Discussion: Why Does Society Assign Value Based off of Racial Sex Ideals?




What do these pictures make you think of? Do they make you feel like Black women are objectified? Do they make you feel sexier if you’re a Black woman?

When I am browsing around on the internet  , I inevitably come across the polls, forums and discussions about “who is hot and who is not?” There are even certain websites that develop “hottest women,” by ethnicity lists, which is silly because we all know that beauty comes in all races…so why should these lists even matter?

When I can look at the lists or  browse the various discussions on the internet that disregard Black women from the hot lists, I am left with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I feel that beauty is so subjective and diverse that these lists are just superficial and dumb…on  the other hand, I know that we live in a sexist and superficial culture that assigns value to women based on their physical appearance  and sex appeal.

I know that depending on how “hot,” a woman is perceived to be, she’ll be given certain privileges over other women. In this society “hotness,” is correlated with race. There is a racial hierarchy that is set up to benefit certain groups above others.  This is called erotic capital and I discussed this in another post about Siobhan Brooks.

When we have a hierarchy that awards erotic capital points to women who conform to a Eurocentric type of beauty, while disregarding Black women…how does that affect the perceived value of Black women?

Do these images even matter? What can we do to change the way society values women?


8 thoughts on “Discussion: Why Does Society Assign Value Based off of Racial Sex Ideals?”

  1. The first 2 pics i think are sexy the others look like pics for a porno or late night hook up line. I think these images matter . It matters because its showing bw as being sex objects but other races of women dress like this and get wifed up wtf.To change how society views women in general idk where to begin.I think women are being viewed as independent now more than ever,there are starting to be more women in college than men and more are becoming the breadwinners.Some women annoy me the way they dress hoish then when a guy treats them as such they get upset.women first need to have respect for themselves and not allow someone to treat them as a trophy or object.


  2. Black women are beautiful.Idc what society views us as i think we look dam good.Know that the media is just catering to whites it was made for them by them.They use it to spread lies and hate.The media is a way to reinforce white as being superior and beautiful.These lists are made to make certain women feel good about themselves that is what white supremacy is built for white women to protect and uphold them above everyone else.Notice anything that shows whites as being insecure or less than is quickly discredited.Tanning was a way for whites to look darker they said it was so they could look like the latinas.They couldn’t let that go on because it showed whites as wanting to be someone else which would show them as being insecure and envious of other races and ,so they did studies to discourage whites from tanning and telling them they’ll get cancer.I see through this bs and know my worth and see all these snakes telling people they are less than just because of genetics i’m not drinkin that water.Blacks have always been a threat to them.Black women were a threat to white women during slavery because master was sleeping with them instead of his wife, and so his wife wouldn’t sleep with a black man they made these laws that forbid blacks and whites from marrying etc because that would show whites as wanting and viewing another race a so called less superior race as a desriable mate.i think these attacks on black womens beauty is the white mans way of making it up to white women for sleeping with black women during slavery and jim crow.Its the she doesn’t mean anything to me and you look prettier tactic that cheaters use to get back with their partner.


    1. it bothers me that people often ignore that it happened at all during jim crow and slavery…whenever we learned about slavery/jim crow in school (what little we learned at all) they NEVER mentioned it or very rarely i should say…they talked a little about lynching and even else about everything else.


  3. I’ve been working lately on accepting myself as an average-looking black woman. I don’t look like these women in this photo. I wear jeans, sometimes I wear my hair under a scarf but I’m always neat in appearance. I’m learing to accept that this is okay and as long as I like the way I look overall then it is okay. There is so many layers to erotic capital (I like that term and am going to start using it) I believe that it is something we as a society will be unpacking for years.

    Regardless, I don’t have much EC and I’m okay with that. Because of this I’ve worked to develop other aspects of my personality (not that women who have it do not) and ways to affirm myself. The part I struggle with is being rendered invisible and my being and experiences not being recognized as a woman by large swaths of society.


    1. I think it’s important to put yourself on a pedestal, not in a superior sense, but to value your own body and know your worth because in this society, ESPECIALLY if you’re a Black woman…you have to.


  4. Hi Peanut,

    I thought I would say HI! Is that weird?

    What are your plans for 2013? What’s the next big move in your life? Last I remember you quit your job, went travelling for a number of weeks, planned on going back to school..


    1. hi wilson, i am glad you stopped by to say hi! I am in the process of applying to grad schools hopefully i’ll be starting soon. what have you been up to?


      1. Hi, Sorry for the delayed response. For some reason my anti virus program wouldn’t let me access your site. Anyways, I haven’t been up to much. Same old same old, i.e. work (yuck)!

        Good luck with your applications.


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