Rachel Jeantel Speaks English Well to me…and she’s pretty too!

I’ve watched clips of Rachel Jeantel on the stand. If you’re unfamiliar with who Jeantel is, she is a key witness in the Trayvon Martin trial. She was the last one to speak to Martin before he was gunned down. There has been a lot of hostility toward this woman. She was referred to as “Precious,” by Frank Taafe, a supporter of George Zimmerman, on national news. She has been criticized by Black and white media and blogs as being “low-class, ignorant.” There was an article on one popular “Black women Empowerment,” blog that held her up as an example of everything that Black women should not be…”don’t be a Rachel Jeantel,” the article said.

After hearing all of this, I was expecting for her to be yelling, cursing, banging on tables and acting completely like a fool on the stand. However, when I watched the clips of her speaking, she was nothing like the way people portrayed her. My main complaint was that at times she spoke too quietly…and I think they either needed to turn the microphone up or she should have been coached on how to PROJECT her voice so everyone in the court room could hear her clearly…but I thought she spoke in a manner that was easily understood, she was respectful, with a couple of exceptions. I thought she did fine.

She was very respectful when the prosecutor questioned her, but I noticed when the defense began to question her she did get somewhat defensive…she did say to him ” that’s retarded sir,” which was a poor word choice. But I never heard her curse the man out and even being defensive with him, she still referred to him as sir…which is a sign of respect. I think she was probably very hurt by the fact that the defense portrayed Martin as instigating the conflict and naturally, she would get defensive. It’s the job of the defense though, to push the buttons of the witness and try to get them to either crack and say something contradictory or  catch them in a lie…that’s their job.

But, I didn’t think her testimony was completely outrageous. I also noticed people criticized her appearance, referring to her as Precious (btw Jeantel looks NOTHING like Sidibe) and attacking her weight, skin color and hair style. One Black women empowerment blog stated that she didn’t “look feminine,” whatever that means…

I think it’s completely ridiculous. People are just stereotyping and profiling HER the same way that Zimmerman stereotyped and profiled Martin.

I think that Rachel Jeantel is a beautiful woman. Yes, she is overweight, but I think her face is pretty, people just overlook her beauty because of her weight. I think she spoke well, with a couple of exceptions.

I am disappointed that people, especially those in the Black community, are treating this woman as if she were a criminal herself, as if SHE were the one who shot an unarmed person who was just trying to buy some skittles and ice tea.

Come on. Am I the only one who doesn’t see what the big hoopla is about this woman’s manner of speech?

Btw Rachel Jeantel is fluent in three languagues, which include English, Spanish and Haitian kreyol. Obviously, she’s not stupid.

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Check Out Frank Taaffe Referring to Jeantel as Precious-

24 thoughts on “Rachel Jeantel Speaks English Well to me…and she’s pretty too!”

      1. Ask the haitians who just come over on the boat how to spell it. Miami is full of em and I went to school with them.


    1. i’m going to delete any comments that you make about the spelling from this point on. this isn’t about spelling the word, it’s about Rachel Jeantel.


  1. wow its crazy the comments on that vid making fun of her, even the racist ones have thumbs up smdh. Its like some black ppl are ok if racists say things about some other black person they don’t like. They love attacking black women, she can speak 3 languages, hmm funny i didn’t hear many ppl attacking that latino woman who can’t speak english, but they attack a woman who can but may have some difficulty. I tell ya a lot of white americans have multiple personalities one minute they attack ppl for not speaking english, then the next they attack ppl for their accent, then they attack ppl who speak english just not as proper or fluent but u can understand what they say like some asians. If someone can speak multiple languages but are not as fluent in english good for them. I can only speak english but its not that much help especially when u live in a major spanish speaking place. imo some of the best languages to learn are the romance languages because a lot of ppl speak those languages.


    That’s because anyone can be themselves BUT A BLACK WOMAN. A black woman is not allowed to be a black woman. Black women represent two of the most oppressed groups on the planet, black and female. So everyday we have to walk on egg shells trying not to offend anyone for being black and woman.

