Eroticism in Black Relationships


This is a post from the experience project, please check out the group I Dedicated to Love Between Black men and Black women

Black men and Black women make love with each other, just like every one else. I notice in the media people never show Black couples “making love,” they will show Black couples having a rough **** or they’ll show a rape scene, but it’s rare that people focus on the erotic side of Black relationships. Black people make love to each other too. I’m not talking about the mechanical, degrading sex that people tend to associate with Black men. It seems like often people portray Black men as these aggressive, dominating, mindless Mandingo studs(see plenty of sections on this website), while Black women are portrayed as too asexual, angry, LOUD and unattractive for any man to want to be sexual with.  But the truth is Black men can be just as sweet, gentle, caring, tender, intelligent, romantic, chivalrous and loving as any other group. They aren’t machine who are just there for a good f*cking and nothing else.  And Black women… well we ARE very sexy when we want to be. Round hips, thicker thighs and voluptuous backsides make for very nice love making. Contrary to the sapphire myth, some of us love to be submissive and caring in the bedroom (but we know how to be dominant too) . Our skin, when we mesh our bodies together, looks like melting chocolate. As India Arie sings “brown skin, can’t tell where your’s ends and mine begins.”   Indeed our mesh of chocolate-Brown skin is  beautiful and erotic … a shared sense of rhythm intensifies the pleasure of Black men and Black women’s love making… and for many of us, if you’re doing it right…the only thing coming out of  our mouths will be deep breaths, moans and cries of pleasure  as we wrap our chocolate legs around our Big Poppas

Black men and Black women make beautiful love together too, we enjoy sweet, deep,  wet, rhythmic and intense love making with each other, but we like to wake up in each other’s arms too.


3 thoughts on “Eroticism in Black Relationships”

    1. Well said. I only support Black on Black marriage and love. That is the only type of love I love! IR relationships between BP and non BP is usually a byproduct of wanting to fit in and self hate.


  1. Had me spilling my water. I love this vid I was thinking about this vid today. Its so sexy and eric benet is fine as hell. I would wrap mychocolate legs around him and never let go


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