Guest Post: Black Women & Long Term Relationships on Craigslist

*This is a guest post from a friend of mine, we’ll call her Bronj. She conducted an experiment on Craigslist where she posted in the LTR (long term relationships) section as a Black woman and documented the results she got from men.
As I noted in part one of my experiment. I got very few responses from the LTR section and the majority of my responses came from the Casual Encounters ad that I posted. I posted primarily in the Southeastern region of the country. So, Bronj helped me by posting in different regions, some with lower Black populations. I will do a part 3 post and follow up with the Casual Encounter results for these cities as well.
So, I was curious to see what the results would be like in a different region/city. So let’s first look at the demographics of each city/state.
* when you look at the tables, the percentage on the left represent the population for the individual city, the percentage on the right represents population of the state*
65.9% of Phoenix is white, 73.0% of Arizona state white
6.5% of Phoenix is Black, 4.1% of Arizona state Black
American Indian/Alaska Native alone, 2.2% of Phoenix, 4.6% of state
White alone, percent definition and source info White alone, percent, 2012 (a)  95.3% 77.9%
Black or African American alone, percent definition and source info Black or African American alone, percent, 2012 (a)  1.3% 13.1%
Asian alone, percent, 2012 (a)  1.1% 5.1%
Hispanic or Latino, percent, 2012 (b)  1.4% 16.9%
White alone, percent, 2012 (a)  87.2% 77.9%
Black or African American alone, percent definition and source infoBlack or African American alone, percent, 2012 (a)   6.2% 13.1%
Hispanic or Latino, percent, 2012 (b)  11.0% 16.9%
Asian alone, percent, 2012 (a)  2.6% 5.1%
White alone, percent, 2012 (a)  94.4% 77.9%
Black or African American alone, percent, 2012 (a)  1.4% 13.1%
Asian alone, percent, 2012 (a)  2.4% 5.1%
For  my end of this task, I posted a personal ad in each the Phoenix , Maine, Wichita, New Hampshire and Sacramento “Women Seeking Men” sections of Craigslist (not “Casual Encounters).  And yes, I know Maine and New Hampshire aren’t cities, but they had a board of their own (as states) because of their size.
My ad described a 24 year old black woman looking for a serious, long-term relationship.  She had 3 random interests and her stats were that she was 5’4 130lbs.  I did not specify what age, race or type of man ‘she’ was looking for.   I removed the ad after about 24 hours.
I must stress that this is not meant to be a comprehensive scientific study.  I should also note that I received more responses than are counted below.  These absent tallies include men who did not reveal their race or age and/or men who just sent a message asking if “I” liked older men…..got quite a few of those…also those who just said “Hello wanna chat?” or something short and meaningless.  At first I’d reply back probing for just an age and race, but afterwards i got tired of doing that and just excluded them.
I categorized anyone 40+ as older (although most of the ones in this category were closer to 50) considering that the poster is only 24 years old.
Consider the results and take it for what it’s worth.

Black: 10 total


30s: 3

40-“older”: 1

White: 19 total

20s: 2

30s: 9

40-“older”: 8

Hispanic: 4 total

20s: 3

30s: 1

*And there was also one 29 year old.  I couldnt tell his ethnicity by looking.


Black: 4 total

20s: 2


White: 19 total

20s: 6

30s: 9

40-“older”: 4


Black: 2


40s: 1

White: 4 total

30s: 1

40-“older”: 3

Hispanic: 3 total

20s: 2

40s: 1

New Hampshire

Black: 2 total

20s: 1

30s: 1

White: 15 total

20s: 6

30s: 6

40-“older”: 3

Hispanic: 2 total

20s:1 30: 1

Native American

* Also 1 Native American in his 30s.


Black: 6 total

20s: 4

30s: 2

*and one 61 y/o black man

White: 11 total

20s: 5

30s: 3

40-“older”: 3

* Also 1 hispanic guy in his 30s and an Asian guy in his 20s.
I was somewhat surprised by a few things.  First of all I was not  expecting all of the replies that rolled in, especially considering that there was no picture (fake or real) included in the ads.
Secondly, I was a little taken aback by the number of white men that responded.  And before anyone gets the wrong idea, I don’t say that in a “OOoh I’m so flattered and excited white men like us blackies!”  It’s of my (BJ, speaking, not Peanut)  personal belief that white men don’t generally like black women ‘like that,’ for whatever reasons we could propose.  I’m not saying that there aren’t white men out there who do genuinely consider black women seriously as dating/relationship options,  but unless I see signs, I presume that the random white guy doesn’t or wouldn’t.   And I’m not saying that black women should even care if that’s true or feel less worthy than any other woman or anything like that.
With that said,  I can’t say that I expected much response out of Maine which is 94% white according to wikipedia.
Another thing somewhat related to above, is that most of the messages (longer than a sentence) were very respectful and seemed genuine like the man really did hope to form a connection. The two most sexually suggestive replies came from a white guy who outright bragged about what he could do in bed and some other guy who offered drinks and a massage afterwards.  Oh, and a 60+ year old man described himself as being attached, but fond of the company of black women. Otherwise I did not receive any nasty pictures or anything inappropriate.
Some attached pictures and seemed to represent regular men you’d see walking around a mall or wherever.  I thought most of them (the 40+ not included) were decent looking to very cute.

103 thoughts on “Guest Post: Black Women & Long Term Relationships on Craigslist”

  1. I’m not surprised at your results at all, but it is an interesting experiment. What are you trying to figure out? If white men are attracted to black women? I think often white men are but are too afraid to talk to black women in person, thinking you’ll reject them. That’s just a guess from personal observations.

    As women I think we tend to forget that men really have to put themselves on the line to ask a woman out or for her number or whatever. Add that black women get stereotyped as being more sassy and likely to say their mind and also that a lot of black women are vocal about preferring black men and I think many white guys are probably intimidated. They are too afraid of rejection to ask in person but behind a computer screen it makes it a little easier.

    Too, and I hate to stereotype because this never fits ALL people in a group, but a lot of times it seems like white guys are less likely to approach women in general. I’m an attractive, white woman and I get a lot of white guys hitting me up online but in person like 90% of the time if someone blatantly hits on me in public he is black (or maybe Hispanic). I’ve always thought this was weird, especially since now I live in a super white area, but I think its more to do with the fact that culturally a lot of black men are taught to approach women more aggressively (and so are Latino men and some European guys but not so much the average white American man) and I think that is true whether the woman is black or white or whatever.


    1. As a Black woman, I also live in a super White area and I feel limited in my choice. I will never date a White man because I dislike White men and find most of them violent and dangerous and the Black men in my area date out for the most part. I don’t know what to do in my situation. I would love to leave my area since I hate it but I have to graduate from high school first. Luckily I am in my final year of high school!


      1. As far as being dangerous and violent, I think that’s more true if you live in a white “redneck” area. If you get in the more liberal areas the white guys are more likely to be too passive. Really, in this area, that is kind of a problem with the black men too (redneck white guys, passive black men, blah, no wonder most of the men I see are from other cities). Still there are some white guys out there that are decent. Never say never!! Especially if you go to a more multicultural college where you can find more open minded, educated men of all colors.

        I try not to limit myself. I’m kind of like you in that I feel more comfortable around black men, even though I’m white. Looking back over my sexual history the majority of white guys in there have been one night stands (other than my ex husband, who didn’t turn out to be so great) and the relationships have been with black men. I just have a harder time relating I guess.

        It may be because I grew up in a mixed race home and a lot of white folks didn’t associate with us. It probably instilled some suspicion on the part of white guys and their intentions and I think a lot of black women have that. Still you are probably overlooking some great white guys and giving off the vibe that they don’t stand a chance. They get that from a few different black women and assume you all feel the same way so you don’t see as many white guys with the nerve to approach you.


  2. Good post. The Black woman in the picture is gorgeous and I am saying this as a Black woman myself! Personally I think it is better to meet someone in person as opposed to online. Many White men are attracted to Black women but will never approach us in person. I have had many White men compliment me online and everything but I am NOT attracted to White men. I would never in a million years date a White guy. Dating a White man is a step down for me.

    Sad to say but I feel like I am limited in my dating choices where I live, it is full of Whites and I don’t like White men at all. And all the Black men are with non Black women in my age group(17-21). What is a young Black woman to do? I know dating a White guy is out of the question and I am in my final year of high school too.


    1. Adeen

      I hope this information that I gives you helps in your relationship/dating problems

      1) Adeen my dear, focus on your studies. Trust me, guys are not going anywhere,lol! From your postings, you really are a young black female that is interested in changing Black America from a culture of death(drug dealing, gangbanging,black on black crime,etc.) into a culture of life and happiness. As I told Mrs.Ocean-Graham (TorontoGirl), develop your talents and bring them back to the black community. Whether it is doctor,lawyer,nurse, teacher, banker, just develop your human and economic capital which helps the black community. Even if it is not a “sexy” career, it makes a difference. In my post to TorontoGirl, I spoke about Al Roker’s(the weatherman) father working for the New York City Transit Authority(MTA) and how that was helpful to Al Roker being raised Southeast Queens, a middle class black neighborhood.
      2)While I do know that black men date out more than black women, the whole “black men get love from non-black females” is complete BS! In online dating and speed dating studies, most white,Asian &Latina women choose white men. Also from marriage data, the vast majority of people marry someone from their own race anyway. Trust me Adeen, the brothas that you seek are out there.
      3)You said this is your last yr of high school. If you really want to be around some socially aware black men, try going to a HBCU like Howard or Hampton. Since you live in Florida, try going to college in Atlanta as it is the next state over from Florida. As you know Atlanta has a strong repuation of being a place where middle and upper class black folks hang out. And obviously, there are HBCUs in Atlanta.
      4)Go to college in a city has a strong black population. While New York City is a racist hellhole, it does has the largest black population in America.Think of Chicago,Philadelphia,Washington D.C. Even if a city has a very racist past like Boston, it may also have very influential black areas. For example if you did not know Adeen, Boston’s black population is mostly West Indians like Haitians, Jamaicans and Trinidadians. Also great black leaders like Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan spent their time in Boston’s black areas like Roxbury. Also since you live in Florida, just go to college in Miami, which obviously has a large black population that is also mostly of Caribbean heritage.
      In other words Adeen, trust me you could find a socially aware black man, alot of us are out there and according to online dating, speed dating and marriage data, we are NOT with white,Asian and Latina women. Hope it helps.


      1. They don’t like seeing the differences or anything pro-black is seen as anti-white! That’s why I wasn’t so excited when Obama was elected cuz I knew he wasn’t going to help blacks. And I’m glad I’m no longer brainwashed by integration too…if u don’t fit a stereotype they’ll just see u as an exception to the rule, and it won’t change the racism or the fact that most basketball players are black but most of the audience at ball games are white (excluding the celebrities), same with the managers even rap is owned by WP, remember when a wm took over BET and their stupid rap videos smh…I always hated it as a child, now my parents took the channel away, I don’t even watch TV at all anymore…I watch Issa Rae’s shows online like Awkward Black Girl, and How Men Became Dogs etc. and I try to support online


    2. Adeen, don’t go to an HBCU! I heard that there’s much more men then women there so you’ll end up fighting for men…also if they’re is light skinned mixed women black men will go to them…that’s why they try to make biracial women black in black shows, so it’ll be easier to date them without the hassle! So they can convince these mixed women they’re helping the black community and black men are evil, in all honesty I’d think they’d be better with non blk men! ABM tend to have self hate IN ORDER TO date them…and it’ll show sooner or later! I was in the kitchen and my brother and his ex biracial girlfriend were watching TV and he started talking bad about bw and their hair…then he comes and puts his hand on my hair and says “but your hair is soft” smh, before when he was dating black girls he didn’t bring them home until he started dating mixed girls, who he’s not compatible with at all and they’re always fighting (he’s had 3 so far, his current is the worst)…everytime I disagree with him he says Im giving him attitude when I’m kind, soft hearted person, I can’t let him walk all over me! But does he say that to his mixed gfs when they disagree with him? No! He treats his gfs bad anyway! All these insecure biracial girls, BM are not their friend! Thrice in the phone, I’ve heard him say he doesn’t like black girls! This is a Nigerian-CAnadian here! He listens to too much rap, he’s lazy and he wants to move to America, and he acts like a stereotypical african american male! I don’t understand we were raised in the same home! My other cousins aren’t like this, most of the guys I know my age (mostly Jamaican) are nice to bw…but not him!


