Documentary on Black Men Escaping to Brazil???


I came across a “documentary,” if you want to call it that on why some Black American men are going to Brazil.

First let me say this,

Nao entendo por que homens negros americanos dizem que mulheres negras americanas nao gostam mulheres negras brasilieras. Eu as considero minha irmas.

That was my attempt to say in Portuguese that “I don’t know why Black American men say that Black American women don’t like Black Brazilian women, I consider them to be my sisters.”

Now, my Brazilan sisters out there, if my grammar is off please correct me, but I’m trying to improve my Portuguese, guess why because after having traveled to Bahia, I plan to go back…because I LOVED IT THAT MUCH.

I just wanted to reiterate the fact that not only do I view Brazil in a positive light, but I view my Black Brazilian sisters in a positive light as well.

The uh…mockumentary that was made featured a group of Black American men who (for the most part) went down a list of things that were wrong with Black American women and why they feel that Brazilian women (including Black Brazilian women) are better.

I wasn’t really bothered by the documentary because it was actually comical. Now that I’ve been to Brazil myself, I feel a sense of pride because I know a lot of the negative things that they’re saying about Black American women aren’t true and I also know that they’re trying to pit Black Brazilian women against Black American women and I am not falling for it.

I have nothing against my Black Brazilian sisters and videos like these are just divisive. I actually feel a kinship with Black Brazilian women because we have a shared history and we face many of the similar issues.

About The Video:

One of the men in the video said that when he’s in Rio, if he sees a Black American woman, “she is walking with her head down because she knows that she can’t hold a candle to a Brazilian woman…”


I guess the Black American man knows how to read minds and knows exactly what the Black American woman is thinking…huh?

But, let me say this, I saw many beautiful Brazilian women, beautiful BLACK Brazilian women in Brazil, but why would I want to compete with anyone. It gives me pride to see beautiful Black women anywhere and to be honest, when I was in Brazil there were A LOT of Brazilian women who looked similar to Black American women. Both ethnic groups have beautiful women that’s indisputable.

Also, what some Black American men don’t understand is what they perceive as being lauded and praised for being a Black American man in Brazil, is no different than the way Black American women are treated abroad either. When I was in Brazil with another Black American woman, we’d be walking down the street and if someone heard us speaking English ( they couldn’t tell we were American unless we opened our mouths)  people would come up to us and say “americana, americana!” Plenty of people approached us, we were treated very nicely by both men and women.

And, I kid you not when I tell you this…

when my girlfriend (who is also Black American) and I were walking to the beach and we ran into this Black Brazilian guy who spoke English, he said to us “Black American women are very beautiful and exotic.” The first thing that popped into my mind was “damn that’s the EXACT same thing that Black American men say about Black Brazilian women.”

I responded back with “I think that Black Brazilian women are beautiful and exotic…” because I did think they were beautiful and exotic, I was proud to see so much Black beauty everywhere for once, but I ALSO see Black beauty in the United States. I see plenty of beautiful Black women in Atlanta, North Carolina, Las Angeles, New York and you can find Beautiful and classy Black women EVERYWHERE….so I don’t agree with these Black American men in the video who are trying to USE Black Brazilian women as A TOOL to put down Black American women…

Why Are They  Trying to Pit Black American Women against Black Brazilian Women? 

I Do Not Resent Any Brazilian Woman. However, I do FAVOR certain Brazilian women over others, I’ll admit that I am ESPECIALLY fond of Black Brazilian women out of all other Brazilian women because, well, I’M BLACK!…This is not to say I don’t like non-Black Brazilian women, I can vibe with anyone, but I feel like I could relate to a Black Brazilian woman better because we both deal with prejudice and the Black Brazilian women that I know in the United State relate well to Black American women.

When I was in a restaurant in Bahia,  one Black Brazilian woman and I had a nice conversation (in my broken Portuguese) about hair. I told her that I liked her hair, she told me that she liked my hair and we talked about Obama and had a very nice chat.

