Mr. Roosh: If Black Women Weren’t Fat & Nasty Black Men Wouldn’t Date White Women…


I came across an interesting article yesterday. It’s by a man who calls himself “Roosh.” He rants about everything that is wrong with American women and he seems to have a special disdain for African-American women.

Roosh writes,

On white nationalism sites there is growing anger at black men who date white women. In the past year it has even spilled over into the comment sections of non-racist blogs. It appears that some white men don’t like the idea that they have to compete with men who, on average, take more naturally to game principles than they do.Their rage is growing in lockstep with a diminishing pool of attractive and slim white women.

I think their anger is misplaced. They shouldn’t get mad at black men—they should get mad at black women. The average black woman is America is not like this…

Roosh then goes on to post a picture of Rihanna and states that “the average black woman does not look like this,” he posts a picture of Monique and states that she looks more like Monique. It’s interesting to note that not only is his opinion misogynistic, but it’s racist. I guess since Mr. Roosh has interacted with every single Black American woman and knows exactly how every Black American woman behaves…he’s qualified to make stereotypical assumptions about Black women’s weight and attitude. In case you didn’t get it, I’m being sarcastic.

Roosh writes,

While black men have a preference for girls with a big booty and thick thighs, they don’t have a preference for land whales. As fat as white girls are getting, they are still not as fat as black women, meaning that you’ll have more black men crossing over. This has less to do with racial preference than beauty preference, and I’m not even considering the aggressive and entitled attitude that many black women have.

If white nationalists were serious about black men not dating whites, they would start a nutritional non-profit aimed at the urban cores of the country to help black women lose weight. Once black men find their women to be more attractive, they will be less inclined to date outside their race. I guarantee you that if most black girls looked like Rihanna, white women would suddenly wonder where all the brothers went. Even I would switch to dating black women if that was the case.

The reality is, if this article is any indication, Mr. Roosh is a misogynist and a bigot. He harps about Black women’s “attitude,” but his article is ripe with nasty, bitter, stereotypical assumptions. He has an ENTIRE blog dedicated to what’s wrong with American women…If that’s not an example of a bitter, nasty attitude, I don’t know what is.

He rants about how Black women are so fat that Black men don’t want them [us] anymore, when in reality most Americans are obese, that INCLUDES (and especially) white men. Additionally, most Black men who do marry, marry Black women.  So, I’m not sure what the point of his article is other than to make himself look ridiculous.

If Black women choose to lose weight, I advise that they do it because it will benefit them, not to snag some man of any race…and definitely not because Mr. Roosh thinks that he’s an authority on Black women and writes a blog posts about it.

Finally, if Mr. Roosh thinks that foreign women are different or better than American women that’s his own foolishness. People are individuals and you can find obese women with attitudes anywhere… If he goes out with the expectations that he has, ultimately he is going to end up attracting exactly what he detests. Ultimately, you get what you put out…If he prefers white, foreign women then that’s his preference, but there’s no need to demean white American women and Black American women.

But, we’re not the only ones who see something terribly wrong with Mr. Roosh, his blog was featured on the Southern Poverty Law website as a misogynistic website:

If only they could add the men like srgtwilliepete and the black women bashers from YouTube onto the Southern Poverty Law website.

click to read full article

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