      1. @ Adeen

        My mistake on the HBCUs

        @Mrs.Ocean-Graham (TorontoGirl), than you for update. I honestly did not know that. Us black folks GOT 2 GET IT TOGETHER! Even in a HBCU, the seeds of the white supremacist heirachy must come through,yikes.


      2. Me and my brother are the same age. As a Jamaican American woman, I don’t like the behavior of typical AA males of my generation, I am `17 here.

        I know I need to leave the town I live in, I hate it


      3. @Mrs.Ocean-Graham (TorontoGirl)

        It sounds like your brother is turning into a slave (Toby from Roots). You should minimize contact with him. Negro male “slaves” that despise black women are dangerous. Soon he’ll stop dating mixed girls and move on to white/asian women. He’s been infected with black woman hatred.


  3. @Toronto Girl

    I mean to say my little brother is the same way with Black women. He said he dislikes Black women and only likes WW. It is depressing that he dislikes his other half but my little brother is fourteen.


    I know Black men are with Black women in other places in AmeriKKKlan but in my area most of the Black guys my age are with non Black women. It really wears my psyche down, thinking I will never find anymore. I want to move out of where I live.

    I want to become an best selling author and help the Black Community


  4. dang Toronto girl that is sad ur brother says that. my older brother dates Latinas he is dating a black/Mexican latina now.he has never said he hates black women. I notice the ones that say that usually don’t have any black female friends and are not around black women outside their family. can’t save or help everybody, too many black ppl are into colorism, it is sad. when/if I have kids they will not be watching tv, it is too much brainwashing and whitewashing. now I see how the older church obsessed black ppl were saying the tv and radio were the devil rofl, they were right.


    1. I think it started when rappers started replacing black girls with light skin mixed women on TV…cuz before he dated mostly black girls! He doesn’t like white girls though cuz he thinks they look like men! At least his new gf is dark skinned…but it doesn’t bother me, cuz none of the other black guys I know are like that…they’re nice to me and such…I think he wants to be a rapper or smth. Or he watches too much TV idk
      But at the same time I remember he used to ALWAYS tell me that Beyonce was only famous cuz she’s light skinned and her dad was the manager, he really thinks Kelly Rowland is a better singer, dancer and much better looking and should be the “Queen” not Beyonce, which I agree with…at least he only dates black girls or mixed girls, than ww. And u might not hear your brother say anything about bw, I don’t think my brother even noticed I was there…it wasn’t until recently I heard him say on the phone he doesn’t like black girls. Doesn’t affect me cuz there’s plenty of BM in Canada that do! And I’m not looking to marry him so he’s not my business lol!


      1. yeah Kelly Rowland is beautiful, but she seems to have low self esteem. I had a white guy say I look like beyonce, I was thinking wow, I would rather be told I look like Kelly Rowland as she is more my skin tone and beautiful. Whites give the light skinned singers more fame, like beyonce, but I like heather headley and monica more than beyonce. they are just more talented vocally imo. and Ciara or janet Jackson could out dance beyonce imo.


      2. Same thing they do Africans, they obsess over Sade, Nneka, Ayo and other biracial artists in Europe they’re all good but none is full black. It’s part of white supremacy I guess…
        and white people say every black girl is beyonce as a compliment, from now on I’ll compliment WP by saying they look like a Labrador (brunettes) or a golden retriever (blondes) smh…
        I’m not surprised Kelly Rowland has self esteem issues she’s a good singer but was passed over by Beyonce just cuz she was light skin…that would mess me up too!


      3. I’ve always loved Ciara but I’ve noticed smth different about her…someone pointed out she got much lighter. AHA! Plus she died her hair blonde this is sad…cuz I’m like since when was Ciara yellow like this…maybe she’s bleaching smh! Why do black celebs even go to Hollywood, when it’s never been nice to them unless they bleach their skin like beyonce or dye their hair like Rihanna and have coloured eyes, they should get their own Hollywood like Nollywood or smth.
        p.s: 49% of the US cinema audience is AA.


  5. You’ll be surprised how many white men are interested in black women. But they know most of us only prefer black men so they feel hesitant to approach or ask black women out in fear of rejection. I’m around pretty decent sistas who get hit on by white men quite a bit, but they want no relationship with them out of loyalty to black men. But yeah they’re interested, but most sistas are not. Although I am seeing quite a lot of black women/white men relationships popping up this day and age though.


    1. I am a pretty, Black woman of seventeen/eighteen and I will never date a White guy. It is not out of ”loyalty” to Black men. I had horrible experiences with Black American men. As a woman of West Indian descent, I prefer Caribbean Black men or African Black men. Black American men are a last resort for me out of all the groups of Black men in the world. But any Black man to me is more attractive, sane and decent than a White man of any kind!

      I would date out but if I dated out, I would date Latino or Asian men, never a White guy. I just have standards and White men are not my standards.


  6. @mstoogood4yall

    Most Afro-Caribbean people usually live in these cities-New York, Toronto, London, Boston, D.C., and Miami. However, I found out that Houston has a Caribbean carnival similar to the one here in NYC. I dont know in which portion of Texas you live but maybe you could find some Caribbean brothas at that party,lol!


  7. And why are Black people so concerned about interracial dating? Interracial dating is all about Whites in AmeriKKKlan and in the Westernized world finding other races of people to date and marry not about us. And Whites are considered the most desirable interracial dating and marriage while Black people are considered the least desirable in interracial dating and marriage.

    I don’t know about Black women getting less replies on social networking or dating sites. I am a Black woman and I was on a dating website and I was extremely popular on the site too! Many guys kept on messaging me and looking at my profile!

    But honestly I would rather stay within my race. I am for the continuation and progress of my race but I wouldn’t wait along for a Black man if he doesn’t come along. Needless to say, I will never lower my standards and date a White guy. I just could never date a White guy in a million years. I would rather stay celibate than date a White guy!


    1. Adeen, first of all you should not be on a dating website if you are 17. That’s a little too young for the stuff that goes on there.

      Second, I’m pretty sure you really want to date a white guy. It’s like your dream. The lady doth protest too much, methinks!

      You don’t date a black or asian or white guy. You date a guy, him. Each person is unique and really different. Even in the same family, individuals act very differently. Twins even have their own personalities. Don’t judge someone on just one thing, look at everything together and judge the whole package.

      But seriously, you are too young to think about these things. Concentrate on your studies and other important things. Overall, this is just nonsense. In the end, you marry one only person, not an ideology or a race or a religion or whatnot abstract and ultimately empty concept.


      1. @Andy Chow
        I don’t like White men at all.
        I am not attracted to them physically, I find them more violent and racist than other races of men and I can’t relate to them culturally. And I wouldn’t date a White man because of these reasons. I have my race and culture to think about here not White men. Dating out should be the least of my worries but everyone is pushing this interracial agenda in the media and in real life and I don’t like it. I don’t believe that interracial dating or marriage solves any of my problems with race or dating.

        And it is nonsense that I am for my race and care about my race of people? You think it is nonsense that I don’t believe in racial integration, interracial dating, being colorblind etc?


  8. @Adeen

    -Dont worry my dear, your black prince will come in due time and you will be able to have a family with a socially conscious brotha.Just move to an area or city with a strong black popualtion(e.g. Chicago,D.C.,etc.)Like everything else in life, just take your time.Focus on your studies and since you plan to help our community from the effects of slavery and colonialism, continue to learn all you can about white supremacy. As I said before, interracial unions is not my focus and no self-respecting Negro should make it their focus since we know the truth about “colorblind love”,which is really “white love”. We need to focus on the fact that many of our communities and cities(e.g. Detroit, Newark NJ,Camden NJ) are going into decline thus harming the quality of life for many of the black residents there. For us awaken blacks(those who understand and are starting to understand white supremacy), IR dating should not even be on our radar. Trust me Adeen, you seem to be a very focused and socially aware young black woman that wants to make a difference, we cant have our future black leaders and difference makers focusing on vanity and foolishness. Black folks dont got time for that. We are too dead of a people for that, we are in cemetery Adeen!


  9. @B.R.

    I know interracial relationships shouldn’t even be on our minds but they are pushing it like crazy in the media and I don’t like it. Most people date within and marry within their own race, ethnicity and cultural groups. I don’t know why they want us to date them so badly when it wasn’t even socially acceptable for them to date us back 40 years ago. I am not attracted to White men and I don’t want to date or marry White people at all. No Black person who loves themselves would date a White person or marry one either. You can’t fight White supremacy and sleep with the enemy. It doesn’t go that way.


    1. @Adeen

      The yt race is the most SELFISH race in the world.

      They do not realize that by having the Black Woman love the yt man only, she is doing harm to herself.

      Q:How can a Black Woman be in a relationship with a yt guy?

      A:Easy, she has got hate herself. It’s as simple as that. A yt man will never know true love because he is not made exactly in The Mother’s image.

      We need to look at this situation from all ends. Segration was bad because yts wanted to bring an end to all of Us for being away from them. Integration is bad because they are forced to come together with Us which only brings in more danger. The Black Woman is deeply hurt when she buys weaves and sees HERSELF MADE AS A MALE with a white woman.

      We really need to love Ourselves but yts are so selfish they made a nation all about them. They are the albino sons and daughters. They show self-hate by staying to themselves. They show self-love by staying with Us. We have a real problem on Our hands.

      They are really pushing in this decade for Us to love them and not Ourselves. These must be end times.


  10. @Imhotep

    So true, I am a Black woman and I wouldn’t date or marry a White guy. I don’t see why they push this interracial agenda. I don’t like it because I am not attracted to White men, I find them more racist and aggressive than other races, I can’t culturally relate to them and I prefer Black men too. And most people prefer to date and marry their own kind.

    Why do they want to date and marry us?

    I don’t want to date or marry them at all! I want to date MY OWN RACE! Most people prefer to be with their race and culture. Why push this interracial dating crap?

    Yes we are living in the end times that is why everything is going down the tubes!


    1. @Adeen

      Thank you for understanding. A lot of bloggers think I’m spamming. I’m not, being in Amerikkka is far more scarier than it is given credit for.

      We are living in a real horror story!!!!

      Yts want to divide Us and conquer Our hearts. Other races like Us too, but they can stay to themselves. They are not as aggressive about Us like yts are. The yt man feels he must be better than Us everyday to make Sistas happier. The yt woman wants everything Sistas have and more to impress Us.

      We need to really wake up as People before we return to the 1700s. They say that it won’t happen again. That does not mean they don’t it want to happen again. It can’t happen right now because of all of these gangstas in Our race.


