Of Black Women & Ugliness…Again.


Here we go again… I thought we were done with this, but apparently articles are starting to pop up again in recent months declaring that Satoshi Kanazawa may have been right…even though we’ve had notable scientist point out everything that was wrong with his research.

I encountered a post about this subject…and once again we’re back to square one debates about Black women’s beauty or (according to some) lack thereof. If you want to read the post and the comments, you can here. 

I don’t know what to say about this post.

I’m not sure why people love making posts like this…well actually I think I know why…

All I can say is, as an African-American woman, I respect people’s right to have their “preference,” for whatever reason, but please don’t misuse science to excuse your personal bias. Just let it be…

I don’t agree with this conclusion that Black women are objectively the least attractive…I know, to some people, my opinion doesn’t count because well..I am a Black woman, but I love the way we look. I love everything about us. Our features in all of their diversity, our natural Afro hair, our bodies, our stunning range of skin tones, I love the diversity of our cultures, the way we move naturally. i love it. I think there are beautiful women in all races, but I, as a Black woman, have no desire to look like them.

Even if people claim no one else sees the beauty in Black women, I do.

I basically think it makes people feel good and gets them off to keep going on and on about Black women and how “ugly,” we all supposedly are. It makes people feel good and I’ve accepted this. Someone’s gotta be the mule, I understand that, but I do not believe it at all.

I will never understand the point of posts such as this because even if it were true and it’s definitely not…what purpose would telling Black women that we’re “ugly” serve…shall we go home, sit in a corner, cry and wait to die or what…?? I just don’t see the point of any of these nonsense studies.

There are literally hundreds of millions of Black women on this earth…out of hundreds of millions…we’re all just coming out the womb with the ugly curse??? Even though all life originated from the womb of a Black woman and all physical traits ultimately can be traced back to her…but we’re all just ugly??? really??

Oh well, to each his own… but Black women aren’t going anywhere.

Finally, if the features of these Black women are what is considered to be “ugly,” then I wear that label with pride….

So, Black Women please enjoy these photos, appreciate your  unique beauty…you can click if you want to enlarge.















and the way we can move:

Afterthought: At the end of the day, beauty goes beyond the superficial. It’s absolutely true that real beauty isn’t physical, but resides inside of you. I hope in the future that I won’t feel compelled to do anymore of these black women aren’t ugly posts because I feel like a broken record. I am just going to let people say what they want from now on and they can live in their own ignorance.  Other things are becoming of more interest to me these days.

23 thoughts on “Of Black Women & Ugliness…Again.”

  1. In a world where people should be doing an actual logical study on diseases, they are focusing on beauty. The comment section is just ridiculous. I feel like they are just so bitter about black beauty that they must find a way to disprove it. It is really sad if you want the truth. Just sad.


    1. I agree, i’m not sure what the point of these “studies,” is any way. I didn’t read all of the comments, but just enough to feel the need to post about it. I can only imagine what they were saying. I did see one Black woman who commented, her avatar shows a pretty woman…so I’m wondering how even with all the evidence in front of them people still want to call Black women ugly.

      I’ve come to accept that it doesn’t matter how pretty you as a Black woman actually are, some people just can’t associate Black and beauty together. If a Black woman is beautiful, they’ll try everything in their mind to excuse away her blackness. For example a beautiful Black woman who isn’t mixed, will suddenly become mixed because , in their minds, an authentic Black-Black woman can never truly be beautiful. If you point out that the woman isn’t mixed, then she has so-called “European features,” all of a sudden..even though Europeans inherited their features from Africans actually. If we don’t look like apes, then we’re either “mixed,” or they come up some other reason to excuse away our Blackness…because some people will just never accept that Black women (who aren’t mixed) can be beautiful all by ourselves.

      I’m not gonna let it bother me anymore, I’m done with debating with people. I’d rather just live my life joyfully and let people say what they want.


      1. That’s so true this one white girl said I was so pretty but would be prettier if I was lighter . Online twice I was asked If I was mixed and I said no it’s obvious I have dark skin and they said my features were really pretty and I have real thin lips so I must be mixed but with darker skin then most mixed people . Smh I said I’m fully black and they were surprised .


