If I Have Brown Children with a White Man…

I was reading a discussion on Kola Boof’s facebook page recently and I found out that she is engaged to a man named Jason Applebaum. He is white. This may come as a surprise to many people, seeing as Kola Boof has always advocated for Black relationships, but Kola Boof had this to say in response:

“I have never been against marrying a White man, I have been several White men in the past…but I will admit that my preference (all my life) has been for Black men. It was always Black men who had the best chance with me…

Even though they are my preference (my first husband was Black)…I don’t think I could marry a Black man now at age 44 after everything I’ve witnessed as an American.

I already have two sons by my first husband who was Black. Jason Appelbaum has one teenaged son who is fully White. We have decided not to have children.

But if life steps in and we do end up having a child, I would like it understood that our child will be considered “Biracial” and not Black. It’s very important to me that African-Americans understand that about me as an African woman.”


Now, I don’t know exactly what experience Kola Boof has had with Black men, but I respect her right to marry whomever she chooses and I share her sentiment in the sense that, I too am becoming more open to non-Black men. HOWEVER, I am still very open and receptive to Black men and it’s likely that I could end up with a Black man, even though I am open to white, asian, Latino men etc…But, one thing that struck me was her comment about her  children being Biracial. I know that Kola Boof is vehemently against the One Drop Rule and she believes that it is a tool used to erase authentic Blackness. I no longer support the One Drop ideology either, however, I also am not jumping on the “Biracial/Multiracial,” bandwagon either.

I think that children born of Black and white (or other non-Black ethnicities) can embrace all of their heritage without having to identify specifically as Biracial/Multiracial…or exclude one part of their identity.

These are my thoughts on the Biracial/Multiracial Movement: 

FIRST TO BE CLEAR, I do not think that Brown children (black/non-black) have to call themselves Black, but I also do not think they have to call themselves Biracial in order to acknowledge their heritage/identity. There are other less contentious and more inclusive terms that children of dual ancestry or multiple ancestry can use aside from the term biracial. So, I repeat I AM NOT SAYING THAT MIXED-RACE CHILDREN NEED TO CALL OR IDENTIFY THEMSELVES AS BLACK.

If I ever have children with a non-Black man, I don’t think that I will advocate the term “Biracial,” to our children… not because I think that children of Black and non-black parents shouldn’t be able to embrace all of their ancestry, but because I believe that the history of the term and its usage is divisive in itself.

Prior to the 1960s/1970s in America, when Black women gave birth to the children of white men (often against their will) their “mixed-race” offspring had to adhere to the One Drop Rule. Black mothers of mixed-race children did not have the privilege to identify the white men who fathered their children and their children, who were regarded as being Black,  were subjected to the same Slave status and later Jim Crow laws  as their Black mothers.

But after interracial marriage was made legal in Loving Vs. Virginia, white women who could legally marry Black men in droves, started pushing the term “biracial.” Initially, it was used as a social term that identified the mixed-race children of Black men and white women and designated a unique Biracial cultural identity. Later, it was used as a political term to give children of white women and Black men the right to select multiple racial categories on the Census or to be able to identify as multiracial (a separate racial group from Black or white). Conservative politicians like Newt Gingrich liked the idea of “Biracial/multiracial” because it pushed their political ideas and helped to divide the Black community…in other words by making multiracial or biracial its own group, the Black community would be divided and political race issues and institutional racism would be more easily pushed aside. (source)

Many of the white mothers who pushed the biracial/multiracial movement advocated for a “colorblind society,” but their white privilege blinded some of the white mothers to the fact that advocating for a colorblind society is nothing more than advocating for colorblind racism. If you don’t see color, then you don’t see institutional racism and if that problem doesn’t exist, then it doesn’t get challenged and it never goes away.

One of the main reasons that I’ve been hesitant to become involved romantically with non-Black men, especially white men, is because of some of the ideas that have been voiced by SOME who claim the Biracial/Multiracial movement.

Several things have bothered me about it.

Fredi Washington is an Actress of African and European descent who portrayed Peola in the 1934 classic film “Imitation of Life.”

1. The idea that “race-mixing,” started in the 1970s with white women and Black men. It is a major pet peeve of mine when some people act as if  children born of both white and black parents did not exist before the term Biracial was coined. No, brown children , born of Black and white parents have always existed, but prior to Loving Vs. Virginia,  the illegitimate children of Black women and white men  didn’t have the privilege to acknowledge their white fathers, so we just called them Black. I think that when people pretend that “race mixing,” is an innovative trend that started after Loving v. Virginia and largely consist of white women/black men, they ignore the complex history of race relations and they erase the struggles of Black mothers who had children by white men from history. This idea that “race mixing,” is a new phenomenon makes society seem more “post-racial,” than it really is…and it creates the illusion that race no longer matters.

2. The idea that children born of white parent and black parent will end racism. As I mentioned, race mixing has been going on forever and there is still racism. Black and white people having children together will not eliminate racism, sorry.

3. The idea that teaching these  black/white children to be colorblind will end racism. We live in a Eurocentric/ white supremacist culture. Everyday, we are taught that Black is inferior. We learn this from the white images that we see on TV, the Eurocentric and white supremacist school system and from society in general. Black children continue to fail the Black doll white doll test generation after generation because we are so stigmatized as Black Americans that we internalize racism against ourselves.


As a Black person in a white society, you almost  have to overemphasize the fact that Black people are not inferior and actively teach Black children and children of color not to accept the idea that white is superior just to get our children to see themselves as equal to white people. When you can look on TV and see white people portrayed as heroes and role models and then go to school and learn about Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and other white historical figures…yet learn hardly anything about important Black people and their contribution to this country, your mind becomes warped and you associate positivity and accomplishment with white people and dysfunction and failure with Black people.

SO by default, when you don’t actively teach your children to challenge racism/white supremacy and you don’t teach about their heritage as children of African-descent, you’re creating a white supremacist child. In one way or another, your child will internalize the idea that white is superior.  Any child will internalize the idea that white is better just by being in a Eurocentric culture. So colorblind child-rearing does not sit well with me. I want my children to see color and embrace color as that is part of a person’s identity.

I would want my child to understand white supremacy and to speak against it and to truly do that you can’t be colorblind. I would want my child to advocate for true equality and that only comes from embracing color, not being colorblind.

4. The idea that being “biracial/multiracial,” is superior to Black. Just as some children internalize the idea that white is better, many also internalize the idea that being “biracial/multiracial,” is superior to Black. Society reinforces this idea by casting light-skinned/mixed-race actors and actresses in desirable roles in films and television, while relegating dark-skinned Black people, especially Black WOMEN, to stereotypical, subservient roles. Think of the film Norbit or the upcoming film Half of a Yellow Sun.

I have no problem including Brown people (of Black/non-black heritage) in the Black community , but I do have problem with Black people or dark-skinned Blacks being portrayed as inferior and being made invisible (as Kola Boof would say) in favor of a whitened, less-threatening mixed-race person of African descent.

The issue of colorism and “good hair,” is still prevalent in the Black community and some children who are born of Black and non-Black unions internalize the belief that they’re better than  Black people and the term “Biracial/Multiracial,” can be used to deem  Black people as inferior. There are some white mothers who embrace the term “Biracial,” because they feel that it’s better than being Black and they instill this mentality in their children. There are some Black women who do this as well, but because in this day white mother/black father is more common, I see it more in Black father/white mother combination.  So, in a way, the Biracial movement, although this may not have been the original intent, can  create a modified color caste system.

However, I do not think that there is anything inherently wrong with embracing all your ethnicities. I encourage Brown people of Black and non-Black heritage to embrace all of their identity, but it’s the direction that the Biracial/Multiracial movement seems to have taken that is problematic for me.

Now that I’ve been seeing non-Black men as romantic partners (though I still love Black men, I’m just open), this topic has been at the forefront of my mind.

If I ever have a child with a non-Black man, I would not inculcate the ideology behind the terms “Biracial/Multiracial,” into my children nor would I inculcate them with the idea that they have to be “just Black,” and deny their other ethnicities. I would want them to embrace all of their heritage (my ethnicity and whatever ethnicity their father is)…but I would not, as a Black mother, want to associate myself with a movement that inadvertently strengthens  white privilege and inequality.

Just my thoughts.


Do any other Black women out there who are interested in serious relationships with non-Black men feel this way about the Biracial/multiracial movement?

If you’re a Black mother of a Black/non-Black child, do you feel the Biracial movement has benefitted your children or your family at all?

Do you think the Biracial/Multiracial movement was created to benefit white mothers and white people  more so than the children of Black-white unions?

If you’re a child of a Black/non-Black union, how do you feel about the Biracial/Multiracial movement?

193 thoughts on “If I Have Brown Children with a White Man…”

  1. I know that your post is in regards to black women having romantic relationships with non-black, especially white men(I use whites as the default because when most black people are involved in an interracial union, it is usually with a white person). However, as a black man with a biracial mother via the black/white mix(my mother is the daughter of a Portuguese immigrant and a black Trinidadian woman), as well as living in the so-called “post-racial” city of New York, I hope that you could value my comments.Before I begin my post Peanut, I just want to say that these are my personal observations(so it might not hold true for everyone). Also, in regards to black people being in interracial relationships, I want to make my position clear so that it is not distorted. I am not anti-interracial relationships(obviously as my mother is the product of one) and I feel that if a black person finds a white or non-black person that they truly have a connection with and could be their soulmate as they journey through life, then your love should be honored. In fact there are some black women that have/had white mates that I like(e.g. Eve, Bria Myles, Diana Ross, Serena Williams).The problem I have is when people come with buzzwords like “love is colorblind” or “I’m a mulitcultural dater” when statistics and evidence proves thats not the case. If relationships and marriages are social constructs(products of society) and if we as black people live in a racist Eurocentric society, then common sense tells me that claiming love is colorblind or your choice in a mate was not influenced by race is a big lie to the point where even a blind man could see.

    My observations of black people being involved with interracial relationships and if they have offspring
    1) The trophy, I got the prize “assimilation” theory- From my observation, I notice that when some blacks have a white partner, they feel that they have assimilated into White America. They usually move away to the white areas, lose any true connection to their black heritage, become very Conservative(e.g. Black Republicans),say all black people are bad and criticize other blacks for not being able to pull themselves up by the bootstraps.In reality, as suprising as it might sound, I dont really fault this blacks for their individual advantage. They saw an opening to improve their quality of life and they took it. For example Peanut, if a black woman has a white husband, from a statistical(not personal) point of view, she is giving herself a better economic & social quality of life. Why? Well white men have better jobs, better opportunities, better health, and better social position than black men. So unless her white boyfriend/husband has a personal flaw that would lead to a divorce(e.g. being abusive,cheating,etc.), black women with white men do profit from the social standing of their white mate. The problem with this is that you get blacks that uphold white supremacy and harm other blacks from a collective point of view. The ironic thing about this theory is when the black partner states that their “love is colorblind”. The offspring would probably get the benefits of living in a white area(better schools, safer environment,etc.)

    2) Raw human numbers theory- The blacks in this theory might have a good connection to their black heritage and were not specifically looking for a white or non-black partner but because of the amount of black people in a given area to date, they date outside their race(For example, if a black person lives in a largely white city like Portland or Seattle, you have to expect that they would have a white mate unless they plan on being celibate or dying alone). They sometimes live in a diverse or black area and do teach their offspring about their black heritage. However the offspring could benefit from having lighter skin(thus upholding another aspect of white supremacy) or they could fall into the next theory.

    3)Black Power kids- A subset of the raw human numbers theory. If the kids feel they could benefit from their white ancestry, they could go down that road or they could become activists for black people. Some “Pan Africanist” figures that are the products of white men and black women include Bob Marley, Frederick Douglass and Michael X(He was Black Power leader in England during the 1970s, his father was Portuguese and his mother was a black woman from Barbados. Ironically, from researching him, his mother told him to “pass for white”.)

    Hope you enjoyed my personal observations Peanut. I would say my mom is sometimes number 3(being pro-black) and sometimes number 2(knows the benefits of light skin & good hair)


  2. I am a black woman who married a white man 25 years ago. We had 3 children who embrace both heritages. My children did not have any issues related to race growing up. I surely taught them about the fight that our people had in the past and still have (at times) today. My two daughters married black men and my son is not married yet and does not have a preference for woman of a particular color. I divorced my 1st husband and then had a relationship with a black man and we had a “black” daughter. All my children are well adjusted and did not have race related issues growing up. Now my “black” daughter has suffered some negative race related comments about her dark skin from other black people….so sad.

    I don’t buy into the race struggles. I live in the PRESENT…today. I do not live in the PAST. I did not raise my kids white or black or biracial. I raised them as strong individuals that have the best of all worlds.

    Racism is still alive, but I feel it is getting better with each generation. I see progress.

    I am not pro black or pro white….I am pro ME.


    1. @ Annette

      You make a very good point. I will admit even though I am for black empowerment, I am weak for redbones and lighter skinned black women. However, there are some dark skinned black females that I find attractive like Serena Williams and Bria Myles. Nevertheless, you hit the point on target.


      1. B.R.
        This has been my struggle with black men all my life. I am an intelligent, educated (master degree ) dark skinned woman. As much as I love and embrace my brothers, for the most part they don’t embrace me and I am far from what people would deem unattractive. Now when it comes to white men and men of other nationalities, they flock to me in droves….and I am not making that statement lightly. I have NEVER had problems with white men and in particular Arab men asking me out and wanting long term relationships with me…..even when it was less popular 25 years ago. But with my beautiful brothers….they want the red bone high yellow sisters 10x more than me. I say that with 100% confidence from personal experience. It is still like that to this very day. Not all black men, but in my experience I would say 75% of the black men I know prefer the lighter sisters. It’s upsetting, but I decided to just go with the flow….white guys. Thankyou for your honesty.


      2. Lol me too I get a lot of Arab men and mixed white guys in particular…some ppl say I’m going to end up with a BM cuz I’m not “black enough” idk, I take pride in my Nigerian heritage so…but a lot of the guys I know go for mixed women or black girls with big bottoms…I’m slim with toned legs but no butt lol
        Why do u think u attract so many non BM?


    2. @ Annette
      -Well to be honest, I must say that you are one beautiful dark skinned sista. Any brotha that was not into you had to be blind,lol! even if he likes redbones. I must also say that your fitness regimen is definitely working, as you honestly look stunning.

      -I really liked and respected your post. Since I was the first commenter on this post by Peanut, I admitted that it was a little weird for me as black man to make a posting here about black female/white male unions but since my mother is the product of one, I decided to comment. Unless I lose my sanity, I could never in my life be against intermarriage because my mother, who has been my teacher in life, is the product of a black woman from Trinidad and a Portuguese man who came to the island. And at the end of the day, all of us are looking for someone to compliment us and be our better half on a daily basis and if they come from another race or background, so be it. From going through Peanut’s blog(Im making an assumption about her, she could correct me if Im wrong), Peanut is a young black women that is trying to get an understanding of this society that has sadly robbed black people for generations of living like human beings and like myself, she looks like she wants to make a difference. For me, a 25 year old black man and as a person that has deep interest in sociology, I clearly could see how black men are not valued in this society. This is where I make my distinction on some black folks being in interracial unions. What I then see is a black person who got an advantage and took it. Fine,no problem. However, they use that advantage to bash and degrade other black people, and upkeep the system of white supremacy that has harmed the quality of life for many Negroes.Thats where I get ticked off because now you are just making a snowball effect of racism and harming the lives of other black folks who might not have gotten the opportunity that you had. To be 100% honest Annette, thats why you suprised me when you said you actually like and dated black men because I was expecting to hear a “black men suck” comment(which from a society point of view has factual logic, so I accept that truth). Anyway, I hope that you see my point of view because I really enjoyed hearing yours. Once again, nice to hear about your relationship, I compliment you on your workout regimen and you are indeed a very beautiful dark skinned black female. Hope u enjoyed my post.


      1. Thank you for the kind comments B.R. I find it very interesting to read the varied opinions of people in regards to the topic of interracial relationships. I try very hard to respect the opinions of all for we all come from a background and experience that frames our belief system. It is easy for us to form our opinions based on just that…our opinion. Who am I to judge your opinion or any other persons opinion on this forum since I have not walked in your shoes. I bet is is indeed hard to be a black man in a white mans world. I will give you that as I have seen some of the struggles of our brothers and sisters. But what we need to do as a people….is to take a few minutes to ponder this. What does it profit me to be angry and belittling to another person. That anger and negativity sticks to your soul like white on rice and nothing productive comes out of negative thoughts and opinions. This negativity simply breeds more negativity within our own selves. We are hurting our self being negative more than hurting the person that we are being negative against….no matter how justified or unjustified.

        So how do we handle the blacks that “appear” to uphold the white supremacy values in our country? How do we handle the angry black man or woman he sees himself/herself a victim to this Eurocentric country? How do we handle that black person bearing so much pain that they see the collective white race as the enemy? I tell you the answer…..we handle them with LOVE. People are not born prejudice or angry….they are molded by the circumstances they experience….the good, bad, and the ugly. Then we ask ourselves, what can we do to make things better? How productive are we if we bash another’s opinion? Do we make things better for ourselves or the individual we are bashing. The answer is no. I bet if we took the time to talk to that person and truly listen to their life experience we would understand why that person behaves the way they do (in most circumstances….not all). We can only see things through our own eyes….which may be blurry…lol.

        So B.R. What are you doing to release yourself from the shackles of the white man that has held blacks back today and in the past? I don’t even know you, but I can tell you that you are indeed breaking free from that bondage….look how articulate you are and well spoken you are. Look at your drive to understand the sociology of people and communities and why things are as they are. Why even focus on those people that “appear” to keep us in bondage? Let’s focus on the present. What can we do TODAY to forward our goals. It’s not by focusing on the past or the negative. How do we embrace people for who they are and not the color of their skin or the transgressions of their ancestors? I can tell you this…..the are good PEOPLE and bad PEOPLE. We need to stop this insanity…and it CAN BE DONE one person at a time. You can make a difference, I can make a difference. I NEVER claim or accept that a circumstance is to big that we can never overcome it. Neither should you. America will not always be the white mans America. It will continue if we perpetuate the negativity. I see progress…..yes progress. And if we really look at things from a birds eye view…the progress is quite evident. But many of us remain in our silos and can’t even see the present progress and the progress ahead of us. Much love B. R. (((Hugs))) annette.


      2. @Annette
        Thank you so much for your comments. I will admit that I have very staunch and sometimes peppery beliefs and I make no apologies for them because I believe that the harshest truth is 100 times more valid than the best lie, I state my facts and I speak my mind.And as I said, as a black man living in this white male dominated society, I make no apologies for seeing how race has impacted my life because in my opinion, thats like a fish being sorry for swimming in a polluted waterway thats next to a power plant.I’m a realist, and I do stand with my ideals. However, I try to keep an open mind on issues and hear different perspectives on things. Even if I might not be in 100% unison with the argument, it gives me a chance to see an issue from a broader angle. Thats why I believe that a black nationalist could learn from an integrationist and vice versa or a conservative could learn from a liberal/moderate and so forth. It is allows me to get new thoughts and for the things we dont see eye to eye on-we agree to disagree. To be honest, I stay away from black blogs that have the topic of interracial dating because it basically becomes a firethrowing contest without true formation of novel understanding(e.g. I dont know if you visit Abagond, I dont post there but I view it sometimes.) So instead of trying to beat a dead horse, I tried to take this topic on this blog onto something more rooted on positive topics.

        -As I see how race in America has affected my life as a black man, I do feel the pain. If I do something right, its not because of my individual merit, its because I did it the “white”way and if I do something that is flawed, its not via my individual mistake, its because I did the “black” way(I think thats why Peanut named here blog this title). And when any topic is mentioned about the plight of black men, it is immediately dismissed by a white person or some Uncle Tom as being delusional, “playing the race card” or the “blacks are crying again”.However, I want the truth to come out.As Malcolm X said “The white man and the black man have to be able to sit down at the same table. ” The white man has to feel free to speak his mind without hurting the feelings of the Negro. The so-called Negro has to feel free to speak his mind without hurting the feelings of the white man. Then they can bring the issues that are under the rug out on top of the table and take an intelligent approach to getting the problem solved.” And from doing my research on other groups of people be it the Aboriginals of Australia or the New Zealand Maori, I see the same system of death (poor education,low standards of living, poor health,etc.) that has affected the Negro via white supremacist domination. I believe in civility so I would never advocate for blind spite or reckless behavior(violence,rioting,etc.)towards any human being.Or to use a portion of another Malcolm X quote “Im not for wanton violence, Im for justice”. And as I said from the first post, I am not anti-interracial relationships and I wish those involved in it nothing but the best in their quest for love. I just would like to see the voices of those that have been the victims of white supremacy(the American Negroes, the Amerindians,etc.) to be heard so it could raise the moral,economic, and social position so that relationship is not “big boss” vs. “little employee” or “slavemaster” and “ex-slaves” or “white savior” and “savages that need saving”. Thats my desire, thats how I channel the pain into something good. Thats why I realized when this issue started to become a dead horse, I started to post and interact with the other commenters(mstoogood4yall,Toronto Girl,etc) to focus on more critical issues that affect the American Negro to raise our human profile so that our relationships and dealings with whites is based on geninue equity and true respect not on “provider” and “dependent” status. To be honest, you are correct, there is progress and hopefully, it would indeed continue on those grounds.

        Once again Annette, I really value your words and I hope you value mine. Im 25 years old so Im still learning and of course, when Im provided with new information from others, I really do take it into consideration to help me grow.I am trying to liberate myself because Im fighting for my humanity and I do not want that progress to be distorted or derailed by anyone. If Im not mistaken I think I told this to TorontoGirl and I honestly Annette dont mean any disrespect since I dont know your beliefs, a scene from the Malcolm X movie implied it all for me-Im glad to talk to about mystery worlds, the next dimension and whats east,west, north and south but I have a life on this Earth and right now, there is a system of death that is threatening my life and thats my concern right now. Hope u enjoyed my post and of course hugs back!


  3. Anyone ever notice that biracial daughters no matter the interracial parent pairing are more likely to marry a black man(some examples: Tia Mowry, Tamia, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Keyshia Cole, Lauren London, Tracee Ellis Ross, Nicole Parker, Cassie, Christina Milian, Kat Graham, Naya Rivera, Kimberly Lock, Jordin Sparks, Elle Varner, etc) opposed to biracial sons no matter the interracial parent pairing are more likely to marry white women or women of other races?


      1. My humble opinion is this, some black men (not all) seem to be most attracted to the lighter skinned black women with long hair and white features. They may not want to feel that way, but some black men have that preference. Often times, biracial children have a blend of features with enough “blackness” in them to make black men that may be more attracted to the lighter skinned women flock to them. They can still “feel” that they are with a sister. As I said in a previous comment in this post, 2 of my daughters are the offspring of a biracial marriage and I have one all black just as BEAUTIFUL dark skinned daughter. My biracial daughters get way more advances from black men then my dark skinned daughter. I have personally experienced the same thing growing up as a dark skinned black woman. I am a relatively attractive woman and the black men just don’t seem to be attracted to me like the white men. I had many more white men want to date me then my brothers. This has annoyed me for years and hence, here I am in marriage #2 with a white man. And get this, the father of my dark skinned daughter married a white woman….he did not want to marry me.

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      2. I just left a comment but I forgot to mention about my son…who is biracial. My observance is this…..white girls flock to my son like white on rice. It is crazy…..white girls more than black girls throw themselves at him. The sisters are more reserved and not quite as eager. So, I think it is a numbers game for my son, whom dates all colors of women….many more white than black. Later on I will ask my son and will let you know what he says.


    1. Yeah but tamera married a wm…so…it’s probably cuz having a black mom makes you more connected to your roots then a white mom who’s part of the people who benefit from racism. And men with white moms may feel more “comfortable” around ww. I don’t know about biracial sounds with black moms except for Lenny Kravitz who married another biracial women (who played a black girl on Cosby show) so…….
      Naya Rivera is half Irish/half Filipino I used to think she was black/white too, she looks like it tho but no. She’s dating a BM not married to one.


    2. Lol….I am toned and fit too…..got a little bit of booty that I have worked hard to maintain but it is not out there like some of my beautiful sisters. I asked my husband what attracted him to me…as he is white and had never even thought about being with a black woman, and he said that he was instantly intrigued with my personality, strong faith, my intelligence, and my big crazy smile. I think I have attracted many white men because I am constantly in the company of them. The nature of my job puts me around doctors, directors in health care, and other professionals. I met my husband through a physician that I worked with (my husband is his first cousin). Same thing in college….more whites than blacks…and then the black brothers at work seem to be with white women. I would be lying if I said that did not bother me. I HATE it when I see our brothers linking up with the white girls….but I just shut up because look at me. I am like the pot calling the kettle black. Lol, my husband is what my family calls LILLY WHITE. Can’t get any whiter…so whom am I to be judging the brothers with the white women? But if I am totally honest….I HATE IT!! I am not more attracted to white men than my brothers, but I am with a white man by default….lol. My physical preference is for my beautiful black brothers. But, there are a lot of very attractive, successful non-black men that make me go hmmmmm…..so it is all good.


      1. dang I want a body like yours. I don’t have an ass either, my mom does and even my brother wtf. i like black men and some men of color, but yes a lot of black American men of this generation are colorstruck. i would love to travel to the Caribbean or brazil or Africa, i think they appreciate black women more as they are the majority.


      2. Lol East African men tend to have big butts! 😉 a friend told me that popcorn gives you a butt, and it’s true cuz all the East Africans I know loooooove popcorn, my mom has a but and loves popcorn too…hmmm, wanna go to the movies? Lol jk


      3. Gosh! I actually don’t want to end up with a wm but if he’s my “soul mate” then maybe…but I swear blk men are pushing me to go for an Arab or non blk man…yet my brother will get upset if a non blk man likes me and try to make me feel bad about it. It worked when I was young and naive but not anymore…but we’d really have to be in touch emotionally etc. and he has to like my Nigerian culture. And not be one of those wm that will take his blk wife to live in an all white area with few black friends…
        BW/WM relationships last the longest btw!
        I’m glad you found a nice man! I wish u two the best of times together! :)) what do u like about you’re white husband?


      4. Mrs.ocean-graham and mstoogood4yall
        thanks mstoogood4yall- you can build a booty with training…not huge, but lifted and pooched out….lol.
        I wish that more of our black brothers prefer sisters of all shades of black. That is what makes us so beautiful as a race….the beautiful hues, tones, shades, and colors of brown…..all colors are striking. I wonder what the African and Brazilian brothers might think of us American girls. We may not be black enough for them….lol…just being silly as I have no clue about African and Brazilian men.

        mrs.ocean-graham in regards to your question about my husband…”what do I like about my white husband?” What I love the most about Bob is that he LOVES ME! I can almost say he worships the ground I walk on. I have never had a man that adored me like like he does. He thinks I am beautiful without a stitch of makeup on. He adores my thick course hair all over my head or in braids under a weave. He looks at me adoringly when I put my makeup on and dress nice. He tells me I am beautiful. After 13 years he still thinks I am beautiful no matter what…20 pounds heavier or lean and mean. He is a quiet man that keeps to himself…and even when he seethes about my spending habits…he just mumbles under his breath in disgust and says little to me about it (even tho I know it pisses him off). What I love most about Bob is his respect for me and he is proud to call me his wife in all settings. I can’t say that our entire marraige has been a bed of roses as he married me and my 4 children who did not want a dad telling them what to do. We had our rocky times, but now the kids are grown and out of the house and as adults the kids respect Bob a bit more than they did when they were young. We weathered the storm and now we are experiencing each other again. If I had to do it all over again and I had a chance to marry the black man of my dreams, I would still marry my old white man (I am 48 and he is 61 or 62). I have lived long enough to recognize that people are individuals… not a race. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not minimizing the importance of race and culture and I embrace my race and my culture….but in the end, I am me. I am an individual who can choose to be prejudice or choose to love a person for who he or she is…not the race or environment he/she came from. With that said…I love our HUMAN RACE. I wish more people felt the way I feel. We would be much more productive as a people.