  11. @ Adeen

    -Since your goal in life is to be a journalist, I must ask you my Jamaican sista? Where do people get their facts regarding interracial dating/marriage. Someone please help me because the truth is needed.

    -The truth is that black people marry black people & white people marry white people THE MAJORITY OF THE TIME. Also, blacks are the least likely to be chosen when being placed in an interracial pool between Asians,Hispanics & Amerindians

    -It is true that black men marry out more than black women but look at the numbers. So black women want to tell me that black men are jumping through hoops for white women yet our percentage of outmarriage is a probably around .5% higher than a black woman having a white husband. Gosh people, numbers dont lie!

    -Black men/white women couples have a very high rate of divorce. Also while it is true that black women married to white men have longer marital success, other factors that could harm a marriage(black woman being isolated from her black family due to her marriage to a white man) do indeed come into play. Remember just because a couple is not divorced, does not mean they are happy! http://blackmenconfrontingthelies.blogspot.com/2009/10/but-will-it-last-about-interracial.html

    “As of 2012, just 0.3 percent of white men in marriages were married to black women, and just 0.8 percent of white women in marriages were married to Black men.”


    -Also, I dont know if you ever had a white boyfriend before Adeen(since you said you live in a white area) but yes, I had white women for romantic interests before growing up in New York. However, as the black code files links state, alot of the white women I know usually want black men for one thing, and it aint marriage. As I evolved and learned more about white supremacy, my tune changed. Remember dating does not always equal marriage

    -Finally, most interracial unions that compose of a black/white pairing usually take place in the Western U.S(e.g Seattle,San Fran,etc.). Why? Because if a black person does not plan to stay celibate or die alone, common sense would tell me that their husband or wife would be white. So obviously, location & geography play a role in mate selection.

    -Once again, beating this dead horse topic, on IR dating

    -Love who you feel to love but know the truth and from the evidence, the truth says otherwise.Love aint colorblind!

    -I dont know if you have a blog Adeen(it would be a good thing to build up your journalism skills) but since you have great writing ability, hopefully you could confront the lies that the media circulates.


    1. @Imhotep and B.R.

      Good answers and no, I never had a White boyfriend at all and I don’t plan on having a White boyfriend in the future. Except for one White guy, I am usually not attracted to them and I can’t relate to them culturalIy and where I live the White men are racist and redneck. I am in the process of reprogramming myself and learning more about White supremacy and how it brainwashes minorities and gives Whites a false sense of self.


      1. @Adeen

        Why-te supremacy exists so “why-tes are given something”.
        Everyone is supposed to be Our color. Things happen for some reason, some of Our first ever people were albino.

        Yts are worse people than Our actual albinos. Our albinos are slow. Yts are quick to pick up and quick to dismiss. They are like robots. Yt men will try to pick you up, but once you turn them down….they dislike you instantly and want you gone.

        We need to have survival guides for Our People.

        Why-tes turn red in the face whenever they are angry, frustrated, or dislike something.

        Why-tes turn completely white in the face whenever they are happy.

        Yt men created the n-word because of the existence of Brothas, alone. Whenever a why-te man is “white in the face” around a Brotha, he is getting ready to harm that Brotha!

        I do not know how it is for
        why-te women and Sistas.
        A why-te woman did create Planned Parenthood. That is something to keep in mind.

        Yts are mutated inbred Afrikan albinos. Just look at how Our natural albinos are in relationships with Our People. They are drawn to Us, and not themselves, naturally because they come from Us.

        That makes Our story a larger nightmare than it appeared to be when I was younger. Always remember the albino son always listens to His Mother first. I know that My Sistas are the true warriors in this everyday race war. Your Voice alone is stronger than any weapon in the world. You were the first ever person alive! You will probably be the last person on Earth. In the meantime, Our People can only to turn to Jah.


  12. @B.R.

    1) 25% of black male newlyweds are married to non-black women.

    Source:Pew Research Center 2012

    2) Many black men prefer to co-habittate with black women not legally marry them

    Source:Ralph Richard Banks’s book “Marriage is for White People”

    3)When BM do marry BW they tend to marry lighter skinned BW

    Source: The Color Complex by Ronald Hall, Revised Edition 2013, Chapter 7


  13. @Alchemist

    Once again, thank you for your evidence and facts regarding my post

    1)I saw this report before.I respect the factual information from the research but I still take this information with a grain of salt. While black men did marry out at that rate for a given year, the overall facts still state that a black man married to a white women is still below 1%. You did mention non-black females which would include Asians and other non-whites. However, most Asian and Hispanic women, from a general & collective point of view prefer white men over black men. In the eyes of most women, black men ARE NOT marriage material.

    2) I agree with this. From my own individual perspective, the “value” of marriage has declined in the black America. Now I honestly dont know if co-habitation or “common law marriage” has the same benefits as a “real” marriage. If I find any articles & research on it, hopefully it would broaden my scope on this issue.

    3)I agree with this also. Even though Im all for black empowerment, I do honestly have a preference for lighter skinned black females. However, I also find many dark skinned black females that are attractive.


  14. as for black men as u say alchemist just co habitating with black women but not marrying well, imo women don’t need to allow a man to do all that. Just look at Lauryn hill she lived with the guy and had six kids with him and he did not marry her, but when he found another woman he proposed to her in a short time. So we as women should not put up with a man that is using us as a place holder, if after a certain amount of time he doesn’t commit its time for him to go, because he ain’t the one. I’ve seen too many shows where a woman wants marriage but hasn’t gotten a ring after being with a guy for 6+ years. but when she said she done then all of a sudden he either propose or leave. Sometimes women are afraid of the answer they will get if they pressure the guy, but if they want to get married the apply some pressure I mean we the one with a clock that is ticking away, if he wasting time, then when u do realize he ain’t the one u won’t be able to have any kids or will have to rush to have them like chili crazy behind is doing.


    1. @mstoogood4yall

      -You are right. When people are legally married, they do have the societal benefits(dual income, financial spouse insurance in the event of an injury or death) that a “common law” couple would not have. Also, I report an article, could be mistaken, when people are legally married, they might have a greater commitment to trying to make their marriage work. Now obviously with the rate of divorce in America that could be a joke but from my understanding, people who are legally married might try to work out their problems more than those who are not officially in the state of marriage.

      -The main point of my statement, in addition to addressing Adeen’s concerns, is that I find it very interesting when these media reports and people in the digital space make it seem like interracial relationships are some heaven on Earth and “progressive” social justice event when it is clearly not the case. They then use this “evidence” to show the so-called decline of racism in America and then if I, you or some other “militant” black person tries to contest the demon of white supremacy, then we get accused of being the hater because they always have a best friend thats black or a black partner. My whole point is this, I say “live and let live” and do you but I do feel,as a realist, you have to provide facts of society so that people could make an informed decision about how to navigate their love life. Its like going to a doctor, if you feel to smoke, do you but the doctor has to warn you about the dangers of smoking. And not every single smoker gets lung cancer but the odds are that they will. So in the case of interracial dating, while you try to look at people from an individual perspective, the fact is that since we live in a society dominated by racism/white supremacy, it is really hard to separate that individual from the thought process that they will have from that societal racism. Look at Abagond’ post-Whites are individuals post. So these are the points.

      1) In a potiental dating pool, African-Americans are the least likely to enter into interracial unions. Most blacks in interracial unions are usually in places where there are very few blacks(e.g. Seattle, San Fran, Portland,etc.) .So unless they plan to stay celibate, not procreate or die alone, they will have a white partner.

      2)As the Alchemist pointed out, black men had a 25% outmarriage rate for that given year. However, as of 2012, African-American men married to white women(I use whites as the default because as you know, when blacks outmarry, they usually have a white partner) is still below 1%. You would think with the media reports it would at least at 5%!

      3)African-American men are not viewed as marriage mates for most white,Asian & Hispanic. From my personal experience with interracial dating as well as from the evidence, a non-black female would probably date a black guy for a casual dating experience or for the “you know what” but in terms of a long term healthy relationship with future intentions of being married, having children and creating a life together it is rare. Honestly from my personal experiences, I feel that black women are a much better choice to have healthy long term relationships with.

      4)Black men do have high divorce rates when paired with white women. It is true that black women paired with white men do have better rates of marital longevity. While the Black Women Empowerment crowd does get my respect for their honest and truthful statements, the fact is that black/white unions are rare and BW/WM unions are even more rare. Also, as evidence shows, the isolation and other social factors do harm the quality of BW/WM unions. Also, unless there is extreme physical or emotional abuse, the profit margin is too great for a black female who has a white mate to even consider divorce(probably why the divorce rate is lower). As I told you before mstoogood4yall in a previous post, non-white women(like the Aboriginal Australian women who suffer from the same societal ills as African-Americans look for white men to improve their quality of life chances).

      5)The internalized racism and the gender “look-down” is something that also needs to be addressed. For example, if a black person has a white partner and they have issues with the opposite gender, thats a dangerous combination for childrearing. Imagine if black man has a white female and she has an issue with black women, I wonder how beneficial that environment would be if they have a daughter, same if a black woman with a white man has a son. The internalized racism of the black partner would just add more fuel to the fire.

      So my point, as Adeen mentioned, is that interracial dating is like a marketing ploy to show us that the world is getting better(YAWN!). Anyway, love who you feel to love but according to evidence, you might be getting more than you bargained for.Im just telling the truth and since you have a blog now mstoogood4yall, if you ever address interracial dating, hopefully you will tell the truth instead of telling utopian lies.


      1. I don’t know if I will do a post on interracial stuff, a it is a heated topic and have more important things to discuss. diaryofanegress, is thinking about getting rid of her blog because of ppl focusing on dumb things like weave, religion, interracial, etc instead of focusing on healing, survival,economics,unity,etc. don’t want my blog to be a place where ppl argue over minor things, if we gonna argue over something let it be of importance.


      2. @B.R.

        We are in between a rock and a hard place as The Original
        Hue-mans. Everyone wants Us, but certain people can date within their own race just fine. It seems like a lot of them, especially in these dumb “post-racial” times, fail to realize that The Brotha was made for The Sista. These dumb interracial relationships rarely work out because Brothas enter these relationships out of anger that Sistas have shown them no love. The whole time these Chinese, Mexican, Indian, why-te, and so on women are dating these Brothas, he is thinking about the similarities they have to a Sista.

        I wish all of these races would leave Us alone permanently!!!!!! Unfortunately, time has shown Us again and again, that if they cannot join Us then they will only be against Us.

        We are only safe right now because all of these people from different races in Amerikkka believe they have a chance, at least. We see them, they all have brick shops when we don’t.

        They all help why-te men to oppress Us. Tell the Chinese woman to give up her “Chinese Priviledge” here for Us, she knows not to do that. They all think we are stupid. By them all having cash, they believe we will be driven to them to survive.

        I hate them all, and I do not care. We need to remember who we are as a race. When a self-hating Brotha suggests to another Brotha to date a Korean woman, that Brotha should think of Latisha Harlins who died in ’91.

        We need to remember that all of these straight haired cultures that left the Motherland taught Us negativity through their actions. We were living peacefully somewhat before we were introduced to them.

        Never let these “we’re all human types” fool you. A man who is not the Natural Afrikan man can only use or harm the Natural Afrikan man. Same can be said for My Sistas. At the end of the day, all of these straight haired devils are going up against Jah when they try to take away Sistas from Brothas and vice versa. Jah is taking care of them too.


