Don’t Forget that Black Women Get Racially Profiled & Brutalized Too…

In the wake of the horrific murder of Trayvon and subsequent acquittal of George Zimmerman, I wanted to take some time to discuss the impact of racial profiling on Black women as well.

Racial profiling is harmful to Black people and it needs to be stopped.  Black Women like Rekia Boyd, Frankie Perkins,  Shea Diggles and Black girls like Aiyana Jones need to have their stories included in the wider discourse of racial profiling, but we only seem to discuss racial profiling as it pertains to Black men.

Racial profiling and brutality at the hands of law enforcement,  is a big problem for Black men AND Black women. According to  statistics , in New York, 80% of the women who are “Stopped and Frisked,” are Black or Hispanic. Black women are more likely to be stopped and strip searched at airports than any other group…and Black women  experience police brutality disproportionately. Black women make up the largest percentage of the female prison population.

My heart is broken over Trayvon and I want the racial profiling against Black PEOPLE to stop, I want the dehumanization to stop! However, we have to remember that racial profiling isn’t just a problem that affects Black men. Both Black men and Black women are a valuable part of the community and if we are going to solve the problem of racial profiling and brutality, we need to include both Black men and Black women


10 thoughts on “Don’t Forget that Black Women Get Racially Profiled & Brutalized Too…”

  1. I like this post. Criss Jensen posted a video about this honor student, a Black woman who was racially profiled and beaten by the police.

    How come they don’t talk about Black women getting racially profiled? It is always about protecting Black men when they don’t protect us at all!


    1. Some Afrikan and Jamaican Men do try to warn their Sistas, but something gets in the way, too many times.

      Our Sistas are usually harmed in “accidents”. Yt men do not intend to kill you off. They go in looking for Us Brothas, but when they see that Sistas have had children for Us, they shoot at you.

      Yt men created jails for Us alone. The “n-word” was crafted for Us initially. ALL yt men want ALL Brothas gone. In this yt man’s world, he is doing everything to “do Us better than We do Ourselves”, so he can peacefully replace Us. The yt woman never had any power in all of this. Her words are, basically, “All of this is so wrong, but I will watch anyway”.

      As The Mother of All Civilization, you are given more of a free pass. Yt men want to spoil you with everything they can. They just want to blame Us Brothas for nonsense and kill Us off without many people around showing any concern.

      We need to watch when We have these conversations. Yts love using the divide and conquer tactics on Us. It appears to work at times, sadly. We need to realize that all land We live on is a playing field to yts only.


  2. @Imhotep

    You are right 100%. White men did create prisons to put Black men there and the goal of slavery was the emasculate the Black men and make him mentally weak. And effeminized Black women and sexually exploit our bodies. Mentally weak to the point that he couldn’t lead and protect his family properly. It is sad but true. Slavery really messed up the Black family in the African Diaspora especially Black males.

    And you can’t forget White women’s role in this. Contrary to what you may think, White women are our enemies too. They take their White men’s side in his quest and actions to further White supremacy and racism. And many times they even take action and help oppress Black people like their White male counterparts. They aren’t any better. They are just as racist and insensitive as White men.

    And I wouldn’t fall for any of the White man’s tricks in any of this. I don’t desire them as romantic partners nor do I seek them out. As the Original Woman, I believe that we need to stick together and stop falling for their tricks.


  3. Respect?????How ’bout not dating “bad boys/thugz” (i.e.,stupid,[c]rap-loving,Grillz-Teethed,semi-literate,25-inch-bicepped,58-IQ,violent “gangstas”) and dating us life-size Brads? From 1968-’72,Brad was Barbie’s then-boyfriend Ken’s handsome black buddy.)


  4. imhotep,your Country is circling the drain,and white men are aboutready to join the ashheap of history.As for white women,they increasing detest white boys,so they’re apt to date/marry someone such as Yours Truly.Black women should worry about losing their humongous a** and attitude before most other things,as they’re abbreviating their life-span with their faults.


  5. imhotep,like the 13 black men who kill other black men for every one white man who slays a black man.How does “white supremacy” figure into this?(And murder is largely an intra-racial affair,about 90% of white men who are slain are killed by other white men.)


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