Racist White Man Assaults & Demeans Black Women, While Other White Men Do Nothing

This past September an incident occurred in Louisiana where a white man attacked a group of Black women, unprovoked. He yelled racial slurs at them, spit on and slapped them while a group of white men stood by watching silently.

Check out the video for yourself:

Several things stood out here, the assault appeared to be unprovoked and the guy clearly became irate when he realized that Black woman was filming the incident, why? The reason is because this happens so often under the blanket that for her to uncover that by filming was an affront to him.

The next thing is the man was clearly a coward, actually in the video he said that “there wasn’t a man here who would do anything,” so that goes to show you that he picks on people who he perceives to be weaker than himself. I wonder if he would have gotten in a Black man’s face and spit on him that way.

But he had a point, the other white men just stood there. Now had that been a blonde woman being treated that way by a white man or GOD FORBID a Black man (right?)…we all know they would have jumped in.

However, because  Black women, according to some, are yuh know “so masculine, unattractive and not real women”…it’s cool…and who knows MAYBE those white men standing around felt the same way as the white man who was attacking the black women.

So this is part of the reason why I really can’t get with the minority of black women who set up these white male worship sites and who pretend like white men are our saviors, when in reality, they’re really not.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with liking a white man who respects you and I am IN NO WAY saying ALL white men think or behave the way the man in this video does, and if you look at the Young Turks video where there are white men who were appalled by the video, it will attest to that, but it’s a disservice to believe that white men care about Black women (in general) and it’s also foolish to believe that they would stand with us more so than Black men when ish hits the fan.
Most white men probably would not.

Most white men may not have acted like the man who was cursing and attacking the woman, but I have a feeling most would probably sit idly by…maybe someone might call 911, but that’s really it.

So there is no point in attacking Black men and acting like all white men care about us. People are individuals…for every Black man bashing a Black woman on YouTube, you can find ten white men bashing Black women all over the internet.

Take people on the individual level. You have to take people on a case by case basis and if someone disrespects you, regardless of color…all you can do is pray for them, protect your mind, protect your heart and protect your person.

What that man did was humiliating and wrong and where is the outrage? Things like this happen all too often and we don’t see the same outrage we see when other groups of people are attacked.


Video By Young Turks:

25 thoughts on “Racist White Man Assaults & Demeans Black Women, While Other White Men Do Nothing”

  1. This story will be squashed because white European racism is real in America, no one will tell the truth and say that white privilege and white supremacy is real. This is not an isolated incident and should be on the front page of every major news paper, unfortunately this story will get squashed. I have seen incidents like this frequently in Jacksonville Florida in Jacksonville public schools, in Jacksonville, Florida city government and many places like Atlanta, New York, Boston Massachusetts and other urban communities where diversity is suppose to be the Mecca of inclusion.


  2. I wouldn’t have heard of this if I hadn’t come here. And I agree with what you’ve said here “Take people on the individual level. You have to take people on a case by case basis and if someone disrespects you, regardless of color…all you can do is pray for them, protect your mind, protect your heart and protect your person.”

    I am partnered with a European-American guy and he’d probably hurt someone if they tried to hurt me (although he knows I can take care of myself) but we both understand why EA guys have earned such bad reputations and we’re both willing to call out privilege when we see it. I don’t get sites either that buy into that racist bs and try and pretend like all EA guys are good guys. That’s just internalized racism talking.


  3. For every one white man like this guy there are ten black men beating black women, raping th centuries robbing black women and pimping black women. To deny this would be foolish. Individuals can be racists but the question of state sponsored sytemic racism is what was addressed in the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act.

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  4. Mike – you need to read a book or something man. Those “statistics” are so fucking skewed I’m not even going to address them. You obviously don’t understand the history of race in the us or globally. Stop trying to waste people’s time.


  5. i’m not surprised.I watch that show called what would you do,and i’ve seen plenty of episodes where the white men didn’t step in.There was this one episode where they had a scenario of if a woman was being abused in the restaurant[white woman] and the white men just looked away.Some stood up but only after another woman confronted the abuser.THese people should’ve stepped up, what man will allow someone to hit them and a woman.some men are being bichass and not defending themselves. This guy would not have pulled that stunt with a black man for sure.


  6. Maybe I should read a book that would inform me that blacks are the victims of ‘black on black’ crime more than any other ? Maybe a history book will inform me that West African tribes were selling captured tribes into slavery for hundreds of years ? Maybe another history book will inform me that state sponsored discrimination of blacks in America ended in the 1960’s ? I do have an understanding of discrimination because of race and nationality globally. Possibly you should become familiar with the tribal wars and religious wars that are common amongst black Africans today. Learn from history. Do not use it as a basis for continued grievance for the sins of the past.