    I was very hurt and destroyed not only seeing racist comments geared towards her by whites, but seeing the black community on forums, sites and social networks belittling her to nothing as well. They totally ignored the fact that she was on trial and defending a black man that got murdered because of racism and racial profiling.

    It bothered me that the entire case is centered around racism and racial profiling but yet as our society watched Jeantel testify as a witness, it was perfectly okay to use racism and racial profiling against her. The reason they exaggerated her speech and mannerisms being below average because “automatically” they saw her as less than. They saw a large black woman with dark skin and that immediately deemed her worthy of disrespect and ridicule. When you see these little blonde white women on trial for sleeping with students and minors, they barely have to talk or defend themselves as we’ve heard the saying “She’s too pretty to go to jail”. It’s really sad this type of racism still exists.

    It didn’t matter if she got up there and spoke proper English with a sweater vest with prada bags by her feet she’d still be belitted and bashed for her appearance, and that would be enought to deem her not credible. I know the blog you’re referring to that said “Don’t be a Jeantel” that site can have a lot of contradictions regarding the articles they post.

    Back on topic, it goes to show you that black women always have to apologize for our womanhood, or prove our womanhood, even in the black community. It’s funny because this is the same community who jumped to the defense of Lil Wayne, Shawty LO, and Rick Ross who each referenced rape,Emitt Till, and a reality show about being proud of having multiple babymamas. I even saw comments like “White people need to stop trying to take the black man’s money” in reference of white feminist and activist complainig about the lyrics they said in their rap song.

    However this is about Jeantel, Jeantel is living that black women always have to compensate. Especially black women who represent everything society hates about black women. Plus size, dark skin, and from a lower income place. It doesn’t matter how educated and well mannered the black woman is, it’s all about APOLOGIZING for being a black women in the public’s eyes of white supremacy. When I saw Jeantel being ridiculed like that it took me back to a comment on tumblr which read how black women are always made sure to be put in our place. To be contained and controlled. Look around black women can’t do anything because we’re female and black. Both groups have a set of rules to abide by or we’ll be ridiculed anf judged. Look at Miley Cyrus appropriating black culture and people saying how it’s just harmless fun. But I can’t go a day without seeing someone insulting black women for doing the same. Same for iggy Azalea.

    It was telling to see black people go in on her (Jeantel) because it proves how aren’t worth protection, unless we’re borderline conforming to society’s “passing card” of how black women are suppose to act and be. Black women are the only group who are recieved with internalized racism. K.Michelle is another one who’s bashed and belittled because of her book cover, but no one knows she has a degree, and she also has a campaign she started called “Rebel Against” in support of women. It’s a painful reality but I feel we can change if we just stick together and do it.


    1. great comment and thanks for bringing up the “shes too pretty to go to jail,” incident. i remember hearing about that, can u ever imagine them letting a black woman off for being “too pretty” hell not…white female privilege to the core right there…


    2. @Ebonychic205 – Sister, black women don’t have to apologize or compensate for anything. If you truly believe that, that’s an error in judgement. Don’t believe the hype.


  3. Oh and speaking of Gabourey Sidbibe, has anyone heard her speak during her interviews? If you closed your eyes you’d swear it was a white girl from the suburbs who’s favorite show was “Clueless” and who’s favorite song was from Taylor Swift. She’s very articulate and well spoken (not saying that is only a trait in whites I’m just talking about how people blindly stereotype) That’s why I don’t understand judging a book by it’s cover “ALL THE TIME”.


  4. When someone is 100 lbs. overweight, it doesn’t matter how pretty her face is, she looks terrible. Jeantel knew this trial was coming up. She had plenty of time to lose weight and she choose not to.


    1. that’s ur opinion, I disagree. if she chooses to lose weight she should do it for health and her personal satisfaction, not to appease others. I think she is pretty.


    2. You must have never seen a trial a day in your life, until recently. I’m sorry Auntie Tom, Ms Jeantel didn’t put on her best “Yesa massa” act for you to be pleased. Many types of people go to trials and testify. There are many types of criminals who commit crimes to, shit the man on trial for murdering Trayvon wasn’t eye candy but I didn’t see people bashing him for his appearance but for the ignorant crime he committed. You’re one of those ignorant people who need to remain in the primitive ages with the rest of slow society because your mentality is very underdeveloped and outdated. SOMEONE ELSE’S PERSONAL SPACE AND EXISTENCE IS NOT YOUR DAMN BUSINESS, or is not to be approved by you, who are you? Stay miserable and judgmental.