I didn’t resent her or feel jealous of her, she was very nice and if I spoke more Portuguese maybe we could have really developed a friendship.

People ALWAYS want to see Black women DIVIDED because it keeps us in our place!!!

 Keeping Black American Women (and Black Women everywhere) In Our Place: 
All this video was about was keeping Black women in a subordinate position. They try and act like they’re complimenting Black Brazilian women, but they’re not…they’re just trying to keep BOTH Black American and Black Brazilian women in a little box that suits their needs.

They just want to keep Black American women in a box and have us believe that everywhere we go, we’re the worst of the worst so that we’ll never break out and see the world and they want to put Black Brazilian women in this box so that they’ll believe that Black American women resent them, so that they’ll never interact with Black American women. I believe that this is because of the risk that Black American & Black Brazilian women might discover that GASP we aren’t so different, we have similar struggles, we have similar cultures…and we might COME TOGETHER and be friends…and that wouldn’t do anyone any good, especially not these type of egotistical Black American men now would it???

I’ve traveled to 5 different countries and by FAR, I felt the most welcomed by both men and women in Brazil…maybe it was because I was in Bahia and most of these men were in Rio de Janeiro, I don’t know, but I think it’s just a lie to say that Black American women aren’t valued or are “less than,” the women of Brazil. No human being is inherently “less than,” any other.

It just bothers me that these men in the video would tell lies that way to keep Black American women thinking that we’re on the bottom everywhere we go and what bothers me EVEN MORE was the fact that they tried to pit Black American women against Black Brazilian women. I have never had any problems with Black Brazilian women ever.  I wish that I had MORE Black Brazilian women friends because I find that out of all the ethnic groups of Black women, we have A LOT in common. We are both descendants of African slaves and we’re both in mixed countries where whiteness is on a pedestal and we both experience racism, so a lot of their struggles we can relate to.

any way, you can check out the video for yourself.

But that is the beauty of travel, Brazil was just the beginning, next trip will be even better and I still gotta get TO SENEGAL AND CAPE VERDE!

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    1. That is the easy stock reply. Nobody has a gun to the heads of these Black male idiots telling them to LET White supremecy put White/Whitish women over their own. It is these Black men’s fault, PERIOD.


  1. In Brazil , racism against blacks is deplorable. I love all black women. The issue is white supremacy. Black people in America we need to understand and support what our brothers and sisters are having to deal with in Brazil The blog Black women of Brazil is informative . It gives info on what blacks in Brazil are dealing with. (


  2. Happy New Year!
    I haven’t watched the entire thing yet, but so far I get the impression that many American black men are comfortable with mediocre. I doubt they will find lasting joy with Brazilian women because they are the exact same people in Brazil as they are in America. Or maybe they are looking for women who will worship their foreign exchange currency and the increased value it has in Brazil. This has nothing to do with Black American women, but everything to do with men who feel worthless.


    1. If they feel so “worthless” then why didn’t they make a video talking about THAT and keep Black women’s (both Brazilian & American) out of their mouths?


  3. This was a really interesting post, even if I didn’t really understand most of the assumptions I was supposed to have.
    Listen, I started writing a blog which is a story about a girl who happens to be black. She went to a white private school out-of-state and appears to be pretty traumatized by being left out because of it. Can you help me by pointing out everything I’ve gotten wrong?
    She’s got my accent, by the way, since she’s traveled a lot and wouldn’t have a regional one.


  4. Peanut, please do not let these clowns get to you. They are worthless losers and the fact that they are trying to put Black Brazilian & Black American women against each other is DISGUSTING. But that is just Black men being Black men. To many of them hate Black women and think this crap is amusing. Yet let someone discriminate against them and watch how they cry and whine. They truly make me sick. Black women are NOT the problem, these Black women/girl-hating Black men ARE the problem. And these clowns in the video do not want REAL BLACK Brazilian women anyway. They are NOT interested in Black Brazilian women who look just like African-American women, but just speak Portugese, they want women in Brazil who look like Adrian Lima. Yeah she’s “Black”. Stupid fools.
    Anyway, I love your pride in being a Black woman and the solidarity you show to your international Black sisters. Good luck with your Portugese & check out Rosetta Stone! I hear they are great for language learning.