      3. Okay,

        I did not mean to use “hate”. I dislike them all. I wish they would leave Our People alone forever!!!!! We owe them nothing!!!! We deserve each other as Brothas and Sistas!!!! By a Sista loving a Brotha, She is truly loving herself!!!!! The Brotha was made by Jah in her image for good reason!!!!! All of these mutated straight haired cultures should have never left Afrika. It is not Our fault as the Original Humans that they transformed. That was their doing.

        They are soooo annoying. Next thing you know, these dummies will say that “you all are being racist” or “just as hateful as the KKK”.

        If they were in Our shoes, they would realize we are a race that just cannot be left the heck alone which is all we want!!!!!!!

        They fool themselves completely. They have no respect for Us at all!


  15. Oh, Good Lord. There are all kinds of nasty and ugly people in the world, of any race, but to attribute that to an entire race of people is just STUPID, either which way you decide to go. If you truly want to fight racism against black people, then you won’t be hating on white people either, you’ll be trying to open their minds. Hate breeds hate and it’s also a turn off.

    I wouldn’t date a black man who talked shit on black women because I would find it offensive. In much the same way I think there are a lot of black men that are going to be turned off by black women who are always going on about how much they hate white men. It’s just not attractive to be so negative and close minded. Stop and think about how it makes YOU look. Its not any better than a white person spouting off their KKK/racist views. It comes across as ignorant because human beings are individuals. You can’t judge a person on their race alone, you need a lot more information about them to make decisions about who they are.

    Right now maybe you are only seeing white men who are assholes but it may be because you are wearing shades and only seeing them through that filter. Take them off for a bit and drop the assumptions and you may be surprised. You may also notice some great black men who are avoiding you due to the attitude you are projecting. Men, of any color, tend to like a positive woman. Acting negative just draws more negative energy into your field.


    1. @Lifeofalovergirl
      I live around your people and I know everything about them. Most White American men in my area are very racist or rednecks thus I don’t seek them out. I don’t know about other areas but the ones in my area are horrible. But I do find White American men to be very racist in general just from reading the comments they post about Black females online. And I couldn’t date a White American man because of that reason. I also am not attracted to them and I can’t culturally relate to them.
      What can I talk to a White American guy about IF it relates to me? NOTHING!
      I am not close minded for not liking White American men at all. I just wouldn’t ever date one.
      And you don’t know me personally at all. I am a quiet and decent person in real life but online I just post all my thoughts and feelings.

      I rather date Hispanic or Indian men if I dated outside of my race. They are much more attractive than White American men and I can culturally relate to them better in a way.


      1. LMAO at knowing everything about “my people” because you live around some redneck white folks. I do too. I’m surrounded by redneck white people. It was a huge culture shock moving here after growing up in a mixed race family.

        There is a lot of racism around here and it was eye opening to me after growing up in a different environment. Especially since I’m white and people who don’t know me have no clue that I grew up as the only “white kid” in my family and feel like they can say anything they want in front of me, until I say something. Actually, I get to hear it from both sides because I grew up around a lot of black folks who had no problems saying how they felt about white people when I was around. They’d be like “you don’t count” lol.

        I’m not trying to push you to date white guys if that isn’t what you are interested in but don’t knock them ALL, lol. My stepsister is black and she has a baby with and lives with a white guy. I don’t have the highest opinion of him and have known some other situations where I still felt like the guy was latently a bit racist. My ex husband is white and his current live in girlfriend is black. He pretty much treats her the same way he did me, so I feel sorry for her, but I don’t think it’s racism, just that he’s a loser in general. I think he did have a bit of a thing for black women and didn’t want to admit it because his family is a bit racist and wouldn’t approve. Now he doesn’t care as much what they think. I’ve known other situations where the white guy appears to treat his black girlfriend like a queen.

        I date interracially a lot. I tend to have more in common with and get along better with black men and it’s probably because I didn’t really grow up in typical white culture. I seem to have a harder time relating to a lot of white guys, yet there are times when I date them. It really just depends on the person.

        I’m not saying I don’t understand somewhat why a lot of black women get offended when black men date out. I can see some of the issues with that and their reasoning. I think it’s made worse by men who try to excuse it by making comparisons between black and white women rather than just admitting they like variety and stop stereotyping.

        Actually though, I think the majority of black men who date out either came from an area where they didn’t have a lot of options otherwise, or they felt shunned by black girls growing up. That has been most of the black men I have personally dated.

        The town I lived in during my early dating years was something like 80% white and 20% other (black, Hispanic, Native American mostly). The black community there consisted of mostly a few huge families so the black kids were mostly having to either date out, or out of town, to avoid ending up with someone that was related to them. I remember sitting in the backseat of a car and one of the (black) guys hitting on my (black) girlfriend only to find out they were cousins so it was a no go. I think the females a lot of times were more patient and would wait to date someone out of town whereas the guys are just hitting on whoever they could and ended up dating a lot of white girls that way. Males are just less discriminate and want as many females as possible. Basic evolutionary biology.

        Some of the other guys I have dated as an adult have told me stories of growing up in a mostly black community and feeling like the black women put them in the friend zone for being too nerdy or not “hard” enough. I think that’s where you end up with the stereotype of successful black men dating white women. Its probably less that they suddenly date white because they are successful and more that they were shunned growing up because of their personalities and so that’s who they end up with.

        There is that stereotype of black women wanting their men to be extra Alpha and I think a lot of times there is some truth to that. You all can have some serious high expectations and the men who don’t feel like they can live up to it or handle too much criticism tend to look elsewhere. I have a friend who is mixed black and white that says she won’t even date light skinned black men because she thinks they are too soft. Well, okay, nevermind she’s kinda light herself, haha, but she’s leaving out a lot of decent men that way.

        When I married a white guy she was like “you are lucky, he’s white so he won’t cheat”. I said don’t be so sure and what do you know, he fell in love with someone else before our divorce. So much for being “lucky”. Men are men and that is regardless of their color. Some are just more passive about things than others. I’m pretty convinced the majority of men would date women of the entire rainbow if they felt they had a chance with them.


      2. @Adeen

        We need to perserve Our race! All other non-Black cultures are selfish. If we were to stay in relationships with them, there would never be any Natural Afrikan children left on this planet. You are doing the right thing, Adeen, by looking for a Brotha first.

        We need to remember that Our Leaders are in jail for being
        “anti-integration”. Why-tes like Us sexually, but they still wish to be in power over Us. That means they have no respect for Us at all.

        The why-te race is the most selfish race to exist on Earth!!!! They say stuff like I will not date a Black Man that dislikes Black Women. How in the heck will they land a Black Man that does not hate himself?!!! Huh? The only reason he would be with you is if he hated himself!!!!!! The Black Man and white woman have no relationship. That is why they divorce so early. Then, naturally, she goes from being “I love everybody” to “I wish the police would lock every n-gger up”. They fool nobody.


  16. @ Loverof life whatever you call yourself

    I don’t have a bad attitude. I am a very quiet person in real life and I barely speak. You don’t know me at all, I just post all my thoughts and feelings online. I just observe people’s actions and many White men in my area say racist things about Black people and Black women.

    Last year and the year before last year I would hear them say that they wouldn’t date a Black woman and racially stereotype them It made me so upset and I do live in a small town and I hate the town. Most of the Whites there are very racist. Honestly you seem more tolerant than most of the Whites in my area. I don’t think you would understand where I am coming from because White males are basically your White counterparts. You probably felt the need to defend White men as a White woman.


    1. @Adeen

      You’re right. The why-te woman will always stand by her Father and never against him. She is a coward! Even then, she is not given any respect by why-te men. Look at what happened to Kaylee Anthony. Why-te men hate why-te women.They use why-te women like wrenches in a toolbox.

      Then, they wonder why concious Black Men never want to be around them. No Black Man should respect the
      why-te woman! Why do some of Our Sistas wear weaves? Easy, because of all of the whitewashing (put up by the wm and ww) that exists in “this great nation”. A woman with no respect for The Mother has no respect for the Man made from The Mother for The Mother!


      1. @Imhotep

        So true. She wouldn’t understand where I am coming from because she doesn’t understand my struggle as a Black woman and her privileges as a White woman. She felt the need to protect White men and defend them. After all, she is a White woman and White women will always stand by their man. They don’t care about us or our race.


    2. @Adeen, I totally understand about posting your personal thoughts and feelings that you wouldn’t say out loud online. A lot of people do and that’s why you see some crazy things online about the way people really think sometimes. It’s sad that there is so much racism and I do see some pretty awful things written online sometimes too.

      I also see men writing a lot of nasty things about how they don’t date women over age 30, and how we are all a bunch of ugly old hags, yet in real life I seem to get hit on plenty at the ripe old age of almost 37. I think sometimes when people write things online they are really just venting and when faced with a scenario in real life it actually comes out differently.

      So maybe that guy who says racist sounding things about black women is actually projecting because secretly he’d like to date one and doesn’t feel like she’d accept him. Or he’s afraid of what other people would think (like I suspect was the case with my ex husband), or a multitude of other reasons. We still have a loooong way to go towards open mindedness and better racial relations.

      I don’t know, on one hand I think it’s good when people can accept each other but on the other if EVERYONE dated interracially we’d soon lose all of the various cultures and just be one big pot of sameness. I don’t really think that would be so great either. It’s kind of like what has happened in Hawaii. There is a LOT of mixing going on there and REAL Hawaiian culture has fallen by the wayside so much that there is a group of people that moved to an island of their own (Niihau) to try and retain some of the language and customs.

      I guess I do feel some need to stand up for white guys, lol, but I do realize there are a lot out there that are total assholes and are racist. Fortunately they tend to cluster in groups of like minded individuals. If you move to a more open minded city you may come across nicer ones. Not saying you have to date them but don’t be surprised if they are attracted to you!


      1. @Lifeofalover

        Thanks for the reply and I will move to a more open minded city since I hate my small town. Most of the Whites in my town are very racist. You come off as tolerant of other races and I like that. And yes I will try to be more open minded because I regretted some of my statements.


  17. @LifeofALover
    Wow, I never knew you grew up in a mixed race family. How was it like? Honestly I find you very interesting! Plus I liked your perspective in this one. I am in my late teens and it seems like from your perspective that many White American men are attracted to Black women but never say though.

    Why don’t they admit to even liking Black women if they do? I don’t understand.

    I know I should focus on my studies but this interracial thing intrigues me for a reason. They are pushing it heavily in the media.


    1. @Adeen

      Some yt men are insecure. They realize they are not black men, right away. Others were warned by family members to go the other route and love yt women only. We call them racist. By nature, We should leave them alone to be by themselves. Time proves Us wrong everytime We do stuff like that. If they are not living around Us, a few of them usually pop up in Our neighborhoods. They act tolerant of Us so We do not see them as a threat. That is how it usually is. Some of the men pop up to rape Sistas at night. I’m sure there were yt women that raped Brothas that were skinny. We never hear about that. Yt nationalist men would never want anyone to know that. Those Brothas during slavery stayed silent about it, too.

      You are doing the right thing by going around any racist in your area. We have to watch them too. Look at what happened to the four young Sistas in Birmingham, AL back in the early 1960’s. They will harm Us if We are not around them and show a lack of interest in them.

      We are really in an uneasy place as a people. We need to come together, but integration stops that from happening. Yts force themselves on Us, and a lot of times, Our People are forced to be nice to them because they want to be safe. We can never be alone around them. We need to figure something out. We can only turn to Jah right now.


    2. Yes, my family is very mixed. My parents were never married (and my dad is white) but my mom married and had kids with both a man from South America, (who was dark skinned and often mistaken for black by white people), and a black man. My black stepfather also had kids with his first wife, who was black.

