Why Juror B37 Needs to Save Her Tears

George Zimmerman has a bloody nose and two scratches on his head, Trayvon has a bullet wound in his heart…Zimmerman’s the real victim.

Despite the fact that no DNA or prints were found on Zimmerman’s gun, despite the fact that Zimmerman admittedly followed Martin against the advice of a dispatcher, despite the fact that Juror B37 admits that Zimmerman went too far…and despite the fact that Trayvon is dead…Zimmerman is the victim.

Or at least, that is what Juror B37, an anonymous white woman, seems to believe.

Here is the picture that emerges, according to Juror B37: 

Zimmerman is a kind-hearted man who was defending the neighborhood from the thugs who were breaking in. He’s the kind-hearted man who went after Trayvon like a gallant knight trying to protect the fair damsels and gents of the neighborhood. He acted in self-defense by shooting the unarmed, teenager who was on his way home with a bag of skittles.

Zimmerman acted in self-defense, his heart was in the right place when he pursued unarmed Trayvon, against the advisement of the dispatcher. Zimmerman had a right to pursue Trayvon, but Trayvon had no right to defend himself…yet  Zimmerman had the right to use deadly force because Trayvon punched him…oh wait, well we don’t really know if he punched him or not…but let’s assume he did because yah know…that’s just something that ‘they’ (wherever these people come from) would do.

Walking home in the rain at 7 o’clock with a hoodie, skittles and a beverage while looking at houses is suspicious, but a grown man sitting in a car watching a teenager and later FOLLOWING and pursuing him isn’t suspicious at all. He’s just being a kind-hearted person who helps old lady’s  after a break-ins…and protects the neighborhood.

Sure, he may have exaggerated or fabricated (as juror B37 admits herself), but that doesn’t mean anything. He just wanted to catch ‘these people’ so badly that he went too far. He is just over eager to help people. If Zimmerman wasn’t so “over eager to help people,” he’d be the type of neighborhood watchmen that Juror B37 would want in her neighborhood.  Zimmerman has every right to get his gun back, he’s a responsible citizen who was just trying to serve and protect.

The only credible witness was the one physician who spoke in favor of the defense. Lots of the prosecution witnesses were bad, especially Rachel Jeantel. We should all feel sorry for her because of her education and inability to communicate. She probably felt inadequate being around all these educated, expert orators. Nothing she said about Trayvon was credible…OH WAIT, except for the fact that she said Trayvon called Zimmerman a “creepy ass cracka,” now that is believable because well, that’s something those type of people would say.

*Cries Tears*

This is a tragedy that both were responsible for.  We should feel sorry for BOTH of them because of the situation THEY got themselves into. Both could have walked away. Even though Zimmerman “went too far,”  and ( in B37 own words) shouldn’t have gotten out of the car.

Zimmerman has a right to carry a gun, everyone has the right to carry a gun, but things just went terribly wrong.

Zimmerman will be much more wise about his gun-use, now that he’s been let off for “going too far with Trayvon.”

My Response:

Juror B37 demeans Rachel Jeantel and calls her not credible, but she assumes that George is more credible. So, I have some questions for Juror B37:

Why is Zimmerman’s word automatically believable to you?

I find it odd that a man who has a history of abuse, is at least 100 pounds heavier than Trayvon, a man who admittedly PURSUED Trayvon (who was doing nothing illegal at the time), a man who you admit probably fabricated and exaggerated his accounts, a man who (in your own words) went too far by getting out of the car, and a man who ultimately shot an unarmed person after following him would be more sympathetic and believable.

What is it exactly about George Zimmerman  that makes him more credible and kind-hearted than Trayvon Martin??

2. Why Did George Zimmerman have a right to be suspicious of Trayvon?

Trayvon is walking  at night in the rain, with a hoodie and skittles, and (in your own words) “looking at houses,” is a suspicious character… but George who is sitting in his car staring at a teenager, (who is walking alone at night) and then FOLLOWS that teenager isn’t a suspicious character…?

3. What is it exactly about Trayvon that makes him suspicious as opposed to Zimmerman? 

4. Why Does George Zimmerman have a right to use lethal force to defend himself, but Trayvon wouldn’t have the right to defend himself?

Why would George Zimmerman have the right to FOLLOW Trayvon and “defend himself,” by using lethal force, but Trayvon wouldn’t have the right to defend himself with physical, non-lethal force after being accosted by Zimmerman? Mind you, that’s IF Trayvon even punched or hit Zimmerman…

5. BTW, WHY is it so easy for you to believe that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman first?

You weren’t there, there are conflicting accounts and no real evidence, all we do know is that Trayvon was unarmed and going home…and Zimmerman pursued and shot him.

6. Why is Zimmerman more kind-hearted than Travyon to you? 

Zimmerman, a man who has a history of abuse and who shot and killed an unarmed teenager with no criminal record who was walking home is kind-hearted? I guess his one visit to the old lady’s house after the break-in cancels out these two acts of violence for you. Never mind that Trayvon had no criminal record, befriended Rachel Jeantel when no one else would and went out in the rain to get his step brother some skittles, only to be gunned down. I guess Trayvon’s acts of kindness don’t count for you. No, Zimmerman is the kind-hearted one to you.

