Renisha McBride


Renisha McBride (1994-2013), a 19-year-old Black American woman from Detroit, was shot dead in the nearby White American suburb of Dearborn Heights at 2.30am on Saturday November 2nd 2013. Just like Jonathan Ferrell two months before, she had been in a car accident and was looking for help. But this time it was not the police who shot her dead but the man who answered the door. She was unarmed.

Note: The following is based on accounts given by the police and McBride’s family in the five days following the shooting.

According to police, the shooter says that he was afraid of a break-in and that his shotgun went off in her face by accident. Yet he did not call 911 afterwards. He left her dead on his porch.

The police at first said her body was dumped in Dearborn Heights, as if the murder had taken place…

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Renisha McBride

3 thoughts on “Renisha McBride

  1. It is so sad what happened to Renisha McBride. I fear for my life as a Black woman living in this country. I don’t want this to happen to me. I am around her age and this hits home because I am around Renisha McBride’s age and plan to go on my own soon.

    What is up with killing so many young Black people? Incidents like this make me sad


    1. Imhotep says:


      Our people should not be out at night. We should not be trusting of non-black people. It is hard to be anywhere in Amerikkka as black people. Yts put the crips and bloods (who influenced our young men to be “real g’s”) in our neighborhoods to scare us away from each other. They want us to move into their neighborhoods and be more like them to the point where we start believing we are them. A black man cannot be in a relationship with a yt woman without being reminded that his oppressor is the same color as her. It cannot work out for them. The ww is afraid of the wm, herself, so she wants to get away from him. Wm are violent to the point where ww have to stand by them.
      The man that shot her was probably a racist. He more than likely accepted the notion of us all being criminals. They are delusional anyway. Their wealth is artificial. If only yts saw how childish they are. They were probably children when they entered the caves. That is the only explanation I have for why they never act like grown ups (despite being tall). They never want what comes with having power, but yet they show off how powerful they are. Our first people probably knew something was different about their children with albinism. That is what makes us different from them. We let them live because most of us are loving.

      All of these non-black people hate seeing the black family together and their offspring. They call us the names and tell us the jokes to hurt us so that we go away and they can forget us.


  2. Starla says:

    The police has really decided they wont be doing much about this case. They lied about how she died, have not arrested the culprit, and do not seem to me in any rush to do the right thing. Because basting off a Black person’s face with a shotgun is just quite normal. This poor woman and her family have to suffer like this and the police can’t even make an arrest like they would in any case where a murder has been committed.


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