    1. I have read the claim that Brazil has the largest population of African descendants outside of Africa. I have often wondered if that would include someone like Adriana Lima, who is multi-ethnic, but (supposedly) identifies as Afro-Brazilian. I would not call her “black” but I do think it is valid to call her Afro-Brazilian because she is Brazilian with African ancestry. Nobody is really “black” anyway.


    2. Phoenix, let me put some of this in order. First of all, a lot of Black American women since the ’60s have been brainwashed and manipulated by the Black male pimp and drug dealer. I don’t call that white supremacy. I call that Black supremacy. Most all of the Black American women mentioned above fell for the manipulation behind the fancy cars, cloths and deep money behind it. The Black women in Rio de Janerio are the top example of African pride. They have not forgotten African roots of natural, artistic beauty. Not materialistic arrogance. People, before you go to Brasil do research. If you go there blind you will be deeply hurt.


  5. If you wan to learn more about BM going to Rio read “Don’t Blame It on Rio”by Jewel Woods

    “There is a not-so-new, not-so-secret destination where a growing number of American black men are traveling for the kind of sex and freedom they say they can’t find with black women. Thousands of unsuspecting women are kissing their men good-bye while they go on “business” trips to Rio where they meet up with some of their friends and have sex every way they can imagine-no strings, no hassles, and no conscience. ”
    The women are prostitutes


  6. Peanut, great article.I agree that black American women are incredible and beautiful just like black Brazilian women. There are a couple of things to know, for sure, if an American hits the beaches of Rio, he is going to see lots of women in strung bikinis. Sensuality is allowed to flow in Brazil more than in the USA. Its also a booty culture, which is surpressed in the USA, so if you are into booty, it is in your face down in Rio , and I am into booty.

    But, I sustpect, that lots of men saying all this down in Rio, are actualy hooking up with profesionals. Its not against the law down in Brazil, and, it is very relaxed and almost like a singles scene, except you pay in the end. They go to the locations and it feels like just flirting around with girls at a party, except they are dresse extra provacative and , there is no problem with getting regected. to be quite frank it is extremly intoxicating and not too much like anything in the States, where prostitution is ilegal and there is a stigma on the whole thing and the girls could be looked down as skanks and raunchy and usualy are drug addicts. Its amazing the amount of pros in Rio who have kids and were abandoned by the men and are must trying to make some money.

    the other thing is, Brazilian women dress in a very sexy and provacative way that would be looked on in a negative way in the states…I love how they dress , and even the most normal girl is loving to show off her fine ass. that is just the way it is…But, I have always loved the beauty and grace of the black American woman also…these men should hit South Beach, ive seen some drop dead black American women there that have floored me…even in the Miami airport


  7. Peanut, I would say it is a national preferance, white , black, red, yellow Brazilian men all love booty in Brazil…but, funny thing, about 10 years ago, the actresses started copying Ameircans with breast implants, and suddenly , big breasts come on the scene in a big way, also heavy worked out bodies…when I got to Brazil in 86, it was big booty and small breasts, and I love that…

    to be honest, I think some of the men in the documentary, all went to the now closed Help disco, featured in a Jah ruless video, and a couple of other rap videos. Help disco iwas unreal, I mean platoons of gorgeous black wmen would come in, and outside was a restaurant with huge amounts of women trying to get the tourists attention to sit down and do some business. I mean, its a man’s fanticy situation.In the states, yo have to pay a lot of money to be on the inside of a scene like that, and, I didnt go to strip clubs in the States because it is kind of a raunchy situation with lots of men looking at a few women. In the pro joints in rio, there are lots of numbers of women…men hate it when there are more men than women on any scene, probably vice verca also

    The women do know how to put their bikinis in the crack, sit on their stomachs and just be on display in their beach chairs.


