Bleeding Obama- Zombie Used for Target Practice at NRA Convention

 National Rifle Association (NRA) had a convention in Houston this past weekend. One of their vendors called Zombie Industries, sells zombie-like targets that bleed when shot at. One of their featured products this year included a Zombie that resembled President Obama. The formal name of the Zombie is “Rocky,” as in Ba-ROCKY (Barack), but some customers referred to him as “Barry,” President Obama’s nickname, growing up.  The Obama zombie was on display for two days before the NRA asked them to take it down, but they still sold it at the convention without it being on display.  It is worth noting that they also had a Nazi-zombie (which, they ironically were shooting at), they had a battered woman zombie who was supposed to portray an “ex-girlfriend,”  an Osama Bin-Laden target and other zombie representations.

When MSNBC reached out to Zombie Industries, they made this comment:

” To discriminate against African-Americans by not having them represented in our product selection would be just plain racist…any resemblance to actual persons (living or dead), events or locales is entirely coincidental. Zombie industries is sorry if anyone takes offense to any of our products.”

It is very interesting that the Zombie Industries would make this blatantly racist, flippant, sardonic, yet trite statement about including African-Americans for target practice. It’s very obvious that this statement is  a passive aggressive attack on African-Americans and perhaps their perception of affirmative action. Though I could be wrong, but I get the feeling that  the idea behind that statement is “ya’ll always want to be included in everything [debatable], so we’re giving you what you want.”

But the truth is, we don’t need representation in target practice. We are OVER-REPRESENTED when it comes to being targets. We’re targets when we go buy skittles, we’re targets by police officers who stalk us in our homes and on our private property (see Ramarley Graham, Rekia Boyd), we’re targets when we walk on the street. We’re targets pretty much everywhere we go. We don’t need to be represented in your target practice…we’re over-represented already.

But I guess wanting equal access to employment and education, the right to live in safe neighborhoods, the right to be represented equally in the media when we go missing and the right to be treated as equal human beings in our society warrants this type of mockery by so-called men. We all know that Obama is seen as a socialist because he at least tries to focus on equal rights and puts more emphasis on these type of issues, so the hostility directed at Obama is more personal, I think, than political.

It is fine if you don’t agree with the President’s policies, I do not agree with everything Obama does, but this type of behavior is so immature, counterproductive and racist that it’s beyond my understanding. I thought that these were supposed to be grown, educated, men who were voicing their political opinions, not childish, immature cowards who resort to such demeaning representations to make a point. This is something that I would expect from a fourth grader, not a grown, educated man.

This is why I, personally, cannot take organizations like the NRA or other GOP organizations seriously when they behave this way. Shame on them.


You Can Check Out the video below to see a Customer shooting ‘Barry’ with his young son-

5 thoughts on “Bleeding Obama- Zombie Used for Target Practice at NRA Convention”

  1. These people are crazy.I think we need to have a nwa association lol. We should use crazy white people cutouts as target practice [ronald reagan,george zimmermantfox news etc].Then when they get offended we say sorry you are offended,but if you hadn’t been spying on us you wouldn’t have seen this and wouldn’t be offended. I was more outraged at them using trayvon martin targets for target practice.

    Its funny how obama stays crying for these little white kids getting killed ,yet the whites he cries for don’t give a dam about him.


  2. Burning effigies is not something new. To be honest it doesn’t look like the POTUS to me but it is interesting. People have anger, if they want to shoot at a zombie target that looks kind of similar to the POTUS the can but I personally think it is a weak representation of him.

    It is a free country people can shoot at targets all they want. Personally I wouldn’t waste money on this sort of thing. However if it helps calm these guys down, maybe it is a good thing. Personally I think it is hugely disrespectful to ones country to do this but I am not the one to buy this sort of rubbish.


  3. ALL why-te men hate Afrikan Men! That is a fact. It appears that when yts are alone to themselves, they act even stranger than they normally do around Us.


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