      5. WOW! You do not look like someone who had 4 kids! Do you have abs? Pls tell me how to get abs, I’ve been trying to get some!
        And I’m Nigerian most of my black friends in my school are Nigerian, Ghanaian. In my town mostly Jamaican and Trinidadian…and they are very kind to BW and polite! Most of the bw hate I see comes from ABM online and on television–most of the black ppl I see on TV on AA, and I do see they like to put mixed girls in places of bw on their shows…(ex. My Wife And Kids, Cosby Show) (American TV is global so ppl all over the world see what ABM say about BW)…what matters most is how a parent raises their child, to be proud of their culture or heritage. My future children wouldn’t even know what TV is lol.
        p.s: Most shows nowadays are written by ww so I’m not surprised how anti-bw it is!
        P.p.s: is your husband a builder? Lol jk


      6. Thanks ladies….I don’t want to take away the context of this post….but just so you know, you CAN have abs and it is not about crunches…it’s about knowing what to eat and how to eat. The pic in the avatar was a few years back when I was training for a contest. I am not that ripped now….I am normal body fat now (20% today as opposed to 12-14% in my pic). To keep this post focused on the topic that peanut posted if you have questions about fitness contact me at annettemcgrathrn65@yahoo.com.

        Blog post…


  4. Interesting, i live in tx and there is alot of race mixing between black men and white women. I do notice the biracial males with a white mother and black father go for white or women or other races. Idk about the biracial males with black mother and white father though. I think the reason biracial women go for black men is because black men are the standard of masculinity. As for the biracial males being with non black women, idk, sometimes it’s because black women don’t want to date them other times it’s because white is what they see as beauty. Their parents could be teaching them to appreciate non black women more and the media helps reinforce that. There are women and men who are in interracial that reinforce the good hair and u better get with someone the same skin tone or lighter to improve ur kids. And also enviornment, usually interracial couples live in mixed or white neighborhoods so their kids could grow up just being around non black ppl and date them. Its just confusing because how is it that the biracial women get with black men while biracial men get with non black women. Idk it could be because black men are seen as masculine the ultimate alpha male, while black women are not seen as the ultimate prize to them. And their parents aren’t doing enough to combat all the anti blackness, and especially anti black women stuff going on. And also because the biracial women whether from bw wm or bm ww they are imo mostly taught to be a black or biracial woman , like when i see tia and tamera show they say they are bw and their mother is black and taught them how to be bw because that is all she knows. And with biracial males or heck even black males or any males they are taught white women are the standard and their parents may or may not reinforce that. so if they have a black mother doing stuff to her hair, skin, body etc to look more acceptable they see that self hate and will want to be with the woman their mother is trying to imitate and the media adds to it as well. And the ones with a white mother black father could see white women as being more desirable because their mother is white and the media reinforces it. Imo males period have more images thrown at them about what a beautiful woman is supposed to look like, just watch shampoo commercials, lotion commercial,magazines and other media they see its all fit white women and their flowing hair. Whereas for women we see all these images of black men in sports, magazines, tv, etc. Then also because biracial women get approached by black men more and biracial males get approached by white women more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s true, women are shown a diverse group of men, whereas men are shown the same women over and over again…the women on TV have some kind of standard they should all abide by…whereas you’ll see fat guys, short guys, tall guys, fit guys, in betweeners etc. brown hair mostly, but sometimes blonde guys especially nowadays (the mentalist, James Bond “Skyfall”)
      Whereas men are shown women with light skin, usually lighter hair, straight hair, big boobs yet very skinny etc…women actresses have a body standard that men on TV don’t


  5. At the same time there are some biracial males with a white mother black father that get with black women like jennifer hudsons husband and obama. But i think majority get with white women because most of them have white mothers. And also like i said biracial males get more attention from white women, just look how they go crazy over lenny kravitz who i think looks ok but not all that. ANother reason biracial women go with black males more is because they are viewed as exotic and different and may be treated as an object by white men and gravitate more towards black men. So its like u have white men that treat her like an object, exotic etc vs a black male that would more treat her like a prize sometimes even better than a black woman. Anyway the main reason i think there is a difference is because biracials usually have black fathers and white mothers, and women want men that are like their fatherspblack] and men want women that are like their mothers[white]. Are so it seems , but that isn’t always the case. The other question is i don’t really see biracial men and biracial women getting together i wonder why anybody else notice this?


  6. As far as the biracials being called biracial or black its tricky, because on one hand if they are categorized as biracial then they don’t have to feel they have to choose, on the other their parents or they themselves could feel they are a step up from blacks and better. On the other hand if they call themselves black then they will be used against us to tell our stories and play our roles and put black actors and actresses out of work. And there have been cases where white employers have hired biracial and light skinned ppl over black ppl. And they use biracials in black hair magazines and things instead of black ppl. It would all be best if everybody could have their differences and different categories without the discrimination and having ppl think they are superior. It would be amazing if there was a biracial magazines, movies etc, and black movies, magazines etc. But if that happens then 2 things will happen, the biracials will be whites favorite and give them everything and more media etc thus dividing us further, but it will give blacks our own stuff without biracials being in it and having black kids with two black parents looking at those magazines and wondering why they don’t look like the biracials in black magazines thus white washing them. Either way biracial will be used to oppress black ppl, because if they have their own whites will treat them better and everything is controlled by whites so they’d have an advantage in jobs, housing, etc. But with them being classified as black they are taking black movie roles, and black magazine covers, and black hair magazines.


    1. yeah I Don’t believe mixed-race people need to necessarily call themselves Black, I just dislike the terminology Biracial, I don’t like the history of the term and I don’t think it makes any sense and there are plenty of other words that can be used.


      1. @Peanut I think the only way to stop so much irr based on self hate is to teach our culture and history! Cuz the AA “culture” is one of “feeling inferior” “defeat” “racism” and some biracials may not want to be associated with that… that’s why some Africans some here and go “huh?” When u call them black, cuz black equals AA to them, they have a culture of their own before they came here…like you said the most important thing to do is teach self love, and culture!
        “…my point is that the only authentic identity for the African is the tribe…I am Nigerian because a white man created Nigeria and gave me that identity. I am black because the white man constructed black to be as different as possible from his white. But I was Igbo before the white man came.”
        ― Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Half of a Yellow Sun


    2. They’ve already been doing that even on black shows, they do that to the woman a lot…(my wife and kids, Cosby show, a different world, Martin)
      And Halle berry was titled the most beautiful black woman in the world, she doesn’t look black? She looked like a mixed Latina in cat woman, this is why ppl say biracials and black ppl look the same cuz biracials are used to represent blacks…
      In Nigeria sometimes they’re straight off considered, white lol…do u know NNEKA? She made a song called half cast, her mother is mixed, and she said she realized that biracials raised in European cultures had identity issues and hated their black side and wanted to be European…whereas biracials in africa, call themselves by nationality and tribe not race, and that’s how they see themselves…that’s why sometimes other Africans come here and don’t call themselves, blacks, cuz that term came from the white man…


    3. Why does it matter if whites treat them better? Whites will never accept blacks, they’re our oppressors! They’re not going to turn around one day and apologize, we should just stick to our own and don’t worry about them, or even assimilating…that’s what the chinese did in my area, and most Chinese are hired by other Chinese…they took over the grocery story and replaced it with a better one so they’re always buying from other Chinese ppl. Who cares what white ppl think? If you have your own community and culture, you’ll do good just to stick to your own…and worry about yourselves, cuz white people don’t care really…


      1. Exactly, Whites will never (as a whole) accept Blacks EVER.
        Blacks have a problem though sticking to their own, they do not have the mentality of the Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs, Bangladeshis, East Asians, who come into countries and thrive economically and culturally. I live in the UK, and it is very common to see BM with WW, rare to find BW with WM. Long story short, other races such as Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs, Bangladeshis, East Asians marry each other and thrive economically, all of these groups have more financial power than Blacks; of whom (Black men particularly of West Indian descent) many are comfortable with swirling with the Whites race until they make a Haagen Daaz cookies and cream ice cream. Lol. Yet, as whole, Blacks are still at the bottom of the barrel. Other non-Whites are skilled in creating and maintaining successful business catering to Blacks (i.e. Hair shops, Caribbean food shops), phamacies, surgeries, dentists, petrol stations, newsagents, taxi services etc.


      2. I read that 50% of Caribbean BM are with ww in the UK. (What about african men tho? They say most africans stick with their own)
        I think it also has to do with culture, AA don’t really have a culture, so there’s nothing to bind them together–but their struggle with racism, and if that’s all they’ve got–then I’m not surprised will take anything to escape from that…
        AA need to get in touch with their root, and start valuing education is 10000% required and buying from other blacks…but since they have no culture to unite them, these are simple things that may seem foreign to them…
        Where are u from originally?


  7. Once again Peanut, I will make a comment. Last time I wrote about my personal observations but I will address your post head on,hope you understand my opinions.
    If you as a black woman(I use marriage as the default for childrearing because I dont think you mean out of wedlock) have children with a white man, could you challenge the white male power & supremacy system. In theory, yes. In reality- OF COURSE NOT, Heaven and Earth would have to come together.Why? The complex interplay between race, economics, sexuality and quality of life is far too great under white supremacy. In fact, whether you realize it or not, you might actually be making a profit off of white supremacy by having a white husband and half white children.Even if you mean well as an individual, the societal structure is just too deep. These three points show it-

    Race in dating- I remember reading an article dealing with women in speed dating & online dating trials. Now, while speed & online dating are obviously flawed dating styles, remember, there is no physical segregation in speed dating(face to face) nor online dating(just need a computer). Well all of the white, Asian & Latina women constantly chose white men(I did not see anything about black women if I could remember.) To be fair, dating is a complex process involving multiple factors for mate selection. However, you would assume that women in this “colorblind” society would at least be open and would love to learn about men from different backgrounds while seeking a possible boyfriend/husband. Not if your black,Asian, or Hispanic! White men are the cream of the crop,especially in terms of sexual value! “Post racial America” for sure. There is a phrase that implies that some ideas are so dumb that only truly progressive and smart people could believe it!

    Economics- If marriage was only about love, I would not post this but we know marriage is a social,political and economic unit(the gays were marching for a reason,lol!)As I said in my first post, black women do profit from having white husbands, even if she has a poor white husband.White men have better jobs, more social status and better health than black men. Now to be clear Peanut, I am not saying that a black woman is solely in a relationship or has intentions to be with a white man for him being white or to use him for money but the de-facto argument applies(For example, if Im builder, I might not intend to hurt the environment but I still am part of the process,get it) Being with a white man does indeed give black women an economic advantage over having a black or other non-white husband. In fact, a middle class black woman has a greater economic loss being with a middle class black man than a poor white man. Why? Poor whites, while they lack money, still get societal advantages via having white skin. With the exception of the Appalachia region, poor whites are not segregated in housing(could easily fit in a middle class white area), have better job opportunities, and could move up the social ladder 10 times easier than middle class blacks.In fact, middle class blacks aint that well off because they get targeted for risky home loans, have less wealth and usually end up living with poorer blacks(having decreased land value)in racially segregated areas. Also poor whites in urban areas could exercise as an economic buffer. Using my heritage and hometown as an example- When the Portuguese people came to Trinidad and other Caribbean islands, they were not “high class” whites but they were still able to own businesses and build up finacial capital. In my hometown of NYC, the Irish, Italians, Polish & Greeks might not be rich but living in Staten Island( an Italian section of NYC) is ten times better than Harlem or Bed-Stuy. The Irish & Italians here in NYC also have a easier time getting into working class professions(cops, firefighters,etc.).So even a poor white man is a better economic choice for a black woman. Note-This does not only apply to African-American women, all non-white women could get include in this. I remember reading an article that spoke about Australian Aboriginals(who have similar conditions as black Americans) wanting white partners to escape poverty and to increase their social value as human beings.

    Racial whitening- If you have kids with a white man, even if you treat those kids with unconditional love and affection regardless of color, remember your inidividual motives cannot outweigh society’s racial caste system. In fact, google racial whitening in Brazil, you could see it. They actually encouraged white men getting with black women to breed out out the Negroes. Now from my understanding of genetics, that is a bit misguided(I heard the black genes would still be evident) but the social aspect is huge. You have to ask yourself Peanut, as a future parent, if you know that light skinned African Americans do indeed get more benefits such as more acceptance into white society, better education and better jobs, are you giving your child a better quality of life from intermarriage(being lighter skin) yet at the same time upholding white supremacist values? Tough question

    I realize that being a student of sociology, I look for the truth. As a dark-skinned black man, I honestly respect when a black woman or a non-white woman states that white men are “superior” partners to non-white men because the facts are just too obvious. In fact, I have no problem with those Black Women Empowerment blogs that advocate and worship white men because they speak TRUTH. They preach what they practice. I have a problem when black women claim their love is “colorblind” because it is LIE that plays right into the belly of racism and negatively affects other black people. Why? Unless you have been living under a rock, everyone is definitely not equal in terms of human value here in America and colorblind racism has a way of building up items that damage black folks mentally(the Reagan get off of welfare theory) and could even send us to the cemetery(former NYC mayor Guiliani and the NYPD trigger happy police styles ). To be truthful, when some blacks have white partners they claim “they dont see white or black” yet they are clearly anti-black(e.g. Clarence Thomas or Mia Love, who wants to “destroy” the Black Caucus)

    Anyway as I said from my first post, I have no problems with white men/black women relationships since my mom is the product of one and I do believe that as you go through life, it is good to be open-minded to whatever blessings you might get especially in the area of love and romance and if a white man becomes your soulmate, then it should be honored. However, RACE DOES MATTER when it comes to mate selection.So no Peanut, I dont believe that a black women could have children with a white man and speak out against white privilege and inequality because even if it is not your intention or your motives are pure, the de facto fact is that you will benefit from white supremacy simply because your mate is white(As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.).It is similar to a post I read on Abagond(Is The White Anti-Racist is An Oxymoron). Just my personal opinion mixed with sociological research, hope you and others understand my post as like everyone else, Im just learning and I love to hear different views to learn about society.Sorry for making it so long!


    1. Good points. I do see how race does matter even if ppl say it doesn’t. When ppl marry interracially they do have more privileges and live in mostly white neighborhoods. And I agree that u can’t be with a white person and have kids and speak out against white privilege and inequality because u yourself would be benefitting from ur partners white privilege. As far as white men being superior, I don’t agree, but money making wise they would be better than other men as they are hired more and get paid more than others. And a lot of women want a powerful man, that is why we see a lot of women putting that they want a white man on dating websites. And a lot of women of color from other countries fantasize about being with a white man. If there was no white supremacy then other women wouldn’t really be checking for white males. But since they have the power and most of the resources they sleep with the enemy to get ahead. This is what they tell us with shows like scandal and other dumb shows with women of color choosing a powerful sometimes married white man over a single available man of their own race. So some of those women feel they are giving their kids a better life by being half white and married to a white male. To them money and power trumps happiness and love, but at the same time love was not really ever part of the equation only when women started to work was love part of it. But before it was mostly arranged marriages and marrying who is the most rich and higher class.


  8. Thank you for understanding my point mstoogood4yall. I want you, Peanut, and other black women(especially those that are dating, in LTR or married to white men) to understand, discuss(agree/disagree) and share my point views as we know that in the black community, there is always some discussion about interracial marriage(which I find ironic because most blacks, as well people from other races, usually date and marry within their own race). I know that some black women might be hesistant to hear the opinions from a black man regarding black women/white men relationships because they feel that I am inherently aganist the interracial relationship . Well, as you, Peanut and any other black woman that read my post could clearly see I have no problem with BW/WM pairings because 1) Out of respect for my mother who is the product of one 2) Even though I believe that black nationalism is helpful to African-Americans, I have always said that when it comes to love, you should keep an open mind dating people from other backgrounds because life is just too erratic to deny yourself that pleasure(who knows if you would ever find another true love). However, as I said, I am a study of sociology so I try to understand the truth about society. Also, we know that human beings are not isolated creatures(no man is an island), so our love life(just like our education, healthcare,beliefs,etc.) are influenced by societal forces. So unless you are blind, dumb or both at the same time, NOBODY can come and tell me that our entire planet from Brazil to New Zealand is not influenced by the belief that white people,especially white men, are the cream of the crop on Earth. Likewise, no black woman CANNOT say that she is not benefitting from both human and economic capital from their white boyfriend/husband even if there are minor issues(stares in the street,etc.) because the profit outweighs the expense. To be honest, you got an advantage and you took it(no problem there). In fact, if you feel to be submissive to your white mate (e.g. I remember reading an article a couple of months ago about a black Jamaican women having a problem with her white husband calling her racial slurs during sex)to benefit from their white privilege, no problem there also. The problem comes when you start saying phrases and doing actions that from a, collective point of view, harms other black people(e.g. Mia Love, the Haitian lady who has a white husband and three kids living in Utah, a place with little to no black folks, yet wants to “tear down” a Black organization). Its okay if you feel to be a “house slave” but that does not give you the green light to start pushing harmful agendas on other black folks who are not benefitting from getting a white man who could take you away from the hell that Black America truly is.
    If you misunderstood my “white men are superior” quote mstoogood4yall, I just want to show how powerful words and phrases truly are. Even though it may sound ironic, black women that worship white men are racial healers and black women with white boyfriends/husband who say their love is “colorblind” are worse than even the most dangerous white supremacist. Why? I would show you using these two examples
    #1) Black woman with white man- My boyfriend/husband is great. We truly have a connection. We plan on creating a family.Unless he does something bad(e.g. cheat on me, abuse me,etc.), he rocks. However, because he is white, I am getting a quality of life enhancement via this relationship that no Asian, Hispanic, Native American, light skinned black man and certainly no dark skinned black man could provide me with. If I feel to live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan or the suburbs of Long Island(I use my hometown as an example), feel to move to Central London or Sydney in Australia(other Eurocentic nations), get expensive dresses and high heels, rub elbows with the elites within society, I could get that. Lets say this black female does not intend to live like a very materalistic or status seeking lifestyle,ok- If I feel to live a generic middle class life, I know that my white boyfriend/husband would not be discriminated in the housing or job market(meaning that even though we may not be rich, the chances of living in a poor hypersegregated racial district is rare),our safety would not be comprised because we live in a white area(goodbye South Side Chicago,lol!), outside of a unpredictable health event such as an accident, he will live longer due to better access to healthcare (black men rule the world of hypertension,and diabetes!) if our children attend public school, it would be better than the public school in a black area and if we have offspring, especially sons, they will be light skin meaning that will be accepted into white society and not classified as “dumb and dangerous darkies”. I respect this black woman because she is a REALIST. She realizes that by having a white man, outside of some unforseen life event like an illness or something, there is a racial caste system that gives her a much higher quality of life.Then via that caste system, the plight of black men is recognized as something true (meaning its not just delusional Negroes talking garbage!). While a black man could never have the social worth as a white man, at least grassroot efforts to address our issues would continue( e.g. Farrakhan’s Million Man March back in the day) to help black men live better lives
    #2) Black woman with white man- “Love is colorbind”, “I dont see color” or “Its not about race”. Really? Sure its not about race, only when he is Asian, Hispanic, Native American, a light skinned brotha, or a “dumb darkie” . I have to ask these black women, who are you trying to fool? It is obvious that you worship white men, so just tell the truth! When black women say this, whether they realize it or not, you harm other black people very badly.Why? Even though dating is a personal event and affected by many things, it is influenced by society and as black people, we do live in a white racist society. So when you say your love is colorblind, you imply that every race of men have equal status in your eyes, which as evident from the speed & online dating trials, is NOT the case. By doing this, you play into the hands of the actual racists who could implement their racist policies and hide behind that phrase. If something is not real, you would not waste your time talking about it(e.g. no one would talk about cancer cures if cancer was not a “real” disease) Imagine a police department saying “our officers are colorblind” yet somehow black men get shot 100 times or a school district saying our “we dont see color in our decisions” yet somehow black schools get less funding? Do you see how dumb that sounds? So if you are black woman that bows down to the “superior white man”, just say it. NO LIE COULD STAND FOREVER!
    Anyway Peanut, mstoogood4yall, and you others on this blog, these are just my observations with research, so if anyone would like to say anything, then by all means do so (Hearing different views helps me as a student of sociology) . As you could see from my post, if you are a black women with a white boyfriend or husband, then by all means “do you and enjoy your relationship” However, I just have to point out that naive, ignorant and superficial understandings of interracial relationships do harm. At the end of the day by having a white mate, you do benefit from white supremacy(as Abagond’s post illustrated-Is the White Anti-Racist an Oxymoron?) and depending on the phrases you use, other black people do have a point to call out things that inherently harm us. Hope you enjoy my insight.


    1. Appreciate your insight. And we all know white men rule when it comes to money and resources. I don’t think i’d call them superior at least NOT in ALL aspects but economically, socially, and health wise they do have an advantage. But when it comes to understanding their black girlfriend or wife they lack in that. I also can’t stand any ppl that say their love is colorblind yet they specifically check the white box when looking for a mate. I guess to them being closed off to others and open to whites is being colorblind lol. I know dam well they ain’t color blind they see the green dollars and see who has the most power and go for that man, I bet if the roles were flipped they’d be with non white men if they controlled everything. imo a lot of women that are like they just want to be with white men because they feel non white men are inadequate and figure if i’m going to be married and miserable i might as well get something out of it. Reminds me of the excuse hookers use where they say well I get paid to screw, u give it away for free. but they have a price to pay in the end, like with the black woman that was called the n word in bed by her white husband or the black woman that called laura show about her white husband and laura just started saying the n word over and over. Can’t say I feel sorry for women like that as they have made their bed and have no intentions of getting out of it because of the power. Imo they probably would be like the white women who stayed with the slave master because she benefitted from the slave labor that made her husband rich and so she says does nothing to free the slaves even if she isn’t fond of it but maintaining that rich lifestyle is more important to her. I say good riddance to those kind of ppl, they would sell their souls and their family if it meant they could get higher up in the system.


      1. ” I know dam well they ain’t color blind they see the green dollars and see who has the most power and go for that man”
        Lol, yes, some BWE talk about that, and look what dating white men has done for Asian women who used to be seen as flat faced monkeys not too long ago…they’re now seen as desirable and high class. White people think they’re the best looking from their history with other races, they called african ppl dark monkeys, Asians flat faced monkeys, and native Americans savages…lol, yet, they look like the definition of old age and sickness…even white babies already look like old white men no matter their gender


  9. Also I don’t think that the black women that get with white men are racial healers, their offspring may get advantages but since they would be called biracial that wouldn’t really improve the black community. But I do notice when a white male marries a black woman they tend to get more mean looks and like u are a traitor than when white women do. Maybe because when that white man dies all his money and resources would go to the black woman and their offspring who may either identify themselves as biracial or black but either way it would be taking resources out of the white community. whereas if a white woman marries a non white male since non white males live even less their resources would go to the white woman and their biracial offspring. So either way imo when u look at it biracials would be benefiting the most from this not blacks. I know ppl can say but biracials are part of the black community, nope that is if they choose to be and even then they may not be fully accepted or have much in common. The biracials of today are different from the biracials during slavery and jim crow because we all struggled and were oppressed, now biracials are less oppressed than blacks or darker skinned blacks. And are being seen as the new and improved negro.


  10. Thank you, mstoogood4yall for understanding my point of view. Okay, the Black Women Empowerment or black women that worship white men might not be “racial healers” but I have ten times more respect for them than any black woman that states that her love is “colorblind”. I say practice what you preach and since you lust after white men,you clearly are not colorblind or a multicultural dater, so at least preach what you practice. As Peanut stated in the original portion of the post, colorblind racism is just as, probably even more dangerous than the outright hostile pre 1970s racism. As I said in the post before, you give more fuel for the true racists to wield their power. If you, Peanut and the other black women here could read this article from Black Star News-Interracial Relationships, the Delusion of a Post Racial World, you would see how racists LOVE to be in relationships with black people.
    -I would address your argument about biracials and about black women and white men with the money to the black community. In terms of biracials, speaking in regards to my mom, she has a close connection to Afro-Trinidadian culture(steelpan, Carnival,etc.) as she does not really know anything too much about Portuguese culture and she did teach me about black nationalist figures like Malcolm X and Huey Newton(Black Panthers) but sometimes she does use her light skin and good hair to her advantage. So biracials are sort of like flip floppers. Even Michael X(I mentioned him in my first post on this blog topic), the militant black leader in England in the 1970’s was told by his mother to “pass for white”
    -With black women and white men and money to the black community- You said that white men with black women get more stares(I honestly dont know so I would take your word for it) but I could honestly say that a black woman with a white husband DOES NOT HELP THE BLACK COMMUNITY AT ALL.Why? Be honest with me mstoogood4yall, as a black woman, if your boyfriend or husband is white, would you truly care about those “poor dangerous welfare grabbing housing project dwelling dumb darkies in Harlem”? Would you care if a school district is closing or not funding schools properly in black areas? Would you care if a housing realtor constantly discriminates against black clients thus keeping them in poor segregated communities? Would you care if a police department decides to use the “Rudy Guiliani NYPD”, “the 1970’s London style”, “the LAPD Rodney King way” or the “Frank Rizzo Philadelphia tactics” which in all four ways involved problems with black people and the police. The answer is NO! As a black woman, you would have to give up your community concerns for individual benefits. So while a little black girl in the Roxbury section of Boston probably has a textbook from 1973 and a crappy classroom in a school that would probably close down, a little black boy in Chicago is probably “ducking bullets” both from gangbangers and the police and a black family in Detroit is probably losing their home due to getting a risky home loan, I could bet everything is this world that this would become you mstoogood4yall- You and white husband live in a middle or upper class area of Dallas or Houston(you said you live in Texas from one of your posts, so I use that as an example),you have your elegant dresses and 200 dollar high heels, your kids go to an elite private or Catholic school, you might decide to get involved in politics, you become a Republican, you cant understand why those “silly Negroes” cant get it together in the bad part of town, you get a magazine space called “Rising Black Republicans” and then you say something like “I want to abolish Martin Luther King Day”.If you divorce your husband, you will probably find another white man. I know this sounds funny mstoogood4yall and it is a generalization but people like Mia Love and other black women that are Republicans with their white husbands show that my scenario does hold credibility.
    My overall point is this, we know that black people are not a uniform group of people and we dont all think alike(we have black nationalists, integrationists,etc) which is a good thing in my opinion because diversity in thinking allows us to understand different perspectives which allows us to grow as human beings(A black nationalist could learn from an integrationist and vice versa). However, you cannot escape the fact that black people are a really SCREWED UP group of people as our communities are places of death(literally) not life, happiness and joy whether you go from the South Bronx in my hometown of NYC on the East Coast to Watts in Los Angeles on the West Coast. So, when a black person has a relationship with a white person, regardless of how well your intentions are or how nice and respectful your white partner is, you are “arrested” in your community concerns as your individual benefits are too great. Thats why I told Peanut in my previous post, as pure as her motives are, if she has a white husband, she will have to become submissive on any “black” issues because the white male power looms large and she cannot be taken seriously. Why? Even if you wear your hair in cornrows or an afro and scream “Black Power”, these three things will happen
    #1 Conservative nature of white husband- Your husband could be a super Republican to the point where he makes Ronald Reagan look like Barney. Oh yes, lets cut those welfare benefits 1,000% and lock up those dangerous darkie Negro males in prison because I want to remember the America of yesteryear(1955 to be exact!)
    #2 Moderate liberal nature of white husband- Your husband is aware of the plight of African-Americans. However, even white liberals have their limits on race. If you talk about the issues of Black America, remember you might run into this problem that was featured on Abagond’s blog-The Feelings of White People.
    #3 A rightfully cynical black man via common sense- If a black woman with a white boyfriend or husband “claims” that she wants to “help” black men, I as well as any self-respecting black man should be very skeptical. In other words, like my feelings on black people and integration, am I dealing with scorpions? While you and your partner might be sincere and truly mean well to create social change, as I said in my other post, you are making a profit by being with a white man, whether you want to admit it or not,off of a system(white supremacy) that views African-American men as less than human beings and your white partner might have the “white savior” complex that still places him in a “superior” way of thinking that Negroes need handouts and pity. Or to use a funny animal example- Two little birds realize that their very life existance is threatened by big birds. So another little bird tells them “I will help you”. The little bird that is going to help now tells them “before I help you I must check and get approval from my big bird(eagle,falcon,hawk,etc.) that provides me with a much better nest on what course of action to take to help you. I wonder if the little birds are better off without the help?
    In this post, I know I used alot of sarcasm and jokes but I hope it does get my point across from a sociological point of view.