    1. forgive me BR, but i can’t recall if you live in Rio or Bahia, but i asked about white brazilian men liking booty because there is this perception in the US that white american men don’t like booty because it’s GENETIC preference, but I think it’s cultural….because white brazilian men like booty because they’re accustomed to seeing them. i think ben westhoff made a comment about it being hard-wired and i’ve heard other wm/non-bm make that comment, but i’ve always thought it was cultural not hard wiring


  8. …if i didnt make it clear, Help was a joint for prostitutes…actualy, its hilarious, in 86, I went with a black women I met and we were just freinds and they barred us from the door because she was black and they thought she was a prostitute, then it turned into a giant protitute hang out


    1. i wasn’t in existence in 1986 that was 26 years ago lol, i’m only 24. i understood your comment though, i want to know your thought on the booty preference being genetic or cultural?


  9. Peanut, I think it is cultural…white men just started liking big breasts in the States after the sweater girl pinups and then expecialy Playboy and Marilyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield…but, in the twenties, it was booty and small breasts , the flapper girls etc….In Brazil I think it is cultural

    Nothing is hard wired , its personal preferance and the hype the media will put out…I have always loved booty


  10. Because Brazil is a huge Afro descendant country, well shaped booties are in an abundance…you also get an Indian mix in there so sometimes the shorter legs go up into a compact ass…so , even white girls , who only might have 10 percent mix with a little Afro and a little Indian, can have big fine shaped booties, I guess they call it the Jennifer Beal affect up there now…but it is amazing the white girls with some booty in Brazil, but a lot of them are white girls with some little mix of black and that can affect the gbne structure in an amazing way…then again, the culture just pushes booty, so, if there is big attention on showingoff the booty, it really comes out with more attention…yeah, I love it, but, south Beach was really cool also, you know only too well that black culture in America is booty culture also


    1. “Because Brazil is a huge Afro descendant country, well shaped booties are in an abundance…you also get an Indian mix in there so sometimes the shorter legs go up into a compact ass…so , even white girls , who only might have 10 percent mix with a little Afro and a little Indian, can have big fine shaped booties, I guess they call it the Jennifer Beal affect up there now…but it is amazing the white girls with some booty in Brazil, but a lot of them are white girls with some little mix of black and that can affect the gbne structure in an amazing way.”

      B.R., I have often read comments that there is a reluctance to acknowledge the “African attributes” of women such as Jennifer Lopez or any other women with (supposed) partial Afro heritage. I think they have a point, because when a big fuss was made about JLo’s booty, it seems it would be taboo to acknowledge that. I don’t advocate making a big deal about it, but I see nothing wrong in mildly celebrating it.


  11. …oh by the way, to answer your earliar question, I lived in Rio for about 6 years, would visit Bahia a lot, and settled about an hour an a half south of Rio by plane…I also lived about 6 months in Recife, just north of Salvador, maybe two states up…a great place also


  12. Hi Peanut, I just saw the youtube , so ,now I can comment on it.

    There are a lot of complex issues. It seems conflicts between men and women at home are underneath a lot of it. And,I wonder if these kind of conflicts are also in all Americans. And, here is the thing, Brazilian men and women have a lot of conflicts also. So you have both men and women, dispointed with there situations in their countries, so, they each actualy seem exotic to each other.

    There are many aspects to address, in the Brazilian woman’s case, a foreign man from anywhere, could represent a way out froom a stuck situation. Even if they hook up for the foreigners vacation, he could represent a contact that could eventualy mean a trip.

