Who Wants to Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle/Lose Weight with Me?


Do you want to lose weight? Are you what is known as a “yo-yo dieter?”Meaning, you lose weight and gain it back in cycles. This is an all too common problem, especially amongst Black women.  Black women often try to take on so many responsibilities in the name of being “strong black women,” in addition to dealing with racial stereotypes. Not only does this cause stress, but it can lead to obesity. It is important to learn to address the myth of the strong black woman and cope properly with our emotions and also learn to adopt healthy lifestyles.

I’ve been reading this book called “Women, Food and God.” I’ve only read 1/4 of it so far, but it addresses the underlying causes of overeating. I would like to start a series on healthy eating and living for Black woman on this blog.

I will first focus on the surface issue of healthy eating, moving and weight loss. Next, I will focus on the emotional eating/deeper issues and finally I will do a post on positives about Black women.

Part One of weight loss/healthy eating will be coming soon.

2 thoughts on “Who Wants to Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle/Lose Weight with Me?”

  1. I’m currently trying to keep my weight under control by exercising and eating less. I see you are back to blogging, lol. Couldn’t stay away,huh nice to have you back though.


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