  2. I can’t say I’m not affected because I see little black girls having to deal with this in the future. If women weren’t valued based on mainly beauty and based on how many men we can make aroused then black women wouldn’t have anything to worry about. I mean everyone should know by now statistically black women are light years ahead of where we should be as far as education goes, financially, and entreprenuership. But black women we’re jus the odd ball out. Every pendulum that swings opposite of positive swings in our direction. We so happen to be the opposite gender of a human being that represents masculinity to the 3rd power which are black men. We don’t embodie the charactertistics racist structure have proposed for women which is “European beauty”. Black women are the only women who differ to extreme lengths from the symbol of Euro beauty standards. A lot of us not all, but a lot of us are a little bit curvier, have a little more hips, dark skin, fuller noses and lips, stronger body builds and features with kinky coily hair that grows up and out. ou have black women that fit the white euro status quo, like (no pun) black girls that look like white girls dipped in chocolate, or our biracial/lighter skin sistas, but even they are subjected to dissection.

    White women are the social standard “globally” for beauty so that’s why you see white women in every form:
    Fat/overweight white women who are considered attractive (Adele)
    Thin, slim white women
    Blonde hair
    Dark hair

    They’ve already been established on the pedestal and thought highly of so it’s hard for people to think less of them. Black women don’t have that privilege because we’re thought to be inferior so people think low of us giving us little margin for error in their eyes.

    We just don’t fit in, and it’s unfortunate human beings have created such a deeply engraved perception about another form of life that it’s become impossible to shake. Even Michelle Obama who defies everything stereotypical about black women, was resulted to insults about her looks, body and character.

    Many people referred to her as a angry black woman which she is not. But that’s the cards you are delt being black and female in the world. I find it sad and so hurtful because black women didn’t ask to be who we are, like the rest of humanity we just came to be int he form we are in. It’s humans who make the stupid oppressive labels. When groups are underrepresented and alienated it allowes people to disregard them and disrespect them, that’s why black women are treated the way we are. It’s pitiful because we’re beautiful imo, gorgeous and there are many varieties to us. That’s why we need to come together and stop being so mean towards one another.


    1. @ ebonychic,

      believe me i understand where you are coming from, but this is what I want more Black women t owak up to WE ARE BEAUTIFUL, who cares about some European beauty standard. We’re beautiful, when Black women are on our game, we are beautiful. But too many Black women have been so hurt/brainwashed by beauty standards that we’ve allowed other people to take our beauty away from us. So I say ignore those who mistreat us and go places and do things that will uplift us.

      For example, when I was in Bahia, they LOVED Black American women, EVERYWHERE there were BEAUTIFUL Black women and men (afro-brazilian and white brazilian) would come up to us as Black American women and tell us we’re beautiful and people would just shout out to us “Americana, Americana!” if they heard us speaking in english…no one knew we weren’t brazilian unless we opened our mouths, but our beauty was APPRECIATED. So there are places where Black beauty is loved, believe me…

      Check out this post I did a while back: https://blacknotwhitedippedinchocolate.wordpress.com/2011/06/26/white-doll-black-doll-test-i-failed/

      also check out this post on our natural hair: https://blacknotwhitedippedinchocolate.wordpress.com/2012/04/06/hairdresser-tales-natural-hair-is-soft-beautiful/


    2. it’s interesting though, i posted part of my post on the actual website in response and one person in particular keeps trying to get me to agree with him that “Statistically on average” black women are less attractive according to research. i didn’t get into the fact that research can be biased and wrong…and if kanazawa is the research he is referring to, i’m not even going to touch that one.

      it’s just interesting that even when a Black woman speaks highly of her own beauty, even when she’s not overtly hostile to anyone else…there are still people who will try and bring you down a notch and even get YOU to tell them that you’re “statistically, on average,” less attractive. I will never accept the bogus theory that Black women are innately less attractive on average because I have eyes and I can see and I like what I see, quoting a bogus, biased and poorly researched “study,” isn’t going to change that.


  3. I do not see any studies being done where Blacks are not at the bottom or held in some unsavory light. Blacks were brought to the West to fulfill the need for an underclass and to supply free labour. Everything has been put in place to ensure a Black underclass remain in place. So of course a Black woman’s beauty will not be considered worthy because we were never considered a contender from the start. It is essential for Black mothers and fathers to affirm their daughter’s beauty. Black girls should not be read standard fairytales created by whites for whites. These fairytales are a part of the indoctrination that begins in childhood. Black girls need to see adult women around them with natural hair, they need to see Black women who are feminine and sophisticated and they need to see Black women who are living well.