  5. Its crazy because i thought this was a courtroom not a dam runway. people that focus on her weight and how she looks need help, if i’m in danger or need help idc what that person looks like. its funny how ppl make fun of her weight but don’t check their own spelling smh. its chose not choose. I’m going to say this ,a lot of black ppl in america focus too much on the material things like white ppl and can’t get past appearances. It is pitiful that i see black ppl on youtube actually thumbs up and cosigning with racists, wtf. I saw a comment where someone called her grape ape and a coonish black person said i know i shouldn’t laugh at that but lol. Nobody takes our community serious because of ignorant black ppl like that. How can u fight racism and white supremacy when u stay agreeing with them and help them tear down ppl that look like u. If ppl had any sense they’d stfu and observe ppl. notice how whites and other races don’t throw each other under the bus? even when whites shoot up places they cover for each other and say oh he was a good person idk what happened. Too many black ppl throw each other under the dam bus for only a few seconds of fame or 2 pieces of silver, what dam sense does that make? None what so freaking ever. Nobody is perfect but for u to knock someone that is trying says alot about who u are and how much u have yet to grow and learn. Would yall rather her not testify? Ok so say black women said fk it i’m not going to do anything for the community anymore out of fear i’ll be judged and ripped apart then what? Oh u think massa and white women gonna help u? think again. Next time get a well put together white person to testify on ur behalf. At least rachel tries to speak english, hell i saw a latino woman who took the stand and didn’t speak any english.


    1. I agree completely

      ” It is pitiful that i see black ppl on youtube actually thumbs up and cosigning with racists, wtf. I saw a comment where someone called her grape ape and a coonish black person said i know i shouldn’t laugh at that but lol. Nobody takes our community serious because of ignorant black ppl like that. ”

      that is just sad and embarrassing because when they call Jeantel an ape, they ultimately are calling all black people apes…


  6. 1) She’s not pretty. You don’t need to lie. People are NOT calling her ugly bc she is dark, there are millions of gorgeous black women (yes dark) who are not called ugly. Jeantel would be ugly if she was white, yellow, red etc. There are beautiful, normal looking and ugly people in the world. You do not have to lie.
    2) She does not speak proper English. As an child of immigrant parents, I was shocked at her lack of ability to speak proper English when she is a HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT in America! My French (I live in Canada) is better than her, and I live in Alberta (where French is not spoken as often).My parents (who both know over 5 languages) have better English! Stop painting all migrants (I was not born in Canada) to be incapable to learn to speak English! I blame the school and parents of this girl, who obviously didn’t have the passion and drive to educate her.
    3) I watched the video of her testimony. Not only did she lack English (she could have easily gotten a translater if she is uncomfortable with English) she was VERY rude and uncoperative!
    4) She didn’t attend she FRIEND’s wake! This inexcusable.
    5) Stop defending or excusing blacks for their errors bc they are black! This feeds racists and doesn’t help the black community at all. Call a fing spade a spade!


    1. 1. i do think she’s pretty
      2. She speaks English fine
      3. She wasn’t any more rude than the Defense attorney was to her
      4. she didn’t go to her friend’s wake because she was traumatized by the fact that he was dead
      5. I’ll defend whomever I please and I stand by what I said.


  7. How is being fat and inarticulate “being a black woman?” (one of you a**-clowns ACTUALLY WROTE THIS S**T!!!!)I’m an articulate,movie-star handsome black man.Dose that mean Im not “keepin’ it real?(Oh,right,I’m NOT,according to the “rap-tards!!!!!”)
    Anyway,Ms. Jeantel is a victim of a country which spends MUCH more on arms than education,and will soon pay the price as it loses its competitive edge in the global economy and sinks into irrelevance,ala the Soviet Union a quarter-century ago.
    (How ’bout THAT,Ronnie “Ray-Guns?”)


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