I’m Sick of Talking About Race!


I’m sick of talking about race. I’ve been thinking about this for a while…when can I just be me as an individual? I sometimes hear white people say that “black people talk about race too much,” or “black people play the race card.” I disagree with both statements, but much to the surprise of the white people who believe that Black people are “race crazy,” many Black people get sick of talking about race too. Many times, we just want to be individuals and not have to worry about skin color or race for once.

It gets exhausting.

However, the difference is that white people can afford to stop dealing with race because they’re white. The minute that a Black person stops trying to deal with race is the moment that we get followed around a store or pulled over and we’re reminded , all over again ,why we can’t just forget about race. I am very sick of talking about race. I wish I could just be me, but in this society, me is defined through the lens of my racial identity. Because that is often the first and only thing people see when they look at me.

4 thoughts on “I’m Sick of Talking About Race!”

  1. I know what you mean.White people act like racism is our fault.Yea sure lets blame the victim.Its like if a woman were to be raped its her fault.They always talk about how I don’t see race or we’re all human.Well damitt how am i supposed to believe that when i fill out forms i still have to check the black/african american box.I don’t want to deal with race either but we are always reminded about it.In a lot of whites minds,if we stop talking about it,it will go away.I say bs because if we stop talking about it that won’t work,because there are still blacks getting killed,pulled over,frisked,harassed,because of skin color.Until that stops, race will always be an issue.It’s like the lame excuse of that woman wouldn’t have gotten raped if she hadn’t worn that,when even if she was covered up it still would’ve happened.It’s the same tactic of blame the victim and say why were you at the wrong place at the wrong time,instead of asking the perpetrator why they attacked someone.


  2. peanut ,talking about race issues does broach subjects that may feel uncomfortable , and raise emotions….i think until society , and especialy white society, can come to grips with the conditions that the legacy of slavery have perpetuated down into the present, and i mean all the countries that brought slaves out of africa, its going to be a subject that is loaded with tensions and anxiety…people can be in denial about it and not talk about it, but, then it is just a festering wound that wont heal…it may take some more generations before talking about “race”, wont be such a tense issue…then again…maybe not…maybe it will take longer


  3. Peanut ,

    Dr. Cassandra Sturges has written a book entitled Why Racism is a Mental Illness . In the book shge mentions how we always discuss racism how it has affected the victim . That is why you are frustrated and why some of us are angry. We need to focus the perpetrator. Then we can ask more appropriate questions. Why are white people so angry, heartless, cold and oppressive toward others? Why do they hate oppress, colonize and annihilate those who do not look like them? How would white people feel if they had been treated by black people the way they have treated us? The Boston Bombings . How many white people have you seen on Fox News speaking of forgiveness? Yet black people we being the image of God are the most forgiving people on the planet. Black people and Native Americans in America are not white people . If we were we would have killed every white person in this country. They are mentally ill. I refuse to let them hide behind cognitive dissonance. When they deal with me they are mentally stripped naked and treated as a mentally ill person. Deal with your sickness. Pull up those bootstraps and take personal responsibility. Racism is a problem that only white people can solve . I can forgive in a sense of holding no resentment toward any white person . To hate white people is to imitate the same demonic mind that created racism . How logical is it to discuss racism without discussing the perpetrator? Instead of looking at why they practice racism they instead look for ways to blame the victim . Its like a woman being beat up by a man and treating her but ignoring his mental issues .


    1. Are you all serious? You better check yourself! Let remind you of the real color that we are. Black, white, yellow…. We all bleed RED. Get your heads outta your ass and start thinking unity. Otherwise you are just as terrible as all those “mentally ill” white people you keep talking about. Keep talking like that, keep thinking like that, and NOTHING will change.


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