    Personally, I no longer care about these studies because I have eyes, there are any number of gorgeous Black women in my family, and I see Black women every single day that are a beauty to behold. Those of us who are aware should not be troubled by these studies, they shouldn’t even be a blip on our radars because we have things of importance to be about. The next time you see a study like this call up your girlfriends or invite them over and have a good hearty laugh..no anger, no worries just a wonderful laugh. Also take the time out to share these stories with young girls as as preparation for the world they are coming into. Let them know to not get angry or emotional over these studies and stories because they have a greater calling than worrying about appealing the masses. There is power in having our beauty being underrated if we know how to use that power to our ultimate advantage. Those of us who lead stress-free lives, eat healthy and exercise easily look like we are in our 40s when we are in our 70s. Let us all continue to laugh at these studies and go about our merry way because we have bigger fish to fry.


    1. i agree with everything you said, especially this:

      “It is essential for Black mothers and fathers to affirm their daughter’s beauty. Black girls should not be read standard fairy tales created by whites for whites. These fairy tales are a part of the indoctrination that begins in childhood. Black girls need to see adult women around them with natural hair, they need to see Black women who are feminine and sophisticated and they need to see Black women who are living well.”

      it is so important that we uplift our own beauty as Black women and just take the burden off of our shoulders by elevating one another. we, as black woman, need to just learn that some people are just never going to respect our beauty, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. we are beautiful and people can see it, but it will never be acknowledged openly. so we can just the burden of appeasing the masses (as u said) off of our shoulders and learn to appease US. take care of US and our bodies.

      learn to care for our natural god-given hair, have a healthy body because many of us have beautiful natural shapes any way and work on mentally and emotionally caring for ourselves…i also agree that there is a hidden power in being “unacknowledged beauties” being seen as a non-threatening woman gives us a stealth-like advantage because when we’re at our A-game we have the advantage of being beautiful, but invisible as a threat to certain people. i agree with ur comment, excellent points.


      1. Peanut don’t let these goofy studies affect you,hell i don’t.These studies aren’t keeping me from loving myself.I know it gets annoying,I want to travel and maybe move to south africa someday to get away from this bs.America is built on lies and greed.Even the fda and other organizations created to protect us is are in bed with the companies that pollute our food and air and then give them the seal of approval.Money talks even if it doesn’t speak the truth.Black women are beautiful,if other women were so amazing then why the hell were their men sleeping and continue to sleep with black women.It does start young,i was lucky to have good black men around me to affirm my beauty,this is what more of our youth need but aren’t getting,so they feel the need to do some dumb twerking vids to get attention from men.I am planning on having my hair natural because i don’t want to feed into this euro beauty i want to be me without apology i just gotta prepare mentally.,when you have time check out truthbetolds blog and look at the dropping out of the system post its very good.


  4. Lol people have too much time on their hands.They are cowards,how is it they say black women are ugly yet they stay trying to get us to leave black men by doing shows showing us being single and then showing a black woman happy with a white man.They ain’t fooling me.they are jealous as hell.They can’t be on our level so they try to pull us down to theirs.Black women age beautifully,black women have the full features other women have to spend money on.Black women have hair that no other women have.Its like they stay trying to make us look and feel bad because that is how unhappy they are.Don’t believe me watch any show dealing with body image and its always white women on there saying they feel fat and ugly.Meanwhile the black women are like well i’m curvy but that’s ok and they have confidence.They try to take away our confidence,but its not working black women still have the highest self esteem despite what they or rappers say.Black women are the strongest women period,when white women were in the house we were with our men picking cotton.When white men and women were lynching black men,we were marching for justice.They can’t stop us or break us.This new tactic is to break us mentally since they can’t do the physical lynchings and beatings anymore.


