Are [Some] White Men Myopic & Delusional When It Comes to Beauty Standards?

Beauty Standards: They Vary From Place to Place 100% beautiful African Woman.

I came across a post written by a self-proclaimed white man who used pseudo-science to further the idea that White Women are objectively the most beautiful and the gold standard cross-culturally.

First, I think there are beautiful women in all races, ethnicities and cultures. I have no problem with a white man preferring white women, I mean he is white. But, I would like to challenge some of the assertions made by this individual white man.

He Claims that you can measure beauty in a quantifiable sense, he claims that other women of color emulate white women because of their inherent superior beauty [but at the same time claims that white women tan due to social influences and not inherent superiority of darker WOC] he claims that white women are the most beautiful because they are portrayed in the media the most often, he claims male preference toward white women makes them the most desirable, he claims because white women were used as concubines for a brief period (brief compared to the African enslavement by both Arab men and European men) so, all of this therefore makes them the gold standard.

My Response:

If white women are you preference as a white man, that is fine. But the gold standard…I don’t really agree with that. For thousands of years before European imperialism every society had their own standards of beauty and blonde and blue-eyed, light hair wasn’t the standard for majority of cultures outside of Europe. The truth is white men pushed their beauty ideas of white women onto other cultures and that is why the media portrays white women in such a favorable light, while ignoring the beauty of other races of women or only portraying negative images of WOC, especially Black women. White supremacy has always relied on the idea that white beauty is superior because they need to do that in order to protect their white privilege. white women need to be on a high rung of society because that makes white men look better, but basically white men strong armed other cultures into adhering to their beauty standards. Beautiful Black women, who aren’t mixed threaten white supremacy and that is why that image is disallowed in the west.

Prior to European Imperialism dark-skin, dark eyes, kinky hair, voluptuous figures and full lips were seen as the ideal throughout many west African cultures. Dark skin protected you from the sun and preserved your skin, dark eyes with the extra melanin protected your vision. Kinky hair protected your hair from the sun and various hairstyles like the intricate braid designs were used to denote royalty and fertility. These features signaled fertility because a healthy woman had a healthy figure and full lips meant youth, beauty. If you look at ancient west African art, their beauty standards were not Nordic or even European.

If you look at Benin sculptures of women, their features are far from being the stereotypical Nordic features. They often portrayed their ideal woman with wide hips, full lips, braids, ample bosoms, round button-like noses, (flat or big noses as you call in the west) and individualized jewelry or markings that varied from the individual tribe or ethnicity. In many cultures throughout west Africa to this day (those that haven’t been touched by Eurocentric media influence) still adhere to their own individual beauty standards, Thankfully.

After Europeans came and destroyed the cultures of POC around the world, they pushed their beauty standards on everyone. So now we have people who truly believe that these beauty standards are objective fact, when they’re really subjective taste, which are socialized.

The only true objective form of beauty is having a face that is shaped properly and being a healthy weight. Quasimodo like faces are viewed as less desirable cross-culturally and very obese or very thin (emaciated) is seen as unappealing in most cultures.

Everything else is a matter of personal taste and opinion, but I think that it makes people feel good to put down WOC, but people who keep having to push their beauty ideals on others are usually insecure. If you were objectively the most beautiful, you wouldn’t have to push your beauty on other people or strong-arm people into viewing you as the most beautiful. You wouldn’t have to only portray white women as attractive and pair her with an overweight or very unattractive black woman or WOC to validate her beauty. You could put all 10s out, portray them all in desirable light and show them to diverse audience that isn’t under the arm of white supremacy.

btw it takes a lot of nerve to use slavery as a parameter to measure attractiveness, the author mentioned “only 300,000” Africans roughly were brought to North America and enslaved, did the author forget the other 15 million slaves that were transported across the Atlantic to Latin America/Caribbean? Did the author forget that even more African slaves (mostly women) were taken from Africa and forced into the Arab slave trade, many named concubines. Did she forget the variety of colors, hues and phenotypes that exist today throughout the New World , especially in Latin America and we can’t forget and some of the creole/colored communities in Africa, which are overwhelmingly due to European men forcing themselves on African women. How about the genetic tests that show that blood of African-Americans is more mixed from European men than anything else??…How about Morocco and North Africa or parts of Somalia where there an entire communities littered with offspring from Arab men/African concubines???

Unfortunately, African women continue to be enslaved by Arabs to this day and sex is used as a weapon of genocide, so I don’t think that slavery is a proper parameter to measure attractiveness, but if you’re going to be a hypocrite and pretend that it is, we can’t pretend that African women haven’t been enslaved and forced into sexual slavery when they have…and what would that say about the men who did that to African women??…and what would that say about African women and their attractiveness going by your logic?

In terms of the male preference, most men marry within their race/ethnicity. They marry and procreate with women of their own races, so how are white women the gold standard when men choose their own race overwhelmingly?…Even Black men procreate with Black women more than any other race.

In closing, putting all this together, direct measurement data, total media exposure, and male preference (both current and historical) — the conclusion is hard to escape: The gold standard of beauty varies from culture to culture, but when you force your beauty standards on other ethnicities through force (as European men do), you can influence people’s perception of beauty.

It is fine to have your preference, it is even okay to believe in your heart that your race of women are more attractive…but don’t be so gullible to truly believe that your form of beauty is inherently superior to other races and don’t try to force your beauty standards down others people throats. Get over yourself. have your preference, stop using pseudo-science to conduct studies to try to make yourself feel superior and just leave other people in peace.

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