    1. @ B R

      Most of what you wrote sounds like projection. Everything that Black men have done over the past 20 years you are projecting it onto black women. Many many many black men benefited from the civil rights movement and shared the spoils with non-black women, mostly white women. The post was about the authors fears of involvement with a white man. You turned in into a woe-is-me, feel sorry for the poor black man. You just couldn’t let the central focus remain of black women. Black men and white feminist love to hijack black women’s narratives and place themselves at the center.

      There is not guilt trip or demand for pro-black racial loyalty that you can make. The black community despises educated dark skinned black women; their is nothing for many to go back to. Just more colorism, sexism, verbal denigration, an being turned into a mothers and not a wives. If you neglect a group of women and tell they over and over that black men think every other woman on planet earth is better eventually those women will get the message a leave.


      1. This is the point I wanted to make but had to rush with what I had in my head at the moment because my pc is actintg weird. But I totally agree with this.


    2. U said “but I could honestly say that a black woman with a white husband DOES NOT HELP THE BLACK COMMUNITY AT ALL.Why? Be honest with me mstoogood4yall, as a black woman, if your boyfriend or husband is white, would you truly care about those “poor dangerous welfare grabbing housing project dwelling dumb darkies in Harlem”? ”

      I don’t date and am not interested in white men, because u cannot fight racism &white supremacy by day and sleep with it by night u will be neutralized. The ones that try to most of the time end up like the Clarence thomases of our race that throw other black ppl under the bus and feel superior because they have some perceived power and a nice paycheck. but they’ll get theirs in the end. As for the bwe mess I don’t go to that website and don’t plan on it as I’ve seen some of their comments on abagonds blog and that is enough for me. as for po lie tricks I don’t care about democrats or republicans as they both ignore blacks until its election time. The white saviors are like time wise all they do is provide lip service. Tim wise makes money doing those lectures yet where does the money go, it ain’t going into black communities or black businesses so they can keep their charity. They have oppressed the blacks, browns, and natives and continue to screw us over. We don’t want any handouts we just want what is due to us that we have earned no more no less, but they can’t see that. Its the reason they get all uptight when blacks talk about reparations they don’t truly want to right their wrongs.


  11. “the Delusion of a Post Racial World, you would see how racists LOVE to be in relationships with black people”

    They’ve been in so called relationships with black ppl and poc. They’ve been screwing black ppl during slavery and jim crow, nothing new. Whites use sex, economics, and lies to keep ppl under their control and be willing participants in their own oppression. hell I’ve seen shows where members of the kkk have biracial grandkids and use it as a way to excuse their racism.


  12. “With black women and white men and money to the black community- You said that white men with black women get more stares(I honestly dont know so I would take your word for it) but I could honestly say that a black woman with a white husband DOES NOT HELP THE BLACK COMMUNITY AT ALL”

    I know by black women marrying white men that won’t improve sheit for us. I was just saying how the reaction is different. We see how the media is all crazy over kim and kanye baby but I bet if he had a baby with a black women it wouldn’t be all over the place. They show these images of interracial between white and black to get us divided and thinking white is better. At first they were showing a lot of shows with white women and black man now its a lot of shows with white men and black women. I don’t care about either, black love is what I want to see, but they won’t show that. We see that they’ve always been about whitening us up like they did the native americans and are doing to the Brazilians.


    1. Hmmm…interesting points.
      You’d think though that the White race would want to keep their race pure though. They have made laws outlawing interracial marriage, constructed pseudo scientific racism demonstrating how inferior we Blacks are. Why do you think that they don’t want to show Black love and highlight interracial romance in the media?


  13. @ the alchemist

    Thank you for your comment and I understand your viewpoint. I will admit maybe my sarcasm turned it into a “poor black man’s tale”,lol! ,which was not my intention. However, I cannot distort around the truth. The fact is that white men will always have an extreme upper hand in society vs. any black man or any other non-white man. While it is true that black men did benefit to some degree from Dr. King & the Civil Rights Movement, the fact is that black people(especially black men) are just as worse off or probably more so since that day when Dr. King gave his speech in 1963. And yes, I will admit, some brothas did get their lovin on with white women and yes, I know there are more black man/white woman couples than black female/white male unions. However the fact remains clear, from relationship & marriage data, online dating & speed dating studies, that white women as well as other non-white women(Asian,Hispanic) constantly, above and beyond, look for white men as boyfriend and marriage mates. Why? Just think of the logic. White men are the cream of the crop from New York to London to Sydney. Now I am not saying that all white female/black male relationships are like this as some might indeed be based on true love, however the reputation of black males aint that great(high unemployment, low levels of education, lower pay rate than white men even when middle class, and higher mortality rates due to poor health and homicide/gun violence in the inner city). So unless a white female is looking to bear the burden of being associated with those poor societal outcomes, then she will avoid black men in mate selection at all costs. And as I said, the fact is proven that most of them(white women) as well as most Asian & Hispanic women avoid black men hardcore. Also, from what I read the divorce rate between black men/white women is very high. While we know divorce is a complex issue regardless of race, you have to wonder if this white women get tired of dealing with black men and their problems.

    -Probably it was lost in my sarcasm and jokes but I was not telling Peanut to go into a guilt trip or only telling her to only be in relationships with black men. I believe that black women should seek love where they find it. However in terms of a gender discussion, a black woman has 100 times more to gain being with a white man(even a poor white man from the Kentucky or an working class Irish or Italian white man from Philadelphia) and I, as a black man, has 100 times more to lose being with a white woman. Why? As we know, society expects the male to be the head of the household/breadwinner. In terms of money & power, the system of global capitalism is rooted in white male patriachial supremacy(which is a fact) so white men have higher pay rates, better opportunites and more social standing than black and non-white men, so while a black woman obviously is affected by sexism and racism, the payoff she gets from her white boyfriend/husband is far too large(thats why a black woman could easily move from the “hood” to the downtown district of any city with a white mate). If I have a white mate, remember she gets affected by sexism and as a black man, I get knocked by the racial caste system, even if Im middle class(Middle class blacks are like people who have houses on the waterfront, just hope the hurricane does not come!). In other words, a black woman does feel a hit from sexism and racism however the power from her white mate neutralizes and MORE than makes up for that hit. As a black man, if I have a white mate, the powerless factor is far greater because while whites do have more social standing than blacks, the white man(gender) is indeed at the top of the food chain.

    Maybe I misunderstood Peanut(only she could clarify that for me) but if she has a “fear” of being with white men on a strictly quality of relationship basis, that would not make sense. If he is a great partner, there would be no reason for fear. If Peanut has a “fear” that as a black woman who has an interest in the problems that affect black people that having a white boyfriend/husband would compromise her ability to challenge white privilege/domination, then her fear is quite correct. As I said, the common sense factor has to come into play. For a baseball example, you cannot be involved with the Los Angeles Dodgers and then develop players for the Kansas City Royals. You cannot be a cop “claiming” to clean up crime and then take bribes from the Mafia.It just does not make sense. While there are always exception to the rule, most black/white interracial couples usually just say “their love is colorblind”, move to a white area, and ignore the plight of the “hood” Negroes. To be honest, if my partner is white, I might become Clarence Thomas to the 10th degree also.Remember as black people in America, it is our job to assimilate into the mainstream, while a white person does not have to assimilate into anything since they are the majority. In other words, while these leaders have their flaws like any other human being, the poor and black middle class blacks from Roxbury in Boston to South Central Los Angeles have better hope in Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton than in any Negro who is looking for colorblind love(I should say white love), move to that amazing loft in the Downtown Los Angeles or Midtown Manhattan, and give them and their offspring a quality of life that only a white mate could provide them with. Even if you disagree with me, I hope you understand my point of view.

    I 100% agree with you, the alchemist, that there are a lot of black men that defame black women, which is sad, because the black men I know including myself respect black women. That is actually dangerous because it allows whites to use the “divide and conquer” technique more to continue to exploit us in this racist society called America. Anyway, thank you for your rebuttal and I really enjoy hearing your point of view.


    1. No disrespect but a lot of the “help the black race progress” speeches at the hands of black men are mainly centered around black male progression against white male patriarchy. Black female issues are never addressed as black women suffer twice at the hands of white male patriarchy with sexism and racism. There are discussions about how the civil rights movement was mainly male oriented and it didn’t benefit black women at all.


      1. Black women don’t benefit from white male patriarchy or black male patriarchy. We’re that little rock stuck in between the cracks of the mountains no one sees. Black community progression is not only a battle between royalty vs. white men. It’s suppose to be a collective fight for our freedom as a race and community, demanding respect as “black people” black people= black men AND black women.


      2. @Ebonychic205

        I also gave a rebuttal to you lower on this page(my mistake, I should have just hit reply under your comment,lol!).If yu would like to rebuttal that also, feel free. However Im put this one here also

        -First, I do not believe in black male patriarchy,especially if it means bashing black women like some of these YouTube brothas, thats is not my zone in the 100% range. As a black man, I respect black women and I 100% agree with you that the problems that our people face is not gender specific because a black women living on Blue Hill Ave in the Roxbury section of Boston has the same issues to face that I have here as a black man living here in New York City(crime,poor schools, dtugs,etc.) However, unless a brotha is physically abusing a sista or talking bad about black women on an individual level(e.g. his girlfriend,wife,etc.) or collectively(which as I said, I do not agree with), I ask you Ebonychic205 and any other black female here? What black male patriarchy is there? I get discriminated against in the job market, if I get the job, I get paid less than the white guy even with comparable education levels, I try to buy a house or rent an apartment, I get discriminated by realtors, if I do get the living unit I either get a risky home loan or my apartment has little value but I pay high rent(e.g. when Dr. King lived in Chicago, he paid more rent for a terrible apartment while white people paid less for a better apartment), I get viewed as a criminal, I have a higher rate of death via lack of health access or homicide in the inner city and my overall quality of life is lower. Understand, this is not telling “the poor black man’s tale”, its the TRUTH. While the Civil Rights Movement did help black men to a degree, UNDERSTAND THAT THE BLACK MAN WAS DEAD IN 1963 & STILL DEAD TODAY!So to say a black male has “patriarchy” in comparison to white men is like saying, I dont know if you watch basketball Ebonychic205, the Washington Wizards(the terrible team that the black man plays for) is in the same status as the Los Angeles Lakers(the legendary team that the white man plays for). Its not even close!
        -Second, yes the civil rights movement was mostly male orientated and even the black radical movement(e.g. Black Panthers with Huey Newton) was male centered. However, to say that black women did not benefit from the Civil Rights Movement is not true at all. You have to remember Ebonychic205, that most workplaces are dominated by men. So obviously you will naturally see more black men(whatever few get hired) than black women due to raw human theory. However, a black woman could easily benefit/profit make than a black man off of Civil Rights. For example, a company such as a college or job has an affirmative action policy(one of the legal policies coming from the Civil Rights marches) and they have a section of slots filled for African-Americans. You(Ebonychic205 as a black female) and I(a black male) go for these slots, you would be in a higher demand.WHY? You are both black and a female and that college or job could fill both of their affirmactive action quotas(on grounds of race & sex) quicker with you than me. So if they need to “pretend” that they care about the disadvantaged, they say we have black women that work here helping filling our women and African-American slots. Hope you see my point.
        -Lastly, in terms of interracial marriage with whites, a black man DOES NOT MAKE A PROFIT from it while a black women DOES MAKE A PROFIT. First, black men with white women have VERY HIGH divorce rates, so the marriage probably wont even last that long anyway. Secondly, if males are supposed to be providers for the household, how much could a black male provide if he cant get a job, gets the job and makes way less than his white counterparts, goes to jail and dies either from high blood pressure or getting shot? You, on the other hand, Ebonychic205, if you marry a white man, you would not have those concerns from your partner because as a white male, he would have none of those worries. Also, remember unless you plan to either be a career woman or a working mom, a black woman married to a white man does not have to worry about RACISM or SEXISM in job market, housing, etc. if you plan to be a housewife or stay at home mom. As long as you dont discuss any “black”issues because as Abagond posted(The Feelings of White People), your white mate would get angry, you have it 100 times easier than a male Negro.
        Anyway Ebonychic205, I do not want to start a gender war between black men & black women because that is a dangerous tactic to harm us in dealing with white supremacy. However, I had to clarify some of your points that I feel were not true representations of how black women do get benefits. Anyway I hope to hear your rebuttal here and as I said I addressed your post further down on this page.


  14. @ mstoogood4yall
    -Thank you for your feedback and I am glad to see that you value and agree with my points. To be honest, I used to stay away from blogs and rebuttal websites because I saw that it was just a virtual firethrowing forum(I have to admit though that some of the flame comments are quite funny,lol!). However, I love these black bloggers(Abagond, Dairy of a Negress, BrothaWolf, and obviously Peanut’s blog here) because while I dont expect that all black people think alike, I do know that as black people our human worth is not valued in this white supremacist society. To say that you, as a black woman, or me, as a black man, have not been affected by this Eurocentric society is like saying penguins dont get affected by what goes on in Antarctica.
    -When I go to websites about black people and interracial dating, it becomes a shallow and pointless discussion that basically states three things- “Dont date outside your race”, “Black men suck” or “black women suck”. I try to present an objective argument that draws from two poles. The reason I wrote on this post by Peanut is not to tell her or other black women that they should not be open to white men. Listen,if you are a black female and you find or have a white partner that you could go to the amusement park or dancehall with, he provides for you, he cooks, cleans and rubs your feet after you had a long day in your high heels, you could have kids with him and you could connect with him, then fine. As I said before, all of us are looking for that special person that could play a meaningful role for us as we go through life. However, once you start to alter facts and truth because its not “politically correct” or “so-called black supremacy”(which is ironic because the black supremacy should knock out the white supremacy leaving no supremacy at all), thats dangerous because foundations built on lies are bound to fall. The truth is that when black people have white partners, not all but definitely more than a few, they start adopting this “Im better than you” attitude that harms other Negroes. As I said with Mia Love, she and her white husband live in an area where there are virtually no black people. Now, she is living her life, enjoying her husband, raising her kids(I read she has two daughters and a son), and juggling the task of being a wife, mother and a figure in politics. Fine. However, one day she now decides that she does not just agree to disagree with some things from the Black organization, oh no, she wants to join it to destroy it. Really? Same with Clarence Thomas being aganist the Voting Rights Act. You see my point mstoogood4yall, once you start doing things to harm other Negroes, every self respecting black person has a right to call you out on your sell-out crap. From viewing Peanut’s blog, she, like myself, seems to have a concern about the culture of death that sadly affects the lives of alot of African-Americans and other people of African ancestry(Afro-Brazilians, Afro-Caribbeans, etc.). I just want to point out to her even with good intentions, having a white partner does put her in catch 22 situation where her help to black people on a collective level could fall to 0% while her harm could increase to 100%
    I realize that as we all go through life, we understand things and view things differently to help us, and if have children, to journey through this world. Thats why I said in one of my posts, I respect people are REALISTS! When I was growing up, I fell hard for the “We are the World”, “We are the human race” and “lets forget about color”. In fact, I started to become an Uncle Tom myself and become “universal” aka whitewashed as Abagond mentioned.While those phrases mean well and it would be a noble goal for mankind, those are not REALIST phrases. Case in point, as I told you before Im from New York City, which is arguably the most international, diverse and multicultural city due to its human demographics on Earth. While New York prides on being “post racial”, NYC is the tale of two cities if you are a black person living on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx vs. a white person living on 59th Street on Manhattan’s West Side. Then Im assuming mstoogood4yall, you probably learned either via school or others that racism is basically mere ignorance, lack of exposure, or fear of others. THATS NOT EVEN A QUARTER OF THE STORY! White supremacy is a complex system that involves capitalism, European pride, and even according to a source called the Iceman Inheritance(written by a white man btw), there might even be biological reason for European supremacy.
    -Last point, mstoogood4yall. Do I expect you, Peanut or I to become Louis Farrakhan and start giving speechs at Madison Square Garden here in New York or the Forum in Los Angeles for “Black Power”. No. Do I expect any of us to join a Rastafari sect in Jamaica and hope to go back to Zion (Africa). No. And because I maintain decent human conduct, I would never call for or do any wanton deeds(e.g. violence) to any person. The simple fact, though, is that as black people we have been harmed badly and we are a DEAD people. I dont know if you ever saw the movie “Malcolm X” and “Get on the Bus”. There is a part in the Malcolm X movie where he implies to some churchgoers that its all good to be spiritual and holy but you have a life on this Earth and right now, the life of a Negro is clearly hell. In “Get on the Bus”, with the guys going to the Million Man March, the character that Ossie Davis played that passed away towards the end of the movie implied something like, I got integrated really good on my job and then I saw everyone else jump ahead of me. My point to us as black people is to be respectful, obey the laws, get an education, and explore things since variety is the spice of life. However, in a Eurocentric society, be very careful of that light at the end of the tunnel because speaking as a native New Yorker, that light might be the A subway line going full speed. Hope you enjoyed my post.


    1. BR another good blog is trojanpam she talks all about white supremacy and she even wrote a couple books. here’s her blog http://racismws.com/ white supremacy is very complex but she does her best to break it down. I get what u are saying, ppl should be with whoever makes them happy but not fall into the lies of thinking they are better and are immune to racism white supremacy. Imo it is way more difficult to get rid of self hate and disdain for ones race if they are with a white person. as we all deal with self hate in some form or fashion and multiply that by privilege and it gets worse. we see with the trayvon tragedy it was mostly those white washed blacks and the ones with white mates that were saying they don’t care and agree with the verdict and put it back on the black community. People just need to really be on guard and call out their lies and self hate when it comes up or they will fall into the trap.


  15. There is no black supremacy, supreme means highest rank in authority, so there can only be one leader at a time and right now that leader is is white supremacy. black supremacy does not exist, because whites hold that top position. Now if they were to fall, which is what they are afraid of, then and only then can another supremacy form like black supremacy, brown supremacy Asian supremacy,etc. form. Any attempts for black independence is thwarted by them [black wallstreet] because they are afraid independence will lead to success which can lead to black supremacy. supremacy depends on having lower subjects u can oppress and control.


  16. @ mstoogood4yall
    Thanks for the link, I would look into it. While no self respecting black person could ever speak ill of Dr. King, sometimes I truly wonder if integration caused black people to integrate with cobras, rattlesnakes, scorpions, lions, tigers and sharks. We were dead in 1963 and still dead now!

    Even though it was not shown in the movie, I read this article from NBC News on Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz).
    -In the May 11, 1961 speech delivered to a mostly white audience of students and some residents, Malcolm X combines blistering humor and reason to argue that blacks should not look to integrate into white society but instead must forge their own identities and culture.
    -The legacy of slavery and racism, he told the crowd of 800, “has made the 20 million black people in this country a dead people. Dead economically, dead mentally, dead spiritually. Dead morally and otherwise. Integration will not bring a man back from the grave.”
    -“No, we are not anti-white,” he said. “But we don’t have time for the white man. The white man is on top already, the white man is the boss already… He has first-class citizenship already. So you are wasting your time talking to the white man. We are working on our own people.”
    http://www.nbcnews.com/id/46277619/ns/us_news-life/t/college-student-uncovers-tape-forgotten-malcolm-x-speech/ (This is the link). Interesting words


    1. I like that speech, never heard of it thanks. Yes I do think Malcolm and Marcus Garvey were on to something. As umar johson said we have the illusion of inclusion. Hmm by Malcolm saying this “Dead economically, dead mentally, dead spiritually. Dead morally and otherwise. Integration will not bring a man back from the grave.” he was spot on and whites have been using that method ever since. Black ppl should not have taken the bait, now we are paying for it. We thought the grass was greener but it wasn’t. It would’ve been greener if we had stayed put, and kept our hospitals, libraries, grocery stores, etc. Whites tore those down for a reason everytime they came into a black community. Now all that is owned by arabs, Koreans, and whites and all their stores are in black communities not white. Whites give arabs and Koreans loans to open their business in our neighborhood and destroy black business with their cheap goods. The best thing to have done was to keep our own and tell the whites no thank u, u have never wanted us to be equal so I will make myself equal to u with my independence,money and power. Someday we will get this back to the right way and correct all the mistakes and learn from the past successes.


  17. @ mstoogood4yall
    I honestly did not heard about that speech that Malcolm X gave also(as I said it was not shown in the 1992 movie about him) until recently. The fact is that as African-Americans we always have to play a continuing role in trying to break down the white supremacist caste system. In fact, other groups get inspired by us. Check out this article- http://www.kooriweb.org/foley/essays/essay_1.html. The Black Power Movement in Redfern.
    Its sort of a long essay so I dont know if you would have time to read it but it speaks about how the Australian Aboriginals(as you know, the dark skinned natives who were exploited and removed from their land by whites during the colonization of Australia) were inspired by African-Americans. In case you did not know there were Freedom Rides in Australia(Google or Wikipedia it) that were modeled after the Freedom Rides that took place here in America. When younger and more militant Aboriginals started to become skeptical of “white liberals and integrationist ideas” (Ring a bell, wink wink), they call for Black Power in Redfern(thats an inner city area of Sydney that is plagued by drugs,crime and other social ills). They followed ideas from Huey Newton and the Black Panthers as they started to monitor the Sydney police department for racial police misconduct and called for Australian Aboriginals to empower themselves rather than join White Australians. While their Black Power died out by the mid 1970’s(just like ours, how ironic), it did inspire social change for many Aboriginals. You see, as African-Americans, even though some other minorities throw us under the bus(as you said, Koreans,etc.), other minorities do look to us as role models for breaking down white supremacy.


    1. I read part of it, and it is amazing how those black servicemen influenced them and they were inspired by the black people here. Sometimes we forget what influence we have over other people, we set trends and everybody else follows. White people know this, and use dumbed down rappers to represent us and that image is broadcast around the world. At some point we gotta replace those images with positive ones and let those represent us around the world. Everybody is waiting for us to light the torch, that is why whites try to keep us on the bottom and give everybody else incentives for stepping on us. They are afraid of blacks uniting with latinos, natives, and Asians. They don’t want another Gullah war, where blacks and native americans teamed up and whooped their ass. At the same time it is annoying that everybody uses our struggles and history for their own agenda, Mexicans have done it, gays have done it with their gay is the new black mess, and white women have done it. Everybody wants to benefit from our sacrifices and deaths but they don’t want to sacrifice or die for it. They just wanna come in when the carnage is done and benefit from the victory.


  18. May I ask why black people become concerned about race and genocide only when black women decide to date interracially or procreate with white men or non-black men? Black men have been marrying and dating white women, who are also the cream of the crop for years at a greater rate than black women have, and I didn’t see an outcry,


    1. Do black people truely believe black men marrying white women or non-black women is a weapon to destory white supremacy, whereas black women marrying white men is giving white men another valueable asset? Do black people really think like this? Because if so this pretty much doesn’t benefit black women at all, to sit back and be mules and maids while black men go and play on the rides. If we were truely concerned about helping our race black men and black women would be fighting together and getting married at high rates. But instead black men have no problem marrying white women into their wealth or white families. So I don’t buy some of this stuff you guys are selling to be hibest.


      1. I believe both black men and women who date/ marry interracially are not helping to destroy white supremacy. The topic of this post is about black women, she has done posts about black men and given her take. You are right black love is the best way to combat white supremacy, but some are asleep and think marrying or procreating interracially will combat white supremacy ,they are wrong. I do see the double standard with the asleep black men that get mad when black women date interracially yet they themselves do it. I leave those type of men alone, they want their cake and eat it too. But most black ppl marry each other, I think we need to work on self love and combating self hate then it would be less interracial stuff going on. How many of us have heard our parents, grandparents, say something that is full of self hate? like good hair, nappy, too dark, etc. If we can minimize those things we get told and don’t pass that mess to the kids then the future generations will be healthier mentally and have healthy black relationships. It is up to the parents to instill love of self and love of blackness in their kids. When they fail to do that the results are that child growing up with self hate and not confronting it and getting with a white person to compensate for it. There are a lot of other things that contribute to it as well, like environment, interests, personality, overlooking the right person, the media etc. We see how the media started showing all this interracial between black men and white women, now they are showing that with white men and black women. I don’t care about either, they show those images instead of the black couples like d wade and gabrielle union, denzel and his wife, Anthony Hamilton and his beautiful dark skinned wife. I ask myself why they do this, why is it the princesses in Disney movies had a prince that was their race but black girls can’t? mulan had an Asian man, ariel had a white man, snow white a white man, but tiana from princess and the frog had an ambiguous looking man that was not black to be her prince, wtf. They don’t show black men as princes we just now got a black princess but no black prince. divide and conquer


      2. That’s true, the problem with interracial relationship or raising biracial children that hate their black child, is culture….AA culture is based on racism or oppression, so why would a biracial child want to be apart of that. They need to be taught their real culture, and surrounded by positive black images, so they’ll see there more than just white people’s former slaves…
        I look at AA art and I see people still painting black men in chains, or having their children taken away, the ColorS are dark, they look lost and defeated…that needs to change! When american blacks get in touch with real culture, and not just trends (style trends), or music (jazz and rock is now white dominated)…interracial relationships will be more positive, less self-hatred, the children will be in touch with their culture, and love their hair, skin etc.
        Then we can stick together, and not be so moved by what white people think…and make our own things, rap and bball are both black dominated but look at the crowd at a bball game the only black ppl u see are celebrities…look the coaches, also mostly white!


      3. Ikr! They never show gabrielle union and Dwayne wade and those are two very famous ppl! I had to find that out by accident online smh, it’s because not TV shows and gossip channels like ‘E!” Are actually run by white women not wm, that’s why you’ll never see bw in loving relationships! I mean even if the BM is a no name if he dates a non bw, it’ll be all over the news! You’ll only see gabrielle and Dwayne on black sites or magazines…
        I don’t watch TV anymore especially after finding out that bw write most of the shows smh


      1. Gabrielle Union and D-Wade were fooling around while he was still married to his ex wife Siovaugn, so I guess is acceptable as long as the two people are black? According to the stats we love (sarcasm) 70% of black women are supposedly single, and 72% have OOW childten, and since we all assume most black women prefer black men, doesn’t that mean black men aren’t marrying black women but are making babies with them?


      2. How do u know they were fooling around? How do u know they weren’t just friends? I don’t see ppl glorifying Alicia keys who was dating Swiss while he was cheating on his wife! You’ll hardly see pics of them and their child!
        Be careful with gossip!