    Of course, its obvious, they even referenced Copacabana , a lot of the more easiness they are talking about are profesionals.The Brazilian women is not so subserviant as they make out…they can be as demanding as anyone. Unless they have cooking skills they are not automaticly good cooks and servers.And, if they spend any length of time with a Brazilian woman, they will find she can have a temper as much as anyone.But, the pros will try to make them feel all that they are talking about.I dont know if those Brazilian girls they interviewed were pros also, but, I just wouldnt be surprised if some were.In Brazil, people generaly make an effort to be charming, and, if you come from New York, that can seem differant, it was for me, and I liked it.

    Of course , the sensuality, especialy of Rio women, is very powerful in Brazil. Something about woman’s lib, and, Im not saying it didnt bring great things for women, but, something about sensuality was diminished. Almost made to feel like it is something bad or to be avoided, or , things went to the opisite extreme of raunchy. When I would play for Loius Falco dance classes, dancers were openly nude in the dressing rooms, with no doors or curtains, so that was really sensual, but, the Rio beaches are for everyone to be able to enjoy female sensuality and near provacative nudity.In Rio, you can be an old man and have societies permision to subtly watch a 16 year old’s near nude shape.So, men from the States arrive from the midwest and east coast , used to seriously cold winters and women wrapped up, and made to feel exploitive or sexualy objective if they look at women , and they hit Rio , and it can be an extrodinarily liberating feeling.

    But guess what? As you said, Peanut, it can go both ways, and the American woman can also feel more sensual and have Brazilian men aproaching her as something exotic, and she can enjoy the well built men who will aproach her if they see an opening.

    But, its complex and there is a lot to break down , but, I think lots of people in both countries are kind of fed up with the opisite sex.


  13. Great blog and interesting post and documentary.

    I think what many American men (Black & white) indulging in sex tourism fail to realize is, they’re being exploitative of some pretty precarious situations they *choose* to be willfully ignorant about. Patriarchy has them walking around with a false sense of entitlement; they want Black-American women to acquiesce and continue playing the mule, without the burden of reciprocity. They go to places like Rio’s Copacabana area (and the Dominican Republic) and are essentially *paying* women to be servile, not because any of them *want* to be, but because they’re trying to maintain their livelihoods via sex work and “hostessing”.

    Of course arrogance has some of these men believing otherwise though. They don’t get that there’s this perception that American men have money. And let’s face it, a lot of the women are looking to upgrade their lives; but these men could care less, because while there, they want to exist in some delusive world where these women are willfully tending to their needs, exclusively, when they’re paying for nothing more than what’s called The Girlfriend Experience, in sex-work terms.
    These men watch a Snoop Dogg video filmed in Brazil, and suddenly have the inclination to go frolic in a country with impunity, where their money and patriarchy is authority. They’re doing nothing more than exploiting sex workers who happen to be beautiful women and the income disparity between them and the poor women they’re hooking up with. How many of these men in this documentary even know Portuguese or have considered bringing any of these women back to the States to marry them? I’d be willing to wager none of them.

    I conceded that these folks are consenting adults and can do whatever they want, but Black and brown women deserve better than this kind of predatory behavior. This doc misses the a larger point… and that’s the glaring gender inequality and economic disparity that’s being taken advantage of, and the sexual tropes/stereotypes female Black and brown Brazilian bodies are being reduced to. These dudes just don’t/didn’t get it.


    1. totally agree.They are exploiting them.I still feel kinda of iffy about mail order bride services as well but atleast they do marry those women.These fools are just using these women for sex and moving on.they are no different than the white slave master to me.I’m sure master thought black women were exotic and different from his white wife too.They are using exotic women to fill their fantasies yet are not treating them with respect,so basically to them any woman that puts up with their bs is good but god forbid a woman stands up for herself then she is ugly and the enemy.Its like they say brazilian women are better and exotic yada yada but they darn sure aren’t wifing them up.All i can say is women around the world be watchful of these self hating fools that don’t give a dam about themselves or their community.They stay in ignorance and cause division everywhere they go.They are playing the black brazilian women the same they black women in america.Yet they want to say they are better but they don’t treat them better.Hmm i wonder if these dummies will ever figure out the problem is them not the women but them.


