of black girls that are getting trafficked into the US and around the world. So again, this begs the question, what was the purpose, really, of highlighting this fact and sharing it in popular media outlets like Bossip, Gawker and Daily Mail?

Frankly, it is a blessing that Black girls were not targeted and preyed upon by this sexual predator. Now if only we could get the sex tourist who come from Europe and the traffickers to adopt a “no black girls,” policy, then we’d be in great shape.

6 thoughts on “Black Girls Don’t Get Trafficked or Sexually Abused…”

  1. Great post. I applaud you for writing this post especially after reading that 40% of human sex traffickers are Black women. We need to do something to stop this.

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  2. This is really tragic. When they talk about sex trafficking it’s about Hispanics, Europeans but not Africans who are enduring the worst. I’m glad this reporter did this report to came up to light and your intuition to post it on wordpress. It has to stop.


  3. I’m guessing the media had to throw in his racial preferences while being a sexual predator to either:

    1. Get people to ignore black woman and girl sex trafficking victims
    2. The sick notion that Black Women are “soooo undesirable that nobody wants to rape them.”



  4. This is disgusting! Absolutely SICK what they’re doing to these young girls!! This madness needs to stop. Nothing worse than a low life pedophile! I say burn them alive! I have NO sympathy for these bastards!!!


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