  19. Disney just recently developed a black princess. Brandy had to remake Cinderella for a woman of color to be portrayed as a princess. Black girls are often told by society growing up that we aren’t worthy so we often have to prove our womanhood. Back then black women weren’t even viewed as women like white women, I don’t see much has changed today. So representations of black princesses is needed for young black girls so they won’t feel like they’re even more worthless when they’re basically told that enough with colorism, racism, and sexism. The fact that the frog princess was a darker skin, broad feature black woman with her natural hair shocked me because I thought that would never happen. They love to white wash the images of women of color.

    But seriously, the small representation of black women in interracial relationships and getting married to white men is probably because of the controversy over the years involving black women’s love lives. The discussion about being the least attractive, interracial dating of the opposite gender sans us, and all of these statistics often brought up, I can’t say I didn’t see this result coming. My guess is that black women probably felt betrayed and unwanted regarding black men dating and marrying other races of women. The reason those black women feel like that is because they spent their entire lives being loyal, and defensive towards a group of men who in their opinion has shown them nothing in return. Even putting their own concerns aside as black women in the process of their loyality. I guess black women finally refused to sit back and take the lumps on the head and decided to broaden their options lately. Since most black women prefer black men, including myself, the small representaiton of black women dating interracially shouldn’t intimidate black people, opposed to large amounts of black men wo do it in higher numbers. I guess it took black women doing it for us to finally see something wrong with it **shrugs**

    I honestly think black people, we dug our own hole, and we keep digging it deeper and deeper probably to the point of no return. Have you guys seen some of these popular YouTubers keeping up this gender war mess between black people? I heard it’s no better across seas either, but oh well….


    1. I loved that Cinderella with brandy and whitney, I was young and for a minute from watching that I thought Asians came from white and black rofl. Because the prince was Asian and the king was white and the queen was whoopi.
      Anyway, the gender bashing youtube vids I don’t watch, most of them are whitewashed black men with a white woman and black women with a white man or single trying to hurt them back. I mostly watch hair tutorials on there, and I love youtubers like truewise7[I wanna marry him] and kemetprince1. We need to stop watching those vids and giving those ppl a platform, they are no different than the white trolls that come on blogs trying to derail our discussions.

      As for d wade and gabby I don’t know if they were messing around don’t really keep up with that stuff anymore. As for the stats, they don’t take into account the black women that are lesbian, the ones who don’t want a man, and what is the age group of these women because if they are young like 18-24 they don’t really need to be that serious about marriage anyway at that age. and what does single mean to them when they do these studies about singleness, I have to wonder what their definition of single is. some ppl say u are single if u are not married even if u have a boyfriend. and the kids born out of wedlock, what about the ones who have a baby then get married. http://elegantblackwoman.blogspot.com/2011/03/misleading-statistics-about-black-women.html


  20. @ mstoogood4yall

    “They called me “the angriest Negro in America.” I wouldn’t deny that charge. I spoke exactly as I felt. “I believe in anger. The Bible says there is a time for anger.” They called me “a teacher, a fomentor of violence.” I would say point blank, “That is a lie. I’m not for wanton violence, I’m for justice.” – Malcolm X(El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz).
    Mahatma Gandhi – “Be the change that you wish to see in the world

    As a self respecting black person, these are the two quotes that I try to work by. I see that you,mstoogood4yall, go to Dairy of Negress’ blog and if you are able to see my post under “Ways to be a White Supremacist”, you will see how I evolved from having a weak concept of black pride to being whitewashed to now being a very socially aware Pan-Africanist. In regards to Malcolm X’s quotes(I dont know if you heard that one either), even though this is an Internet forum, hopefully you could clearly see that I am objective person as I try to understand both sides of aisle, I’m not a conspiracy theory black nationalist who thinks that white men are looking down on us from UFOs’ ready to strike lasers at us, I believe that every single human being should be respectful, obey the laws and enjoy their life and as I said before, I know that most black women that have white partners would probably not listen to a black man regarding BW/WM relationships because they feel that I am anti-interracial unions. Well as you, Peanut and any other black female could see from my blog postings here, thats not the case because 1)A portion of my ancestry from a European male 2) Where you find love, you find it and 3) I find black women such as Serena Williams and Bria Myles who had or have white boyfriends to be super sexy . Also, if there is any black female who had or have a white boyfriend/husband that would like to give me a different insight into the dynamics of their interracial relationship, then of course I would love to hear different perspectives. However, you cannot alter facts and truth. And in regard to Peanut’s question about her being involved with white men or getting pregnant and having half-white children, I would really love to hear argument how she would not be arrested or feed into white male privilege. The fact is 2+2=4, smoking is bad for your lungs and as Malcolm X said over 50 years ago and which is still 100% true today, “the white man is the boss”. My common logic tells me you cannot work for the “boss” and then advocate for employees. Lebron James cannot play for the Miami Heat and then take funds from the Chicago Bulls. The conflict of interest is far too great.

    In regards to the Gandhi quote, I hope that by posting on this forum(whether you agree or disagree with me), that my unique ideas on interracial dating,and the complex nature of white supremacy(e.g. how poor whites would always do better than us, how white liberals use us and other groups like the Aboriginals for their own agenda) would continue to be discussed by you,Peanut and others so that we could bring change to Black America. The fact of the matter is this, as Malcolm X said-Negroes are dead. Outside of the few elites(Oprah,Obama,etc.), the few that marry on interracial grounds and move to white areas and the few that are middle class(trust me, being a middle class Negro is like having a bridge over troubled water), the fact is that black people are with the undertaker and in a funeral home right now as we are deeply engulfed in a culture of death. While it is true that all groups of people have their issues, most of the other groups either have individual or isolated problems. For example, yes there are poor white people on individual grounds and yes there are isolated areas of white poverty(e.g. the Applachia region or some of the farmlands of the MidWest). However, a white person could get out of poverty 100 easier than a Negro and we know that the typical white area is not dominated by a culture of death outside of some rare violent event. In the case of black people, every single area than we live in(with the possible exception of Atlanta although Atlanta is undergoing a gentrification process which probably means it will lose some of its black population) whether it is Roxbury in Boston to Georgia Avenue in Washington D.C. to Compton in Los Angeles, it is the exact same thing-High unemployment, teenage pregnancy & out of wedlock babies that come from brothas having 100 babies with 100 different women, schools with textbooks and materials from 1982, problems with the local police department, gangbangers shooting bullets like they are in a battlefield, poor housing & poor health. The fact is that as Negroes- We are like the Sears(Willis) Tower in Chicago in that we have black bodies but our antennas (heads) are so damaged by white supremacy. In other words, by me posting here as well as the other black bloggers doing their thing, we could hopefully bring change because at the end of the day as black folks, we are fighting for our right to live like human beings. For example, as a black man, when I do something right and I get accused of “acting white”(I think thats why Peanut named her blog this title), that means that Negroes could only via biological instinct do wrong. When you, as a black woman, live in a district with crappy schools that get funded less due to so-called “colorblind” funding, if you have children, they get robbed of whatever great potiental(e.g. being a doctor,lawyer,accountant,teacher,etc.) that could have possibly had in them. As I said, I used to be whitewashed which I obviously regret but I realize that for the most part,things happen in life so that it could allow us to become better human beings. My point, we must not be ignorant of white supremacy(which is large like the NYC subway sytem) and we as Negroes need to get out of the cemetery.

    -Also mstoogood4yall, , since you live in Texas, you might be under the illusion that my hometown of NYC is a post racial melting pot. If you have a chance, just check out(Google or Wikipedia) these racial incidents that happened in NYC not some long ago that either involved a mayor talking bad about us or blacks being harmed or killed in white sections of NYC- 1986 Howard Beach race incident(Italian area of Queens, where a black man was killed), 1989 Bensonhurst race incident(Italian section of Brooklyn where a black teenager was killed and where Al Sharpton was stabbed when leading a march), 1992 Guilani police march(This was before he became mayor, led a group of cops, the NYPD being a largely white police force, with some cops saying that David Dinkins, the black mayor at the time, is a “washroom attendant”) 1998 Millon Youth March(cops in Harlem break up a Black Power rally under Guilani mayoral control) 2003 Staten Island racial incidents(black men and black women were attacked in Staten Island, an Italian, Russian and Irish section of NYC) and 2013(Mayor Bloomberg says that the NYPD should target blacks and other minorities more and focus less on whites). As you could see NYC is great for Negroes!


    1. I know yall got it bad in new York I see all the history there of the trigger happy nypd and abagond lives there and talks about his experiences there. I’ve read about the howard beach race incident. A dam shame black ppl can’t walk around without being killed. Texas is crazy too, a town over from ours had 2 incidents where a black high school student was harassed and had a noose left by their car. This is about 30 minutes from me. http://seguingazette.com/news/article_e31dc2d6-526c-11e1-802b-001871e3ce6c.html

      We all deal with this bs no matter where we go the only thing that changes is how subtle or overt it is. Here they have their confederate flags on their trucks and houses.

      ANd I haven’t heard that quote from Malcolm, I do enjoy his quotes and especially his one about integration and used the example of coffee and cream it is very true.
      “It’s just like when you’ve got some coffee that’s too black, which means it’s too strong. What do you do? You integrate it with cream, you make it weak. But if you pour too much cream in it, you won’t even know you ever had coffee. It used to be hot, it becomes cool. It used to be strong, it becomes weak. It used to wake you up, now it puts you to sleep.” Malcolm x.


  21. @ Ebonychic205
    -Even though you did not direct it to me, I will answer your question as you bring up some good concerns and address it from a factual point
    1) I hope I understand your point correctly so that I am not misunderstanding it. I do not believe nor have I ever said that any black person married or involved in an interracial relationship with a white person(whether it is a black man/white woman or black woman/white man) could truly break the white supremacy stronghold,even if they are sincere, because it is a conflict of interest and thats what the author of this blog post(Peanut) is asking.Could she as a black woman being involved with a white man and having half-white children truly break down white privilege and as I said no. Thats the same as me,a black man, being with a white woman becuase lets be honest, I cant scream Black Power because I dont know if you go to Abagond’s blog but the Feelings of White People factor would come into play. However, that is A MUCH DIFFERENT QUESTION than if you asking me if there is an inherent problem with interracial relationships specifically BW/WM unions. As I said, I love Bria Myles, she is a very beautiful dark-skinned black woman and her body is bangin’. Her current boyfriend is white. I still like her and she seems happy with her boyfriend(his name is Sean if Im not mistaken). And as I said Ebonychic205, if you find a white man that digs you, then thats fine. However, the same way you would look at me crazy if I came to you and starting saying “Black Power” and being involved with a white woman, I would also look at you crazy if you told me “I do not want to profit off of white privilege and I totally want to break white supremacy” yet you as a black woman are living in a Downtown Los Angeles loft, with your mixed race children, wearing super designer dresses and high heels that only a white mate could give you? Really
    2) As I said and you are correct that there are more more black men with white women more than black women with white men via percentage. HOWEVER, in terms of absolute numbers, white women overwhelming prefer white men over black men as evident by ONLINE DATING, SPEED DATING, RELATIONSHIP & MARRIAGE STATS. In other words, white people largely date and marry white people and black people largely date and marry black people. So this post-racial melting pot garbage is more media hype and creation than anything in the real world.Black men,even the professional ones, date and marry Black women the large MAJORITY of the time. Think about Ebonychic205, even the brothas that have 1,000 babies, who are they dealing with.(Dont take it as an insult to black women, I just want to point out how much black man & women deal with each other).The brothas, from the ones with 1,000 babies to the professional cat in Harlem, aint dealing with white women on the Upper West Side
    3)Finally, as I said before, while black men deal with white women more than black females deal with white males, remember you have to take into account the strength of the power. While it is obvious to every black person that whites have more power than us, white men are at the top of the power list. Since most black men usually dont deal with the”highest class” of white women, economically speaking also, a black man with a white woman is still powerless.Also black men with white women have one of the highest divorce rates around and as you know Ebonychic205, 9 times of out 10, money gets transfered from husband to wife, not the other way around. So think about this way- Im a middle class black man(I still make less money than a middle class white male because Im handicapped by race), I marry a white woman(she is handicapped by gender and most white women that date black men, as studies do show, are not super high class which make sense because most white women prefer white man) and we get divorced(whatever little money I have as a middle class Negro goes down the drain). On the flip side Ebonychic205, you as a black woman (I dont know if you had or currently have a white boyfriend/husband) have far greater too gain. While you face two individual handicaps(obviously racism and sexism), your white mate(who aint affected by anything) more than makes up for your loss. So your profit is great and because your profit is great, you would not want to lose it by talking any “black talk” As I asked mstoogood4yall, be honest with me Ebonychic205(I dont know where you live) but if you have the opportunity,even if you are not a status seeking or materalistic person, to have a white mate,forget about things that affect black people and move to the suburbs or the downtown district of a city would you truly care if black boys are shot by the police or super gangbangers? You see how you do become an asset into White America?
    4)I have never said that black women being with white men would genocide black people,at least not from a biological or genetic point of view. You probably know this Ebonychic205, but most African-Americans, Afro-Brazilians, and Afro-Caribbeans have white ancestry because of white men/black women having sexual relations during slavery and afterwards and yet, we still show our African ancestry. If you did not read my first post, I have Portuguese ancestry, Portuguese people are just like any other group of Europeans(Germans, Irish, Italians, French, etc.) and I am a dark skinned Negro(I have wavy hair, so people assume that I have Indian in my family, you know a myth that us black folk love to say,lol!).However a black woman with a white man, if she decides to say the wrong things, can genocide black people from a social point of view due to her being a submissive to white male supremacy(remember the strength of white male power) because she does not want to lose that amazing house in the suburbs or the great apartment in downtown. For example, Ebonychic205, you have a white mate and he is the head of a local police department. He decides to use a Frank Rizzo 1970’s Philadelphia Police Department style or a Rudy Guiliani NYPD tactic and somehow, black people magically have more problems with the police department(as if we need more). He gives a press conference, and says “my department and I are not racially harming black people because my wife is black and I have black children, so I’m colorblind”. You agree. The police tactics continue and more Negroes either get harassed, go to jail or get shot while you enjoy your $500 dinner. Let the genocide begin!
    You may not agree with me but I hope you see my point of view


  22. @mstoogood4yall
    If you go on YouTube, you gotta check out Malcolm X-White Guilt Complex. Honestly while Malcolm was serious, he truly was a comedian,lol!

    -He implies that Dr. King tells black people to love white people and yet whites put dogs in the street to harm black people and throw him(Dr. King) in jail and we the NOI(Nation of Islam) are telling black people, not that they should harm whites, but just focus on building up our selves(as his previous quote said-we are not anti-white but the white man is the boss) yet the whites accuse of us of being black supremacist. So anywhere the Negro goes, whether being a ready to forgive whites”Christian” integrationist or a radical black nationalist, he must run into some problem as it seems like whites want to have their cake and eat to it too. That statement had me dying!

    -In fact,mstoogood4yall, Malcolm X was quite.Even when we integrate and intermarry, we are still at the bottom of human standing. I dont know if you but there is a black population in England(mostly Afro-Caribbeans like Jamaicans, Trinidadians,etc.) and Africans(Nigerians, Ghanaians,etc.) who mostly live in the big cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham,etc.Since the black population in the UK is not as large as in the U.S., you could probably figure out from common sense that alot of black people intermarry and have children with whites(due to raw human theory, there just is not alot of black people in England). If Im not mistaken, they say that about 40% of black men have white partners and 35% of black women do in England.And some of my black friends that are from England told me it 100 times more common to see a black man with a white woman and just as frequently a black women with a white man than it is here in the States(from my own observation of living in so-called post racial New York as well as statistics, it is true that interracial couples are more predominant in England). So @mstoogood4yall, you think since black men are lovin white women and black women get a little less but for the most part, the same amount of attraction from white men, you think England is a post-racial utopia,right? If only!

    Type in this, Google or Wikipedia these
    Brixton riots-Brixton is to London what Harlem is to NYC or South Side is to Chicago, its where the black people live. There have been four during riots in this area since 1981, the last one was in 2011, involving black people dealing with the MP(the London police department) and racism within the London police system
    1993 protest- A young black man from Jamaica was killed by a gang of whites in London and if Im not mistaken(you could check out the details to see if Im on point), and the London police department could not find the killers for nearly 15 to 20 years(they recently caught the killers). After this case, reports came out the London police system, not different than the NYPD, does have racial issues to deal with regarding Afro British citizens
    -More black British people are unemployed than African-Americans. Say what?
    -Black people in the UK, even with their mixed race offspring, are the least satisfied out the British population
    -More black people are in jail in England

    My point is while you do have to consider that Black Britons are less big than Black Americans, they have integrated and intermarried and guess what? Same bull!

    Also @mstoogood4yall, Peanut already mentioned this website(Afroerotik) on her blog, so you probably know of it but if you have not read this-White Submissive Men. I honestly got to say it blew my mind to the 1,000th degree


    1. Oh Malcolm x spoke truth in that vid, lol, love that he said mlk teaches us to love white ppl yet they sick dogs on them. That just shows me how even when mlk was all about peace they didn’t care, and a white man killed him. Now he dead now they want us to look at him and be peaceful rofl.
      That is crazy they had like 4 riots, 3 in Brixton. It is crazy they have sus laws which is their version of stop and frisk. I think I remember some of the case about the black man being killed by a group of whites in London, I heard about it a couple years ago but can’t remember what website. I love afroerotik, I read part of her white submissive posts, its creative the way she takes the story and flips it to where the white person becomes the submissive one and begs the black dom. The one where she wrote about the thirst white man and she made him go to church and pray to black jesus was funny to me. I love her other work more though. *goes off to see if she has anything new*


      1. Exactly. I agree with Malcolm x. Dr. King’s beliefs were too passive on a racially violent White AmeriKKKlan. Malcolm X was right, integration does NOT work thus I am against dating and sexing White people. We need to love our own people and sticking together.


  23. @B.R.
    You are right, Black marrying Whites, Blacks are still at the bottom. We never learn do we? Lol.
    I mentioned this in my post above about Blacks being very comfortable with interracial romance and are at the bottom of British society, Other non-Black races stick to their own kind, as a whole, are against interracial romance and these communities are financially and culturally very strong.


    1. You can’t generalize the WHOLE BLACK race, this is more of a thing for westernized black, and most of the black ppl in the UK are carribbean black men (why is that?) Nigerians and other Africans in general stick to each other
      And in the US the most common irr is Asian women and White men, they just never publicize it–cuz ww control the media, so they only show BM with non bw to make u feel undesirable…


      1. You do make an good point especially about the most common IR pairing being white men and Asian women. As I said, most blacks do date and marry other blacks. However, they doin the interracial love in the UK and the Negroes are still dead. Neverthless good point. btw, from your username, do u live in Toronto? How big is the black community there?


      2. I’m from Toronto I live in the stupid suburbs now…
        Most of the BP there are children of immigrants mostly: ethopian, Eritrean,Somalian, Jamaican, Trinidadian and Nigerian.
        They stick together and they’re nice, I don’t have problems with them at all. I could be cuz they’re more connected to their culture, so media brainwashing doesn’t affect us thaaaat much, but I think things will change with the next generation…I just have a feeling…


      3. Oh okay. One day,circumstance willing, I would love to go to Toronto for the Caribana Carnival up there as I said my family is from Trinidad. If you dont mind me asking, are you also of Caribbean ancestry? Your feelings to a degree are right. Im a first generation Afro-Caribbean New Yorker and I was super whitewashed-You know bashing black women(ghetto trash), bashing black men(lazy gangbangers), bashing black people in general(get off welfare),not associating with my Caribbean heritage and tying to be more “American”, using my “good hair” and saying I probably got in Indian in my family or I’m a Creole(since my mother is of Afro-European ancestry, I am genetically mixed but I hope you get my point of me trying to not associate with blackness). I did all of the Uncle Tom things and I got a RUDE AWAKENING from White America. So yes, all it takes is one generation to become brainwashed. Thankfully, I woke up!


      4. I actually want to go the Caribana Carnival, I’ve seen on YouTube, and looked fun….I miss eating Jamaican food in Toronto smh I think we had one near my house but the Asians probably took over! Again!
        I live in a mostly Asian area, but go to school in another town that’s mostly white and I think you’d love Toronto it’s very diverse and accepting. The other black ppl in my classes were always jamaican or Trinidadian.
        We were all brainwashed when we were young, in Toronto there was hardly any WP (or chinese ppl) so I didn’t face much racism, cuz we were all what you’d consider minorities….until I moved to an Asian neighbourhood, I didn’t realize they were racist in my neighbourhood cuz I was going to a private school a lil away then Iwent to a public school….woah! Whites and Asians must be related, because there like whites, but the whites of the past, since they haven’t learnt how to be PC…they’ll even say the n-word in ur presence, especially the women were racist towards me, but the men were nice and a few liked me….maybe that’s why the women were always making racist jokes about bw in front of me! Hmmm, what do u think? But the men were equally racist especially the dark Indians and Chinese, the lighter skinned Pakistani and this mixed white and Sri Lankan both had crushes on me,..they would say racist things about BM, idk y? They thought maybe cuz they think bw only go with BM, that cuz I was being nice to them, I disliked BP…when I’d report them for saying racist things (usually at lunch when the teacher wasn’t there), they’d be like “why is she so upset, we weren’t talking about her?!” But I’m black! Lol
        I’m Nigerian born and raised in Canada (Toronto), I went to Nigeria for most of middle school (5th to 7th grade) then came back…I’m going to be in 11th grade this month


      5. @ Mrs. Ocean-Graham(Toronto Girl)

        Interesting to hear from you, as a black female about how life is in Toronto and how for the most part, you do like your hometown. Since I have never been there and dont have any family/friends in Toronto, I dont know much about the city. I heard about a black area called Jane & Finch, thats about it. Despite the diversity,are the neighborhoods in Toronto segregated?I ask because for some reason, the so-called “multicultural cities” like NYC,LA,Chicago and such usually have the deepest race relation problems. For example, my hometown of New York City falls into that zone. I dont know if you have ever been to New York or have any family or friends living around here but New York is a joke. On one hand, as a young black professional(Im 25 yrs old and I work in healthcare), New York does have an environment where I could interact with fellow professional Afro-Americans in the black sections of New York City like Harlem and the Brooklyn districts like Bedford-Stuyvesant, Downtown Brooklyn(these neighborhoods are quickly becoming white though!). Even though I have associates from different backgrounds, most of my friends,especially my close friends are also black and they are either African(Nigerian, Ghananian) or West Indian(Trini like myself, Jamaican,Grenadian,etc.). So due to the fact that NYC has a large black population, we could always find a venue(dancehall,museum event,lounge) that would cater to our background where we could hear some reggae,soca and hang out. HOWEVER, if you think NYC is a place where cultures mix and sing kumbaya and We Are The World, you would be highly mistaken Toronto Girl(This was the trap I fell for when I was younger, being “colorblind”). New York in reality is a very racist, class based city in which the inequalities between whites & blacks are so obvious that even a blind man could see. The white groups such as the Irish,Italians, Jews, Russians and yuppies control New York.As I mentioned to mstoogood4yall, and if you visit Abagond’s blog, New York has a history of racial tension that sometimes gets glossed over,especially around the timeframe when I was born in the late 1980’s when two racial incidents happened in the Howard Beach and Bensonhurst districts of the city(both are Italian areas where black men were killed). In fact, you ever saw the TV show”Everybody Hates Chris”, he talks about taking the B44 bus line(one of the transit bus lines in Brooklyn) and going to those Italian neighborhoods and getting hurled racial slurs at him. In fact, if you read about or go on YouTube and view the marches that Al Sharpton had in those two areas(he got stabbed and was nearly killed in Bensonhurst in 1991 by an angry white male who put a knife in his chest), the Italian residents of those areas all lined up and started to shout racial slurs and language at the black protestors. Remember, this is so-called diverse and multiracial NYC, not some southern town! If you read Diary of a Negress, she also posted information on black business owners having problems in NYC.While racial tension has improved in NYC to some degree, there are still parts of NYC(usually white areas dominated by the Italians, Russians,etc.) that are still on the pepper side of things.In other words, NYC is just as segregated and racist as Alabama and if you ever come to NYC,TorontoGirl, the same NYC subway train(the Q subway train for example) that could take you from the area where you could be hanging out with your fellow Nigerians and a couple party hard West Indians could also take to an area that makes the racist white folks in Mississippi look like first graders!
        -I expect that the Indians and East Asians(Chinese,Japanese,etc.) would also hold extreme anti-black beliefs. Remember TorontoGirl, the system of white supremacy revolves around the “white is right” idea so, if they have a chance to side with whites and get a closer affinity to them, they would. Its kinda weird because both groups did suffer under white supremacy as the Indians were under colonalism, which Gandhi helped them fight against, and many Chinese people here in America did face white racism(e.g.a Chinese guy named Vincent Chin was killed in 1982 by two white men who if Im not mistaken, were given light sentences) however when you find an opening to “assimilate” into the white world, people(including our fellow Uncle Tom Negroes) will do it. Good to know you doing your school flow because we need more educated Negroes to break the chain of white supremacy. Hopefully one day, I will see Caribana and I might even go up in the CN Tower!


      6. Lol you’re right! That’s the same thing I noticed I don’t live in Toronto anymore, I live in the burbs, and they’re extremely racist! And you’re right, it’s just a bus ride away!
        Same thing as me too, I’m surrounded mostly by Nigerians/Ghanaians and trinidadians/Jamaicans…
        Canada is the same way as the US, were just quieter about it…I tried telling my teacher about the racist things my classmate say, and she kept asking “is that sure what you heard” “and what about that offends you” like it’s pretty obvious why that’s offending and she acted like she couldn’t believe me…that’s because they don’t do it when she’s around…
        Another thing is WHITES STILL CONTROL EVERYTHING…it’s even worse than the US in that matter, you see the reason I thought Toronto was less racist growing up was because everyone was a minority in my school, and the whites were the minorities in my classes…the only whites I met in Toronto were mixed or Southern European.
        It’s scary cuz all the whites live in the REALLY rich neighbourhoods like Bel-Air! You’ll never see a full white in the cities! I wonder how they ended up there! So like u said, though it seems multicultural at first, it’s because they got all the minorities doing the lower class jobs, while they control everything…
        It’s scary, really scary, like ALL of them live in the rich neighbourhoods…when I was in Nigeria some afro-Canadians from Calgary said they didn’t like Canada cuz the WP were racist! I was like what?! Until I went to a public school in my area with Asians smh
        P.s. the Asians are trying to take over black countries now, they’re pulling out guns in west africa cuz I think they found gold…half of the Jamaicans in my school are of Chinese descent too…they’re the Next White People…
        And you’re from Trinidad! That’s so cool! I have a question caribbeans are very mixed right in general? And do u know how whites are there, is it similar to the US/Canada? and Toronto is more blended I mean u have your little Italy etc but they’re still close…Drake (the rapper) said that in the US it’s like a block away and it’s like u go from white side of town to the black side of town…
        P.S. PLZ TELL ME MORE ABOUT NY I LOVE IT! And I want to go to Caribana too, for the food mostly, I’ve seen youtube videos (ThatDudeMcFly–he’s a Jamaican-Canadian and he’s cute..lol wait you’re a guy lol)


      7. Lol Jane & Finch that’s where ppl get shot!! Wow, u only know that? That area is so dangerous, it’s like the ghetto…and I heard from my mom, I’m Nigerian btw, that Toronto is getting more dangerous same thing with NY…I remember when I was in school earlier this year, there was always a new story about white NYPD officers shooting unarmed black children, both male and female…why are the cities becoming so dangerous now? I mean cities were never the safest places but still


      8. @TorontoGirl

        -Lol, good to know that you saw the same pattern in your so-called “mulitcultural” city also. What I learned is that we as black people are very ignorant about how white supremacy truly functions. Im probably sure TorontoGirl that people told you at some point in your life, that racism is about fear and ignorance. Also, if you go to Abagond’s blog, he made a post about “What he learned about dealing with whites” or something like that and it confirms what we see. When I was in my “lets forget about color” and “its not about race” stage,thats when I first went out into the Eurocentric world and started dealing with whites. What I noticed was that they did not necessarily fear me and to some degree, they dealt with black people(whether they had black classmates, or associates or they probably even dated a black person). And they still would say or ask racist questions like “Do black people all play basketball?” or “You act white, you dont black” and so forth. Then I AWOKE. I realized that if a white person has a black classmate or their boyfriend or girlfriend is black, then ignorance and fear cant be the answer. OH NO. Trust me TorontoGirl, white people aint racist because they are ignorant, white people are racist because they are SMART! They know the value of their whiteness and how it elevates their human standing over us. After that I started to dig deeper into understanding racism and white supremacy and it blew my mind.