      1. ” i wonder if these dummies will ever figure out the problem is them not the women but them.”

        — That requires a capacity for introspection and willingness to evolve… none of which these have. And yes, they’re def. playing these women and themselves, by exploiting the class differential, perpetuating sexual stereotypes about Afro-Brazilian women, and offering a myopic view of the country itself. Any man who can’t interact effectively with a woman who is on an even keel with him socially and/or intellectually, and who feels compelled to travel abroad just to run a con on some woman solely because she’s foreign, is def insecure and possibly a sociopath.


  14. I don’t understand this brazilians and black americans have pretty much the same history. The only difference is the americans ancestors were taken from africa and worked the cotton fields and the europeans were mixing with us.The brazilians had black ancestors too just they were taken from africa by portugese and mixed with them.We have the same blood black and european just different part of europe and different language.Black brazilian and panamanian women are beautiful and so are jamaican,african,and black american women.Its like they only want to give credit to the black women who are mixed with latin or white.Those men have self hate imo.How can people say black is beautiful yet think and act this way its a contradiction.Its like they tolerate their blackness but can’t stand it on someone else.I think all black women are beautiful around the world i just feel we need equal representation and praise.


  15. wow black women are men in brazil are dealing with the same problems we have in the u.s.Its sad that blacks around the world deal with pretty much the same things but fools like the ones in the vid are ignorant and would rather divide than unite.They are like wolves dressed in sheep clothing they look black but don’t care or have the interests of blacks in their mind.I defninetly respect and love black women from around the world we are unappreciated but not insecure,we have been used and abused but refuse to let that define us.we are beautiful and strong women regardless of differences in language and culture.If the men can’t appreciate or accept that they don’t deserve any woman of any race.Those guys are the ones who will feel intimidated by a strong woman and instead of stepping up they step aside and make excuses.Let those chauvinist pigs try to find a docile,weak,stepford wife.They see what they want to see when it comes to women.They assume the asian woman is submissive and will say yes to everything.wrong women of all races have opinions and will not sit back and let men abuse them, because that is what it is they can try to sugar coat it all they want.Bottom line women don’t settle because too many women settle all because they don’t expect better or feel theydon;t deserve better.we deserve so much more,we deserve to be loved,honored,and respected.


      1. Actually, the problems lie with black women. You see, you guys like everything handed to you on silver platers! You date thugs, drug dealers, and wanna-be rappers! You women can’t see the forest through the trees! Besides, who’d want to take care of someone’s bastard children! Because…you know! the majority of you guys are baby making machines anyways! To be honest what guy would want you! Most of you guys are diseased filled, hair-helmet wearing, only-would-be-baby-mammas-and not wives unappreaciative bitches! Let’s be real now! Let those brothers get away and enjoy life without having a black woman set him up to be robbed/killed, not the biological father of her bastard child, hair helmet wearing ways! So, this sums it up! The government allows you mofos to parade around like the golddiggin’ jezebelles you are! Brazilian Black Women are very sweet unlike Amerkkka’s average, obese, stupid (not really educated as she claims to be) women! The problem lies with YOU!!!


  16. I agree that there is a delusion going on, but, I dont think its exploitation because the Brazilian women who are profesionals know exactly what they want and are getting it. Prostitution is not ilegal in Brazil , and, many of these women have kids and it is an outlit to make money they could never make doing day jobs . Actualy Im totaly in favor of prostitution because it serves a purpose for both parties. If an individual is cheating on his wife, he is lackin in personal integrity, and, he could be doing it with a pro or just another woman.

