5723Michael YouTube Videos: Bashing Black Women Is For Cowards

A poster brought to my attention that 5723Michael a YouTuber has several videos demeaning African-American women. I had never been aware of his videos and I don’t need to listen to all of them because it’s the same drivel and nonsense that cowardly men spew from behind a computer about Black women.

All I can say is, if you think that any one group is superior to another just based off of skin color, then you are a FOOL. If you have bad experiences with  a woman and then you blame that WHOLE group based off of one or a few experiences, YOU ARE A FOOL.

There are hundreds of millions of Black women on this earth, and we’re as diverse as anyone. Their experiences with Black women represent an insignificant portion of the overall Black female population, so any assumptions they make are stereotypes and are based off of improper extrapolation.

Many of these men who make bashing videos of Black women on YouTube are losers in real life or they’ve had bad experiences.

Perhaps, this is the case for 5723Michael…

I would advise Black women NOT to go to this channel, DON’T LOOK AT THE VIDEOS, DON’T LEAVE COMMENTS…just let them make fools out of themselves because other people (including other races of men) are beginning to see them for what they are, cowardly, insecure men who BULLY women of their own race. Not a good look for these “men,” at all.

All the negativity they put on Black women will ultimately backfire onto them and it is ONLY a matter of time.

So, please Black women, do not acknowledge these videos. I find that actually the best tactic to combat these videos is to ignore them, pretend they don’t exist and live your own life as well as can be.

The reason I haven’t made as many posts on here is because I’ve stopped watching these videos intentionally on YouTube and now I will really only post when I accidentally or unintentionally come across something and I need to get my feelings out in the air.

I know sometimes Black women need a place to vent and just release all of their emotions, so this is a place for that. However, I TRULY ADVISE Black women NOT to go looking for this stuff. When you encounter it, you can challenge it in a tactful way, but DON’T WASTE your positive attitude on some losers on the internet because that is what they are and everyone is beginning to wise up to.

Also Black women let “other men” (both black and non-black) challenge these men, don’t allow these “men,” who are bashing you to draw you into fights and get you so worked up that you’re cursing and becoming irate due to frustration.

It’s easy to get upset at this, anyone would, but the more you fight back, the more it adds fuel to the fire. You can certainly refute and challenge their stereotypes, but do it in a way that is not “fighting,” with them. State your opinion, gently disagree, and move on…don’t keep going back and forth with them  and don’t curse and get irate with them, this is what they want. If you want to let lose do so in a safe space, such as this.

A good example of a tactful rebuttal would be this video response by Blakebarbiedoll, a lot of Blakebarbiedolls videos (where she isn’t stereotyping Black men) are actually tactfully done. She states her opinion, defends herself, but she doesn’t curse or really get irate…and I do not even agree with ALL of her videos, but you can certainly respect that she isn’t disrespectful overtly to other people… or think of Uheardme1stime videos.

Blakebarbiedoll video:

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many times you say something, if someone wants to believe stereotypes, then they will.

YouTube Channel of 5723 Michael: http://www.youtube.com/user/5723michael/videos?view=0

Below is a video of a non-Black man criticizing the Black men who bash Black women:

So, thank you to the poster who brought this channel to my attention.

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