Aggressive, Angry Black Women On the Subway!

The View, recently showed a clip of a [black] woman who (it seems) instigated a conflict with a hispanic man on the subway. The woman got in his face and was being obnoxious. They went back and forth and exchanged words, ultimately, the woman hit him with her shoes. The man then became very angry and slapped her across the face, she flew back a few feet. The video has since gone viral. Some people have said that the woman deserved to be slapped, others have said that the man shouldn’t have hit her back.

I wil not be showing the clip, but all I can say is the woman was ignorant and the man could have walked away from the confrontation. However, a trend that I’ve noticed is that the media loves to portray Black woman as aggressive and instead of viewing the incident on the subway as an ignorant woman whose behavior is more of an indicator of her upbringing and values than her race, the incident was viewed as being a typical black woman in action.

Worldstar hiphop is the biggest perpetuator of the angry, violent black woman trope, which is why I do not support their website. You can just imagine the comments about Black women that resulted from this video.

However there were even  some Black women who jumped on the bandwagon and were quick to throw other black women under the bus, based off of stereotypical assumptions that Black women are more prone to violence than others. I stand by my assertion that you can find aggressive and ignorant people in all ethnicities and I know for a fact that the media selects who they want to portray as violent and who they want to portray as victims.

You can have nineteen sweet, kind Black women and one loud, aggressive Black woman and the media will choose to focus on the one ignorant black woman and cancel out the twenty sweet, kind Black women.

Ultimately, no matter how hard you as a Black woman try to distance yourself from Black women who behave in ignorant manners by throwing all Black woman under the bus, ultimately ALL Black women are hurt when we are portrayed as being exceptionally  violent  by the media. These images make it a lot easier for people to dismiss Black women when we are victims.  For example, when a Black woman goes missing, the media seldom reports on it. When a white woman goes missing, the media goes into a frenzy. Why? Because white women are continuously stereotyped as being worthy of protection whereas Black women are seen as violent and unworthy of protection or dignity. This is why some people do not believe that we can be real victims. If we are brutalized by police, we must have done something to instigate that brutality, if we are raped, we must have seduced the man because we are too aggressive and violent to be true victims.  This isn’t to excuse the behavior of the woman on the subway, she was ignorant, completely wrong and she needs to be held accountable for her actions.

However, Black women should not have to be held accountable for the actions of one woman, but it’s apparent that when one Black woman messes up, all Black women have to be thrown under the bus.

I wrote a post a while ago about aggressive white women, please feel free to check it out.

I have many questions:

If the woman on the subway had been blonde, would it have gone viral, would she have even been slapped the way the black woman was?

Wy do we never see clips like the ones below portrayed in the media?

When will we see more videos like this on the View?


3 thoughts on “Aggressive, Angry Black Women On the Subway!”

  1. It’s definitely not that black women do this more, it’s because people LIKE SEEING BLACK WOMEN DO IT MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE. We’re entertaining like watching pitbulls and rooster fights, people don’t see us as human so they treat us as inhumanely as possible. So there’s this sadistic pleasure in seeing black women being abused. It’s like “Yeah teach that low grade piece of shit how to behave, we already don’t like it to begin with, so when it acts up put it in it’s place”.

    It’s because black women represent two ostracized groups. Woman and black. When you’re that combination at once, they view you as the lowest of the low right off the bat. There are different rules and standards set for black women, moreso than anyone else because people already think so low of us. Basically like those ignorant black men on YouTube confessed what most of society thinks, we have little margine for error.

    You seen the blatant double standard when the whole Anaconda/Iggy Azalea/Kim Kardashian magazine thing surfaced. We’re not seen as women. They associate black with masculinity because of the idea that black men represent black power and blackness, so when they think of blackness they think of men. This is where things screw up for black women.

    I’m sorry God made us black in a woman’s body, little did we know being those things at once is total blasphemy and you would be stoned just for breathing.

    Black women are seen as subhuman, unimportant, almost parallel to animals, but even animals get more sympathy and are treated better. And this coming from an animal lover who isn’t scared to choose the company of animals over crappy human beings, no matter their race.

    THERE ARE PLENTY, PLENTY of videos of white women fighting and acting a fool, but people think nothing of it. Plenty of black men fighting and acting a fool, including celebrity black men, but people think nothing of it. Plenty of dude bro videos of drunken white men fighting and acting a fool but people think nothing of it. They watch videos of these groups and go back to their daily lives and don’t think any less or more of these groups.

    That’s because all of those groups are protected and have some kind of positive stereotype disclaimer that everyone throws around ever so often keeping them from suffering the fate of generalizations. And black women are the main one’s caping for black men and white women, making sure people don’t see them as bad people. But black women even think low of black women, and you’re correct, I see black women throwing black women under the bus 24/7 with racialized stereotypes they don’t do to anyone else other than white men, themselves. They’ve internalized this stuff because no one protects black women from this type of social injustice, so it’s all they know.

    Black women aren’t even seen as human in the black community. We’re either a black bitch, a THOT, or something inhumane name. We’re never women, unless we’re stripped and as far away from blackness as possible.

    When it’s a black woman involved with these things, it’s made into this grand cinema viewing. People have a sadistic pleasure in seeing black women being abused. The only time they don’t agree with a black woman being abused is when the abuser is another black woman. And it’s not because they feel sorry for the black woman being abused it’s because they’re so disgusted by a black woman behaving in said manner.

    Society view black women as masculine and unruly by default because we’re mirror images of black men, so when we don’t adhere to the rulebook specifically designed for us, being that we’re both woman and black, we get put on trial like a criminal. So that’s why any kind of man or woman, any race can abuse black women and no one not bat an eyelash.

    If this were a black man being beaten by a non-black man, especially a white man you wouldn’t hear the last of it by black men and women, and their pro-black army. Or a white blonde acting like this, they’d show it but they wouldn’t take the side of the man, they’d call him a coward for hitting a woman, because white women and non-black women are seen as women due to their race and gender. It’s the total opposite opposed to what black women have to deal with.

    Black women being abused=pure entertainment to society and if that doesn’t bother you all to the point of some kind of public PSA needing to take place, then I give up on black women and humanity PERIOD.

    And this is why I DO NOT bust my ass to protect black men or the black race. What have they done for black women lately? Yall better wake up, and stop looking for hope on a rope.


  2. If, as you say,….people like to see Black Women fight, throw their usual tantrums, talk over everyone in the zip code, and in general continue to act out, and literally make fools of themselves. That pattern of “unacceptable” behavior …sadly is “vintage” black Women as per usual doing their thing! If, that’s the kind of behaviors that BW continue to display, then why get a “hissy fit” when you’re called out for acting in that negative manner? Just, like daytime TV …that’s all you see with Black Women. FYI…you don’t need to “bust your ass” to protect Black Men…believe me in spite of our issues we’ll be just fine! Black men don’t either need, nor want you. When you turned your backs on black men the very last thing that you ever thought would happen was that Black Men would, and are still to this very day being openly accepted, and embraced by not only White Women, but by all non-black women. Who’s accepting you Black Woman? Most of you aren’t considered as “marriage material”, and most will never marry in their lifetimes! You made your own bed…so now “sleep in it”. Get used to being alone, nobody wants you! So, black women you can just keep right on “kicking rocks”, and moving down the road of life, by yourselves! If, you don’t know by now…you’ve been “wavied”!


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