    But for sure, to make out like seeing pros, is equating that to dating and building relationships, is delusional. Many black Brazilian women have had bad relationships at home and end up marrying and having fullfilling relationships with foreigners , I know a few, many have bad choices of foreigners and have a bad experiance , but, its the same roll of the dice as any relationship. But, the Copacabana area is , or should I say was, because the Copa de Mundo (World Cup) and Olympics coming has closed down a lot of the street action since that docu was made,highly frequented by profesionals. But, I can tell you that Brazilian women who are not pros, just dont normaly let a stranger come up to them on the beach and start hugging all over them like that guy said he could do.

    There are cultural differances from Brazil and the USA, and those differances can blow some peoples minds and intoxicate them, but, when relationships start building, there are going to be more things in common that can cause conflicts than differances

    I can say again, American women have as much chance as hooking up with Brazilian men as vice verca , and could find the situation as intoxicating as the men…but there isnt such and open sex trade as for the men…but there are plenty of men for hire if you know how to read the classifieds in Portuguese


    1. No…more to it than that! The dude in the video meant that the women where easier to approach! You could shake their hands or hug them because they are that friendly! Unlike Amerikkkan black women they only give their attention to thugs, drug dealers, and fake ass rappers! If you toured in the US you’d know! Again, black women I’m not Mexican! Is what a guy like me have to say to them all the time! Your pussified government brainwashed your women into only responding to negative black males! They don’t even look at a lighter-skinned dude unless they want to have his baby because of the good hair and skin! Some black women hate hate themselves so much and they blame black males for it! I bet you know at least one dude who got did wrong by a black woman! It could be anything! Like pregnancy fraud, setups, and etc. that a Amerikkkan black female make her mate go through! Why must a guy be set up for that kind of failure? Its too many of your black brothers in jail or the grave because of these women! So in order for black males to be honoured by black women for being a good mate they go elsewhere to find it! I hope this sheds light on the subject.


  17. Peanut, you see how good I spell English, hahah, lete me tell you, both my English and Portuguese have gone down the drain…I started at 36 , and, Im a street speaker, yeah,I can get around and deal with situations, and understand TV and what you would try and write, but, my grammer is horrible, and writing worse than I speak…if you were studying for 4 or 5 more years, you would pass me up…I watched my son pass me up

    Im the immigrint who always will have an accent and some bad grammer, but, my son speaks well


    1. i really want to improve my portuguese im gonna study on my own and see if i can improve the next time i go back to brazil. i’ve always wanted bilingual children, it’s great that your son is learning two languages it will be advantageous to him down the line. i speak some arabic, spanish, english and a bit of portuguese. i’m not fluent in any other than english, it probably goes like this english, spanish, arabic, portuguese. arabic is the most beautiful, but it’s the most difficult to learn for a westerner, portuguese is the most fun, so similar to spanish, except for the pronunciation and spanish is the easiest after english, i used to be almost fluent in spanish from High school, if i spent probably 6-12 months around spanish speakers i’m sure i would become fluent


  18. Peanut, great you are trying to learn all those languages…

    The only thing I could say to help learn Portuguese , and this is only one aspect, is , bring up that movie in Portuguese , “Black Orpheus”, and keep going over phrases , using the rewind button…Tv has been a tool Ive used down here a lot to try to get my Portuguese better, but, my grammer and spelling are really bad


  19. Sorry didn’t watch the video. However, anytime I hear black mean talking about black women I have to stop and think who the hell was their mother. Would they talk about their own sisters the same way? Cause, while I have always had my problems with black women, they always think I am too white especially when I was younger, their is no salve better than talking with an intelligent woman of color. I could not have face down half the hate I did with those beautiful women who had gone before me. I am not half as strong as my Grandma’s and every generation that goes back not only do I have the paternal side to be thankful I have the very maternal side who worked and slaved to produce me. Disrepecting black women is the height of ignorance. Any knucklehead that does and he being born of a black woman is quite the idiot.