    1. A lot of black women aren’t as confident with themselves as we believe. I watched a commercial on dark and lovely hair dye it was called “Blonde” something I forgot but YouTube search it, it was a video of black women showing one another how to get blonde hair. I wrote on my blog how black women are obsessed with blonde hair, the status symbol of white supremacy and beauty. And lets not forgot the black celebrity women who’ve gotten nost jobs, it’s quite sad to be honest. Dawn Richards of Danity Kane is the latest. Our beauty, I’m not talking about our features being presented on other races (Angelina Jolie- lips; Kim Kardashian- Butt; Iggy Azalea- element and swag(grr I hate that word so much now but it’s the only thing that could be used at the moment lol); and so on. I’ve seen black women hate their features and even mention saying it several times in certain settings. Can you blame some of us? It’s 2013 and as far as we’ve come black women are still underrepresented even in rap videos, and booty mags two of the most gutter things anyone can be apart of. Some black women won’t admit it but it’s been instilled in us mainly unintentionally. If you’re shown and taught something so much it begins to stick in your brain thus becoming apart of your DNA, that’s how I feel about black women. Every day I see black women young and old bringing up their experiences about being alienated for being too dark, lips too big, hair too nappy, butt too big, too skinny, etc, etc. It’s pretty sad. And combine that with the constant display of rappers and black male entertainers publicly degrading and humiliating black women, it makes society and others globally view us as trash., because we don’t have our own collection of disclaimers constantly beating into people’s heads how awesome we are. That’s defeating to many black women abroad.


      1. Omg I was told I was too dark and too skinny . Most people love my natural hair a few said I need to fix it and it’s messy but they are just haters .i have small lips so I was never told my lips were too big . I hate my body I wish I was curvy in the right places and had big boobs and big butt. I’m 18 and in college I hope I’m still growing all of the black woman in my family are curvy or really thick I hope I start gaining weight soon.


  5. i am a white man and i think black women are the epitome of beauty. I personally dont find other races as attractive as black ladies. It is ashame that black females are portrayed as less than attractive. This attrocity must stop. I love black women and always will. I stand up for all the wonderful ebony women out there. Nothing but love from this man.


  6. Most people aren’t aware that they’re raised in a racist society, so most people with these ‘preferences’ aren’t aware that they’re rooted in racism and various beauty standards that they’ve been exposed to since a very early age.

    A person who dates people with various phenotypes saying, “I have a preference for people with dark hair and light eyes, because I find the contrast beautiful” is a lot different from a person who ONLY dates redheads saying, “I like redheads because in my experience they have fiery tempers.” One is a preference and the other is a prejudice. I have a friend who prefers stocky guys, but he dates skinny guys too. So…

    When a person “prefers” a certain aesthetic due to the fact that they have an expectation based on the way people with those features look – that is a prejudice. Example, men who want to date women of Asian descent because they assume all women of Asian descent are submissive. That’s gross.

    As a woman of African descent I’ve been on the receiving end of this preference (people making assumptions about me before I’ve said one damn word to them) and when I have had the opportunity to unpack these ‘preferences’ (which are actually assumptions) with people, more often than not it’s been rooted in racism. Men who say ‘I like all women but black women’ things like that, and then attribute it to ‘aesthetic preferences.’

    I most certainly don’t want to date guys of any cultural background who haven’t unpacked their privilege, and I most certainly do not want to imply that I don’t believe that aesthetic preferences exist, but it would be nice if a lot more people looked into why they have these ‘preferences’ in the first place or at the very least learned the difference between a prejudice and a preference.

    I try not to discriminate against people based on their cultural upbringing, phenotype, class, gender, level of ability, or age. I know a lot of the time people say that they prefer certain features or they want to date someone with a similar background, but you really can’t determine someone’s background by looking at them. When people say they have ‘preferences’ it’s usually (but not always) prejudice plain and simple.

    For example, I joined an atheist meetup once and the people who were under 35 (I was under 35 at the time) were clamoring for an under 35 meetup. Their rationale was that they wanted to talk to people who’d had similar life experiences. I asked one guy if he was saying that he felt he had more in common with me-a 34 y/o African-American woman than he did with a 37 y/o European-American woman. He didn’t have an answer for that.

    People want to discriminate, I don’t care, it’s when they try to logic themselves into believing that they’re not exhibiting bias (and there has to be a shit-ton of bias in place to convince someone to even put time, money, or energy into a study like this) or that they’re still progressive people-all the while not doing the work to unpack the social conditioning that causes that bias-that I have a problem with what they’re doing.



  7. There are ugly and, at same time, beauty in each race. Black women is not ugly at all. But some persons are lazy and not watching themselves. Every man attracted to “The Woman”, but not “a woman, only for sexual intercourse”.