  7. After reading the post, I find nothing new except an attempt to demonize the white customers of the black African slave trade. Arabs were customers for hundreds more years. Arabs would make eunuchs out of the black men.
    While I also find all forms of slavery practiced over the thousands of years abhorrent, I accept its’ ending in various places and look to a better future.
    What point is there in dredging up old grievances except to promote division and victimization?
    One point the writer tried to make was that the people sold as slaves were the enemies of the sellers. They were neighboring tribes whose only sin was that they could not stop the slave trading tribes from dominating them.
    Again, discrimination and predjudice will always exist. State sanctioned discrimination is what should never exist.
    As many black leaders from Marcus Garvey to Bill Cosby have said, you should not look for good where you have only found bad. Blacks have to re-establish religious and social organizations that give them the power of a voting bloc in order to affect change.
    People who are always looking backward will never move forward


    1. and what do racist white people need to do to better the future? what I find odd about your comments is that here is a post iwth BLATANT proof of white racism and somehow you still find a way to bring this back on black people. when are other white people going to address the problems with racist white people? that is what i would like to know. why not post about what RACIST WHITE PEOPLE need to do to better themselves for once?

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    2. and nowhere in the blog did i say all white men behaved this way, in fact i clearly said that they didn’t and you still can’t even acknowledge the problem with this situation…sad.

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  8. I personally don’t believe in the term ‘race’ It was an invention of the Eugenicists who were trying to prove white supremacy in nature. I believe our physical difference are the result of diet, climate and culture.
    I only addressed the post that you suggested I read in my response. I never imply that all people of any group are stereotypical.
    My point has been that past guilt for slavery should be shared by the sellers and customers. There is predjudice in whites, blacks and every other group. There is even predjudice in the many tribes and nationalities of people of the planet. It is human nature based on fear, ignorance and many other factors. Accept it as such and pity the people who are unkind.
    There is no problem of white predjudice any more than black or Asian predjudice.
    Don’t let the past hold you back.


  9. No defelection. Just broadening your view of the reality of the era. The Irish went from slavery to controlling cities such as New York, Boston and Chicago in about 25 years. The Catholic church worked hard to unite and socialize the Irish into a solid voting bloc to tale control of the various cities in which they lived. They did not allow themselves to wallow in victimhood.


  10. I’m a white guy and I think that guy should be knocked the fuck out if I was there when that guy started doing that I would of f**ked him up I’m from the UK and there is no way people would stand by if a guy was attacking women no matter what colour they are other guys would take him out. I can’t believe America still has pathetic white people who are racist to that extent he should of picked on a group of 10 black guys instead I’m pretty sure it wouldnt last long or even happen because his clearly a bully to people who he sees as no threat…


  11. im a black woman from the UK and if that happened here everyone white men women in fact all races would of got involved no matter the race of the person there would of been a big crowd. My husband is European and he would of definitely got involved I have seen him stop a fight which worries me it takes one person to have a knife. Its all about individuals and there is good and bad in everyone no excusing these guys they need to grow some balls.

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  12. i’m also a black woman from the UK and I was attacked on a tube train at 10pm by a stranger. There were five six foot tall white men sitting across from me who did nothing even when the person threatened to punch me.


  13. Black women are not protected in America. I didn’t expect anyone to come to her rescue, not black men, not white men, not white women, not black women, no one. People believe abuse against black women is warranted here in America because of the stigma created against black women. We’re deemed as unruly, angry, mad, bitter, unattractive and masculine, so any foul behavior towards us is warranted because people assume it’s correcting us as human beings. Basically we’re treated the same way people train animals, and I don’t even agree with that.

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  14. I’m glad my ppl are starting to see white ppl for who they really r white men are not blackwomen HERO’S! and whitewomen are not black men QUEEN’S! now that we are waking up to the so called color-blind B.S. our ppl can come back together as one and do what we need to do.

    Hes a PUNK! tho, nothing new about that when talking about devils.

    I hope she’s ok!


  15. That racist arsehole company page:

    typically, like most whites racists, he hates black people but love their money.
    Make this video known to ghanaians and write to ghanaians, they have to know how much “respect” that PoS has for black women,time to hurt where it hurts the most: the wallet.

    Josh Jambon’s Marine Service Anticipates Favorable 2013 Ghanaian Economic Climate, Commits to 100-Percent Local Policy
    The Bank of Ghana announced this week a forecast of the country’s projected economic growth, which is expected to strengthen by 3.5 percent this year. Offshore support vessels (OSV) company Jambon Boats commits to 100-percent local policy for its Ghanaian subsidiary, a small sacrifice to do its part to further the country’s progress.


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