Why I, a Black Woman, Support Michael Brown When The Black Community Doesn’t Support Black Women…

There have been a few blog posts that have claimed that when Black women are faced with police brutality, there are no marches and very little action on the part of the Black community. However, when you compare that to the reaction of the Black community when Black men face police brutality, there is much more outrage and collective action. A few bloggers have claimed that, therefore, why should Black women “soldier,” for others when no one soldiers for us.

Here is my brief response:

I don’t deny that the Black community doesn’t respond with as much support to Black women who face police brutality. There are many Black women who are brutalized by the police, for example there was a Black woman who was slammed to the ground based on false, unsubstantiated charges and left naked in the hall way, while male police officers gawked at her, there was Rekia Boyd, who was an innocent bystander who was murdered by a police officer, and countless others. There is definitely less support and less outrage for Black women who face police brutality. It’s a shame and it needs to be addressed.

However, I am just as outraged about Michael Brown as I am about Rekia Boyd and the countless other Black PEOPLE who receive abuse at the hands of the police. I cannot divorce my support from Black men who face this type of persecution anymore than I can divorce myself from Black women who face this type of persecution. After all, how can I not feel outrage or voice my support for Michael Brown when he could have easily been my son (whether I choose to procreate with a Black man or not)…or yes, even my husband. I feel equal outrage for both Black men and Black women and BLACK CHILDREN who face police brutality. It’s a serious issue.

I think the “Black community” needs to start expressing EQUAL outrage over both the brutality and mistreatment that Black men AND Black women face. That is my qualm, but I will not stop rallying and supporting Black men who do face these issues because I can’t. I will support both Black men and Black women.


unarmed black women killed by the police

5 thoughts on “Why I, a Black Woman, Support Michael Brown When The Black Community Doesn’t Support Black Women…”

  1. Yeah a lot of black female bloggers (myself included) have mentioned the lack of coverage or concern with black female victims of racism and police brutality. Shouldn’t take away from the pain and suffering of the current black male victims we’re hurting for, but it had to be said.

    This lack of concern or importance drawn to black female victims of police brutality has made black people and society ASSume black men are the “sole” victims of racism, and that’s very problematic. Black men and boys ARE NOT the sole victims of racism or racialized injustices. Black female victims don’t receive the same amount of urgency as black men regarding any situation that harmful to their lives. I don’t see any historical context centered around racism in America where black female slaves or black women didn’t exist, so to exclude black women from the struggle is a bitter pill to swallow. To make that insensitive claim struck a bitter note with a lot of black women, and has caused a good amount to not want to march for black men or the black race anymore. Sure that minority doesn’t outweigh the devout and loyal black women, but it’s enough to make people think from now on. Well…hopefully. A lot of times the complaints black women have about injustices, are pushed to the side as “woman” issues, but we can’t do that to women who are black and female. So that woman issue a white woman faces is more than likely to be met with racism and murder regarding a black woman. We live in a racist and sexist society so how are black women not victims of anything? A black woman was beaten by a cop on the side of the road and no one did anything, I believe people blamed her and said she was the aggressor.

    Even with Renisha McBride people were like “Well she had alcohol in her system, so she deserved to be shot in the head” at the same time defending the report about Mike Brown having marajuana in his system and running from the police saying he still didn’t deserved to be murdered. Renisha was shot in the back of the head while leaving off the porch of the man’s house, according to black people black women aren’t threatening to racists, Renisha’s dead body disagrees.

    We don’t draw attention to black women, who face injustices, because we keep tossing black women’s issues to the bin as “woman issues” and that’s not accurate at all, most black women’s issues are racial, intra-racial, and sexist at the same time. And people keep recycling the same names of black female victims, which pretty much tells the entire story. Renisha McBride as well as Melissa Alexander only got attention in the wake of the Trayvon Martin coverage as a reason George Zimmerman should be arrested regarding the stand your ground law, so they were basically “references” not concerns. It was a black female who brought the attention of Renisha McBride to surface, there was no PSA from black people. Of the list that people have been passing around of black women of police brutality I’ve seen black people dissect the cases and ASSume the black women were guilty and were the cause for their own demise so that we wouldn’t take the attention off of black male victims, all at the same time saying that even if that fabricated racist like was true, saying even if Mike Brown was armed, robbed a store or did any kind of crime it didn’t warrant him to be executed. So in their minds for black female victims to be considered a victim, she has to be “the right” kind of black female victim. We always put black women on trial before we can see them as human beings worthy or respect and protection. “Was she a hoodrat?” “Is she a hoe?” “What did the bitch do?” “Was she ghetto?” “Was she a babymama?” “Was she overweight?” “Was she acting like a bitch?” all kinds of ignorance.

    When the list of black females were passed around no one could identify majority of them, including myself, which is sad. Only time I’ve seen black people mentioned black lives being important both men and women, boys and girls is when people had to literally provide proof that black women experience racism and injustice as well. Otherwise no one mentioned black women at all because many people believe black women cause their own abuse. We don’t even address murder and abuse within the black community inflicted on black women so I don’t expect anyone to address it the same outside inflicted racism. So we can’t be mad and scream “division” when the part of the black community we ignore decides to break away. Kind of brought it upon ourselves. Black women aren’t just black women we’re convenient, we’re black ALL THE TIME.


    1. this was an excellent comment. I agree, it’s not fair. I think Black women need to form a coalition where we start looking at violence against Black women and demand that we get support. As you said, it doesn’t mean that we don’t support Black men who go through violence, it just mean we need to be heard too and we need to start taking care of ourselves and focusing on those who have no voice.


  2. Why do you take the large field of “Black Female Victimization” and carve out the small corner by focusing on “Black Female Victims of Racism or Police Brutality”?

    On my blog I am a critical of “Black Female” media personalities and bloggers who look past the multitude of “Black Women Seen Crying On The News After Suffering A Personal Loss” and instead they FOLLOW the “Black Racial Services Machine” (Black Establishment) toward the popularly promoted “Civil Rights Homicide Victim Martyr”.

    I have no doubt that you will say that the Police with their “Protect And Serve” have a greater responsibility than the run of the mill criminal attacker.

    My rebuttal is that the notion of “Respect And Protect The Black Woman & Black Community” is a stronger charge to the Black Community to establish and govern our community institution through which our young people receive their consciousness and value for our fellow citizens.

    The only reason why so many Black females are left to “fend for themselves” in their own communities is because of the LIE that “White On Black Racially Motivated Attacks” are SUPERIOR to an attack by a Black community member on a fellow member.

    Please look at these Black women in Atlanta from the other day – in which one of the lady’s 1 year old son was shot in the arm amid gang violence and then, to add insult to injury the thieves in the community who knew that this young mother was in the hospital tending to her son – they broke into her apartment and stole her flat screen televisions.




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