      So I’ve got siblings that are mixed with black and white, ones that are half Hispanic, and stepsiblings that are black. My dad’s kids are white but I didn’t even know them until I was a teenager. Back when I was growing up there were less interracial relationships so our family stood out even more.

      I think growing up that way gave me more of an understanding of “white privilege” than a lot of people have because I got used to seeing how people reacted to ME until they realized my stepfather wasn’t white and didn’t want their kids hanging out at my house, and how I was treated by people versus my siblings. It was worse when we lived in a predominantly white area. A lot of times if we hung out with other families they were the few in the area that were not white, like the people who babysat me were Iranian.

      The black community seemed better accepting of my family and I didn’t feel like we had too many problems there. My black stepfather had a huge family and he was the only one of his 9 siblings to marry a white person. They weren’t too thrilled about it but were at least cordial to my mom and as for me, since I was a kid, I think I was more accepted. I’m also pretty easy to get along with so that probably helped and I ran around and played with all my black cousins just like everyone else. The stepfather that was from South America also had a huge family (11 siblings) and several of them had married white people so it wasn’t as out of place.

      As a teenager I got talked into doing a lot of crazy things. As in “hey Lovergirl, you’re white, why don’t you go return this stolen merchandise. Tell them someone gave it to your grandmother and get some money back, they’ll believe YOU”. Sadly, it usually worked and I got away with a lot.

      Anyway, I could probably write a book but I don’t want to do that in this post, lol. I think white men are less likely to admit to liking black women due to fear of rejection. That and just because it’s still not seen as commonly as in the reverse.

      Browsing online, in the Craigslist personals section you see a lot of white guys specifically saying they’d like to meet a black woman. Granted, there are some really odd requests in there too but I think that’s where you can find some anonymous secret desires and it seems to come up a lot.

      I used to post on a forum for men who were learning how to get better with women and some of the guys there lamented how they’d never been able to get with a black woman. They would say that black women just didn’t seem to like them. There were some that said they weren’t as attracted to black women or ones who went for a specific “type” of black woman too. I guess everyone is just different.

      My brother, who is biracial black/white says that he doesn’t like it when black women straighten their hair and prefers a more natural look. My black stepsister, who goes natural with her hair is the one who lives with and has a child with a white dude. Granted I’ve never seen my brother date a black woman, but that may be more due to them not being interested in HIM. He is good looking but I think comes across as too “white” for a lot of black girls. He doesn’t like white girls and generally dates Latina, Middle Eastern or Native American chicks.

      My sister that is half black/half white is bi. She had a long relationship with a Puerto Rican girl but the guys are usually black, sometimes Latino. My sister that is half Hispanic has children with two different black men. My black stepbrother doesn’t generally talk about who he is dating so I’m not sure on him. I think he likes a variety. My half Hispanic brother has a white girlfriend with red hair. My white brother with the same dad has a Japanese wife, lol.


  18. @mstoogood4yall


    To expand on my thought, I think the reason why IR dating does not bother me, even though it is being pushed via the media is

    1)I let the integrationist Negroes do their thing and live their way

    2)If you guys ever saw the movie “Jungle Fever”, I had my New York interracial love thing as I dated a white woman(my ex was an Italian girl from Staten Island, a predominately white,mostly Italian, section of NYC). Honestly, as a black man in an interracial union, I had to take a “colorblind” stance out of respect for her feelings(read Abagond’s post). Could I really talk about an issue that affects African-Americans? Of course not! That would be too spicy of a subject. So, its expected psychology, any black person in an interracial relationship has to just shut up, be submissive,and keep it moving. Its like water running in a river, no surprise to me! Thats why I get amazed when us black folks act like something different will really happen! Besides I have more respect for these Negroes, even though I disagree with integrationist mentality, because at least I know where they stand.

    However as I said before, this is MORE SCARY than Negroes in interracial relationships
    -Brothas on the street corner up to no good and harming other black people as they live the gangsta life!

    -Schools closing(e.g. Chicago) that have a devasting toll on the black community’s commitment to education. I dont know if any of you have kids but when the education system in black areas are inferior, whatever talents our black kids could develop and achieve in life goes down the tube

    -Sistas have babies out of wedlock. Now to be fair, in my opinion, being “married” does not mean that your kids will be 100% good. However, maybe because there is a greater commitment to making things work out when two people are married, they would try harder to be ensure a healthy home for their kids.

    -Black communities being the target of bad home loans thus forcing many black communities(even middle class ones) into foreclosure and eventually poverty

    -Black people suffering from hypertension, diabetes,lupus(black women) and prostate cancer(black men). The healthcare disparities in our communities is evident as black people die from more ailments than white people.

    -Black people suffering from unemployment/underemployment even when they have the requirements for the job

    So I hope that you guys see my perspective on why I could care less what our elitist and “Im better than you” Negroes feel to do with their love life. Its a waste of time, energy, focus and its pointless. The “socially conscious” and so called “angry” black people got WAYYYYYYYYYY to much to improve the quality of life in Black America!

    Black love y’all-125th St Harlem party,lol!


    1. @B.R.

      Every one is free to do what they want.

      This blindness (self-hatred) should bother Us all! It is a direct result of the actions of why-tes. A Black Man that is not with Us is always against Us! The Clarence Thomas, you spoke of, is in an interracial marriage. That race traitor came out against Anita Hill because his lice head knows she does not truly have him. Because Clarence is her husband, he is forced to come out against her. No Brotha should EVER speak badly about his Sista!!!! It is not only disrespectful to Our Sista, but Our Ancestors as well. I would rather be alone than be with a non-Afrikan. I see Brothas (it is rarely Sistas, but yts are working on that) in these interracial relationships, I think of Yusef Hawkins! Yes, We lost a Brotha (who was just minding his own business) to this nonsense!!!!!! Every problem We have is because of why-tes alone!!!!! Everytime a Concious Brotha or Sista tries to help Our People in public, there goes the Feds watching Us. Amerikkka is an institution. We can only turn to Jah everyday.

      Why-tes think they have Us fooled. They go on our websites to see if we are whitewashed enough. Yep, on to them! They deserve every bad thing that happens to them! F them! They are NEVER to be forgiven!!!!!! Jah is taking care of them and all sellouts in our race!!!! It’s true, Jah is slowly removing them from the Earth! Look at what is happening to Amerikkka, Jah is with Us.


    2. I have not seen jungle fever I keep hearing about it I may watch it sometime this week. yes ppl that are in interracial are a lot of time neutralized and don’t speak on black issues, but i’d rather them be silent than talk bad about black ppl. Schools closing, crime, abortion, out of wedlock births, health ,etc are more important. I do think its weird how we are going backwards with everything it seems. During slavery black ppl were not allowed to be married yet they did it anyway and were split up, now ppl don’t want to get married or committed and the kids are paying for it. I do sometimes think the love thing does not work, I see the ppl that are in arranged marriages stay married. I’m not saying we should do that, but a lot of times lust gets mistaken for love, and I’ve seen ppl have kids and are more concerned with the baby being cute than who they have the baby with and if that person will stick around. And even more disturbing is the cases we don’t hear about in the news like black men being lynched. There were cases in Delaware but they said the men committed suicide, even though they were found the same way, in about the same area. Then a black man was almost killed and survived to tell his story yet we don’t hear it in the news. Then I saw an article about a Kenyan man that was found hanging in a park in new jersey, but they tried to cover it up and say he wasn’t hanging. But the black woman that called 911 to report it said she saw a rope around his neck. We gotta keep an eye on these things and peep game at all the anti blackness that is going on, now fox news and them are going crazy with the Christopher lane murder, they even lied and said it was 3 black males that killed him when it was 1 black male, 1 biracial, and 1 white.


      1. @Mstoogood4yall

        We appear to have a lot of problems in this decade. Yes, yts are using the Chris Lane story to justify a continuation to the open season that started earlier this year. Yt men do not necessarily want a race war. They want to eternally harm ALL Brothas. Our young males definately need to be watched. Yt men will shoot them claiming, “All black men are thugs, don’t we all know that by now?”

        As for the anti-blackness. The jhwish ran media is trying to bury aryan blood. They are tired of “hang (your head) low saxons” speaking of Hitler as if he were a hero in public. They want all anglos gone. They know that most yt men (including themselves) have a strong attraction to Sistas.
        So, all of this anti-blackness is exactly what comes along with this “post-racial” Amerikkka. We must stop being slaves to money! I hate that no one can talk to the cave people without yelling at them. We all have to make money, but we need show more respect for Ourselves and show others that we take the bull by the horn in every situation.

        Yts never changed. A wm is a wm, always. They are not going to change. I guess it is hard to leave them to Jah when violence is all they want everyday. We need to think everything through before we do it from now on.


      2. @mstoogood4yall

        -Jungle Fever is a great film by Spike Lee(sometimes Spike makes crap but in his younger days, he made good ones and this was very good). Since Im a native New Yorker, the scenes and character of New York are obviously a great part of the film. Basically, not to spoil it for you, a married black guy from Harlem(Wesley Snipes) has an affair with an Italian lady from Bensonhurst(Imhotep spoke about Yusef Hawkins, the black teenager who was killed in 1989 by a gang of whites, this was the Italian section of NYC where it happened and where Al Sharpton was stabbed leading a march against it in 1991). There was also an Italian guy in the film who was trying to get with a black girl, so the Jungle Fever was working both ways. There is a funny part in the film where the Italian guy who wants the black woman to be his girlfriend gets into a argument with some Italian guys about who he voted for the NYC mayoral race(Rudy Guiliani lost to David Dinkins, the black mayor, in 1989 but Guilani beat Dinkins in 1993 to become mayor of New York). The guys tease that since he wants a black girl, he probably voted for “that black guy” in Dinkins. Watch the movie, it is funny! When I was in my whitewashed days, that was me mstoogood4yall, black boy from Brooklyn with an Italian girl from Staten Island, lol!. However, I did change as I learned more about white supremacy.

        -As we know, slavery destroyed the black family with families from Africa being sold from one another, black women being raped, black men being killed and so forth. And it just seems in this day and age, black folks are content with making 10 kids with 10 baby daddys/mommys. In my mind, its just not healthy. Have a relationship, commit to it and then begin to raise those kids, just my opinion!

        -As Abagond said in his post-Why I Write About Racism, the more I learn about white supremacy, it does not shock me. Different generation, same garbage. Be honest mstoogood4yall, do you really think us as black people, the Native Americans, the Australian Aboriginals, Maori of New Zealand and the Native Hawaiians woke up one morning and said hey, lets be inferior to white people and have our quality of life damaged. Whats new,lol!


      3. Yup, I think we are going backwards in race relations too because pretty much everything your ancestors(My family is from the Caribbean) worked for is being unraveled. They already got rid of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and now Southern states can pass laws suppressing our vote. Most Whites in AmeriKKKlan agreed with Trayvon’s murderer, George Zimmerman walking free and many racists came out of the closet during President Obama’s time in office.

        This country is going backwards in race relations, I swear!


  19. @B.R.

    I hear you. Many Sistas are having babies out of wedlock. Jah made The First Ever Brotha to have intercourse with The First Ever Sistah. We were designed for intercourse purposes. “Europeons” started the marriage in the church stuff. Our People jump the broom. We hold completely different ceremonies to tie the knot.

