Why A Black Woman Purchased The Django Unchained Dolls


I am sure most of my readers know by now how I felt about the film Django Unchained. I wrote a blog post that detailed my conflicting emotions, so you can imagine how terribly offended I was when I found out that they were selling slave dolls of the Django Unchained characters. Many people, civil rights groups included, called for production of the dolls to be halted because it was culturally and racially insensitive to sell slavery dolls to children.

I agree with them, I was incredibly offended because not only was it disrespectful to turn the horrors of slavery into a child’s plaything, but the Weinstein company would be profitting off of the legacy of slavery again.

At first, I refused to buy the dolls nad thought about protesting the sale, I think I signed a petition on change.org too.

But then when I went on amazon and looked for the dolls, I saw a bunch of comments in the reviews section. Many were from  people who were offended that the dolls were being called racist.

One reviewer who calls himself Graham Swearingen “Garbage”writes,

“This is an action figure based on the movie Django Unchained. People on here calling it racist and the like, are ignorant and looking for reasons to promote hatred and stupidity. If fans of this film want to collect memorabilia and action figures based off of a movie they enjoyed, it is a far stretch to say that the makers of this movie are attempting to make money off of slavery by selling action figures based on the film. They are in fact trying to make money off of people buying into their merchandise. There is nothing racist about making a toy based off of a character from a movie. Racism is people on here implying that this was racially motivated to make money off of slavery.
Side note, no one is posting negative reviews for Leonardo DiCaprio’s action figure Calvin Candie. Somehow it is racist to make a figure based on a character in a movie who played a slave, but no one has a problem with them making an action figure based on a bigot, abusive slave owner? It’s a movie people, and these are toys based on the movie. Nothing more. Tarantino is a nerd, he has made action figure lines based off of a few of his movies now, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, Death Proof. These Django Unchained figures are done in the Classic MEGO style from the 1970’s as a nod to the point in time of the genre this movie is paying homage to…DUH!”

In contrast, another reviewer, who calls himself Shades of Black writes,

“Making this movie was just another way for white ppl to laugh, and make fun of blacks, calling them nig#3rs.. There is nothing comic about slavery, getting beat, lynched, or separated from our families. It wasn’t nothing real about this movie, maybe when the black man damn-near got eating by them dogs. I doubt that it’s really black ppl writing these good reviews for this crap. If so your grandmother and mother ought of whip your a*s like them here white folks in this movie. Anyone who wants to own a slave doll is ignorant thn the person who made this junk. This movie was garbage, & this doll is a disgrace.

Why not make positive black dolls. Martin, Rosa, Oprah, Jesse, ect.

Modern Slavery”


I am in agreement with the second poster, this is degrading. But, then you may ask WHY Peanut would you purchase the dolls then?

Well here is why, I was watching this show on Discovery Channel where people look around their houses for seemingly useless junk and then they go and SELL their junk for absurd amounts of money. In one episode this guy had inherited these old, wooden ducks from his parents and after his parents passed away, they sat on his coffee table for years. Come to find out the ducks were worth a WHOLE lot of money, they were some rare, original carvings that went for thousands of dollars at an auction. The guy was able to send his kid to college off of the money from the ducks.

So, I began to think hmmm…if they pull these dolls off of the shelves, years down the line they could be worth something. So, I went and ordered some dolls. Well, my prediction was correct, come to find out, they have PULLED the dolls from production line. I paid less than 30 dollars for one of the dolls, they are now being sold for 7 times that much and a set is going for $20,000 dollars.

Now, I am hoping that I can hold onto the dolls for years because we know that the older a collective is, the more value it gains. So, I am hoping once it becomes an antique years down the line, I’ll be able to get some money for it. My dolls will stay in the box and remain untouched.

But this isn’t just a selfish motivation the real reason that I bought the dolls was because I get tired of non-black people profitting off of Black people. I get tired of the Black hair care industry being dominated by non-blacks, I get tired of hip hop being taken over by non-blacks and I’ll be damned if this doll scenario ends up being the type of situation where 30 years from now, I’ll be sitting on my couch watching the antique show on the Discovery channel and some white person comes on the screen with a collectible Django Doll and gets thousands of dollars from an auction and Black people get nothing because we were all so offended that we didn’t think ahead and buy the dolls.


Cuz, let me tell you this, if ANYONE deserves to benefit from these offensive dolls, it should be BLACK PEOPLE, not white people.

So, I say we gotta learn to play the game right, fight fire with fire…see…

So maybe it was a smart move or maybe it’ll mean nothing and i’m just an idiot and the dolls will be worthless, but judging by the price they’re going for on amazon and the fact that the production has been stopped…I just MIGHT have made a good decision to buy them.

So, those are my thoughts….what do y’all think, was I wrong?

12 thoughts on “Why A Black Woman Purchased The Django Unchained Dolls”

  1. Hope this works out could be a really good idea! Depending on how long you are willing to wait..I reckon u may cash in big when tarantino dies haha 🙂


  2. -well,I agree with the whole getting paid for it thing,would did the same.

    -now,I do have a problem with them being made in the first place.before the race thing,that was an R rated movie and you made toys out of it! not cool.
    -as for the inevitable race situation.now,as for white people making money off of something,white people make money off of your damn existance,everything.and honestly,as long as the only dolls are Django himself and Broomhilda,I see no problem.Django represents a black man rising from nothing to become something great and risking it all for the woman he loves.Broomhilda being the object of his desire,like the princess to a prince.Everyone else from the cast,I take issue with.We all saw that movie,it would give off some unfortunate implications.


  3. Way to go Peanut !! Not only could you make money, but, to have the actual physical evidence in your poscesion, in the coming years, you could be able to talk about it and produce these dolls as proof….


  4. Slavery in and of itself has been common for thousands of years. The conquered were enslaved. People sold themselves or their children into slavery. ‘White people’ came late to the business of ‘black slavery’. Caucasians had their own people to enslave at no cost. Muslim nations had no qualms about owning slaves and engage in the trade to the present. The Ashanti Empire. the Mali Empire and Ghana Empire became wealthy in the slave trade. By 1820 the Atlantic slave trade had ended yet Muslim nations continue the trade. Of the 11.4 million African slaves sold to the Americas by the various African empires, about half a million were sold to what would be the USA. Point being that blacks were the first to profit from the Atlantic slave trade, not whites.
    Holding a grudge about whites profiting from black slavery seems to forgive blacks profitting in the slave trade.
    Trying to deny the history is foolish. Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.


  5. Dang peanut do you have the broomhilda doll,because i just went to amazon and that is selling for $2,000-$4,000. That is crazy,I wish i would’ve gotten one *note to self* Next time someone makes action figures out of a movie that is controversial get it.Peanut by 2030 this ish will probably be worth 20,000 or what ever year Quentin dies. Looks like you got a retirement plan already.


  6. So, you bought an action figure which you consider offensive. You want to sell that action figure to make money. So that means, you’re making money out of slavery now, aren’t you? Just thinking.


    1. believe me, i thought long and hard about my decision, but no I don’t see it as profiting off of slavery I see it as a lesser of two evils because if they’re going to sell them, then I’d rather buy them and put the money to good use to better the black community down the line than for the money to just go back into the pockets of people who don’t really care about Black people.


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