  20. Soundsl Iike you actually believe the bs. There are black PEOPLE not just black men the prefer dating out of their race. If it didn’t strike a nerve why all the effort. How do you feel about the black women that zay n#gg@$ aint shit and date other races because it just simpler for them to manage a healthy relationship with them. Whats commical is how critical and physiologically f’ d up he is just because he prefers something different and how the fact that there are some black men interested in other races is diagnosed with the baby boy syndrome. Wow! Not every man who buys a vet is trying to compensate etc etc. Maybe the black man is tired of everyone having issues but them being isolated and belittled. Its life babe dnt be an over analysis! !!


    1. I have no respect for black women or black men who disrespect each other, that includes the black women who say ninjas aint ish. I don’t care if a black man or woman is screwing another race, why do they feel like they have to justify it by saying negative things about each other is the question. I don’t see black people in the uk who date out dissin each othe. If black men want to date other women that is fine just don’t throw black women under the bus. Be a man about it and say I just want to sample the different flavors of women its not because I don’t like the flavor of my own women I just want something different. If black men would say that then I wouldn’t care, but instead a lot of them here in America want to say I got with this woman because black women are ugly,crazy,fat,;lazy etc. Same thing goes to the black women who date other men and say its because black men aint ish, lazy,broke, dl,etc. I will never excuse or be ok with either gender dissing one another because we are equal and can’t survive without the other.


      1. Hey, Miss Lady! You see…black women put themselves in that position for a black male to use them! If you lived in US you see what I’m talking about! Black women have lost their minds! Its like they got bipolar disorder or something! EXAMPLE: I was in a store in the US and black women are very loud, rude, arrogant, and pushy! I heard on of them said,”You can suck my dick!” Last time I checked women had vaginas and a clitoris not a dick! …or did black women get envious of her man because he had so much more…? You can’t blame black men for being these soft, down low, mamma’s boys! You must also see that ‘black women’ are raising these little thieves, drug dealers, gang bangers! So…since your pussified government kicked the black males out of your homes you are slowly suffering on the inside! These mamma’s boys play more video games than a chinese boy in Tokyo some damn where! Black American Women are to blame for this separation of the black man and woman! You guys brought it on yourselves when you rebelled against your man! Its called feminism! Feminism is runned by Baphormet! Women are weak against his brainwashing and that makes it easier for him to control you! Remember! You must uplift your fellow black man who rather go to college than rap, rather find a job than to sell drugs, a man that is not loose with his seed! You must do this for yourself and all of your brothers and sisters that you claim you love so much!


  21. this whole discussion is so crazy…how did we come to this??? Black men and women talking as if we are different ethnicities…and you are framing the question wrong,,,Brazil has a demographic profile similar to the U.S. I am a Black American man who lives in Brazil and because I have a Brazilian girlfriend does not mean that I reject Black American women,,,but here are some of the differences,,,Brasileiras are more affectionate and sensual, they like sex for themselves and not just as a reward for their men,but they are also more devious and manipulative. Americanas are more self-reliant and honest and better partners, both are beautiful, the only difference seems to be in numbers…about every fifth woman I see down here is attractive. Every Brazilian guy has at least a couple of women…I came to Brazil to live as best as I could, the women are the iceing not the cake.


  22. I think the angry blk american women didn’t watch listen and understand this video. There was not lie that was told in this video. Bottom line american black women are having a major issue with playing their role as a woman. White supremecy infiltrated the black feminist movements and created a womens lib for black women which was instrumental in destroying the black nuclear family in large part. All this men basically were saying is they enjoy women who respect them as men not walking diplomas or atm’s. as for peanut with all due respect your vision is askew instead worrying about reaching out to some strange women across the waters who are still going to look at you as weird and still enjoy dating american black, your mind should be thinking about how you can better connect and work on a relationship thats positive with a black man. Those countries dont put the same stock on bonding with other women ignoring their men while ey sit around eating icecream bashing men. Thats one of the main reasons their desired more than american blk women. Im not about bashing american sisters either just yall need to prioritize.


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