Who’s Your Grandaddy? Handsome WWII Soldiers

As part of my family research, I’ve been researching information about WWII because I had 3 great Uncles and a Grandfather who served and I wanted to know more about the war that they served in and their contribution as African-American men. As I was googling pictures  of WWII soldiers, I came across some very good looking men in uniform. My first thought was damn…they had some good looking men back then,no wonder they had a “baby boom,” with all those handsome, manly, heroic men in uniform walking around. If I saw men like that on a daily basis, I’d want to have a bunch of babies with them too! I personally have always, for some reason, been attracted to men in military uniforms. It doesn’t matter what era they’re from, but when I look at pictures of men in uniform, it’s like an average looking man can definitely look like a stud to me. 

I would never pursue a man just because he was in uniform or in the military, but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy looking at men in uniform or fantasize about them. From modern day men in uniforms to the greatest generation, even going back to the Civil war (some of those Union soldiers were hot!) men in uniform just turn me on. And yes, I know that War is a terrifying experience and I’m not minimizing the seriousness of what these men in uniform went through at all, but they’re just good looking to me. I want to focus on that for now.

And yes, I realize that all of these men are old or deceased now, but maybe they have grandsons who look like them…

Any way, I salute these men! Not only because they’re handsome, but because they did something that truly changed history.

handsome black wwii soldier
Handsome WWII Soldier

This is one of the handsomest, non-celebrity type of men I’ve ever seen, if he has a Grandson my age out there somewhere who remotely resembles his Grandfather , I want to have his babies.

Handsome Marine, WW2
Handsome Marine, WW2
Young Marine
Young Marine

Here is a picture of a younger marine, he looks to be about 17 or 18 in this picture. It’s something to think about how young some men were when they entered the service during WWII. He’s got a boyish, innocent look to him, yet handsome…even though I know at that age of 17 or 18 he’d already experienced more than I have in my life at the age of 24.

Handsome Sailor, WW2
Handsome Sailor, WW2

This handsome young man looks so dashing in his sailor uniform. I always liked the navy uniform.

1 thought on “Who’s Your Grandaddy? Handsome WWII Soldiers”

  1. The second picture you posted of the young marine is Sid Phillips, a marine of H-2-1 who fought on Guadalcanal and New Britain. He was best friends with Eugene Sledge, another famous marine who went on to write With The Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa and helped start the trend of the “Big One” veterans writing their stories down. He was 17 when he joined, I’m not sure when that photo was taken but I do know while he was on Guadalcanal, he turned 18. He lived through the war and passed away a little over a month ago. I just thought you’d like to know a little bit about that man. He went on to become a doctor and remained best friends with Eugene Sledge up until Sledge’s death. He wrote a memoir titled ” You’ll be Sor-ree!” about his life and time in the Corps. I am not related to him but am an ardent fan of all WWII veterans and have had the honor to meet a few. The miniseries ” The Pacific” documents his and other marines’ experiences throughout the war. I highly recommend watching it, history buff or not. It teaches everyone a little bit of everything about life.

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