3 thoughts on “Sir Mix-a-lot: J.Lo Inspired the song Baby Got Back?”

  1. Lost respect for Mix a Lot for that statement. He should’ve given those props to a black women. If J Lo was the inspiration why didn’t he mention her in the song. Back in 1991 Lopez was a no name Fly Girl on In Living Color. I think he’s lying about her being the inspiration. He’s full of crap!!


  2. I notice when you all post pics of black women with big butts you still choose the safest one’s you can find the “acceptable” one’s. Not these types


    A lot of you sistas who have these empowerment blogs still internalized a lot of the racialized labels society has about you,as a black woman and still do your best to make sure you’re obedient and appease others. You’re so intimidated by the idea of being judged you contradict a lot of the lectures you sit here and preach.

    Oh I care very little about Sir Mix a lot. I forgot he existed until Nicki Minaj made Anaconda. He’s not some rap legend with lyrical content that’ll go down in history books. Also he’s the typical black man, he erases black women, the same black women who still put his kind on a pedestal.


  3. When I first saw your post title I was like “WTF!?! Am I reading this right?”I gave Sir Mix-A-Lot the side eye every since he said that “Madonna can sit her 50-year-old-ass on his lap anyday” in the 5 hour show on vh1 called 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s.


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