    Jungle Fever, as great a film as it is, is very dated. Many ww are not opposed to dating Brothas today like some of them were then. Come to think of it, Our people were still becoming “African Americans” in those days. The type of programming you see on TV today is different from how it was then because the cycle is complete. In some of Our people’s heads, they already believe that why-tes are superior to them. In these “post-racial times”, the media is exposing how cave beasts love the company of “African-Americans”. I will not say that “we just went through slavery, that’s all”. The Mongols never conditioned their Euro slaves to worship them everyday after work. We are living in a mess. I doubt yts would even know what to do if they were in our situation. All of this serves to show other cultures (looking in) just how selfish why-tes are! They are much worse than our albinos. They never want to be classified as albinos (which is what they are). The only way We, as a people, can see them for who they truly are is if we see them as albinos. How else would anyone be able to understand their strong attraction to Us. GZ’s father had a Peruvian woman, and he still would not stop talking about us to his mixed son. Being the color of the Original Hue-mans is hard work as you know.

    Jah will restore things to the way they were in the very beginning. It is just, sadly, taking a lot of time. The worst part is we get called “racist” for showing our appreciation for each other only. Our people deserve to be “racist” after everything have gone through and continue to go through. If we were to ask for these other cultures to
    ultimatally leave us alone, they would try to conquer and/or kill us. And they call themselves “human”. We all know how these straight haired cultures are, by now. It’s sad, we cannot win. Thankfully, Jah is with Us.


    1. @Imhotep

      In reference to my previous post about interracial dating, you make a very interesting point about how it should concern the black community when you think of how deep the internalized racism is within our community. I’m a bit more liberal with my views on interracial dating as people could do what they want but I sometimes find it amusing when some blacks have white partners yet they “claim” that they want to dismantle white supremacy. Honestly I see more sistas than brothas doing this-Rocking cornrows or dreadlocks, claiming to care about our plight and trying to advance some Afrocentric agendas yet their partner is white? Well Im confused for two reasons, maybe somebody could clarify it for me.

      1) Isn’t that offensive to your white partner to talk about “black” issues. Reference to Abagond’s post on the Feelings of White People or the Tone Argument. Remember, if you have a white partner, you must be colorblind, and submissive

      2)Isnt that offensive to the Blacks who actually care about improving our quality of life-If you profit off of white supremacy, then do you. But why would you mock our plight?

      As I said, our people are really confused even the so-called militants!


      1. @B.R.

        I know exactly what you are talking about. Unfortunately, we have some mentally ill people and fools in our race. They don’t see how we are all victims in America. It is even worse in these “post-racial days” where some why-tes are saying they are “anti-racist”. I wish someone could say prove it! No one ever challenges them. It’s okay, their true nature is exposed whenever they are forced to be around their competition. I have never met a yt man that had anything positive to say to a Brotha. At the end of the day, some of our people will accept that a yt man is a yt man. Lazy people in our race will think “not all of them are bad”. Because of all of the everyday conditioning, we are going to lose soldiers. They are laying it on thick. Jah thinks ahead of any pinky.


      2. “Honestly I see more sistas than brothas doing this-Rocking cornrows or dreadlocks, claiming to care about our plight and trying to advance some Afrocentric agendas yet their partner is white?”

        idk why chescaleigh came to my mind lol. Idk if it is offensive to their white partners but I do think a lot of times they get tired of hearing about it and try to change the subject. Or say why do we have to talk about all this black stuff. As for if it is offensive that they profit off of white supremacy, hmm, Idk. We’ve always had black ppl that try to pass to profit off of white privilege or supremacy, Now we have ppl that marry to profit off of white privilege. Am I mad at them? yes and no. Yes because some can be like don lemon or Clarence thomas types and throw black ppl under the bus, and no because at least we are already suspicious of them and won’t fully fall or trust them so if they do something we won’t be surprised.


  20. @B.R.

    You should read Ralph Richard Banks’ book “Marriage is for White People”. He didn’t see black women marrying white men for money, profit, $, etc. Even Mwalimu K.Baruti has stated that black women and black men marry “out” for different reasons. He thinks that black women marry interracially for companionship and black men for status.


    1. @Alchemist

      It can be hard to be a black man, in general, outside of being a victim to Amerikkka. Most Sistas usually go for tall and built Brothas only. If you are the polar opposite, forget about it. Unfortunately, most of the tall men in our race are the biggest victims to Amerikkka. Think about it, they are the basketball players, actors, and comedians. Most of those Brothas usually disrespect Sistas and ruin it for us all. All the non-black races are usually right there waiting for Sistas to give them a chance. They know exactly how to treat Sistas because they have waited so long for the chance. Naturally, those Sistas are thrilled to see men of other races showing interest in her. It is sad that some of our young sistas do not think of their history enough.

      As for brothas in interracial relationships, non-black women know how to feed their ego instantly. They, too, have been waiting in the sidelines. It appears that most Brothas (the ones that cannot date a Sista) will settle for passive women of all other races. They do not think of or know of what happened to Yusef Hawkins.

      We should be terrified by the attraction why-tes have to Us. Why-tes are truly creeps!!!!! They always want to force themselves on us when we never asked for it. That is how they are. Look at how many of them are on our blogs. They don’t know how to back down. We are still victims of Amerikkka because why-tes aren’t quitters. It seems as if they will not stop targeting all of us in Amerikkka until each one of us is with a why-te partner. It’s sad that our people must live in this nightmare if we choose to stay alive! I keep telling myself that Jah is taking care of all. The change that we want does not appear to be happening fast enough. Jah works in mysterious ways.


  21. @mstoogood4yall

    I remember hearing that Barbara Walters had a sex affair with Senator Edward Brooke. I was told that she expected him to complain about all of the oppression he faced as Senator. I guess that was a turn on to the gringo. He never opened up about it to her.

    You’re right. It seems as if whenever our people wind up with these lice heads, they are always quick to bash their own people to show their oppressors that “they are not just any ordinary average black person”. Thankfully, not all of us are doomed. We need to stay away from all sambos and bed wenches. We also must be aware of the fact that yts like to meet us at the spots we usually enjoy. They are always at our marches, on our blogs, at our museums, at our stores, and at our concerns. Too many of us make the mistake of not trying to look rude when yts first say hello. They know what they are doing. It is all part of the plan. They put up yt supremacy so we would give them the attention they want as albinos (though they are mutated albinos). They are not going to let up on us. I pray Jah is with us and is removing the snowflakes from the Earth.


  22. Alchemist

    -Thank you for your information. If I have a chance, I would check out the book. While I still have my beliefs, the more information that I get, the better able I would be to make a balanced judgement


    -That was just my personal observation on the difference between black men and women when they have white partners. I dont know if you or anyone else have this same observation but when black men date interracially, they usually are in their whitewash mode already. However, nowadays, when I see some black women with white men, they
    have braids or dreads, they embrace their Afrocentricity, could you everything about the African diaspora and how they want to improve our communities. As I said, I dont know if I find that funny or just weird. Its like a basketball player playing for the Los Angeles Lakers yet claiming they want to see the Chicago Bulls improve,WTF! Im not here to give relationship advice to anyone but it would make sense if you preach what you practice and not lie.

    -Now from my research, the fact is that most non-black women stay away from black men.From my personal experience, I have found some white women that were actually interested in me, which obviously shocked me. I still see that on a rare basis nowadays(a couple of white women that were interested in me) but as I said, since the majority of white and non-black women do not regard black men highly, I just steer clear. Anyway, as Diary of a Negress said, there are more important things for us to focus on.


    -When this black boy from Brooklyn was in his Jungle Fever mode with the Italian girl from Staten Island, I said nothing about race. You would have been amazed if I even spoke about anything, my lips were sealed,LOL!

    Once again, just my two cents


    1. @B.R.

      There are a lot of problems our people are facing. We do need to focus on everything done to us, always. 2013 appears to be the “anti-black love” period. Before, some of us acted yt while being together still. In this new era, some of our Brothas AND Sistas are saying too much about the opposite gender in public. It has been going on for sometime now. It has only gotten worse. Why-tes are always watching us, even when they do not think we take notice. When the cave people are in nationalist mode, they want us to be miserable or dead. When they are “anti-racist”(while still holding power for being why-te), they want us to put all eyes on them or else. There is no such thing as a good why-te person. They are more crafty than they appear to be in public. They all work together, but never want you to know it. Our people born in Amerikkka have been conditioned for so long that we now believe God does not want us to return the hate to them. The whole time, they are killing off young Brothas (and some Sistas) in record numbers.

      I hear you. Not every one of our people with whiteys are whitewashed. Unfortunately, some of our people are mentally ill (not the mental illness Negress spoke of) and others are fools who do not pay attention to everything.

      We must remember to throw it all back in their face, and they will run away. If you know they do not like being reminded of their own work, then feed their evil to them. Although, they do have quick comebacks. I have noticed that. If you say you are poor, they tell you they can get a job for you. So, we do need better excuses to show our distaste for them. It’s hard to simply say, “We do not want you”. Then, they ask, “Why not?” Snowballs do not know how to take a hint. It is hard because even our most whitewashed Brothas do not get turned down. So, I guess we must talk about the struggle all of the time, so they never think of approaching us for sexual desires ever again.

      We must hold on to Jah.


      1. @Imhotep

        I agree that we are in the anti Black love period. We need to start loving ourselves and sticking together because things are getting worse for us not better. Black love is a threat to White supremacy because it shows that we still love each other.

        95% of Black men in AmeriKKKlan are married to Black women yet they don’t mention that fact because they want us to date out and thus decrease the Black population in this country.

        Only 45% to 49% of Black women are actually single not 70% like they want everyone in AmeriKKKlan to think! They do this to make people think Black women are undesirable and lonely.

        There is actually more Black men in college than jail.

        And most of all, most Black men prefer Black women in this country despite the media wanting to make it seem like Black men prefer White women.


    2. @B.R.

      Most Black people with White romantic partners are either brainwashed, self hating or confused. I have never seen a self respecting Black person date a White person. Nope not at all. And it is the same in my family. Most of these individuals with White partners either side with their White partners in racial issues or they were brainwashed by the media to love and prefer Whiteness. Or they had issues with self hate and want to breed the Black out.

      And honestly as a Black woman and you, as a Black man, you should stay clear of non Black females. Most of them tell me that they don’t find Black men dating or marriage material and only go to them for sex.


  23. And what about Black people who are successful and well off? What have they done for our community? Many of them just leave our communities and date and marry Whites and other non Blacks and don’t give the money back to our community. If I was well off and had money, I would at least try to give the money back the community even IF I married out.

    How come many well off Blacks feel the need to leave our community for good once they make it? That is what I wonder.


    1. Sometimes their white mate convinces them to leave, I mean I rarely see whites with blacks living in the hood ijs. And the ones that are successful and leave are usually whitewashed into thinking white is better so they go and follow whites to their neighborhoods when whites are trying to get away from them. Some leave for good because of bad memories or situations, some stay gone because they feel they are better than the ppl that live there. Hey adeen do u want to try truth’s soaps I may do a soap giveaway to 3 ppl on Monday to support black businesses. I will try to do a giveaway from a black business every couple of months. I will write a post and it should be up on Monday.


      1. @Mstoogood4yall
        Yes you have a good point but these Whitewashed Negros always get what is coming to them ie Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson etc. Yet many of them still don’t come back. It is crazy.

        Yes I do want to try Truth’s soaps. I hate using the soap my mother usually buys me. It is good you try to support Black business 🙂


  24. @ adeen

    I don’t know about black Hollywood I think they are used by whites the most, Idk if it is true or not the ceremonies they have to go through to get famous. They are too far gone, and when something racist does happen to them they recant their story like oprah and johnny gill did. They are told to stand down but by who, is the question. I guess being famous isn’t free, that is probably why they say it is better to be rich than be rich and famous. I will buy u 2 soaps, if u go to my blog and leave a comment on Monday I will email u then.