        -White supremacy has deep ties to capitalism(Just google global white supremacy & capitalism) and you could see how us as black people as well as the Native Americans, Aboriginal Australians, Maori in New Zealand and the Native Hawaiians have been crushed by this system.
        -Speaking of the Aboriginal Australians, I gave mstoogood4yall this link about how black people inspired the Aboriginal Australians to fight against white supremacy in Australia(guess what TorontoGirl, the Aboriginals got skeptical of the white liberals, you know the so-called helpful white people, being involved in their movement) http://www.kooriweb.org/foley/essays/essay_1.html
        -I found the article White Submissive Men on the black sexuality blog Afroerotik(Peanut has mentioned it on her blog also). It blew my mind to the 1,000th degree of how deep sex and race really is. In other words, white people dont like us but want to have sex with us? Really?
        -I read an article called Iceman Inheritance. It is written by a white man who describes a possible genetic cause behind white supremacy
        In other words, TorontoGirl, never again will I be “colorblind”. I got way too much information for that to happen again!

        -I knew that Chinese people were coming to Africa but I thought it was for the better,guess not. Interesting to hear that report. Im born in NYC but my parents are from Trinidad. The population of Trinidad is mostly Blacks and East Indians(from India) but there is still a white minority there(the French, the British who remained after colonial rule ended, the Germans, and the Portuguese immigrants like my grandfather). There are successful middle class black people in Trinidad but of course, the finance and money resources still go through white hands! So the white people in Trinidad are like the whites in places like South Africa. They are the minority(not the majority as they are in the USA or Canada) but of course, the world still revolves around them. I dont know how deep you got into biology or human genetics but most Afro-Caribbean people, depending on the island, are usually a mix of Afro-European ancestry(due to slavery when white men had sexual relations with black women)with the African ancestry being dominant.For example, Im a dark skinned Negro even though I have partial European ancestry.Sometimes there might be an Amerindian(the people they call Native Americans here in the States) and in other minor instances, there could be an African with East Indian or African with Chinese mixture. Its similar to African-Americans, if Im not mistaken, who are 80% African ancestry and about 20% European. I read an article on Wikipedia about Afro-Brazilians and they gave information about the ancestral components(both African & European) on the black people that live in Brazil(btw Toronto Girl, our black brothers and sisters in Brazil are suffering too)

        -There are a few areas of New York that are integrated but for the most part, unless it is a super rich black person or they are in an interracial relationship with a white person, rarely would you see blacks in the white areas of New York(Staten Island, Bensonhurst, Howard Beach, Upper West Side,etc.). Yep, thats melting pot New York, the problem is that black people get cooked in the pot. In other words, different cities(New York & Toronto), same bull for black folks. The white folks rule and we are just at the bottom.


      9. “Im probably sure TorontoGirl that people told you at some point in your life, that racism is about fear and ignorance.”
        Yes! And I used to believe that, until I realized that not acting like a stereotype (which I naturally didn’t) wasn’t going to change how they viewed blacks, they’d just seem me as an exception to the rule and a “safe black” they’d go and ask all these racist, rude questions too and get away with it, cuz like u said I’m “not really black” smh…so I just ask naturally around them, I usually try to avoid them especially ww they’re covert racists and they’re actually very violent…they’ll push the african girls in my school and they never move out of the way, until I stepped on their toes! (This is mostly the white looking mexicans if u know what i mean) Taught them well! The bus monitor always let’s the white girls skip line, they’ll just come smiling and hell let them cut in front of me, they’re nicer to the Russians (whites in my school are mostly Russian)…while they get very violent with the blacks there was one time the bus monitor kept pushing his arm on my neck, while I was standing there still…just so the whites could pass…I prefer when they use student monitors cuz they’re usually not white and more fair…can u tell me why guys are nicer to ww than other women?
        That’s why I don’t get upset with trolls, cuz I know the Real Racism is about power! All these “white women beauty standards” are just false and a distraction, cuz now they want bw features smh
        I love your comments! You’re opening my eyes!
        How do u feel about rap music and do u think its affecting the minds of the next generation…that’s why I’m seeing such a huge difference between guys my age and guys only a couple years older…
        I used to try be colorblind and fair, until I realized not seeing others colours doesn’t stop them from seeing yours…
        I want to go to Trinidad, I’m tired of Canadians messed up weather, two years ago it snowed until June, then the year after that it didn’t snow at all and when it snowed a lil then it’d rain..it’s gotten better, but I miss the heat!
        What’s your favorite Caribbean food? And why did u think Asians going to Africa was a good thing?


      10. -Thats what I mean TorontoGirl. As black people, our understanding of racism is so shallow, that we believe that saying “We Are The Human Race” and “We Are A Melting Pot” is going to be helpful us. Ok, we are the human race but the problem is other humans profit off of black people and throw us under the bus. Yes, we are a melting pot but black people get cooked in it and get deep fried. As I said in another post on this blog, Im a REALIST! I see how the real world functions and as black people, it is definitely not to our benefit.

        -Rap music is a joke now. I dont know if you know this TorontoGirl, but hip hop was actually an off-shoot of the Black Power movement. If you listen to early hip-hop from the 1970’s to the early 1990’s(especially during the 1980’s), alot of hip hop stars did indeed talk about the problems in the inner city(and no, they did not glamorize being a thug and hustla, they rapped about trying to make a difference) and how black people could empower themselves against white racism(I dont know if you heard of a group called Public Enemy but thats one example and people like Ice Cube when he was younger). However as rap music got more mainstream and more white artists(e.g. Vanilla Ice, Enimen,etc.) and other non-blacks came into the fold, it lost its original message. Its nice if non-black people like rap and its nice to know that it became international, but I hope you see TorontoGirl, how something that was supposed to help black folks, once it got “integrated”, it lost its meaning(Which group of people own the recording companies,wink wink, cause its not Negroes!) Now you have rappers that promote black on black violence(since you are younger than me, I dont know if you remember the East/West Coast rap wars of the late 1990s), degrade women,especially black females, promote materialism, promote drug use and lower moral standards for society. Just like other black music styles like R&B and reggae, it went from black empowerment(e.g. Bob Marley with Get Up Stand Up or Marvin Gaye’s Whats Going On) to folks singing a bunch of crap. Dont get me wrong TorontoGirl, there are still rap artists that will talk about how to improve life in Jane&Finch or the South Bronx here in NYC, just dont expect them to make the Top 100 like Lil Wayne or Nicki Manji.

        -My favorite overall Caribbean food is jerk pork, that Jamaican people make but from my own Trinidadian cuisine, it would be roti(its like a thicker version of a taco). I thought Asians coming to Africa was a good thing because I thought it was based on mutual economic partnership, I did not think it was a smaller version of European colonialism.

        -Im glad to know that Im opening your eyes. As I said before, at one point, I was a whitewashed Negro. While I do regret that I was whitewashed, I realize that everything that happens in life could be a valuable teaching experience. Maybe I needed to fall into that “We Are the World” garbage and deal with white folks to see how deep and twisted racism and white supremacy truly is. To be honest TorontoGirl, my deepest regret is not that I became whitewashed(a black person becoming whitewashed in America,Canada or the UK is like a thin person becoming obese living near McDonalds, its very easy) but that I was beginning to see the signs like the segregated districts here in New York or the fact that black people have lower quality of life outcomes than white folks and I let the liberal white(its not race, its economics) and the integration lovin black folks(racism is not that bad!) throw me off course. At this point in the game, its about the truth. Hopefully, you could see from my postings here, I believe in obeying the laws, respecting others and no, Im a not a conspiracy theory black nationalist who thinks white folks are on UFOs trying to get us,lol! And in regards to Peanut’s question about black people,especially black females, being in interracial relationships, I have said true love is hard to find and if someone who is not black might indeed be your soulmate, then fine. However, as black people, our argument in trying to break down white supremacy should not be derailed by “its reverse racism” or “thats black supremacy” or for the Negroes who found “white love” coming and telling us that love is colorblind. As black folks, we should not be falling for these foolish statements. Thats my point. White supremacy is like dealing with scorpions. Not every single scorpion is deadly but every single scorpion has a tail and some poison. So even when the so-called helpful white folks come and deal with us, they still profit from being white. For example TorontoGirl, how many of these “We are the World” white liberals do you see coming into Jane&Finch trying to address drug dealing problems or black on black crime. Oh wait, they too also live in the rich white zones! Speaking of black on black crime, when black organizations try to help black youth, why is that not on the front page of the Toronto newspapers. Oh wait, blacks helping blacks as we realize that we are also functional human beings and not relying on whites for help, thats totally black supremacy! You see TorontoGirl, as a young black female, you have already seen how your so-called multicultural hometown of Toronto is nothing more than a white dominated city with black people literally dying in Jane & Finch while whites and others profit off our suffering. So Im glad to know that your eyes are being opened. No disrespect to you if you are Christian, but as Malcolm X implied “Its nice to sing and pray and go to church and talk about mystery worlds but I know for a fact that I have one life on this Earth and right now, the white people are in heaven and the Negroes are in hell”.


      11. “Yes, we are a melting pot but black people get cooked in it and get deep fried”
        Agreed…do u also realize that whenever there’s a positive Main Street rapper he’s white (even though he may suck at rapping) I really hate how they ruin everything, even soul music with boring Adele and Joss Stone when Lianne Le Havas should be more famous, she sounds better!

        “Oh wait, blacks helping blacks as we realize that we are also functional human beings and not relying on whites for help, thats totally black supremacy”
        Yeah like the white celebrities helping Africans and one of the photos on fb said “like if you’re not racist” smh
        You know Madonna stole her black baby from africa! I just remembered seeing her in a video taking the baby away and the mother and a group of women chasing her! And she’s just there smiling! They only reason they adopt black babies is because they’re cheaper and faster to adopt but most of it is illegal…at least to me…this one white actress I forgot her name hired a black nanny to take care of her while she was on the phone talking on the street and the nanny was rolling the stroller of the black adopted baby smh the nanny looked miserable!
        I personally know more black ppl really trying to help africa and their not getting money or fame off of it! I don’t get it, they come for a couple of days and give them water and food, then what happens when these white celebs leave….they just go back to poverty!
        Sorry, this really annoys and angers me! Especially when ppl glorify them as heroes or smth. Like aww, she’s so caring! Like they’re celebrities, they have an image, it’s not really about caring cuz if they cared they’d focus they’re whole career on it
        I DON’T LIKE MUSLIMS BECAUSE THEY RAPE YOUNG EAST AFRICAN GIRLS IN THE NAME OF ISLAM, THEY’RE PEDOPHILES WITH MULTIPLE WIVES…70% of EGYPT IS UNDER 30 YRS OLD! Islam is sexist too! I don’t like these Arabs, they’re sexy…but still lol! The grocery store I went to in Nigeria was owned by a Lebanese man who ended up being a supplier for terrorists and they’re many muslim/Christian wars in Nigeria! I see Jews as terrorists too! You should see what they’re doing at Gaza Strip! And the US is funding it all smh, while their country reminds in a recession! The Israels have these huge guns while the Palestinians have rocks, even if the Palestinians reads the bible, they don’t care!


      12. @ TorontoGirl

        -Thats my point. We as black people have been conditioned to think that we could only do well once we are around whites or that we need whites for reliance(the irony TorontoGirl is that once we start accepting help from whites with things such as welfare and affirmative action, then they complain that we have it easier). We need to understand that as black folk that we are indeed human beings that could function on our own. You make a good point about more blacks helping Africa than whites. Which obviously makes sense. Many of my Nigerian, Ghanianian and other African friends keep in touch with their family members and are indeed in tune with what going on with Africa. However as u stated, is this on CNN or WorldNews.No! But when a celebrity,usually a white celebrity, goes to “save the African savages from themselves”, then everybody jumps on board.Bull! Do you remember last year, there was the big Kony 2012 campaign that rocked social media like Twitter & Facebook via its YouTube feed. At first, I thought it was a positive thing but of once again,a superior white man must the Africans from themselves. Another irony when whites tell us to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps, when our black leaders do that they immediately get called a reverse racist or a black supremacist. For example TorontoGirl, whether you like Louis Farrakhan and Robert Magube(the president of Zimbwawe) or not, they have helped black people to increase their wealth thus creating stronger communities(even though capitalism is bad because white supremacy runs on it, we as black folks still need money to build our communities up). For example, Farrakhan was advising the blacks in Detroit(in case, you dont know the city of Detroit, which is a largely black city, is going bankrupt, on ways on how to buy empty lots or vacant building thus creating a sense of ownership in the area. In Magube’s case, he is one of the few African leaders that has prevented Europe from coming back and “buying” Africa since he become president in 1980(33 years of rule). Yes, like any president, he and his government has its flaws but if you read the non-mainstream news you would see that the economy of Zimbwawe has held steady(lets see if China gets in these,lol!). My point is as black folks, we need to stop listening to these white owned media outlets that only care about using us, and really get a more critical understanding of this racial/white supremacy issue. In regards to the other groups that you mentioned, I dont know if you read Dairy of a Negress but as she said, black people have no friends. I agree 100%.


      13. Yeah, I don’t watch TV anymore (plus I go to a boarding school and the new dorms don’t have TVs) so I watch online black shows like Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae, she has lots of funny black shows on YouTube that she creates. She’s a great writer…
        And the president of Zimbabwe, I believe he’s the one that started the all-black stock market for Africans to trade within themselves, that’s smart! Africa is so rich in resources yet we’re not as rich as we could be.
        I mean in Nigeria we have lots of oil but we don’t have 24/7 electricity because we give most of our oil to the U.S! Smh, there is too much greed in our countries! Nigeria used to be the agricultural centre of the world, my mom told me, I also remember once she also said, “the problem with Africans is we don’t know what we have!” It’s sooo true, we have African descendants who dislike the dark skin that they were born in while others are spending so much money to achieve, the same dark skin that helps them age well they’re trying to bleach! I know ppl close to me who bleach, it’s sad, and it’s a huge issue world wide, in Asia too! And the asians are profiting from the weave industry (trillion dollar business) but the funny thing is ww spend much more than that on surgery to get full lips and high cheekbones (black female traits)! and i go into a mall, and its like every guy looks black now lol! I’m surprised they don’t bleach in Canada or the U.S or maybe it’s banned idk…
        Can u give me advice on how to help support other blacks and strengthen our community? I’m thinking of moving back to Toronto, cuz I don’t think we have a black suburbs…and I miss the city and I want to shop black.
        Right now I watch black shows online, and have a page promoting black beauty ( http://www.weheartit.com/CloudSurfer73 ) after I realized most of the ppl on the site (weheartit, similar to tumblr) were white and it was hard to find a black persons picture even when I looked at some black ppls pages it was mostly WP or ghetto black ppl, nothing signifying pride in our culture…what else can I do?


    2. Exactly, I believe it is a step down for a Black woman like me to date White men. It will ruins my future children’s genes for good! Plus Whites are our enemies anyways, what is the use of dating them.

      I am a Black girl of Jamaican descent and I believe in sticking to my own kind and continuing making beautiful Black kids.


      1. @Adeen

        Good to know you show your black brothas the love. I hope you dont get tempted by the allure of the loft in Midtown Manhattan, the 1,000 dollar high heels and the escape from the “jungle” of Black America that white men would try to win you over with,lol!


  24. @Ellis

    We have jungle fever and yet we still live in the jungle(meaning we aint living like human beings but as animals) Negroes,aint we funny!


  25. @ B.R.

    The twofer myth about affirmative action hiring and non-white women has been disproven by Sokoloff and Sanchez-Hucles. Sokoloff writes in “Black women and white women in the professions: Occupational segregation by race and gender, 1960-1980” that “black women in no way reached parity with black men in either group of the professions” she debunks the myth of the “twofer” (the notion that black women are double,counted in affirmative action statistics, as black and as female, providing measurement .” Sanchez-Hucles disproved the myth in “Jeopardy not bonus status for African American women in the work force: Why does the myth of advantage persist?” published in American Journal of Community Psychology, 1997


    1. @The Alchemist

      Very interesting information that you provided here, I will definitely look into it. What is ironic is this. When black people create prosperous towns and movements, whites will either use physical terrorism(burn it down,etc.) or some underground movement(war on drugs, gun trade) to kill us. Yet when we integrate, we get blamed for causing crime, increased drug use and they do white flight. Negroes just cant win in this society!


  26. @ The Alchemist

    Thank you, I honestly did not hear about that study. It definitely gave me more food for thought regarding our plight as black people,especially black women. I honestly thought black women did get the double count in school decision/employment agencies in regard to being black and female.


  27. I like this post a lot. Peanut, I have only read your blog before commenting and I can say I am pretty impressed. This is a very well written article full of facts and your insight on interracial dating.

    Personally, I don’t want to have mixed race children at all. I am for the progression and continuation of the Black race. And that means having full Black babies. I don’t want to mix my genes with White men because most of them are unappealing, undesirable, racist, aggressive and disguising. Dating and sleeping with White men is like sleeping with the enemy and supporting White supremacy and racism that runs rampant in AmeriKKKlan and in the media.


  28. @Adeen


    This article talks about how integration with whites harmed the Australian Aboriginals(I use them alot to show how white supremacy also affected others so this takes away from the argument that only black people fail). The article tells how they got screwed up too(high unemployment,alcohol abuse,etc.)

    As I posted earlier, our fellow West Indians have integregated quite well in England and they are still screwed

    Integration looks like being assimilated with snakes,spiders and scorpions for sure!


    1. @B.R
      Exactly, that is why I am against Blacks integrating with White people. Black Americans should have built separate communities and relied on their strength to get by. Integration only ruined the Black Community. We will never be accepted by White AmeriKKKlans, so why integrate with these people?

      Other non White groups should NOT integrate with White devils either. I truly believe Whites are of the devil.


      1. @Adeen,

        After slavery black people created dozens of towns. Many did not survive the Great Depression. Whites didi everything they could to destroy them. The used fire, refused to allow the trains to stop at the towns so the selves of the general store went empty, poisoned wells, etc. Between 1865 and 1915, approximately 50 years after the Civil War, there were at least 60 Black Towns settled in the Nation. With more than 20, Oklahoma led all other states. We were not always integrationist.

        …”Prominently in Kansas, then principally in Oklahoma, all-Black towns founded by Black seekers mushroomed in the post-Reconstruction era. Weary Southern migrants formed their own frontier communities, largely self-sustaining. Black towns offered hope-hope of full citizenship; hope of self-governance; and hope of full participation, through land ownership, in the American dream.Despite an auspicious beginning, the all-Black town movement crested between 1890 and 1910…”



    1. @ Adeen

      Im also West Indian(Im Trini) but the plight of American Negroes affects us because at the end of the day, we are all still Negroes getting the life sucked out of us via white supremacy. The reason I mentioned Black people from the Caribbean in England is because the West Indians there did the super integration(you know marriage and sex with whites as around 40% of black men have white girlfriends/wives and 35% of Afro-Caribbean women have white boyfriends/husbands). The sad irony Adeen is that black men still have higher prison rates, black people still have higher unemployment(it is actually higher for Black Britons than Black Americans), the Metropolitan Police Service(the London Police department is no different in race relations than the NYPD,LAPD or Philadelphia Police here in the States) and black people, even with their white partners and half white children, have reported having a lower quality of life than other UK populations. The reason I mentioned it was since you’re Jamaican, I wonder if you have any family members in England(e.g. living in London,Manchester,etc.) because Jamaicans are the largest group of black people,at least those from the Caribbean, in the UK.


      1. @B.R.

        Thanks for the information but I care about Black American issues because it still affects me as a Black American woman of Jamaican descent. You are right that we are all Blacks being sucked out by the White supremacist system. I am Jamaican by the way. I don’t believe in Blacks and Whites interracially dating at all because it is a byproduct of integration and I don’t believe in integration. Blacks and Whites should live separately.

        It is sad that West Indians in Great Britain support integration and I don’t have relatives in Britain but I do have relatives who live in Europe.


  29. -The reason why I posted on this blog was to obviously to answer Peanut’s question about if she, as a black female, could have a white mate and at the same time, not benefit from white supremacy/privilege and the answer is just by common sense, NO. The conflict of interest is way too great and as the black woman, Peanut would 9 times out of 10 become the submissive. The other reason why I posted on this blog is for us as black people to start truly getting a better understanding of the system of death that we are under and how to be critical thinkers to understand our position in the world. The reason I dont usually comment on posts/blogs about black people being in interracial relationships is because the conversation usually ends up being shallow vanity or a firethrowing Internet forum that is not rooted on these two sociological facts

    1)Most people,regardless of race, date and marry people of the same race and this holds true for whites,Asians,blacks,etc. That means are interracial couples are still a very small percentage of coupled or married pairs. In fact, blacks and whites are the least likely union in America.In other words, our focus should be on improving African American relationships and communities instead of discussing the few Negroes that do marry out.From a common sense point of view, its like a doctor focusing on a common cold as opposed to heart disease or cancer.

    2)While I wish anyone who enters into a relationship,interracial or not, nothing but the best of luck(after all, we are all looking for that one special person to be our soulmate), the truth is that the media distorts the reality of how unstable interracial couples are as they painted as “colorblind love models”or “social justice warriors”,which is anything but real. If you look at the fact that black men/white women relationships have the highest divorce rate and if you read these articles, you will see what I mean.

    Here is what we as black folks should focus on(if anyone wants to expand it,feel free). These are 10 questions every self-respecting Negro should be asking

    1)Why is it that after the Civil Rights Movement when there was alot of blacks becoming mayors in major American cities(e.g. Harold Washington becoming mayor of Chicago in 1983 or David Dinkins in 1989 in my hometown of NYC), how come that time was not considered “post-racial”? How is having a black president,which like these black mayors is very limited in what he could do to help African-Americans considered a “post racial utopia”?

    2)Since mayors usually affect change at the local level, how come black mayors did not change the racial heirachy of their cities and why are the black people in these major cities still living in racially segregated and poverty stricken districts?

    3)Why are the three largest cities in America(New York, Los Angeles and Chicago), which are some of the most international and diverse places on Earth and have had black mayors, the cities that have some of the deepest racial inequalities known? Why do smaller scale cities such as Boston, Seattle, San Fransciso, Portland that have so-called “liberal” leanings also places that either a have dark racial past(the Boston racial busing crisis of the 1970s) or have dwindling black populations(San Fran, which is right across the bay from Oakland, a city that has a decent black population, has lost a ton of black residents over the years)?

    4) If its not race but class, why do middle class African-Americans who do not speak “ebonics” and “act white” and have professions such as being teachers,accountants or nurses, continue to live in segregated communities and have less wealth, higher unemployment, higher chances of losing their home, having less choices of having good schools to send their children than their middle class and sometimes poorer white counterparts?

    5) Why is it that black neighborhoods are almost always controlled by non-blacks(white subgroups such as yuppies, Jews, Italians or others such as Koreans)

    6)A common argument is that blacks hold other blacks down.Fair point as there is the light skin/dark skin conflict and black on black crime. However, failure is a result of some self-defeating process(e.g. not studying for an exam and failing) that an individual or group has control over. If black people do not control the media and fashion industry(which glamorizes light skin), the gun industry(how many blacks are in gun organizations), the education system, the healthcare system or the political/legal system, how are we truly holding one another down?

    7) When black folks try to “assimilate or integrate” , there is either white flight or criticism of a program that was intended to correct past discrimination(affirmative action) and we become lazy or welfare queens yet when we separate and try to build up our communities, we become “black supremacists”? Why when black organizations help other blacks to combat teen pregnancy,poor schools or black on black violence, there is no front page newspaper coverage(e.g. Washington Post, NY Times) on it?

    8)If integration is so great, why are our black brothers and sisters in England who did integration to the 100th degree by marrying and procreating with whites still having poor social outcomes(black men in prison, lower quality of life standards). I know nothing is perfect but they should at least be on some level of cloud 9 right? Why did integration fail the Australian Aboriginals, who like us, have suffered under close to 400/500 years of European colonialism of their Australian homeland.

    9)Speaking of the Australian Aboriginals, why do they suffer from higher unemployment, higher prison rates, lower education, poorer health and earlier mortality than White Australians and are also segregated in Australia’s cities(e.g. Redfern in Sydney)? Why are they stereotyped as lazy and government(whether land reform or welfare payments) takers? Why did they become “skeptical” of integration and white liberals and why did their Black Power movement get derailed the same time as African-Americans(late 1970s-early1980’s)

    10)Why is that the Maori(the natives of New Zeland) continue to have poorer social outcomes more than White New Zealanders? Why in a “racial utopia” like Brazil, the Afro-Brazilians and Native Brazilians are the most disadvantaged groups? Why do some African nations like South Africa continue to have a dominant white minority with a black underclass?

    -These are the questions black people should be asking,and not concering themselves with Negroes who either found geninue love with a nonblack person or found the prized “white love” that they so desire. Hope you all enjoyed my post.


    1. Excellente! Especially the last part about South Africa!
      Oprah was asked to go to Nigeria to help and she said no and instead helped build a school in South Africa, after that my mom said she didn’t like her…every celebrity seems to love going to South Africa, even some other blacks (non african–even though we’re all african descents) I met and South Africa is where the white ppl rule…it’s funny how we’re always giving money to the poor blacks while the whites there are living well. Has anyone noticed that? How can foreigners be living better than the natives? Like a look at the black and theyre all poor as f while the whites are living good. And then we have these white kids calling themselves “South African” and all the white people think it’s cool. I look on TV and see them trying to act like natives and wear traditional clothing, but its not natural…all the famous models/celebrities are white…just like in Brazil which I used to think was mostly white…you even have these weird Adriana Limas with her slimy lips and small forehead but they could never be an original… My best friend (Nigerian) and I used to called the country, “Little America” cuz it was full of white people and that’s the place everyone wants to go…then u have these white people, whenever I see smth from South Africa, talking about the native blacks and their culture as if the blacks are extinct or smth. My father told me that South Africa is very dangerous, and I read that it has a very high rape rate, and guess what? Most of the girls getting raped are african! While the whites and their sometimes mixed children are living the good life!
      Again! I heard that there’s no diversity on Australian TV like at all, everyone is white…I’m not surprised the only person I know out of there was probably the wild hunter guy (light brown hair) and Cody Simpson (blonde hair and blue eyes), taking about surfing which was creating by the aboriginals in hawaii but was banned by european because they said it was unchristian like and from the devil smh


      1. @TorontoGirl

        Im glad to know that you could see past the con game that the mainstream media tries to paint on any black leader that is truly dedicated to improving the quality of life for black people throughout the Diaspora. Thats how they fool us. As I said, the white liberals are just as or probably even more dangerous than the white conservatives. As you see TorontoGirl, your hometown of Toronto, like my hometown of New York City, is one of the most international and diverse cities on Earth. Yet as you and I could clearly see, who benefits from that diversity? So while the white liberals will say New York and Toronto are “melting pots of the humanity”, we know that the Negroes are getting cooked in the pot because both NYC and Toronto(basically America &Canada in general) are nothing more than racist white dominated places that suck the life of black folks. I’m glad that you and some of the other commenters on this blog(mstoogood4yall & Adeen) see that point and hopefully as young black people, we could start to be difference makers in our community and transform Jane & Finch, the South Bronx, Roxbury in Boston or South Central in Los Angeles from places of hopelessness to happiness. Now am I saying that you,TorontoGirl, should become a national activist like Al Sharpton and go to the Air Canada Centre and fill the arena with a Black Power speech. Of course not(although you have to admit that would be pretty cool,lol!). However, everybit of activism helps. This is five steps how you, I and any other self-respecting Negro could help black people whether that is America,Canada, the UK, Brazil,etc.

