Megyn Kelly: Santa is white


Megyn Kelly, a White American news host of Fox News, informed her television viewers on December 11th 2013:

Santa just is white … Jesus is a white man too.

Archie Bunker, a self-parody of racism who appeared on American television in the 1970s, said:

Jesus was white and so is Santa Claus.

Kelly was commenting on an article in Slate by Aisha Harris, “Santa Claus Should Not Be a White Man Anymore”.

Harris, half-serious, half-tongue-in-cheek, said that Santa should be a penguin – Penguin Claus! Growing up, Santa was black at home, as in many black homes, but in the broader American culture he was white. A white Santa pushes the White Default, as does white James Bond and white Spiderman, but more powerfully since Santa is so important to small children.

Harris argues we can make Santa whatever we want. He no longer…

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