Black Couple Falling in Love in the Midst of WWII


Herbert Carter was a Tuskegee airman who fell in love with his wife, Mildred Hemmons in 1942, while he was in the midst of training to fly planes in the War in Europe.

Herbert Carter started courting  Mildred Hemmons, while training as a fighter pilot at Tuskegee airbase. Mildred Hemmons caught Carter’s eye while she was training and he knew that he had to see more of her. Unfortunately, due to the rigorous, flying schedule that Carter faced, he wasn’t able to meet Mildred Hemmons regularly for dates, so they arranged another way to court each other.

They would both fly their planes and pick a rendezvous point, in the midst of the blue skies, where they would meet. So, they literally courted each other, while flying their planes midair.

Hemmons Piper J-3 didn’t have a radio, so all the couple could do would be “smile, wave and blow kisses,” while flying their planes.


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