        1)Be respectful, be open of different viewpoints and never be guilty of wanton(wrongful) deeds however NEVER let your argument get distorted.Remember this quote
        They called me “the angriest Negro in America.” I wouldn’t deny that charge. I spoke exactly as I felt. “I believe in anger. The Bible says there is a time for anger.” They called me “a teacher, a fomentor of violence.” I would say point blank, “That is a lie. I’m not for wanton violence, I’m for justice.” – Malcolm X(El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz).
        -As you said TorontoGirl, since you live in the suburbs of Toronto and I live in New York, obviously we have to come in contact with nonblacks(whites and others). Be respectful and obey the laws however as you told me already, you know how they view black people so you know exactly where they stand. When dealing with our fellow black people, remember that black people usually fall into two groups-the integrationists and the black nationalists, so we obviously dont all think alike. And I have no problem with that because different views do help us to grow as human beings. I do respect and I have some friends that are integrationists because not all integration Negroes are Uncle Toms(although all Uncle Toms are integrationists,lol!).Also, some black nationalists are little weird and conspiracy theory based(like Farrakhan believes in UFOs) however FACTS cannot be distorted. And this is the fact, integration has barely helped black folks and white people still dominate the world. So if any white conservative,white liberal or whitewashed Negro(u know, the ones with white partners who say that love is colorblind) comes to say “you are playing the race card”, “thats black supremacy” or “its not about race”, you just say-I’m Black and Proud and I want to help my people get out of the cemetery because they are dead so I dont got no time for that. As I said, when I was younger, I fell for those statements but now its all about the FACTS and ACTIVISM! You cant talk about a “hot” topic like racism/white supremacy and not be “hot and angry” person.

        2)Avoid listening to mainstream garbage and read/learn about things that affect your community

        -I will admit that I do read the mainstream newspapers here in NYC(the Daily News,etc.) but I mostly read newspapers that give information about the black Diaspora(for example here in New York, some newspapers that focus on Afro-Americans/Caribbeans include Caribbean Life and the Amsterdam News). I dont know how many newspapers in Toronto focus on Africans/Afro-Caribbeans but find one and keep yourself aware of issues that affect black people in Canada. Also find blogs(obviously here),Abagond,BrothaWolf, Dairy of a Negress and other black bloggers to keep you informed. Check Facebook,Twitter and YouTube also. Share this information with people you know(your family,friends,etc.)

        3)Develop your talents and do not forget the community that you came from

        -Since you are in high school still(I dont know the Canadian school system so forgive me if Im wrong), start to think about what career path you would like to choose. Would you like to be a nurse, teacher, lawyer, doctor, accountant, social worker,etc. Having a career allows you to stand on your feet so you could develop your human and economic capital. Even if it is not a “sexy” career, anything helps. For example, Al Roker’s (the weatherman) father worked for the NYCT(thats the transit authority here in NYC that runs the buses and subways, similar to TTC in Toronto if Im correct) and the family was able to live in Southeast Queens,a middle class black area here in New York. In terms of not forgetting the community, as you see TorontoGirl, as black people we do not get judged on our individual merits, oh no, we get judged on how “white” we act. Any Negro who tells you that their success is due to mere individualism is full of BS. If it was not for affirmative action or a diversity lawsuit, alot of these Uncle Toms would not even be the positions that they hold. Now it is not always easy because when you are looking for a job, you just want a job anywhere(who could blame you) but instead of becoming that whitewashed black woman working in Downtown Toronto, take your talents to your community. If you become a nurse or doctor, go back to Nigeria and improve the healthcare there or if you become a teacher and stay in Toronto, go to Jane & Finch and teach those black children that they are indeed productive human beings. Since you said it is a rough area(like Bed-Stuy here is in NYC), unless your physical safety is in danger,like gunshots or something, stay there and bring happiness in Jane & Finch

        4)Support black business

        -Does that mean you could never go to Macys for a one day sale to buy those high heels and dresses that are half price off. Of course not. Does this mean you should never step foot inside a Taco Bell or Burger King,no! However, if black communities are going to grow, it must be supported by us! Buy that piece of jerk chicken from the Jamaicans, buy that African movie from the brotha who just came from Cameroon, go to the Trinidadian lady who has a beauty salon. The more we spend within, the less outsiders could exploit us. Also, are things in place to help those businesses grow. For example, does the area have enough patrol officers to stop crime, or is there enough bus service for customers to come to area. Talk about these things and hopefully the community would see what needs improvement.

        5)Its tough but its worth it

        -Understand TorontoGirl, trying to defeat white supremacy and help Negroes rise from the dead is not easy. As I said, the white liberals & conservatives and our fellow blacks who have been whitewashed will be against that “black talk”. Some whitewashed Negroes will forever be in that coma,sadly. However, some whitewashed Negroes will begin to see the truth about racism and wake up(I did). There is a saying- The more things change, the more they stay the same. Thats what white supremacy is, it changes it face but its the same thing-White people on top and black people on the bottom. This is why it is worth it-This is just not for us but if we have children, we will provide them with an environment that says-Black people are human beings that have brains to do stuff and we do not need to be dependent on handouts from white folks that will then say we are welfare grabbers and lazy idiots when we accept it. I was reading an article from a newspaper that was just created here in NYC that talks about issues affecting Black New Yorkers. The article was about a black activist who had recently passed away, he had cancer if Im not mistaken, and was one of the activists that was helpful in battling the New York City school system in the 1960’s with the poor schools that Black children attended here in Brooklyn. He worked with a black nationalist leader named Sonny Carson(Carson died a couple of years ago) who was very militant and wanted change for black people regardless of what white people would say.Since the teachers were mostly White(Jewish) and the community of Central Brooklyn is Black, there was racial tension between the school system and the community. In talking about his life,the newspaper article said that while mainstream newspapers painted him as a “militant black man”, they failed to mention the great work he did in bringing about change in the black community when it came to education. In other words, even though he is now dead, his legacy in Central Brooklyn continues to live on. Thats my point, TorontoGirl, the change we could bring to our community is larger than us and future generations will benefit!

        This is the article if you want to read it,sort of long-http://blackstarnews.com/ny-watch/news/jitu-weusi-got-mad-soul.html


      2. “black people usually fall into two groups-the integrationists and the black nationalists”
        So true! And you sure you’ve never been to Canada (by accident) lol, how did u know about the TTC (brings back memories of Toronto)? Or do u watch Canadian shows?
        Thanks for the excellent advice! I’ve only been around Jane &Finch to braid my hair…I don’t think I could move there! Even when u mentioned it, my heart skipped a beat.
        “jane&Finch, that’s where people got shot!” Is all I remember ppl saying…I love the Malcolm X quote and there is a lot of Nigerians in my church that live near there in Toronto, maybe I could live there but I don’t think so…I do want to take my talents and move back to Nigeria tho. I’m Canadian but I’m actually starting to hate the cold! I want to be able to swim outside any time in the year!
        “So if any white conservative,white liberal or whitewashed Negro(u know, the ones with white partners who say that love is colorblind) comes to say “you are playing the race card”, “thats black supremacy” or “its not about race”, you just say-I’m Black and Proud and I want to help my people get out of the cemetery because they are dead so I dont got no time for that”
        That’s a great response!!! 🙂 in class I notice whenever I used black ppl in my power points the white teacher and classmates seemed uncomfortable for some reason, and I’d see them roll their eyes…whenever u chose your own over them, it’s wahala (that’s african–used in most african countries–meaning trouble)!


  30. I would NEVER have brown kids for a White man for various reasons:
    1) Mixed kids look like washed out versions of beautiful Black children.
    2) Dating, sexing and marrying White men is supporting White supremacy and racism that runs rampant in AmeriKKKlan.
    3) Mixed kids and White people lack the beauty we, Black people have.
    4) Mixed kids have White genes and I don’t want my future children to have genes of a White person or date White people.
    5) As a young, Black woman, I have morals and standards and dating White man is a step down for me genetically, culturally and socially. I am also of Jamaican descent and I want to find a nice Jamaican guy to marry. Dating White men is out of the question and will always be out of the question no matter where I live.


    1. Preach! You forgot to mention they don’t age as well as full black children, but they still age better than whites…as that what these irr parents consider their child having the “best of both worlds” smh…having children with whites, is a step down! I don’t want my children going through all that, they’re skin doesn’t look as healthy, they made get their white fathers big nose, their hair will be frizzy (as WPs hair is naturally) and loose it’s tight curl patterns, they could get freckles and end up looking like an albino! I just don’t want my child to go through all that! I don’t care is ABM prefer light skin women, ABM are just full of self hatred and act like a defeat group of men in general.l.and plus I’m not an duh-merican bla bla black sheep! I’m a Yoruba girl born and raised in Canada…


  31. @ Adeen

    @Mrs.Ocean-Graham (TorontoGirl),

    You ladies really support black love! I just wonder if you ladies will still be tempted by the the big suburban home or in your case TorontoGirl, that high rise condo in Downtown Toronto overlooking Lake Ontario, the $500 high heels and dresses and being “saved” from the ghetto that white men could provide you with!
    Also Adeen, it would help if you expand your pool of black men. Haitians, Trinis, Southern,etc.


    1. I’ve never lived in a ghetto lol! And wm are racist, if they see me being nice to them for some reason they think it’s ok then to talk bad about BM in front of me…it wasn’t until recently I realized that maybe they thought cuz I was talking to them, I didn’t like BM! And why can’t my black husband get me a condo? My uncle has a condo with a theatre in Toronto…hmm! And I do like shoes, lol, I don’t want white men’s twisted power, I just want to be around my people! Whites drain my energy! WM ARE UGLY, that’s it for me…not all BM are poor some are doing very well….my dad has always been his own boss,I have his company name on my iPad case…lol. So no I don’t want to live in the ghetto with some black man! I want a man who could provide for me…
      Plus didn’t u say you’re in the medical proffession? My aunt is in that proffession too, she’s a nurse, and she used to have a maid! So you’re doing well…that’s what I mean by providing! I’m not going to profit from white supremacy and putting down of my fellow blacks! It won’t get the black race far!


      1. @TorontoGirl

        – Nice to know that you love black men. Sometimes when black people get middle class, they have to judge their standards by close they are to whiteness. You know, I got me a white mate and “I made it”. As you said, there are alot of black men out there doing positive things but of course, the media somehow seems to ignore that but when black men are robbers, gangbangers, rappers and such, that gets front page coverage. I found this article about race relations since Obama,a high class Negro, took office-http://dailycaller.com/2013/07/25/race-relations-have-plummeted-since-obama-took-office-according-to-poll/

        -One other point
        The irony about interracial relationships is that people in these relationships get looked at as “race relations helpers” or fighters for social justice. These relationships get painted as heaven on Earth. However, like any relationship, they are bound to have issues and the media somehow forgets to mention these unique facts about interracial unions

        -It is not that common- Living in my so called post racial hometown of NYC, most couples that I see here are same race couples. If I do see an interrracial couple, it is usually White man/Asian woman, as TorontoGirl correctly pointed out, it is the most common IR union. Even with that, most Asians here in NYC hang out and date other Asians. I have seen blacks in interracial relationships here in NYC(I have actually seen more BW/WM than BM/WW, which goes against the stats of BM/WW being more common) but like the other races, most blacks date blacks. From my own common sense, a black person would be more likely to have a white partner if they live in a city like Seattle,Portland or London unless they plan on being celibate or dying alone.And if you look at marriage data, people usually marry someone from their own race. Black and white intermarriage is the LEAST common union in the USA.

        -Interracial unions is more about assimilation into the white world than multiculturalism- Due to their majority status in the USA,UK,Canada,Australia, I would expect that non-white person in an interracial relationship would mostly have a white partner because as I said, they are the largest portion of the national population. However, the online &speed dating trials knock this notion. Remember online & speed dating has no segregation barrier since it is the Internet or face to face. You expect people to be open to dating people of ALL backgorunds. Nope! The Asian & Latina women chose white men to a high degree. It aint about colorblind love, its about white love!

        -The unstability ratio- As we know couples break up and people get divorced for a whole host of reasons so it is complex. However, the fact is that interracial unions do have a higher divorce ratio. As a black man, if I am involved with a white woman, my chances of divorce are extremely high. While BW/WM unions are a bit more stable, they are fewer in number meaning that from a stats point of view, it is more rare. Besides most white women choose white men for mates anyway as documented by online & speed dating measurements and marriage data.

        -How outsiders view our race &culture- I’m a first generation Afro-Caribbean New Yorker and Im close to my Trinidadian heritage. Adeen seems to be close to her Jamaican heritage, TorontoGirl seems close to her Nigerian culture and mstoogood4yall(Im assuming that you are not Caribbean or from Africa) seems Southern. As we get a better understanding of white supremacy, we see that 9 times out 10 it is not about our individual merits or understanding different cultures, OH NO, its how “less threatening” or how “white” you act. I found this interesting article about a black woman of Ghanaian heritage that lives in London(the city where the Negroes are integration mad) and how her dream man would be a Black British man of Ghanaian heritage.She said that having someone that understands her culture is very important to her.Read article-http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2010/oct/28/racism-and-online-dating
        The irony about white supremacy is even if you deal with whites that had nothing to do with slavery, Jim Crow or colonialism, the white supremacy still factors in. For example, here in NYC, the Italians had nothing to do with slavery,Jim Crow or colonialism but if I take the B82 or B44 bus to Bensonhurst, they would make the slaveowners look like saints.

        -The stories we never hear about
        The West Indians integrate in Britain, and yet their quality of their lives is still poor even with their white wives/husbands and half white children-http://www.voice-online.co.uk/article/black-people-least-satisfied-uk
        Its not all peaches and cream-http://politic365.com/2012/08/08/this-week-in-bad-interracial-dating-stories/
        Racists love interracial relationships-http://www.blackstarnews.com/global-politics/global-politics/interracial-relationships-the-delusion-of-post-racial-world.html

        As I said, I wish people nothing but the best whether they enter into an interracial relationship or not however, the media needs to show an objective side rather than painting it as a social justice crusade.


      2. “London(the city where the Negroes are integration mad)”
        Loooooool! That’s sad how nothing has changed for them! Maybe we should stick in our own countries…why are we always going to the coldest countries, were black! Im guilty of this I used to want to live in Switzerland for the chocolate! Our bodies were made for the sun! Thanks for the advice again, I want to go back to Nigeria so I can help my country after I finished university and have done some practice in the field I choose…which is what I know a lot of Nigerians do like my father…
        I don’t think I could work for someone, I need my own space, I don’t like being watched over like a slave…I think I got that from my dad


    2. I never lived in the ghetto but I do live in the suburbs. I wouldn’t be tempted by any White men because they lack aura Black men have. I prefer Black men. I don’t mind dating other races except White men but when I get married, he has to be Black.

      I will never date a White man.

      When I say Black men, I mean Black men of all nationalities but as a Black woman of Jamaican descent, I prefer my own Jamaican men.


  32. @B.R.

    Black women do not benefit in the structures of patriarchy be it from white men or black men. Women of any color to be honest with you benefit from no structure where the primary focus is the livelihood of the male. The civil rights movement didn’t benefit black women, if I’m not mistaking a few sistas from that movement spoke out against the inequality within the movement. Most equality movements formed in the black community are solely centered around helping the progression of black men and not black women. I can find many examples of that. The little success black women have to date is because of the determination black women had to develop on our own.

    That’s why black feminism was formed so that black women’s problems as women AND minorities could be addressed equally. Black progression is more than some competition between black men and white men regarding social repuation or economic gains. When black men and black women marry interracially not just when black women marry interracially but when black men AND black women marry interracially both genders give something back to the white community. Like you said especially if both the brotha and the sista are wealthy, both are marrying into white families their wealth and gains.

    When these black male athletes and entertainers marry white women and non-black women they give them mansions and they supply for their parents. Kobe Bryant, Micheal Jordan, and many others are a prime example. Their white or non-black significant others stay posting pictures of their purchases and riches they profit from their wealthy black husbands. They also post pictures of their mothers and fathers posing besides high price cars and homes brought by their wealthy black spouses.

    Since people still rely heavily on traditional gender roles in relationships, in a interracial relationship regarding black women and white men, the black woman is still the woman and the man is still suppose to be the supplier and supporter. So a wealthy white man married to a black woman, and her reaping the benefits “AS HIS WIFE” is different. Whereas a black man, who is still the man is still considered the supplier and supporter of the family no matter what is giving his riches to his white wife or non-black spouse, which happens moreso often than not.

    I’m trying to see things in ways that benefits black women not just black men because our community rarely addresses the needs of black women.


  33. @EbonyChic
    You are right our Community never addresses Black women’s needs. Well said.

    ”Those traits can be found in all men, you need to see some of the stuff on my blog”

    Yes but moreso in the White race of men. White men are the biggest pedophiles, murderers, rapists, thieves, liars, etc on the planet and that is the truth. History shows you time and time again that White men are the biggest criminals on the planet. As well as more recent events like the bombing in Boston, etc. Most criminals I hear about are White males. There are criminals in other races of men too but White males are the MOST likely to be criminals.

    Plus dating, sexing and marrying a White man is supporting White supremacy! I don’t support White supremacy.


  34. @ Mrs.annette

    peanut did a post about her trip to brazil, she said the Brazilian men were talking to her and one tried to invite them out for drinks. u 48 wow black don’t crack, that is ur body at that age, sheot i’m slacking my body is not like that and im 19 smh.


      1. ikr, I don’t need abs but I would like her arms and a flat stomach. shoet u know we gotta step our game up. we aint had no kids and we don’t look like that wtf. maybe she can be our trainer lol


  35. @Ebonychic205
    Once again thank you for your rebuttal and your opinions as I am getting a better understanding of how black women rarely have their needs met whether it is through the integrationist medium(the Civil Rights Movement) or the more radical medium(Black Power movement). When the Alchemist gave me the information on how black women do not benefit from being black & female in regards to affirmative action, I corrected myself. As I said, I do not want to cause a gender war between black men and black women because it does nothing to improve Black America. From reading your comments Ebonychic205, you seem to be a black woman that has a concern for helping black people raise up from the dead position that we are in to a position of life(better health,jobs, happier families,etc.). As a black man, I do not condone brothas abusing sistas(whether it be physical,mental or going on Youtube and making a bash contest). And you are correct, any Negro that marries interracially, is giving something to the white community and while it is not always the case, 9 times out of 10, they usually become Uncle Toms and Aunt Jeminas. Now if you Ebonychic205 or any other black woman has an interest in white men or you have or had a white boyfriend/husband, I only wish you nothing but the best in your relationship because I do believe that all of us are looking for someone to enjoy life with and be happy with. However this is where you, as a black feminist, and for the black people who support integration(Im assuming that you are an integrationist Ebonychic205, correct me if Im wrong), make their mistake, usually on two grounds
    1) Integration does not produce equality and black men are still socially, economically, and politically lower than white men despite Dr. King’s great speech in 1963
    -You as a feminist are correct that men do have an advantage over women, as for most of human history, men have been the ones in charge. I agree with you 100% on that point. HOWEVER, non-white men(especially me as a black man) will never be in a white man’s category. Think of this Ebonychic205, why in these multiple online and speed dating trials the white,Asian &Hispanic women RARELY to NEVER choose black, Asian and Hispanic men and go for white men. If all men are equal in terms of social,economic and political value, it should be a random assortment of dating pairs. It could be a matter of coincidence or could be that WHITE MEN ARE THE CREAM OF THE CROP! While dating and mating is a complex process, dating and marriage does involve social influences such as money and power which white men have, even if they are poor. You mention Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant(good examples) but the average poor or middle class black man is not even in their category,so thats an extreme. This is the fact Ebonychic205, a poor white man is only limited by the immediate environment(e.g. Applachicia) not by the wider Eurocentric society. When the white immigrants like the Irish, Italians, Greeks, Portuguese and Polish people came to the U.S., they were initially poor and settled in the lower class areas of Boston, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia,etc. However because they were WHITE, they were able to fit in with the other high class white folks here. Thats why the police department(middle class profession) of most of these cities are controlled by the Irish and thats why you have influential Italian mayors(e.g. Frank Rizzo and Rudolph Guiliani) in these cities. A BLACK MAN is limited by his immediate environment and the wider Eurocentric society. If a brotha makes it out of South Side Chicago(remember gunshots kill!) which is his immediate environment, he is still faced with the burden of dealing with racism from the wider Eurocentric society. That my point Ebonychic 205, NO NON-WHITE MAN has that advantage. An Aboriginal Australian man living in inner city Sydney is in the same position. If he survives Redfern(which is like South Central L.A with the drugs and gun violence.), he has to face the Eurocentric society in Downtown Sydney. I hope you understand this point, even if you disagree.
    2)You said-Since people still rely heavily on traditional gender roles in relationships, in a interracial relationship regarding black women and white men, the black woman is still the woman and the man is still suppose to be the supplier and supporter. So a wealthy white man married to a black woman, and her reaping the benefits “AS HIS WIFE” is different
    -Exactly my point. Because white men have the most power in society, a black women being married to a white man(even if he is poor) will reap the benefits “AS HIS WIFE” 100 times greater than a black man being married to a white woman will reap the benefits “AS HER HUSBAND”. Read this article Ebonychic205, http://www.thebreakdownblog.com/509/love-is-colorblind/(it deals with Eve and her interracial relationship). A black woman having a white partner is major PROFIT, more than any black man/white female relationship,even if it is a middle class black man. Also most BM/WW unions usually ends in divorce anyway.This section of the article explains it clearly
    “And many Black women involved with white men take the colorblind stance for economic reasons.
    According to data from the National Committee on Pay Equity and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for every dollar a white man makes, a Black man makes 74 cents.
    And for every dollar a white man makes, a Black woman makes 69 cents.
    Pairing romantically with a white man is, for many Black women, an automatic jump in class status.”
    -Be honest Ebonychic 205, if a white man “saved” you from the nightmare of the housing projects, the welfare grabbing, and the gangbanging Negroes, would you honestly continue to be a “black feminist” or care about the black community anymore. 9 times out of 10, you will enjoy your loft in Downtown Los Angeles or the Chicago Loop, your mixed race children will go to some super elite prep school, you will enjoy $400 steak dinners at the most upscale resturants with your $1000 outfit and stilettos, become a raising Black Republican and abolish Dr. King day saying you dont see “color”. If you dont become a status seeker, the gain you still get is indeed GREAT!
    Sorry for my sarcasm in the last part of the post but I disagree with you as a black feminist for those two reasons. Both of us are trying to make a change in Black America but those two facts are very important to address.I would love to have your rebuttal and your opinions. Thank you nevertheless for providing me with that point of view.


  36. @ Adeen

    @Mrs.Ocean-Graham (TorontoGirl)


    -It is nice to know that you black females have an understanding of where I am trying to go with this conversation. When I viewed Abagond’s post on black women/white men unions(I have not commented on Abagond, and if Im not mistaken, there is someone else named B.R., as you ladies know that is a different B.R. from me,obviously), I see that it is an extremely long post and I get tired of us as black people discussing interracial relationships for 2 reasons

    -There are more serious issues that black people should be focused on,and not concering themselves with Negroes who either found geninue love with a nonblack person or found the prized “white love” that they so desire
    -Interracial relationships are rare and unlike how the media paints it as “colorblind love” and “heaven on Earth”, there are a whole host of issues that those participants have to address(the negative things) that the media fails to talk about.

    My point is that, as young black people, we have an opportunity to become difference makers in our community. For example, TorontoGirl, it is a great idea that you would like to go back to Nigeria and improve the quality of life there. In another post, Adeen said she wanted to be a writer/journalist. Hopefully, she could continue from her writing to keep the focus on the ills that plague Black America. mstoogood4yall lives in Texas, hopefully see could continue to see how black life in Texas,especially in the big cities like Dallas or Houston, get affected by white supremacy. Thats my point. We could beat this issue(interracial dating) like a dead horse or as shown from Dairy of a Negress post, we got more important things to focus on in Black America

    Hope u guys enjoyed my post!


    1. yes that is true. interracial dating stuff is kinda a none issue as if we deal with colorism, anti blackness and white supremacy then interracial would be even less. Black kids dying, not being educated properly, and being killed is more important. I’ve been seeing a lot of articles lately about black teens being homeschooled and graduating college with a bachelors degree at an early age. That should be talked about and praised. As well as learn from it and teach the kids they could do that but i don’t think the public school system is the best place for them to reach their full potential. The attention should be on supporting black, and raising well rounded healthy black youth since they are the future. appreciate all of your points of views


    2. Like Peanut said we should be more concerned about preaching self-love and culture so that blacks we can progress and unite…I think the first thing we should do is get rid of the slave culture aka AA “culture” and AA should try to get more in touch with their roots
      As a Nigerian I know:
      -Education is a must. x100000
      -we buy mostly nigerian movies
      -we start our own businesses instead of looking for a job.
      -we value chastity, and class (no ghetto)
      -all the art in my house is Nigerian
      -we’re very spiritual
      -we give back to our communities when we come to the west by sending money back home
      -dating WP is not even on our minds, no men in my family in my family even like ww.(my brother says without hair you can’t tell their gender) It’s either biracial or blacks. We have a few in my family married/dating Jamaicans…WP are nasty anyway, I used to think white boys were cute when I was young but then they started looking ugly as I got older. Then I realized it was cuz when they were young they had black features (button nose)…now they have these bird beaks eww
      Now this is the part we miss Nigeria has the second largest black population in the world after Brazil, yet were not united enough to make our own communities…yes, if u go into Toronto you’ll see many Nigerian restaurants, clothes shop, nigerian music/movie shops. But where I live now is in the suburbs and most of the people are Asian, they took over our grocery store Food Basics and replaced it with a Chinese one…now everything is Chinese! You see my parents, my brother and I were talking about this last month when my dad came back from Nigeria. My brother was complaining how the Asians don’t learn English or assimilate. But my father brought up that because they don’t assimilate they create their own communities profiting them. Now we’ve been to China, in my international school most of the students are Asian, they’re not very smart but they stick together and they study together. When it’s time to get education awards most of the ppl are African with maybe two Asians…we’re smarter but we don’t stick together long enough to build these communities where we buy black cuz it’s everywhere. I also predict we might have to learn Mandarin soon, and these Asians are racist towards everybody whites included. They’re like the second whites! Don’t buy for them, even though you like Chinese food(I love me some sushi) you’re just strengthening their communities! Unless youre forced to like i am lol. But you see the way they pushed all the white owned businesses out of their neighbourhood? That’s counteracting white supremacy! My dad also mentioned that MOST Asians are hired by other Asians, so they don’t depend on WM’s rule and they can’t complain about racism in the workplace…


    3. @B.R.

      I agree, IR dating is about Whites anyways. It is about Whites dating outside of their race and ultimately it is about White love. Other types of love doesn’t matter.

      Plus you are right that we need to focus on more important issues in our community.


  37. @TorontoGirl



    -Thank you ladies. What Im trying to illustrate here in regards to interracial dating(in Peanut’s case of black women/white men unions) is a very simple point so that our change in Black America is not derailed by garbage utopian arguments. So here is my final stance on this dead horse of an issue with black folks dating outside of their race.