7. Why Does Zimmerman have the right to keep his gun, but Trayvon doesn’t have the right to keep his life?

You stated emphatically that everyone had the right to carry a gun, but does everyone not have the right to live?

8. Why Do You Say That You Feel Sorry for BOTH Trayvon and Zimmerman?

Only one of the people involved is dead and he wasn’t doing anything wrong when he was shot, so why feel sorry for Zimmerman?

9. If you  had been walking home alone at night and a man got out of a car and started following you for no reason…would you assume that he was a kind-hearted man with good intentions?

10. If it had been a white woman, like yourself, who Zimmerman had stalked at night and shot, would you still have found him not guilty??

11. Do you think that your tears are more valuable than  “uneducated Rachel Jeantel,” or Trayvon’s mother’s?

12. How are they BOTH responsible for this situation when Zimmerman was the one who pursued Martin and shot him? 

13. Do you think it’s possible that all of the assumptions you made about Zimmerman’s credibility and Martin’s aggression are based on racism?

The way I see it…you’re either a very sick or very racist woman:

…Only in a sick or racist person’s mind is it justified for an armed man to pursue a  teenager who has done nothing wrong. Only in a sick or racist person’s mind is it excusable to profile someone based off of skin color and assume that because there have been burglaries in the area, that any Black person is automatically suspicious.

Only in a sick or racist person’s mind is it acceptable for a  man to exercise his right to self-defense after he admittedly followed someone who “looked suspicious,” yet it’s not acceptable for the person who has been followed to exercise their right to self-defense.

Only in a sick or racist person’s mind, is it acceptable for George Zimmerman to fabricate and exaggerate (as juror B37 concedes) and still be a more credible and sympathetic victim.

It is only in a sick or racist person’s mind that a man who pursued another individual (because that individual fit their ideology of what a suspicious person is), disobeyed dispatcher’s orders and, as Juror B37 said herself, went too far, and killed that person…is  a kind-hearted, chivalrous man who was just protecting the neighborhood from…people like them…you know those Black brutes and those poor wretched, uneducated, inadequate Black women. 

So you’re either sick or racist…or both.

I am glad that you don’t want to serve on a jury again, I HOPE that you’ll never serve on a jury again.

You can save your tears B37… save your tears and go back to your Disney World existence.

I pity you Juror B37.

10 thoughts on “Why Juror B37 Needs to Save Her Tears”

  1. oh good post and idk if that is the same juror that said she is writing a book but doesn’t want to be interviewed anymore or be in the spotlight. if that is the same one then she can stick that book where the sun don’t shine. And there are other things i want to say but will not, too angry to say anything that won’t sound very offensive so i’ll leave it at that.


  2. Fuck b37, she’s just like all the rest of these dumb silly ass white devils. they all work together in killing us keeping s down don’t, be fooled by these white whores, they work side by side with wm in helping keeping the anti-black system going. “fuck all white people”!! all of them. your “reaping is coming” and boy i can’t wait i am going to have a ball. just watch and see!!

    Oh yeah black men how do you feel now about white women?? do you still think they’re down4ya lol i hope this open up some eyes to the truth about these evil C**T’S!! cause you better believe more is to come after this. their testing the water’s.

    white women love blk-men. what!? yeah keep dreaming buster’s!!


  3. @Crissjensen – The idiots that are so in love with white women are already lost and too far gone. They can’t help but to find some stupid rationalizations in order to save face and maintain their compromised position. One idiot that is wrapped up into his white boo had the nerve to ask this stupid question: “What about all of the black on black murders in Chicago?” Like has anything to do with the stalking and murder of a young boy. They’re not giving up their white lovin’ just because of Trayvon. They’re just too far gone.

    I don’t cuss, but your comment more than satisfies my sentiment. Thank you.


  4. @ criss & Anthony

    I agree the black men with white women are too far gone. Most of them are a contradiction, the black man usually hates black women, but his white woman says she loves black ppl and black culture. Rofl if that is true then why are u with a black man that disrespects black women? Aren’t black women part of the black culture and a race u say u love so much?They need to stop lying, the white woman just likes black men and part of the black culture, they don’t like black women yet say they like black men, who come from black women wtf. They only like the black men who are asleep and disrespect his ppl, I never see them with black men who are awake, aren’t rich, and talk about white men and white women’s racism and white privilege and who want their kids to be black.
    Also even the black men who just date,marry, and sleep with white women, know who really has their back. Just ask Oj, who was acquitted by a black female jury. If he would’ve had a white female jury they would’ve nailed him. See his lawyer had sense enough to know who is really down for who. peace


  5. I’m a relatively right wing white man regarding several issues. I may be wrongly or rightly assuming I’m not intruding by posting here.

    With that said, it’s amazing how shady Zimmerman is. Strange that so many people have refused to see that. Trayvon had his problems, but so did the 29 year old neighborhood watchman. B37 should know better.


  6. This trial shows that White women don’t love or care for Black men. Black men need to wakeup and realized that these White women are NOT out for their best interests


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