    1. @Mstoogood4yall

      Yes most of our celebrities are used in Hollyweird to promote their sick agenda and turn toss them aside when these dumb celebrities mess up. Or if something racist happens to them, no they realize that they will always be seen as a n word no matter how far they have came.

      And where is your blog though?


  25. @mstoogood4yall



    -Just to let you guys know, if my screenname is different from B.R., its because I too started a WordPress blog, so the difference might be reflected on this post

    -Both Imhotep and Adeen make very good points. Thats why it is important for us awaken blacks to always be on the look-out when dealing with White America. Imhotep makes a point that I heard about before, that there are actually more black men in college than in prison. I did not know about the Black women single rate being less than 50% however the 70% did seem high to me when the media was making their reports.Adeen, I agree 100% with your three points on blacks that date interracially and have white partners. Even if they have some racial pride and do not have 100% self-hate, they still have to shut up when it comes to issues of race when it comes to their interracial relationships with their white boy/girlfriends or wives/husbands. In other words, they have to be a submissive. When I had romantic relationships with white women, you think I spoke about race? Of course, its too dangerous of a topic. Also Adeen, you hit it on the nail when you talk about non-black women dealing with black men. From my own personal perspective with interracial dating, the white women that I dealt with (an Italian-American girl from Staten Island and a Russian girl from Brooklyn) probably had a little thing for black men but in terms of a long-term relationship that possibly could lead to marriage and childrearing, HELL NO! Most non-black(white, Asian,Hispanic) are not interested in black men outside of having a “good” sexual experience. They usually stick with their own men or in the case of Hispanic & Asian women, they go for white men for healthy long term unions. Honestly, when I deal with black women from different backgrounds such as Nigerians, Haitians and even a couple crazy yardie Jamaican women(no offense to you Adeen,lol!), I still have healthier relationships that when I deal with these white or non-black women that just want to take me for a ride. Like anything else in life, surprises could always come but I really believe that I will only be dealing with black women if I want to have a sane, long term and healthy relationship. I cant go through pointless non-sense with these non-black women. Speaking of interracial dating, did you see Jungle Fever mstoogood4yall? Maybe I should make a movie about my dealings with white women,lol!

    -In regards to the blacks that have white partners that Adeen and mstoogood4yall speak of, yes, they move to the ultra white areas and are super whitewashed. Its all a game of profit to improve themselves economically and socially with their white partners. Thats why as I was telling Imhotep when I see black women(sorry Adeen and mstoogood4yall, Im not picking on black women but I call it out because I rarely see a black man with an afro talking about Black Power with a white woman, if it does happen, I have not seen it) with dreads,cornrows and stuff and talking about helping the black community with white men, I just find that amazing and somewhat scary. Now dont get me wrong guys, Mia Love and Clarence Thomas are dangerous. However, the girl that mstoogood4yall showed me in the YouTube(the chelesigh shorty) is even more dangerous. Listen guys, if a baller on the Los Angeles Lakers states he wants the New York Knicks to improve and the win the championship, we would think he is smokin something. Thats basically whats going on with these so-called militant and “soul” sistas with white men. Thats why we should just ignore it. Yea, they are all for Black Power in the day but their high rise condo or big suburban home in the night with their white partners tells a different story. All I say, is be true to what your deeds show, dont talk black and then profit from white. Dont “lie” and be a fraud and say that you care when we know you dont.Honestly, when you consider most blacks date and marry other blacks, I try not to waste my time on these weird people.

    -If you all have a chance, read some articles from the Final Call(the Nation Of Islam) website. They give an interesting breakdown on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and the fact that black people were in dead in 1963 and still dead in 2013. While some progress has been made, it is VERY VERY far from a post-racial utopia. Farrakhan even talks about how Dr. King evolved in the final years before his death as he(King) saw that integration had its flaws. Whether you agree or disagree with Farrakhan and the NOI, he speaks truth in this video

    Anyway black fam, hope u guys enjoyed my two cents


    1. thanks for reminding me to watch jungle fever I will watch it tonight, I have a lot of movies I need to watch as another commenter from abagonds recommended other movies, now I gotta play catch up lol.

      As for not seeing black men who have afros and are pro black being with white women, come to think of it I don’t see too many black men nowadays with afros they all conformed and cut their hair short, then again I do live around military ppl and their hair isn’t allowed to be long. I have seen black males with dreads having a white woman but I don’t hear them talk about black power. I did think it was odd that one of the boys that killed Christopher lane and said white ppl are nasty was dating a white woman, so I really think with black males that do date interracially and go on about inequality a lot of them just don’t like white men and is why they can’t stand seeing black women with white men even though they themselves swirl. I just read the article about Farrakhan not being invited to speak at the march on Washington. I did not watch any of It to be honest, they will not allow the black leaders that want a united black community to speak. Instead they just want the ones talking about voting rights, and everybody else’s rights, but our own.


    2. @TTNYCRN

      As a young, Black woman, I was not offended by any of your statements. Yes I still know you as B.R. . LOL but those so called militant Black people who date White people are ACTUALLY sellouts. You can’t fight against oppression and sleep with the enemy/oppressor. It doesn’t go that way. It is sad many Black people have Stockholm Syndrome and try to be accepted by their oppressors. They are just as bad as the sellouts they warn us against.

      And thank you for giving me information about NOI’s website. I guess I will start reading articles from there from now on although I do have my issues with Louis Farrakhan. We need to get our people to wake up and stick together. Then maybe we can separate from White AmeriKKKlan for good and build our own communities and rely on our strength to get by.


    3. @B.R.

      Chelesigh seems lost in the illusion. She probably thinks of herself as “African-American”. I have heard of similar stories to hers. You know that anywhere We are in Amerikkka,
      why-tes are there, too. They know to show up at Our museums to spy on us and to meet us. There is nothing We can do about their presence in Our museums because they payed for tickets. Unfortunately, Some of Our People still do not see peckerwoods as mutated albinos. For an albino to love themselves, they would have to love the source of which they came from (Us). The cave beast are a bit different from a natural albino. I wouldn’t say why-tes are attracted us like albinos are. Yts are only looking for “a good time” with us. It has always been that way. Some of Our people, who are not in the know, show up at these museums to see other Brothas and Sistas only. It’s true, some of us believe all why-tes belong to the klan from the start of their lives. We need to realize that some are not brought up that way, but can still go on to be future klansmen. All of them understand why the klan was put up. Like I have said before, a yt man is a yt man. One person all snowmen love to talk about is MLK and his dream speech. They go in these museums knowing what to say to pickup any person they want in their route. They are never going to leave us alone until there is a final resolution.

      Jah bless My People.


  26. @mstoogood4yall

    -You make an interesting point about some black men who swirl then got issues with BW/WM relationships. The point I was making was when I was in my “swirl” mode, I knew that I would be a hypocrite if I spoke about race or anything like that. So those brothas that you speak about with white women are in the same boat as these “soul” sistas with white men. Everybody has their right to be in a relationship with who they feel(free will) but talking one way(Black Power) and then acting another(making a profit a white supremacy) is downright bizarre in my opinion. Black love=Black Power

    -The reason why I spoke about the Farrakhan is that he makes a good breakdown of how Black America gets “censored” on the conditions that affect us. We could only talk about Dr. King having a “dream” not the reality of what he saw as a threat to the lives of Black America(e.g. poverty, materialism and war, in case, you did not know Dr. King opposed the Vietnam War).Whether you like Farrakhan or not msgoodtoo4yall, I could honestly say this. He might be a little looney with the UFO stuff but he did create the Million Man March and is one of the few black leaders that speaks HIS MIND WITHOUT FEAR! If we had more black leaders like this, black people would be better off instead of the Uncle Tom & Aunt Jemina puppets that “claim” they speak for us. Since I just created my blog, Im still working on its appearance and stuff but of course, I would post things related to the African diaspora.

    Hope u enjoyed my two cents


    1. where is ur blog post the link lol.

      I watched jungle fever it was funny as hell, his preacher father did not play he killed his crackhead son and told his cheating son and his white play thing off. The funny thing was when he told them off and walked away and his wife was like but u invited them, I was thinking yep he invited them over to tell them off not give his approval rofl. What I thought was interesting was how the preacher father was talking all that stuff about whites yet had a pics of white jesus smh. I just wish the movie showed what happened to the black woman and white man, did they break up and he went back to the white woman that was messing with the married black man or not. Halle berry playing a crackhead bahwhwhaha, how many movies has she played where she a drugged out hooker, I don’t think it will be the last smh. I liked this movie from spike lee more than the bamboozled movie he made but they both have a message to it and showed how it really is.


      1. @mstoogood4yall

        Yea, Jungle Fever was a very interesting movie. It shows NYC in the late 1980s and early 1990s and the difference between the black areas(Harlem) and the white areas(Bensonhurst) The funny part of the movie to me was when the Italian guy who liked the black chick was in the debate with the Italian guys over who they voted for in the NYC mayoral race-David Dinkins or Rudy Guiliani. If Im not mistaken, they even spoke about Marion Berry(the black mayor of Washington DC) having a drug problem. I do wonder what ever happened between the black girl and the Italian guy, what did happen to them? Anyway, thats a Spike Lee joint that I love. Another Spike Lee film that is okay is She Gotta Have It. Its from 1986 and deals with a shorty choosing between three guys. From the streets of Brooklyn,lol. My blog link is ttnycrn.wordpress.com. Im still trying to get the hang of the WordPress. Anyway, my blog is just to write about things from my perspective, a black boy from Brooklyn! Not trying to sell anything , not trying to buy anything, not trying to convince people to do things they dont want to, just being a writer which was a goal of mine from back in the day. I dont know if it is a short or long term thing but I assume just like you with your blog, its a collection of thoughts, things and stuff I find from YouTube(songs,etc.). And obviously, there is a focus on the African diaspora.


    2. ”Black love=Black Power”

      So true, that is why I don’t support any Black person dating or marrying White people. Whites are our enemies and oppressors , it wouldn’t make sense dating or marrying them at all. Whites will always see us as inferior so why get with someone like that? Sad to say but most of us have been brainwashed to the point that we don’t see anything wrong with dating these people or even marrying them. Even the militant ones.

      And Black love is Black power because Black love is breaks the shackles of White supremacy off our mind for a second or two. We do need to love each other.

      And I do have my issues with Louis Farrakhan but I respect the man however I like how honest he is. Most of the so called leaders we have today are not out for our best interests and only out for their own interests.


      1. @Adeen

        Thank you for agreeing with my point of view and not being offended(I actually love dealing with Jamaican women,lol!). The reason why I want you, mstoogood4yall and the other conscious black commenters to view Farrakhan’s lectures and some of the information from the NOI is very simple-Its speaks about the true condition of our plight as people of African descent and what we should and could do to change it. Listen, some things that Farrakhan talks about is indeed crazy and looney(e.g. the UFOs and conspiracy theories) and I dont understand everything about the NOI. However, when a black leader is FEARLESS, you gotta respect it. I want us all to remember this. As black people,we need to stop being individualistic and realize our collective problem. Black people do not suffer because they are Nigerian, Jamaican, Trinidadian, Haitian, Ghanaian or Southern. If you like chicken Adeen and I like fish, we do not suffer because of different opinions. We suffer because we are black people living under white supremacy. For example, you,mstoogood4yall and others might disagree with me on some things but we all on this blog and following other black bloggers(Negress, Abagond, etc.) for a reason.I bet that you, mstoogood4yall and others were at some point either whitewashed, fell for the “We Are The World” post racial crap, especially since Obama became president or if you were always a militant, you probably still had no idea how deep white supremacy truly is within both the American and worldwide culture. We all realize that racism is not because of mere ignorance and fear, it is much deeper, twisted and complex thing that really is a culture of death. It affects every aspect of life for us-employment, education, healthcare, criminal justice and even down to the process of selecting a mate(e.g. light skin being more desirable). My point is that this system affects us and if we have children, it affects them. Thankfully, it seems like all of us want to do something to improve the quality of our lives and not just be like the Negroes who stand on the street corner,lol!