    -If black person has found true love with a non-black person, good 4 you, I wish you nothing but the best
    -The whitewashed Negro, you are messed up by mental colonialism and I hope you see the light but hey it is what it is
    -For us aware Negroes, we know how not be to fooled and get our points distorted by the love has no color gutter stuff

    I dont know if you ladies ever saw the movie by Spike Lee called Get On the Bus, when the black men from Los Angeles were going to the Million Man March. There was one character, I think he was a Black Republican, and he said something like-Its the 1990s, racism is a thing of the past, its all in the black man’s imagination. I think when the bus stop, they told him to get off.So anytime us Negroes want to want to do something positive to uplift ourselves and make a difference, there will be some Uncle Tom or Aunt Jemina that comes around that found a way to profit off of white supremact(as I said not all integrationists are Uncle Toms/Aunt Jeminas but all Uncle Toms and Aunt Jeminas are integrationists). So here are some proverbs we might hear to convince us that the world is going to get better and not to fight white supremacy.

    Some Proverbs we could hear
    -Racism is in our heads/we are delusional Negroes
    -Color does not matter and everyone is treated equally in America
    -I want to abolish Dr. King day
    -Im not with my partner because they are white
    -You Negroes need to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get off welfare
    -No more voting rights act(aka Clarence Thomas), no more NAACP, no more Howard University!

    -Be respectful, say nothing and just keep it moving.Focus your energy on things such as why hypertension is one of, if not, the main killer of African-American men. Since I work in healthcare, preventive health is a big focus now, is their access to fresh foods and low sodium items in your community?Why in NYC, most of the black areas have a high rate of asthma? As you said @mstoogood4yall about homeschooling, are more black parents aware of this option? From my research, I read that private and Catholic schools are usually better than traditional public school. Are these school options, in respect to school closures, being advocated for in the inner city. Is there adequate patrol men, good transportation and other quality of life improvements being made in South Central, Harlem, Roxbury, North Philadelphia,etc. And as I said, whatever talents we get(lawyer,doctor,teacher,etc.) make sure we bring it home to our communities

    -Hopefully I have shown you ladies to stop beating the dead horse of IR dating and look at the really important issues that are harming Negroes right now. I have more focus on those issues affecting black folks than on a black woman telling me she is not benefitting from white supremacy via her white mate yet somehow and someway she went from the hood to Wall Street very quickly! Trust me-the hypertension,diabetes and gunshots are my focus!


    1. @B.R

      Well said and also our Community is in a bad state in AmeriKKKlan. It really is. Interracial dating and marriage should be the least of our worries but they are pushing this colorblind multiculturalism utopia in the media and that concerns me. We will never live in a colorblind nation because the Western world is still racist as ever before.

      The issues that really concern me is the high out of wedlock birth rates in the Black Community. 73% of Black babies are born to unwed single mothers.
      Many Black children have a hard time graduating from high school.
      The education, housing and income gap is still wide between the White and Black race. The average income for a White person is about 100, 000 something while average Black person makes about 11, 000 something.
      The Black Youth of my generation are lost and look up to losers like Lil Wayne, Drake, etc and they think the thug life is cool and laugh at people who want to go to school and make something of themselves.
      13% of Blacks are unemployed.
      Black men make up 70% of the prison population yet makeup about 6% of the men in AmeriKKKlan.
      90% of Blacks in AmeriKKKlan vote Democrat but have they done anything for the Black Community that has been positive? NO! Blacks need to stop voting Democrat! We need to get away from the corrupt two party system!
      I can go on and on about this but the problems that face us in this racist country affect us more than seeing a White woman and Black man together or a Black woman and a White man together.


  38. @Adeen

    Thank you my sista.Since you said you have an interest in writing and I have an interest in sociology, the point is trying to understand truth As I was telling you, TorontoGirl and mstoogood4yall, when I went on Abagond’s blog on black women/white men unions and I saw the comments, it really is a flamethrowing war. As I said, as a person who is really deep to into sociology, when I think about this issue, it really is going NOWHERE! Since you said you are originally from New York Adeen, if Im not mistaken, this is like taking the Franklin Avenue shuttle(I dont know if you remember that subway line). Its going nowhere. There really needs to be a post on Why Negroes should not focus on interracial dating or talk about it. This is my final expansion on it

    1) We talk about improving the quality of life in black neighborhoods and obviously, the basic human unit is the family. I know in this day and age that the word “family” now describes a variety of things but from the traditional aspect of mother, father and children, thats my angle. Now most African-Americans are married other African-Americans, just like people from other races, so the focus should be on having healthy communication between men and women, positive childrearing for black children and seeing how schools and environment play a role in their development. In other words, blacks mostly marry blacks, and if improving black life is on the table, this should be the start.Not focusing on who is marrying out

    2) The vast majority of non-black females, unless for some possible “adventure” are not at all interested in black men for serious/long term relationships. They are either in their own race or they date white men. From your personal observations Adeen, you said you found this to be the case. In my personal observations living in so called post racial New York, thats also the case. And if you look at Abagond’s article on speed dating and the website below, the truth is out there. So black men being loved by other women is a complete myth.Once again, when the black man has been viewed as less than a human being in society dominated by white men, it amazes me how people assume that black men are viewed as relationship material. As I said before Adeen, there is a quote by George Orwell-some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them. Links http://www.thefrisky.com/2013-05-14/6-harsh-realities-of-online-dating/

    3) Intermarriage has long been,at least from a sociological view, a way to seek class mobility and status. Link-http://www.thebreakdownblog.com/509/love-is-colorblind/

    Once again, my personal view of interracial dating Adeen- From me making an assessment of information on a strictly sociological and to a degree psychological point of view and as I continue to understand how deep and twisted the system of white supremacy(economic,social,political) plays in the lives of non-white people, I view interracial dating not as some “colorblind” or “multicultural” dating experience. It is more a white approval tool to get a quality of life upgrade and associate with White America. And when you read information on things like colorblind racism(how racists hide behind buzzwords) and date interracially, the self-hatred that is obvious in the black community and that light skin blacks, to some degree, have a better outcomes in social circles, the higher divorce rate(especially between black men and white women), the bashing of black men and black women when they have their white partners is a wow. Also, as I pointed out, I dont think black women with white men could truly break white male privilege as Peanut was asking so I must say the interracial dating is quite an interesting development. On the flip side of the coin, my mother is the product of a black female/white male relationship. Also, I realize from my sociological understandings, that humans are emotional and sexual creatures and for most of us, we are seeking someone would indeed be our better half. To be honest, if a black person finds a white person or a non-black person to be their better half, I honestly wish them nothing but the best of luck because like anything else in life, its about taking the opportunity because who knows if true love would be found again.

    Yes Adeen, when you take into account the materialistic and morally loose rappers that represent “Black America” and other ills that plague us, IR dating should be the least of our worry. Cuz right, the most business thats probably doing good in a Black area is the fried chicken place, the liquor store and the funeral parlor.The way Negroes talk about IR dating, you would think our areas was a pot of gold,lol!


  39. @ Adeen



    Adeen brought up a good point in her argument and as young black people in this so called “colorblind” and “utopian” generation in America(TorontoGirl is the odd one out since she is in Canada,lol!). I realize that America does not have a race problem, it has a truth and pragmatic problem. The video of Malcolm X on YouTube- philosophy is black nationalism.He tells the reporter-The white man and the black man have to be able to sit down at the same table. The white man has to feel free to speak his mind without hurting the feelings of the Negro. The so-called Negro has to feel free to speak his mind without hurting the feelings of the white man. Then they can bring the issues that are under the rug out on top of the table and take an intelligent approach to getting the problem solved.” (There is a funny part of the video where the reporter asked if he considered himself militant-He said I consider myself Malcolm). The fact is that TRUTH has no color. My hometown of NYC has 5 boroughs, that is the TRUTH for both a white person and a black person. So on issues like education, housing, environment, job opportunities, we have to know the TRUTH of how people REALLY feel because clearly there is a gap between white and black America. As you said Adeen, I still am seeing an America of white domination and black servants. Thats why I hope that our focus and talk is not about pointless vanity(which Negro is dating a non-Negro) in that we as black folks raise ourselves and raise our community that when white people and others view us, it is due to equal respect based on mankind, not as mstoogood4yall implied, “how much I could exploit these dumb Negroes”

    As I told TorontoGirl, you cant talk about or focus on an issue like racism and not be considered a “hot” or “controversial” (Same thing like abortion,etc.). Do not let that scare you away because it is something that as people of African ancestry, we have to deal with at some point. Remember be respectful of all people, be open to different ideas but stand firm on your principle. I have these three links I want you ladies to view

    Louis Farrakhan-Madison Square Garden-Youtube.In 1985, Farrakhan gave a speech at MSG here in my hometown of NYC. He said when people label you “a reverse racist” or “a bigot”, they would not want to associate with you. However, the irony is that they call you these names but that DOES NOT lessen the TRUTH of your argument. Even though Farrakhan is a little looney sometimes and I dont always agree with everything he says, thats the truth.

    Louis Farrakhan-World Leader-Youtube. Even though he is controversial, did you know Farrakhan went to Russia(a white country) and Australia(a predominately white nation) and guess what? The white people there respected him. The white people in Russia even gave him a coat! Facts and truth are powerful

    Ossie Davis at Malcolm X’s Funeral(The eulogy)-Read it.Yes Malcolm was a convtroversial figure but he did leave a legacy on this Earth-http://www.singleblackmale.org/2013/02/21/malcolm-x-eulogy-by-ossie-davis-our-own-black-shining-prince/. By the way, 20,000 people viewed his body in the funeral home.

    Hope u ladies enjoyed my long post!


    1. ” I view interracial dating not as some “colorblind” or “multicultural” dating experience. It is more a white approval tool to get a quality of life upgrade and associate with White America.”

      I agree, you just stated what I said in your own wording.

      Plus we need to focus on the issues that affect us the most not interracial dating. And no self loving Black person would suggest another Black person to date a White person. They would be for the advancement of our race and helping out the issues.

      P.S. I don’t comment on Abagond anymore, too much controversy and I feel like the commenters don’t like to hear my opinions at all.


  40. @Adeen

    -When I see the flamethrowing war on Abagond, I dont waste my time posting but I got to admit some of those comments are funny and there are some comments that would indeed blow your mind. I really like Abagond because he is obviously a socially aware person and his writing style is very good as it is diverse and he shows ways how to defend himself against counterarguments or fallacies. I like learning about different writing styles because even though I am now in a health profession, at one time, I also wanted to be a writer or a journalist(like yourself). Besides being in healthcare, I have to obviously read medical journals and health magazines and see what content and style they are using. In my opinion, some of the keys of good writing is to take an issue, present facts and make sure it is not distorted, hear a counterargument and see how if it tweaks your position and then give a conclusion. In my case on this blog posting, I tried to use that.

    1)As a black female, Peanut wants to know could she could have a relationship with a white man and not profit via white supremacy/white male privilege or patriarchy

    -The heart of the question is can an African-American woman have a white boyfriend/spouse and not benefit from white supremacy or white male privilege/patriarchy, not whether African-American women should or should not date white men. Now as a black man, it is weird for me to comment on a forum dealing with black female/white male unions because some black females might feel that Im against their interracial relationship. As I said, Im not against black women being with white men however that is not the heart of question, thats the extremity. Or another way to look at it- Should people drive cars. Could people drive cars at 130 mph and not get killed. Those are two DIFFERENT questions.

    2)Present the facts and make sure it is not distorted

    -Since dating and mating, like any human activity, is a complex interplay of many variables, I always have to leave room for error or the rare things. However, from all evidence, the fact is that white men clearly are the highest rank in the dating game as they have chosen over black, and other nonwhite men for most interracial pairings even when their are no physical human barriers to contact(e.g. online dating). Could be mere coincidence or it could be the fact that in the global system of racial domination, the white man is the boss on political,economic and social terms. Now as a black man, I have a bit of patriarchy, however it is at 1% in the white man’s world. Comparing black male hierarchy to white male hierarchy is like comparing the Los Angeles Lakers to the Charlotte Bobcats, no contest.

    3)Hear counterarguments and tweak positions if needed
    One commenter, the Alchemist, presented evidence to me that black women do not benefit from affirmative action as much as black men and I corrected myself as she showed that the twofer(being black & female) myth is not true. Another commenter Ebonychic205, said that black women do not benefit from white male hierarchy and it is different than if a black woman is married to a white man. Since we know in most relationships that traditionally the man is the provider,the profits she reaps would be due to her being his wife. Ebonychic 205 does make a valid point that black women do not benefit from white male hierarchy however the counterargument falls in my opinion because if a black woman has a white husband, well, her husband in obviously a white man who benefits from white male privilege/hierarchy. Or another way to look at-A basketball player plays for the Toronto Raptors(no offense to Toronto Girl,lol!), no benefit. He goes to the Boston Celtics,benefit. Even if he forever stays on the bench, I cannot separate the fact that he is not benefitting from playing on the Boston Celtics.

    4)The conclusion
    -From the heart of Peanut’s question, the conclusion is no, a black female with a white mate will indeed profit off of white supremacy. So if any black female who has a white boyfriend/husband would like to make a rebuttal to me on how she does not profit from white supremacy, thats where her counterargument has to focus on. When you talk about issues like race relations, remember it is a generalization, so I don’t mind hearing different opinions. For example, from medical information, not every single smoker will get lung cancer. However, there is truth in the generalization due to facts,evidence and research that smoking does increase chances of lung caner. My post had no elements of influence or in other words, trying to convince. It is obvious because I have not said in any one of my posts that black women should not date white men or that they should break up/divorce their white mates, so if Im accused of guilt tripping black women, its a strawman(a complete distortion of my argument).

    So you see Adeen, I like to read Abagond’s postings because they do help to enrich your writing styles. By the way, you seem to be a very good writer yourself. Do you have a blog?


    1. I don’t think we should take relationship advice for a man who said he preferred light skin girls. Even look at kushite prince’s blog most of the beautiful bw posted are biracial. Huh? What are you guys but the next Kanye West, it took me awhile to realize when he was talking about racism he was talking about BM and not BP. They want to talk about racism and practice colorism. Biracial women aren’t black. I see this on these so-called africentric shows, most of the women on biracial/mixed, they’re not black. So why are you here B.R? With your “poor black men” speech, basically saying bw are goldiggers for wanting a man who can provide for them or that we should settle for a BM in the ghetto. Obviously not every BM is in the ghetto, so why would u compare a ghetto BM, to a rich one? As if BM can’t have money…so I don’t understand why you keep bothering us! We said we like BM but no I don’t like your type. Racism for you is wrong when it’s BM, but you don’t mind practicing colorism on bw, which shows you don’t really care about us but yourself, that’s why u keep turning the Convo to poor BM. When u work in the medical proffession how are you poor? My dad has his own business, so what are you complaining about? Maybe ABM should open their own businesses instead of begging for wm. (unless you are in the medical field) . When BM get their own shows, they put the light skinned biracial in the attractive roles, and if they have a dark skinned women she’s usually over-sexed (think old rap music videos compared to the ones if today…the woman were much more vulgar). Maybe you should work out your internalized racism before you tell others who to date


      1. I understand torontogirl, but we can’t expect people to go from whitewashed uncle tom to pro black militant. we all have whitewashing programming we have to overcome. He admitted he likes light skinned girls, well ok I didn’t see him put down dark skinned women, that is when I have an issue. I do want us dark skinned sistas to get our shine, but we can’t expect everyone to feel that way. And I just don’t like the ones who fake and say black is beautiful yet just like light skinned ppl, I did not see him say black is beautiful or any other contradicting things like that. It has to be understanding from both sides, black men can’t be saying the white man does xyz to me and turn around and do the same to black women. and black women can’t complain about xyz and do the same to black men. i’m pretty much done with this thread as it isn’t going anywhere. Colorism is a product of white supremacy, we see a lot of light skinned and biracial females in more roles, and the dark skinned females are in slave or servant roles. That is no coincidence, they are trying to make it so black ppl won’t find each other attractive and won’t procreate that is what white supremacy is about.


      2. Oh ok, I’m sorry please don’t let that stop you from commenting…but like you said, “black men can’t be saying the white man does xyz to me and turn around and do the same to black women. ”
        And that’s what I was thinking when I said that…maybe I was a little too upset


  41. @Adeen, @ TorontoGirl, @mstoogood4yall

    -Do you ladies have blogs? I addressed Adeen because she said that her goal in life is to be a journalist. And honestly Adeen, your writing style is very impressive. Even though Im not the biggest fan of the Internet(Im a weird 25 yr old,lol!), I do admit that it has a power to spread a message and hopefully lead to more activism in the offline world. So if you ladies, especially Adeen, create blogs and keep the focus on the issues that affect the lives of people of African ancestry, remember this. The truth is key, be brazen and do not fall for these proverbs as illustrated below. I mentioned it to TorontoGirl also

    -Why do you want to see race- First, I have the gift of sight, I have no eye problems(e.g. cataracts) and since I have a functional brain, if I could tell the difference between types of birds(parrot and a penguin), I could obviously tell the difference between human populations. Also, even the biggest Uncle Tom or Aunt Jemina(e.g. Clarence Thomas) has to address race at some point in their life.
    -Its in the past- Fair point. However, the past affects the future and those that do not know history will indeed repeat it.
    -You should be like Dr. King, less like Malcolm X or Farrakhan- Nice argument however the irony is that people like Malcolm X and Farrakhan made Dr. King look alot nicer to white people(lesser of two evils). During his life, alot of whites view Dr. King as a dangerous heretic that wanted to challenge the status quo of America.
    -Its black supremacy- When Negroes are on equal grounds as whites, its called equity
    -You should be “Christian” or “biblical”- Nice argument but Christ, from my understanding, was opposed to injustice. Moses was sent to liberate his people from oppression. Or as said Malcolm X-I believe in a religion that believes in freedom. Any time I have to accept a religion that won’t let me fight a battle for my people, I say to hell with that religion. http://quotationsbook.com/quote/15804/#sthash.VZwQJcWR.dpuf OR he said” When you have a philosophy or a gospel–I don’t care whether it’s a religious gospel, a political gospel, an economic gospel or a social gospel–if it’s not going to do something for you and me right here and right now–to hell with that gospel! In the past, most of the religious gospels that you and I have heard have benefited only those who preach it. Most of the political gospels that you and I have heard have benefited only the politicians. The social gospels have benefited only the sociologists”.http://www.writework.com/essay/analysis-malcolm-x-s-ballot-bullet-speech.
    Just work hard to have a good life. 100 % agree. Problem is if you are a Negro, Amerindian, Aboriginal of Australia, New Zealand Maori or Native Hawaiian, you are basically climbing a skyscraper. If you do something right-Its the “white” way. If you do something wrong-Its because of your racial ancestry.

    My point is ladies, continue to get your ideas out and hopefully take it into the real world. The fact is that truth earns respect. As I said, I was even shocked that there are some white people who respect and even listen to Louis Farrakhan. In my opinion, the wall of racial self worth and the guilt complex is very VERY deep in White America(its an ocean), so dont fool yourself into thinking much change will happen,dont hold your breath. However, I will admit that there are a few whites out there that would listen to your words and see that we do not live in “colorblind Western world” or “post racial utopia”. And as the Malcolm X quote said about the white man and black man sitting at the same table and looking at the issues, hopefully we could up with solutions in which “white” does not dominate “non-white” and bring in a system that could enable the victims of white supremacy to be viewed as functional human beings thus creating a world based on mankind equity

    Hope u girls enjoyed my post,write that Black Power!


  42. in that we as black folks raise ourselves and raise our community that when white people and others view us, it is due to equal respect based on mankind, not as mstoogood4yall implied, “how much I could exploit these dumb Negroes”

    What? where did I say that? what are u trying to say?


  43. @ torontogirl

    its ok I wasn’t blaming u I just im kinda done with this particular thread, I will still comment on peanuts blog as she posts some very good threads. Its ok to have ur opinion out there and be upset sometimes, emotions make us human. I have times where I get impatient and want to tell some ppl off, but that is fine just as long as it remains respectful. I don’t think u were being disrespectful. Its just this thread is going on about nothing at this point.


  44. @TorontoGirl

    -Im sorry that you took my speech out of context and I could understand where you are coming from. These are the five points I need to make for you to understand me better

    1)From a truth standpoint, I will admit that I usually prefer light-skinned black women however I love Bria Myles and Serena Williams who are dark skinned. Yes, like alot of black people, I have been whitewashed but Im working on myself.

    2)Since Adeen wants to be a journalist, I was just showing her how I constructed my argument for this posting. I said that I tried to incorporate some styles into writing that I learned from Abagond and other bloggers to help construct this argument. I was not giving relationship advice or telling black women who to date.

    3)I never said that black females who want a man to provide for them are goldiggers. Obviously every female wants a man to be a provider. Brothas who are ghetto are a joke.And yes there are black men who are decent providers. However, I have to work on the fact that even a middle class black man(those in the medical field, business,etc.) are still paid less and have less social standing than middle class white men. Besides if a black man opens a business, it would still be on a lower on an economic standing than those owned by white men. Thats a fact! So a black female with white male, whether intentional or not, is still putting herself in a higher social standing.

    4)When a black female gets harmed, then the entire black community is harmed because in my opinion, females are the backbone of nurturing a community.Especially when you consider the fact, that single motherhood is prevelant in Black America. So if black people are too rise up, I cant throw black women under the bus. Thats why when the Alchemist said about the twofer myth with black women and affirmactive action, I corrected myself.

    5)I understand why you got angry TorontoGirl. As a black man, I hear from black women also that “black men suck” or “I need a light skinned brotha”, and yea it is a little annoying. Sometimes the seeds of white supremacy is so deep, that anytime black people talk about an issue, some element of fire comes out. Thats why I said, as a black man, I stay away from Black female/white male discussions in the same manner a black woman stays away from Black man/white woman discussions.

    -I hope you understand my point of view TorontoGirl.


    1. I’m sorry for attacking you B.R. We all have our brainwashing issues, I mean I don’t even speak my native tongue…as you said, we all have our issues, just like I have my own issues…and plus you don’t talk bad about dark skinned females and said you lived bria Myles, which is good. I’m sorry I think I was even talking to another BM when I was talking to you lol, if u understand what I’m saying….
      Sorry B.R. You’ve taught me a lot in your well written replies…and I agree with all your points…I have to realize that it’s white people actually that put these biracials in place of black ppl and create this colorism issue in our communities. BM are not my enemy, these gender wars need to stop, this is what WP do! And this is not the african way, like u also mentioned if a bw gets hurt it’s everyone’s problem to take care of. So we need to look out for each other, and talk about our issues without getting mad. At least you were honest. 🙂
      Again I’m so sorry :))


  45. @TorontoGirl

    Thank you. I dont know if you visit Dairy of a Negress’ blog but she has a rule of no attacks on the black family. Thats the thing TorontoGirl, white supremacy has brainwashed us to the point where we think ourselves are the enemy. As I said, I was whitewashed back in the day and I usually dated white women(thats me being honest). However, when I realized that most of them do not view black men as long term partners, I changed my tune. In fact, when I deal with black females-some are light skin, some are dark skin, some are Jamaican, Nigerian, Ghanaian,Southern and so forth. If a black woman finds a white guy or someone else who is not black that loves her, I HONESTLY wish her well because everyone is looking for that special someone. I was just trying to answer Peanut’s question on the white male privilege thing.

    -You are right, thats how white supremacy works. I dont know about the other guys’ blog(the Kushite Prince) but alot of the black companies and websites-Who runs these sites? I dont even think BET is black owned anymore. So alot of these so-called black companies are a joke. Alot of these black mayors that get elected(Dinkins here in NYC, Washington in Chicago), what could they do? President Obama,what could he do? The Negroes are still suffering.

    -I read Abagond because he writes post and it gets distorted very easily however he keeps on the facts. Lets admit TorontoGirl, I think he has a post thats like, I did not write this blog for whites, thats pretty strong. I learned alot from his style of writing on how to keep on the question and the truth and not fall for strawman,ad hoc and other foolish ways to disrupt a point(e.g. you are a black supremacist, you’re the reverse racist,etc.)

    -I wanted to change the point of this topic to something more constructive. Thats why I was asking you, mstoogood4yall and Adeen, if you ladies have blogs of your own? And I wanted to show how not to get your argument derailed by people who want to keep the white power structure alive.

    Neverthless, thanks for understanding my point, its all good


  46. @TorontoGirl


    -Another point, I want to make to you ladies with this quote from Marcus Garvey when he was trying to do his Back To Africa Movement

    “I have no desire to take all black people back to Africa; there are blacks who are no good here and will likewise be no good there.” – Marcus Garvey
    -As you ladies could see, I know that there are some individual black people that are messed up(the ghetto ones,the whitwashed and never recover, etc.) and I avoid them. They do no justice to my cause for raising the human profile for people of African ancestry.
    -So obviously, some black females are not even on my list for relationship/wifey material. However, if you google images of black love, and you see photos of a black couple and the man kissing his woman’s pregnant woman’s womb or a black man kissing a black woman’s feet, thats the healthy images I want in our community. Yes ladies, some men would not admit this but I would indeed bow down and kiss the feet of my beautiful black sistas, light skin as well as dark skin. I admit that I’m learning, so I would continue to hear about issues specific to black women that do not get addressed. However, when people assume that I dont care about black women, I do get offended.
    -Thats just to show you ladies how deep white supremacy runs in our minds and lives as black people(Remember, I said we are like the Sears Tower in Chicago, black bodies with white attennas). I have no issue with black women with non black men and I’m a not super nutcase black nationalist. However as you ladies could see my objective tilt is towards black nationalism and I use Malcolm X alot and as I told TorontoGirl, I read information about how Robert Magube in Zimbawawe gets painted as a “bad guy”, yet he has helped the country to grow. Since you are Nigerian TorontoGirl, you might have heard of these African leaders or might not-Patrice Lumumba and Jomo Kenyatta. Lumumba & Kenyatta was some of the biggest names in helping free Africa from white rule, just like Nelson Mandela and Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana who I respect. So I found it odd that of that all the Negroes that become Uncle Toms, I would be the rented Negro,lol! Im telling you ladies, this process of undoing the damage of being whitewashed might indeed be a life long thing! Hope u ladies enjoyed my post!


    1. You got me lol
      I loooove Nelson Mandela, he was so brave! And it’s obvious you care about bw or else you wouldn’t be here….thanks for all your advice btw and for telling me how to reply when whites try to make me out to be a reverse racist….I have a question do whites ever stare at you? Or give you this creepy fake smile? What’s that about?
      I go for a walk and they stare. They’ll even stop conversation just to stare at me, and Adeen who’s not here right now, told me they stare at her too…at school it’s the ww who won’t seem to leave me alone with their staring, and Adeen said at school it’s wm who will stare and talk about her…like have u ever experienced that? Cuz I don’t get if they think they’re superior then why don’t they leave us alone, they even come to blogs like abagond to bother us…what’s that about?


      1. @TorontoGirl

        Why-tes like Us, unfortunately. We must remember that it was a why-te man who forced himself on Sisters during slavery because they were insecure. They like having power over Us also and they never want it the other way around. The worst event in history for Us was when a group of why-te men sat Our Ancestors down and taught Us about themselves. Now, so many of Us hate Ourselves without knowing it. Even some of Our conscious leaders hate themselves without knowing it. Think about how some conditioned brothers “stuck it to the man” in the 1970’s. It’s strange, they can be in relationships with each other (conditioned Brother and Sister) , and they never work out completely. These conditioned Sisters walk around with euro hair and talk down to conditioned brothers. The conditioned brothers just leave them for women of other races. Worse, they talk about “how all sisters do this” in public. It hurts to see the way some of Our conditioned people treat their children. I have seen a lady pick up a ball and throw it at her son’s head for disobeying her, in public. Our People’s conditioning works to the advantage of lonely why-te kids, it seems. Now, some why-te boys are laughing at the fact that so many of Our conditioned Young Men are in jail for using their guns to speak for them. Unfortunately, no one can talk to Our conditioned crowd because they never want to hear about their behavior.