  8. I am in a long lasting a loving interracial relationship. My Love is a sexy, strong, intelligent, in shape Haitian woman who has curves tht won’t quit. I was dropping off a patient in the ER she works at and literally the minute I saw her I knew she was the one. She walked into my line I sight carrying a chart and I was blown away by her amazing presence . Her beauty was so overwhelming, and my first thought was ‘ that is the woman of my dreams- but a man like me doesn’t stand a chance’ (I’m a friendly lookin white guy with hazel eyes and glasses ) but I couldn’t leave that ER without giving her my number. I was so nervous and thought how se must get this all the time and how I am just some goofy emt. Well apparently she was so blown away by me that she wanted to call me that day. She waited two days Nd then messaged me. I was shocked at first but then went all in. We fell I. Love very quickly and it has been growing eer since.

    I am a white man, in fact I been this way my whole life. I personally have always been attracted to black women. The strong confident passionate and family strong image I had In my head stuck wih me my whole life. I am going to marry Quadasha and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This idea that black women are not attractive is simply the rants from a dying class of foolish bigots who are either too scared or are intimidated by the growing presence of the strong sexy Black Woman.


  9. Well I see I have found this discussion about a year late, but I gave to comment, because the idea the black women are not beautiful or even unnatractive is beyond absurd. Nobody with eyes could develop such an opinion. I am a 60 year old white American concervative Republican male and have found black woman and girls to be incredibly attractive all of my life. Millions and millions of black women are extraordinarily cute, gorgeous, stunningly beautiful, incredibly sexy, have such loving sweet eyes and warm charisma in their faces, have such cheery and loving essence about them that there us only one reason that anyone could not see both the physical and spiritual beauty in them, and that reason is racism. And I am one who hates to hear folks blame racism for almost anything when there is a rational alternate explanation. But it is somewhat human nature to find people if your own race, people who look like you to be more attractive than people who don’t look like you. And although natural, that is racicm at its purist. No black woman or black girl should listen to such nonsence abour what race is more beautiful. As someone already posted here, tbere are beautiful women of all races and ethnicities, as well as not so beautiful women od all races and ethnicities. But if one had to pick the race with the most beautiful wonen, physically and spiritually, it would have to be black.


  10. Dr Kanazawa is a poor evolutionary psychologist. From a genetic point of view, he must of known he was wrong given how evolutionary researchers rate attractiveness, they are generally talking about genetic quality. Black women have high levels of genetic quality, particularly ones that passed through the transatlantic slave trade. Dr Kanazwa certainly knows attractiveness is based on genetic quality, he also knows Blacks have genomes that are a little cleaner so to speak because Africa is where modern humans originated and thus have higher levels of genetic diversity and phenotypic diversity. They have a superior ability to remove harmful mutations from their genomes.

    Whites Genetically Weaker Than Blacks, Study Finds

    Proportionally more deleterious genetic variation in European than in African populations http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v451/n7181/full/nature06611.html

    Having high levels of genetic diversity as a population or race is not a recipe for being considered the unattractive population, in fact it is the opposite. It leads to high levels of heterozygosity, which is another measure evolutionary researchers use as a trait associated with attractiveness.

    Black females also have high levels of fertility relative to other women, something that makes females very attractive to males, Dr Kanazwa knew this before he ever began his study, he was just pushing an agenda of black inferiority that he and some friends of his like Dr J. Philippe Rushton have been advancing for decades now.

    From an evolutionary perspective black females are very attractive because of their highly attractive genetics. Standards of beauty can be manipulated socially by a dominant rival culture, Hollywood and other forms of media which is what we are really looking at when people and bogus studies claims black females are less attractive than other women. Socioculturally if one has the power some very biologically attractive traits can be made to appear socially unattractive. The truth of the matter is there is no genetic foundation to state that black females are as a population unattractive.

    I am more than willing to elaborate on this issue from an evolutionary perspective if anyone has questions about the above.


    1. Thank you for your information. I am not a geneticist. I just go by common sense. For me, it’s common sense that society and culture can influence beauty standards and it is also common sense, to me, that there are good looking people in all ethnic/”racial groups” although I do know genetically, there is no biological basis for race. I think this is a good video though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3BIIIPlahw


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