        Remember Adeen, in one post, you told me your concern for us(the younger generation of blacks) getting sucked into the “idealistic post-racial” non-sense that makes us more blind to racism. Well, we need to look at black leaders that are not “puppets and pawns” for the white supremacist system, telling us to integrate. Whatever disagreements you and I might have with Farrakhan is less important than the message he is trying to give.Remember, if you saw the movie, Malcolm X was a pimp and drug dealer, so he was probably not the most “moral” guy to look up to. However, his message was still strong about black people improving their lives and not looking to integrate. Look at the current crop of black leaders. Most of them are not brazen and are not willing to stand up to the oppressive system of white supremacy. While Farrakhan seems healthy, if Im not mistaken, he is 80 years old and he has suffered serious health problems over the years(I think he had cancer a couple of years ago). My point Adeen is this-Most of the black leaders that have the guts to stand up to white supremacy are either retired, suffering health issues or are older age(elderly) thus limiting their activity level or they have passed away(e.g. Sonny Carson, Jitu Weusi). So who will lead our generation of young African-Americans to not fall into the so-called post racial utopia that integration offers, which in my opinion is nothing more integrating into a dangerous system that is filled with lions, tigers, sharks, spiders, scorpions and snakes! Thats why we need to look at the African-American leaders that speak their mind without fear!

        Hopefully you see my point of view!


  27. I was not whitewashed, but I did deal with some anti blackness issues. I’m learning to be unapologetically me. I never really believed in post racial either, my mother always showed us documentaries and movies about black ppl and jim crow. I remember watching roots when I was 7 and my mom had us watch the emit till documentary when I was 13. We all deal with something whether its being whitewashed, having anti blackness, being colorblind, etc. Either way it is something we must work on individually and collectively. We, the descendants of slaves,all have that little white conscience in us that we must work on eradicating.


    1. @Mstoogood4yall

      Same here. I did deal with anti Blackness issues too but I wasn’t Whitewashed. I was aware of the racism my people faced in Jim Crow and still continue to face in this racist society. I like your post because you are right. We all must stick together and fight against White supremacy.


  28. @TTNCYRN

    Yes I did enjoy your two cents. I always enjoy the two cents of any conscious Black person. Anyways I do like your point on Louis Farrakhan. We do need to stick together against White supremacy.


  29. @Adeen


    Thank you ladies for understanding my point of view.I am not saying that you or I should agree with the NOI 100%.However, there are some very good articles in the Final Call that could help us. Check out the health section as they have portions of information from Elijah Muhammed’s How To Eat To Live. It talks about how to eat proper foods, which foods to stay away from(e.g. pork,etc.) and what things are needed to maintain the human body. Also some writers also speak about lifestyle skills(e.g. stress management). For example, one article spoke about how healthy is it for black women to go natural(dreads,etc.) because of the chemicals that are put into perm products, which could possibly cause health problems down the line.

    Its seems like my message got through to you ladies. The black leaders that actually do stuff and do not become toy soldiers for white supremacy are either retiring from activism, elderly or dead. So, as younger African Americans, we need to view people who actually are brazen enough to take on the oppressive system. And as I said, Farrakhan is 80 years old and has had health issues as he battled cancer a few years ago, so who knows how active he would continue to be.

    Adeen, with you being a young black woman who has a life goal of helping our people overcome “Babylon”, remember this. Love him or hate him, this is Farrkhan’s record- He has led the NOI since 1981, over 30 years of preaching black empowerment even when he was ill with his cancer health problem. You know how people say we blacks dont talk about black on black crime. Well, the NOI has actually gone into the streets of Chicago and other rundown areas of different cities where blacks live to try and change the culture of death in our communities. He led the Million Man March in 1995, asking black men to look at ourselves and are we truly being good boyfriends, husbands, fathers, and citizens in our neighborhoods. Finally he has filled to capacity some of the most famous venues in the world (e.g. Madison Square Garden in my hometown of NYC & the old Great Western Forum in Los Angeles) delivering a message of black self-reliance. Trust me Adeen, I would take him any day over Clarence Thomas.


    1. @TTNYCRN

      A lot of Our leaders are behind bars too. There are some of New Black Panther members incarcerated for taking the lives of a why-te family after asking them to pay the white fee. Recently, the po-po (poor poor minded) sent away some of Our New Panthers that were going to participate
      in the 15th anniversary of the Million Youth March. Recently, Maruse Heath (The New Black Panther Party Leader with a kill whitey tattoo on his face) was arrested for “allegedly carrying a loaded and unlicensed gun”.

      I hear what Adeen is saying. We need to think of how to take down yt supremacy. We need a carefully executed plan.


  30. @mstoogood4yall


    Thank you ladies for seeing my point. I would like to share my story with you ladies on how I have evolved from being a growing black nationalist to an Uncle Tom to a very socially aware Pan-Africanist. When I was growing up, my mulatto mother did allow me to learn about black nationalism(e.g. Huey Newton and the Black Panthers) and stuff. Also being from Brooklyn, NY, I did see and embraced elements of black nationalism in real life. Since Adeen is also a New Yorker, she could confirm this, when you go to some parts of Brooklyn (e.g. Bed-Stuy, Flatbush) you do see many Afrocentric stores and some of the Jamaicans/other Afro-Caribbeans here follow Rastafarism(a religion that has a strong focus on Pan-Africanism.If Im not mistaken in the Rasta religion, they consider Marcus Garvey a prophet). However when I was in high school(my high school was mostly black), I saw the most blacks had adopted the integrationist mentality, you know “slavery and racism is in the past” and “lets be kumbaya”. So as they say, monkey see monkey do, I too adopted that way of thinking. And I did it all ladies, you know say I probably got Indian in my family(I have straight hair from my mom’s Afro-European ancestry), bash black men(being too lazy), bash black women(being too ghetto) and just bash black people in general(get off welfare). Yup ladies, I got “integrated” very well.

    When I left high school, and started dealing with the larger society(aka White America), I felt that my integrationist frame of mind was to my benefit. In fact, my dealings with whites was relatively decent, as I said I even dated white women. However, I started to notice something. Now Im sure Adeen and mstoogood4yall, at some point in your lives via learning, you were probably taught that racism was a byproduct of ignorance and fear. I used to believe that. Yet, most of the whites that I dealt with knew about black people and in fact they did not “fear” blacks because some of them had black classmates, black friends and they might have even had a black boyfriend/girlfriend. However, I would still get asked questions-Do all black people play basketball? Do all blacks live in the hood? even when my INDIVIDUAL character had nothing to do with those associations. THEN, I realized this point. If a white woman dates black men or a white man dates black women or they have black associates, then via logic, they should know that African-Americans do not all act or think alike. Yet, I found out that as black people, we do not get judged via our INDIVIDUAL content of character, OH NO, we get judged on how “white” we act. Then it all started to make sense to me. Racism has NOTHING to do with ignorance, fear, teaching people about different cultures, diversity or any of that other crap. Racism is all a sense of self-worth and a feeling of power. And as I started to research how other non-white groups were also affected by European colonialism and suffer from the same problems as African-Americans(e.g. Aboriginal Australians, Maori,etc.), it all started to solve the piece of the puzzle. Thats when I started to focus on Pan-Africanism and focusing solely on the issues that affect us as black people.

    Honestly ladies, while I obviously am angry that I fell into Uncle Tom mode, I realize that being an Uncle Tom was not the bad part(a black person being whitewashed in America is like a person getting obese living next to a fast food joint, its very easy). The bad part was that I was starting to embrace Pan-Africanism yet got derailed by the “We Are The World” and “We Are the Human Race” crap. While there is nothing wrong with those phrases, those are not REALISTIC ways of thinking, at least not in a world dominated by white supremacy. However, I do believe that everything in life takes place to allow you to grow as a human being and get a better way of thinking. Maybe I needed to be an Uncle Tom and date interracially to truly see how deep,complex and twisted white supremacy is within the American and worldwide landscape.Thats why I tell you ladies, it is very easy to get derailed in your fight for the advancement of our people.You have to sometimes be brazen(like Farrakhan) to get points across. And as I said, all of us on this blog and follow other black bloggers for a reason(we could all be on the street corner,lol!), and its because we want to see black people rise up from our pathetic, subservant, begging condition to realizing that we are indeed functional human beings who could control our own lives without integration. Thats the point. Its NOT about blind violence or disrespect to any other group of people but focusing on our needs and what could help us. To once again quote

    They called me “the angriest Negro in America.” I wouldn’t deny that charge. I spoke exactly as I felt. “I believe in anger. The Bible says there is a time for anger.” They called me “a teacher, a fomentor of violence.” I would say point blank, “That is a lie. I’m not for wanton violence, I’m for justice.” – Malcolm X(El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz )

    Hope you enjoyed my story ladies, and the fight continues!


  31. @TTNYCRN

    Our younger people could learn a lot from the life story of Huey P. Newton. We need to challenge our beliefs before they become thoughts.


  32. @Adeen

    I agree, things are only getting worse for us. We need to look at everything our confused people are doing, too. When they are not with us, they are always working against us. As of right now, they are asking for all racism to be gone. They do not know peckerwoods the way we do. If why-tes are asked to bury the n-word; we will be asked to drop cracker and get over our history completely. They will take it one step further. We could be forced to see them everyday without leave. Because of integration, it is already like that for us. It could be far worse in the future. It does not help that other ethnicities want to see us “patch things up with whites”. As you know, these “other people of color” have never been our friends. They come over to Amerikkka not even knowing why or how it exists. They do not care really. I cannot stand the way most of them think. Some of them appear to believe that why-tes and Blacks are the same. “We are all human beings.”

    At least, we know that why-tes are mutated albinos. Hitler was probably most fascinated by blond hair and blue eyed aryans because he knew they were the first ever caucasians.

    Our confused people looking for why-te approval, do not question why everything is the way it is. The cave people created Amerikkka so that we, as natural Afrikans, could have all eyes on them over ourselves. One thing they say, “Go back to Africa to live in your smelly mud huts for all I care”. Yt men believe they are superior to all Brothas by doing small stuff like creating blueprints to large houses and apartments. They take everything from us, as you know. They are always studying us, so they can do us better than we can do ourselves. So, we definately need to be unapologetic Brothas and Sistas at all times. We are, truly, the only victims of Amerikkka.
    We can only turn to Jah, right now. We must look out for each other, in the meantime. Yts are harm everything through all of their work. Thankfully, it is catching up with them. Jah has a plan for everything.


  33. I have changed my name from Adeen to Jamaican Princess to reflect my heritage and I am proud of it. Anyways I changed my mind on interracial dating and marriage. I am for it. I made up my mind. Love doesn’t know any color. People should be happy in a relationship regardless of someone’s race and color. All this hate in the world needs to stop. Interracial dating and marriage wouldn’t solve all the problems in the world but as long as a couple in a relationship is happy, race shouldn’t matter in a relationship


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