Black Women In The Military Going into Combat Roles?

I wonder how the new ruling that allows women to fight in the infantry will affect Black women in the military. 30% of the women in the military are African-American did you know that? Black women are over-represented in the military. Black women are less than 14% of the overall female population in the United States. We are more than double our population  in the military compared to our actual population in the US.

I wonder how Black women will fare now that combat positions are officially open to women. I would hate to see Black women die in combat disproportionately. I would hate to see anyone die in combat though, to be honest. I just can’t get out of my mind though, how when Jessica Lynch was captured, people forgot about the other women who were captured, both were non-white. One, Lori Piestewa was Native American woman who was killed and the other one, Shoshana Johnson was Black woman who was imprisoned as a POW. The media bias was glaring. All three women deserved recognition, but the book deals and everything went to Lynch only.

Society has made it very clear how it feels about Black women, even Black women who serve the country so bravely. Black women have always supported the country through the military. It’s a little known fact that during WWII there were Black women soldiers stationed in England who provided auxiliary support as the All Black, Female postal unit. There have also been Black women, like Maj. Gen Marcia M. Anderson, who became the first African-American woman to obtain that rank, who have made great strides in the military.  Unfortunately,  it seems that patriotism doesn’t always seem to matter as much as how you look though…at least when it comes to the media bias. The media just doesn’t like Black women, in fact the media machine, I would say, hates Black women.

Although, a study recently claimed that Black women were more satisfied in the military than anyone else…I am curious to know what Black service women really experience in the military. Then of course, sexual assault is a big problem for all races of women in the military. 

I, personally don’t think that I, as a woman, could ever go into combat, especially in the infantry. It’s just seems that it would be too dangerous for me, as a Black woman especially. However, I respect all people who serve the country with integrity. It would be nice if everyone got treated equally though.

What are your thoughts? How do you think women being allowed in combat will affect Black women, will it affect Black women at all? 

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