    2. I agree with you on this one. I know it wasn’t intended for me but most Black men prefer Black women.

      Honestly I consider myself a Black Nationalist to the point that I show my disgruntled attitude towards Whites. I live around them so I know all of their tricks and subtle ways of showing their racism. They aren’t to be trusted. Honestly as a Black woman, I am against Black women dating and marrying White men because it is supporting White supremacy.

      And I find Marcus Garvey very inspirational as a Jamaican. I agree with him.


    1. Yes it is my fabulous blog I created last night rofl. I don’t know if i’ll keep it up, i’ll have to see how it goes in a couple of months.


  47. @ TorontoGirl



    -In one of my postings before TorontoGirl misunderstood me, I spoke about the YouTube video with Louis Farrakhan at Madison Square Garden in my hometown of NYC in 1985. His speech was about POWER for black people. Now as I said, I do not agree with Farrakhan on some things(he believes in UFOs and all sorts of crazy stuff) and when he did the Million Man March in 1995, he was criticized for not including black women. However, his TRUTH cannot be distorted. For example TorontoGirl, when whites say you are the racist, this two quotes in the video should answer that question

    -When I was in the Forum(that’s the old arena in Los Angeles), I brought 20,000 black people to the arena(that’s the full capacity of the Forum) and I said nothing bad about anyone else(other groups). Yet I get called a hater and they want me dead. However that did not stop the truth that I spoke to my people.
    -If Im going to die, Im going to die liberating my people.

    As I said TorontoGirl, Moses in the Bible tried to free his people from oppression. In Christainty, Christ was against injustice. Yet somehow if you try to free black people from this Eurocentric Babylon, you get called a racist?WTF

    -Most whites don’t stare at me. As I said, NYC is far too segregated for that,lol!


    1. Oh lol! I live in an area with mostly Asians and whites…and I go to school outside the area, with african students but they’re always a grade ahead of me…so I’m stuck with the Asians and white students again…
      When they call me a racist now that must mean I’m doing smth right…thanks for replying!
      *the Moses and Jesus part was very true. Moses got a lot of hate for killing the Egyptian, I believe, even though he was a Jew secretly and he was trying to help his people. That makes sense, then maybe I’m no longer surprised if they call me “a racist”?


    2. I don’t really believe in ufos either but I wonder why they only kidnap white people rofl, maybe its karma for them experimenting on blacks now they being experimented on. anyway as for being called a racist, well that shouldn’t phase any of us, as we have been called worse. Just as long as they don’t put their hands on me i’m good.


    3. @B.R.

      You like Louis Farrakhan? Honestly I think he is a wacko but I agree with some of his ideas. Anyways how are we racist for wanting to free our people’s minds from Eurocentric brainwash? I consider myself a savior if I could save one Black person from Eurocentric brainwash and teach them to love themselves.


  48. @mstoogood4yall

    Interesting point of viewpoint. As I said, I try to stay on the side of rational human thinking, thats why I’m not a conspiracy theory black nationalist. My tilt towards black nationalism is for two reasons

    1) I learned that racism is not based on ignorance or fear
    -We I was younger, thats what I thought. However from my experiences as well as learning from Abagond, BrothaWolf, Dairy of a Negress, that is SO NOT THE CASE! Racism is white supremacy. End of story.

    2)Look at us
    -As black folks, we have to understand that the white supremacy complex is so deep within White America(self worth and the guilt factor), that any meaningful discussion of race immediately gets dismissed -You are a black supremacist, you’re the racist, etc. To be fair, there are some whites that do listen but from my experiences, dont even waste your time talking about race. You would not get far. Also our quality of life is always in a comparison factor, thats why we see ourselves as “inferior” human beings.

    For example- When TorontoGirl went on her rant, she obviously misunderstood my point and distorted its meaning.. However, TorontoGirl did make a valid point in her rant. I work in healthcare, so in truth, Im not “poor”. She said her father owns a business, so he cant be “poor”.However as blacks since there is always a comparison of ourselves to whites, we would always be “poor” obviously. Its like comparing a tent to the Empire State Building. And that brings me to this point

    -I read a portion of a book dealing with how the black community after the Civil Rights Movement went from a community geared towards collective concerns to now individual pursuits. Now as you know mstoogood4yall, there have always been Uncle Toms and Aunt Jeminas since slavery however due to things like Jim Crow and segregation, most blacks had to protect their interests for their very survival.Thats why there was a Black Wall Street. It was necessary and it kept things in the community. After the Civil Rights Movement, some blacks went into the mainstream(e.g. working for white companies, interracial marriage) and it created these “exceptional Negroes” that now give rise to the idea that racism is no longer an issue in America. In other words, we went from a community based unit to individualism.So remember, these blacks leave the community, and of course because of things like the COUNTERPRO(I think I spelled it wrong) of the FBI that harmed Black organizations like the Black Panthers, the AIDS problem and the crack era of the 1980s, the black community was in problems. However, the fact is that as black folks today, we are poor yet we have power. I know Dairy of a Negress got angry on one of her posts when a comment was made that we as black people are powerless. And as TorontoGirl said, I am not “poor black man”. Its our way of thinking that makes us poor with our sometimes selfish desires to “assimilate” into White America. I read this article http://politic365.com/2013/05/30/black-spending-power-to-hit-1t-by-2015-but-black-wealth-is-dropping/. Also read this article http://whatzhotandnot.com/2013/04/18/farrakhan-says-black-people-must-begin-to-invest-their-money-why-we-are-the-buyers-not-sellers-in-our-own-communitys/

    So think of this mstoogood4yall
    -We own smartphones, yet there are no smartphone headquarters in our areas
    -Our black brothas stand on the street corner yet are they talking about improving the “street”.I dont think so
    -Our black sistas get their “hair did” by putting damaging chemicals in their hair yet do they own the salon?
    -We have black teachers yet we have no schools of our own to educate our kids thus keeping them in poverty.We are dependent on the wider school system(e.g. Chicago Public School system)
    -We dont own prisons, yet we go to prison
    -We dont own the gun or drug industry yet thats what kills us
    -We have black doctors, nurses and other healthcare professions(myself included) yet hosptials and clinics are the first to close in our community and we suffer from diabetes,hypertension and so forth
    -We do have black business owners yet the only successful businesses that I see in a black neighborhood is the liquor store, the fried chicken joint and the funeral parlor(trust me, an undertaker could make huge profits in a black area!).

    So while TorontoGirl distorted my argument, she is did make a point. I should not complain because I am not a poor black man. Im a poor black man when I compare myself to white men. This is what slavery,colonialism and all the other things that white supremacy has done to us,including me as I continue to work on myself from my whitewashed ways. Dont get me wrong mstoogood4yall, white supremacy is very deep because the same problem that affects us harms other racial groups damaged by white supremacy(e.g. Native Americans). Yet we have to ask ourselves, we are checking the errors of our ways?

    Hope u enjoyed my post!


    1. Some black ppl will get it and some won’t. a lot just want what they paid for and want the cheapest thing. Black ppl should at least go to black barbershops/ black beauty shops. I do see black ppl seem to just own restaurants, barbershops, and funeral parlors. That is good, but we also need hospitals, farmers, and schools. If all the money we spend was put together we would have those hospitals, farms, and schools we need. I also think black ppl should stop giving their money to the church, as they do not put that back into our communities but goes to build another church. We’ve got to stop comparing ourselves to white people and to each other, we need to work together and stop trying to compete against each other. But I know that won’t happen until we get our own businesses, since whites sign our paychecks they say whoever jumps the highest gets a raise, and black ppl will compete. when the correct thing would be nobody jumps, but runs away and builds their own business and write their own check. Reminds me of an acura commercial where the whites held an audition and said they wanted a friendly light skinned man to play the role of the car salesman, and it worked. Now if black ppl were united no black person would’ve auditioned for that role. The black actresses in Hollywood compete against each other to get degrading roles, some turn them down, but what u won’t do somebody else will and whites know this. They know black ppl don’t have enough money to get a film made at least not on their own, they need funding, and guess who funds it? white ppl.
      as for talking about race, we are seeing black ppl that are afraid to talk about race and say yes I was discriminated against. Look at oprah, look how quickly she apologized and said she didn’t want that store that discriminated against her to have bad publicity and she didn’t mean for it to go that far. Then u have trayvons parents that won’t say their son was racially profiled. Black ppl have got to stop being scared to blow the whistle on whites, we need to expose them and let the whole world see how corrupt this place is. If we stay silent we will die in silence, they want to hush us so we won’t get any reinforcements.
      we all have our whitewashing to get through, and are learning that racism was never about ignorance but economics and white supremacy. They killed two birds with one stone, they enslaved our ancestors and got rich off of their labor, while we had a late start. Then they took away our culture and degraded us and told us how inferior we were. That is not ignorance but cold calculated moves that were well thought out and carried out. I do think whites fear something, they fear karma and they fear us all uniting and maybe even uniting with other non whites and unleashing a can of whoop as.


  49. @Adeen

    I could see that you are a true rudegal as some of us Trinis would say about you Yardies,lol!

    -Maybe its because I still have about 5% of the We Are The World crap in me, I still have this belief that if we could prove that us as Black people or the Native Americans, the Aboriginals of Australia, the Maori of New Zealand and the Native Hawaiians did not just wake up one morning and say-Hey, I want to have a much lower quality of life than white people and have less money, less jobs, less education,more health problems, higher risk to be in jail or on a reservation(at least for the Native Americans) and die at a younger age, that would bring in a world that would indeed show the equity of mankind. Maybe its the integrationist or the Dr. King in me Adeen but sometimes I feel through talk would could bring in a world where “white” is the system of domination, where “white” is not the ideal standard of beauty and progress, and where “white” would respect “nonwhite” as true human beings not through eiher an exploiter or white savior complex. However from a realist point of view, I realize that when you talk about race with White America, you will be called the racist, the hater, not being Chrisitian and all other sorts of stuff. So I realized that it is just a waste of time and my life does not need that burden.

    -I do believe that Farrakhan is a bit looney. In fact, the offspring of the Nation of Islam which is the Nation of Gods and Earth(5% Percenters) talk alot of weird stuff also. However Adeen, any Negro that is willing to stand up to the white power structure and not have his or her words altered because “it sounds divisive”, I respect them. Also Farrakhan was the man behind the Million Man March, which was a way for us as black men to truly examine our lives and see if we are truly being providers in our homes, respectful to our black women and trying to make Black America a culture of life-as they say, it takes a village to raise children and change lives.

    -I guess compared to you, I am definitely a weak black nationalist. Probably in your eyes Adeen, Im probably an integrationist,lol! However, when you consider that black people are still at the bottom of the human ladder, we need that element of black nationalism to help our communities. Since you are from New York Adeen, I dont know if you ever heard of Sonny Carson, a black nationalist figure who passed away in 2002. If you read this article about him -He was considered a “racist” and a hater but he did amazing things in the black community. Since you left Brooklyn, you might not remember these places but he played a role in changing the NYC school system as it was found that the schools in Brownsville were indeed not providing black children with their education, he helped to create Medgar Evers College here in Brooklyn and he helped to create the Bedford Stuyvesant Community Plaza on Fulton Street(where the B25 bus and the A subway line stops) to help improve the quality of life in Bed Stuy. I guess you need people like you Adeen to fight for Black America. This is the article if you want to read it-http://news.newamericamedia.org/news/view_article.html?article_id=c698dc3ecc6b042e4fdff42066d24dd0


    1. @B.R.

      Yes I heard of the name Sonny Carson but thanks for telling me about him. I would like to help the Black Community out because I believe it is going down the tubes even more. My generation is so lost and brainwashed to think that we are living in a colorblind society where Whites and Blacks are accepted. SMH, to me it is sad because they will be so shocked to go out in the real world and realize that AmeriKKKlan is a very racist country and that their White ”friends” will never relate to their experiences of racism in the real world. It is sad because I am aware of the racist system and media and it’s tricks while most of my generation of Blacks think we still live in a ”colorblind” society.

      Honestly, I hope segregation comes back so that Blacks can live away from Whites and learn to love themselves, their race and value God, family and education like they did in the 1950s and 1960s before integration came around. Integration was the worst thing to ever happen to Black people in AmeriKKKlan. Blacks used to stick together and build their own businesses and schools now they only go to White or Asian owned businesses to buy things. It is ridiculous. We need to support our own businesses. Integration was the worst thing to happen to us!

      No, you are a rather weak nationalist in my eyes but I don’t see you as a integrationist although I don’t believe in integration at all. I respect your insight on this nevertheless.


  50. I do not like seeing The Most Gorgeous People in the world with those things. Yts are the most selfish race on Earth.
    The woman that thing is with in the picture probably:

    Calls a “white” building a church and thinks of herself as a good Christian.
    Calls Her Afrikan Family “negroes” or “niggas”.
    Does not eat healthy foods.
    Has books around but will not read them.
    Does nothing for her children that look like her.
    Refers to her children by their slave master names.
    Exposes her children to anything yts expose their children to.
    Keeps her hair straightened.
    Abuses her children when they do not cooperate.
    Shops at yt stores only.
    Believes that Afrikan Men & Our Male Descendants are good for nothing.
    Believes in the police force.
    Will call the police on her children.
    Has an attitude when around Her People. “Do not talk….when I’m talking”.
    Extremely Greedy.

    All of this makes me cry.


    1. Me either. You aren’t the only one! And I agree. It makes me cry that the next generation of Americans will be mixed race. There wouldn’t be much beautiful Black children around in the future…….makes me sad to think about.

      I am also against Whites and Blacks race mixing with each other. We need to keep our race without any more White admixture in this country.


      1. Adeen,

        We are really in a hard place as “Black” People. The yt jhws media is basically enforcing that all “Anglo (hang your head low) saxxon” yts BETTER mix out their genes for a better future for Amerikkka.


  51. @Adeen

    -I see your point. Hopefully, you could be strong in your ways to help liberate our people from getting sucked into this colorblind racism garbage that would make us passive to fight white supremacy. You are right, our generation(the millenials) see Obama being president and other stuff, and we believe that racism is dead, however it is alive and well.The reason I mentioned Sonny Carson was that he was considered a hater, a racist and all of those things yet he did help accomplish many things for the Black community here in Brooklyn, New York. So Adeen, since one of your life goals to help African Americans in their plight, be ready to be called all of those things. However, if you see the truth(and it seems like you do) about the pitfalls of integration and how us as Black folks are still suffering then dont let that stop you(the namecalling). And from the Ossie Davis speech given at Malcolm X’s funeral, your works would indeed be a legacy left on this earth. So power to you Adeen!


    1. @B.R

      I have already been called racist and hater from various White internet trolls on the internet because I don’t support intermarriage with them or integration. It is better that we help out our community and make our own businesses without White help. We don’t need help from Whites at all. We need to love ourselves and have pride in our race and help each other.

      Being ”colorblind” is a byproduct of White supremacy and racism because it distracts us from the real issue of racism and who is affected by racism in this country. I don’t believe in being ”colorblind” because everyone sees color and race and our color and race determines how well we are going to be treated in racist AmeriKKKlan. Second of all, being colorblind means accepting integration and being blind to the obvious racism in our society and everyday lives. Most of all, being ”colorblind” means ignoring that racism even exists in this society and that is not a good thing at all especially for minorities like me and you.

      People in our generation will have a huge wakeup call when they go out in the real world and realize just how racist AmeriKKKlan truly is and none of their so called White ”friends” will understand or have their back by then.


      1. Adeen,

        The worst thing We did as The Original Hue-mans was not kill off the first albino child in the eyes of Our Natural Children. If I were the Original Man, I would have questioned how the heck that child came out to look like that. The first albinos probably saw their reflection and ran off to the Caucaus Mountains with other albinos. I’m not sure if you notice it or not, but despite all of the names like “European” and “Caucasian”, they still and will ALWAYS refer to themselves as “white people”. The first ever albinos definately saw themselves as “white people”.


      2. It’s scary too, Adeen. Before seeing themselves, the male albino probably thought of himself as “a person who loves His Mother” (The Mother of All Civilization – The First Ever “Black” Woman). After months in that cave, their minds became weathered as their facial features changed. That very cool weather was never supposed to touch albino skin, but they had to stay away from sun, in their defense! That is why their skin turned red after years in that cave. There might have been a chance for them being not so bad before, but there definately isn’t now.

        In my mind, I can’t help but think It is interesting how the first ever transformed albino changed everything for everyone. As The Original Hue-mans, We were (and still are) the all loving people. I doubt the first albino learned to fight from The First Of Us. It was when they returned from the caves, the newly made albino attacked the Natural Afrikan Man for the heart of The Natural Sista that he desired. It was from then on in, that Black Men became protectors.

        I hope that things go back to the way they were in the Very Beginning. How can any tribe be happy in this land made “the indivualistic doer”?


      3. “The worst thing We did as The Original Hue-mans was not kill off the first albino child in the eyes of Our Natural Children. If I were the Original Man, I would have questioned how the heck that child came out to look like that’
        It’s never too late…hehehe!


  52. @Imhotep

    I agree. We are the Original Man and Woman of the world and no mutated albino could replace us. They hate and envy us because they know that we are the Original People who created civilization and brought civilization to them. They know that they are violent barbarians with no heart, soul, empathy and melanin who killed, stole and destroyed everything they got from other races.

    I don’t support intermarriage or dating between the Original People or these mutated albinos!


  53. @Adeen

    We who follow the Honorable Elijah Muhammad feel that when you try and pass integration laws here in America, forcing white people to pretend that they are accepting black people, what you are doing is making white people act in a hypocritical way-Malcolm X El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz

    -Even though I believe Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam are a little looney, Elijah Muhammed stated the truth with that quote! Integration=Makes black people feel we have friends yet we dont have any at all.


  54. -As black people, we need to combine a healthy sense of individualism with black community empowerment. This means that we do our own individual things(going to school &college, having careers, having families) while keeping our talent and skills in our homebase and not seeking validation from the mainstream. Lets be honest, if it was not for affirmactive action and some of these other laws, half of these Uncle Toms(e.g. Clarence Thomas) would not even be there. Thats the main solution to helping our people!


    1. @B.R.

      Individualism is the number one reason why I cannot stand Amerikkka.
      “Why”-tes are individualist, Afrikans and Jamaicans of Afrikan ancestry are not. I agree, We can still do what We are doing now. We need to keep Our money in Our pockets. Some of Our People are conditioned (from slavery) to be better “why”-te “people”. In addition to that, the slave masters his information from Us. So, unfortunately, one of Our People believing they are “Amerikkklans” support only yt businesses. We need to give a shout out to Our People by modeling the clothes in Our actual businesses more. It makes Our Shopkeepers happy and that should make Us feel happier about who We are.

      Clarence Thomas is a sambo. In his defense, it is not his fault he was born in Amerikkka to two conditioned parents that should not have had children until they were awakened as Afrikan people.


      1. @B.R.

        In addition to that, the slave masters hid information from Us.
        So, most of Our People go to what they see around them in Amerikkka.



    2. @B.R.
      I agree, I want my talents to help the Black Community from this dire strait. It is sad many of us don’t stick together and love ourselves. I think that is the solution to all of our problems in our community is to love each other and unite. Then we can learn our TRUE history of about ancestors and separate from Whites in AmeriKKKlan, build our own communities and rely on ourselves and our strength to get by.


  55. The “why”-te boy in that picture is with his own work, a hypnotized Sista. She wants to be “a better than yet like a yt woman” (passed down mental lessons from slavery), so she accepts when yt men show her love. Thankfully, “hypnotized love” is no love at all!


    1. I know right, Imhotep. Any Black woman who dates and marries a White man is a fool and a sellout Uncle Tom who has no respect for our race.

      I am a Black woman and I am saying this! I know the importance that my race had in the ancient world and now and that is why I will never date a White guy or marry one or have kids with one.

      First of all:
      1) Except for a few exceptions, MOST White men are ugly with pale with blue veins, bald early and age fast. Thus I am not attracted to White men and never will be.

      2) As a Black American woman of Jamaican descent, I can’t relate to a White American guy culturally. I could even relate to a Black American guy better than a White American guy.

      3) They are more racist, violent, aggressive, close minded, etc than any other race of men in the world.

      4) I would never lower my standards and date a White guy because they aren’t worth my time or energy. I love my race and Black men way too much to date a White guy.


      1. Adeen,

        It’s sad that our people have been brutally brainwashed from before Amerikkka was ever even up. Then, on top of that, Our conditioned people watch tv everyday which only makes matters worse.

        Us Concious People need to show love for our race everyday.
        That can be hard because so many are asleep. I believe We can do it.


  56. @Imhotep

    The solution to this is to love ourselves and our race the first most. Then we can separate from Caucasians and build our own communities for good. All of this self loathing and colorism comes from years of European colonialism, oppression, slavery, inadequate self esteem and wanting to be like the White man. We are not slaves physically but many of us are still slaves mentally and believe the lies of Eurocentricism and the media.


    1. We may have to confront with “why”-tes as a race to settle this one large problem conclusively. Unfortunately, whenever they are not with Us, they still think of Us romantically. Because they are not happy to believe that We could be happy alone, they speak of the ignorance (brought on by them) of Our People. Because they cannot be with Us, they starve Our Tribes in Afrika and Jamaica. We must have a meeting with them all for the survival of Our People. It looks like that is bound happen within this century. I hope things go back to the way they were in the Very Beginning for Our People without Us having to cross over to the other side (the afterlife).


      1. I wish Whites could leave us alone and stop obsessing over us because when I am NOT in public, I try to as hard as I can to stay away from them. I really do. I can’t stand looking at their faces, sickly faces and their fake smiles and ”niceness”. They make me sick……..just everything about them!

        I would never date a White man as long as I live. They are off my radar for dating and marriage material. I am sick of people suggesting a devilish White man to date because I am a single woman. I would rather be celibate than date and marry a White guy because I know better than to date a sickly looking, pale skin, aging fast and balding devilish man who has the nature of a barbarian that kills, steals and destroys to get what he wants. And also I don’t like how violent, racist and aggressive they are either. I am not attracted to MOST of them either. Plus I can’t relate to them culturally because they don’t have a culture or a sense of right or wrong. And these are the reasons why I will never ever consider dating or even go far as to date one.

        And we should have a meeting with them to separate from them and build our own communities. We don’t need them at all. We can live without them. They can’t leave us alone because they need us. Without us, this country would go down the tubes and they wouldn’t have anyone to blame for their problems. They can’t live without us.


  57. How much longer will this go on for? As a child, I thought okay….these monsters abused my people for “just not being enough to even pass as human”. They said We were this…then We were that. It seemed believable that they could just hate Us the way a person can hate anything. Then, I got older and realized in high school that yt men just do not have anything positive to say. Most of their jokes are about groups that are not like them. People of other races were more understandable.

    Given the way they are, We could never negotiate with them. We can only turn to Jah and do what We can in this everyday race war. There needs to be a long distance connection to Our People not living in Amerikkka. Our problem here is Their Problem There. If Our People born here show a little more interest in what is happening to Those of Us that migrated to here and integrate the knowledge of each one of Our Tribes, We can fight as one. First, Our People who go by the name “African American” need to see Amerikkka for what it is. We have what color toilet paper in Our bathrooms? Nurses and Doctors wear what color clothing? Our conditioned people born here pay no attention to that, which is sad. Brown sugar was always better than white sugar


  58. @Imhotep

    Some White guy on another thread suggested that I date a White guy. SMH, I wouldn’t consider dating one as long as I live.

    I believe interracial dating and integration is detrimental to my people in AmeriKKKlan.


    1. @Adeen

      Everyday We don’t do something, the world only looks scarier and scarier. The why-te man wants to REPLACE any one of Us Brothas. Well, the
      why-te woman enjoys secretly making products for My Sistas’ hair. Of course, they flood Our neighborhoods with Planned Parenthoods. They act on the mental states of Our conditioned people. Then again, they are baby stompers.

      We need to watch out, they are pathetic. They are doing everything in their power to brainwash Us all. They don’t want to get it. HYPNOTIZED LOVE IS NO LOVE AT ALL!

      We don’t care that they made Amerikkka to impress Us. They are just plain evil. They can never leave anything alone. They are responsible for EVERYTHING WRONG IN THE WORLD!!!!! Still, they don’t want to hear it!

      How can the why-te man and woman make the Black Man and Woman happy? Simple, by leaving Us the hell alone! I wonder how this nightmare looks to Jah from far away. They think they are deceiving. We know by now to blame every death of Our People in Amerikkka on them! When have they ever thought they did not need to be violent?


  59. @Adeen


    -As black people, we need to come together(at least the awaken ones and the ones recovering from being whitewashed anyway) to truly look how our image and our communities need to transform in order for us to be the productive human beings that we know we truly are. For example, look at Camden, NJ, Detroit, Newark,NJ and all the other areas where we live. We need to understand how economics, politics and our lack of unity continue to produce these life threatening things(e.g. unemployment, poor education,etc.). We need to make our areas places to live, not places to die(you know, where the undertakers make a profit). And regardless of whatever our individual talents are, WE MUST bring them back home to our black communities. And no, we dont need integration. All integration causes is white flight(meaning we will face the same problem anyway) or us being accused of causing high crime rates. Our image needs to transform. For example, one of my favorite black TV shows ever was Good Times.Why? A black family in Chicago, just working to make ends meet and even though they were poor and lived in the projects, they showed good morals and family togetherness. Nowadays, we have a bunch of rappers that glorify the violence that harms our people, especially black men. Anyway as black people, we need to stop getting tricked by the white power structure and the Uncle Toms. Even the black church sometimes gets on my nerves, telling us about mystery worlds, and how to wait. Well my response for that “wait” is these two statments

    -Malcolm X movie- Tells the churchgoers they have one life on this Earth, and the Negroes are in hell for sure

    -Get Up Stand Up by Bob Marley- Hopefully Adeen would like this one also as I picked another favorite Jamaican,lol. This part of the song is very powerful!

    Most people think,
    Great God will come from the skies,
    Take away everything
    And make everybody feel high.
    But if you know what life is worth,
    You will look for yours on earth:
    And now you see the light,
    You stand up for your rights. Jah!



  60. @B.R and Imhotep
    I agree! We need to stick together. B.R., you are right that we don’t need integration, it only causes more problems for us as a people. It never made sense integrating with White AmeriKKKlan because they are our enemies and oppressors and you don’t integrate with your enemies. I guess they felt the need to integrate because of their own issues with self hate and being conditioned by the media to think White is right. They never thought about the consequences that integrating with their enemies would have on their own community.

    Before integration, we had unity and we valued God, education and family. Most Black children came from two parent homes prior to integration and most of them graduated on time too. We had our businesses and communities and didn’t rely on White people.

    I hated segregation and Jim Crow laws but at least the Black Community was in good shape morally back then.

    Now jump forward to 2013, 73%of Black children are born out of wedlock to unwed single mothers. Black kids have a hard time graduating from high school, Black children look up to vile influences like Lil Wayne, Drake etc, MOST Black people don’t buy or even own their own businesses anymore. We don’t value family, God or education anymore etc.

    What happened to the values and morals our community had?

    I think that went away when Black people started integrating with Whites towards the end of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s. Blacks started to follow the ways of White devils: divorce, booze, pedophilifia, etc and enacted that in their own communities and our sense of moral values went down the drain. And when we stopped valuing ourselves and sucking up to Whites.


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