Obama Needs to Cry for ALL The Children Around the World: Response to Abagond

This a short response to Abagond’s post Obama Cries for White Children . His post is in reference to the tragic Connecticut Newtown Elementary School shooting.

Abagond writes,

“President Obama appeared on television and gave a brief statement. For the first time since his grandmother died four years ago, he teared up in public…Yet he has not publicly teared up over the 97 (or more) children he has killed with his drones and cruise missiles – equal to almost five Newtowns. Killings which the United Nations calls “indiscriminate” and which his own computers call“bug splat”…He uses drones to send Hellfire missiles at houses, schools, restaurants and bakeries. He sends them when you are with your grandmother. He sends them during Ramadan. He sends them during funerals…Obama does not even publicly name the children he has killed. Apparently because their lives do not matter to him. Apparently because  they are not beautiful…Apparently because they are not well-to-do White Americans.”

My first reaction to Abagond’s post was not shock or anger because I can understand where he is coming from.  My heart was and still is broken for the children who were killed on Friday at the Newtown Elementary school.  Those children were beautiful, they were unique, defenseless, tiny, little humans who  have left this world too soon. It hurts my heart and I mourn for them, their families and loved ones….

With that being said,

My initial reaction to this particular tragedy was sadness confounded by anger.  I am angry because this country has a problem with gun control and some people are so stuck on their “right to bear arms,” that they don’t value the right to life.  I FEEL that the government teaches us that it’s okay to use weapons to harm those whom we don’t value…it teaches us that it’s okay to be violent to those who are vulnerable and can’t defend themselves. I was angry that Obama didn’t touch on this issue in his address to the country and I was angry that politicians danced around these questions when asked by reporters what role gun control and violence played in this incident and countless other incidents.

I’m not saying no guns should be allowed at all, but do we really need for AK47’s and assault rifles to be made available to the masses… and would it hurt to have stricter screening process to obtain a firearm?  No, it wouldn’t…but this is not the main point of my post…gun control is just a side note.

In his post Abagond made reference to the fact that children who are murdered everyday around the world in other countries…do not get Obama’s tears. In fact they don’t even get names, they don’t get acknowledged and going by the media…they don’t even exist because we never hear about them….are the lives of the countless children who are killed not only in other countries (by OUR  government’s missiles mind you) but the ones who are killed in everyday America less valuable than the lives of the children who were killed in the Newtown tragedy…??

In the midst of the all the media coverage of the tragedy in Newtown, one comment stood out to me. It was a comment made by a middle-aged gentlemen and he said that “things like this don’t happen here.”

When I heard that comment, I was left thinking to myself…so if this happened somewhere else…like say in the US ghetto or in the Middle East somewhere…would it be less tragic…would it matter less?.. Should it matter less?

Of course the answer is no, it wouldn’t be less tragic and no it would not matter less…well that is what the answer should be anyway.

No child’s life is less valuable than another. The little girl that was gunned down in the street  of Chicago is no less valuable than the little children that are killed by American missiles in the Middle East and their lives are not less valuable than the children who were killed in Newtown. All of these killings are senseless. All of these children were unique, precious, beautiful, little humans. They had things that they loved to do, they meant something to someone  and it’s a precious, unique life that has left this world too soon.

It hurts my heart to see people look at the tragedy of Newtown and not connect that tragedy to the bigger picture. Why can’t we open our eyes and see things not as separate groups, but as people for once…I don’t want people to say “this kind of thing doesn’t happen here,” I want people to say “this shouldn’t happen anywhere.” People do not understand that when you don’t value the lives of the children of any one group, you don’t value the lives of children everywhere.  All of the pain and suffering that the parents and families are going through now is the same pain and sorrow that the parents around the world feel when their children are killed by senseless violence. That’s the same sorrow that the mother whose child dies at the hand of gang violence in the inner city feels. If you look into each other and connect as people, there’s something very overwhelming about the connection that sorrow has to our humanity.

Sorrow is cross cultural and universal…it’s a testament to our needs as human beings. We all want a safe world for our children to grow up in, we all want to preserve our children and their innocence because it’s a reminder of the innocence that should be humanity. When we birth children and bring them into the world, we relish their innocence because we crave the simplicity…we crave the blissful ignorance. It’s just so astounding to me that when a child is born, the baby doesn’t know of all the evils of the world, they don’t come out hating people or wanting to kill people…they come out with a fresh, clean and new spirit…which is something that people yearn for as we get older. Something that maybe we’re continuously searching for….

Children everywhere are so valuable.

So, it pains my heart to see children ANYWHERE in the world being cast aside, murdered and made into nameless targets on someone’s radar…when we kill that innocence, we kill ourselves off. There is no color line, there is no political line to be drawn when it comes to valuing a child’s life…and that is why it hurts me…and that is why we need to weep for all the children.

Maybe if we weep together enough, we’ll learn to comfort each other and if we can comfort each other, we’ll understand the sorrow that we share and if we understand the sorrow, we’ll see each other’s humanity…we’ll see ourselves in each other and if we can see ourselves in each other, then maybe  we’ll stop the senseless violence…and we’ll stop allowing children everywhere to be victims of people who don’t value their humanity…which is the same as not valuing all of humanity. No more US missiles striking cities and towns and killing children, no more Newtowns, no more gang shootings that destroy children in their midst…none of that.

Those are my thoughts…I wish things were different.

21 thoughts on “Obama Needs to Cry for ALL The Children Around the World: Response to Abagond”

    1. America is at war with terrorists. Rome was at war with savages. Spain and much of christian Europe was at war with heathens and uncivilized folk (if you are black, at one point or another you fell into this category). This is the justification they give. The real truth is known as “Empire building”.

      The names changes, the game remains the same.


      1. And if you’re Jewish, you pretty much always fell into this category until this century. I know. My ancestors have been chased out of so many countries I can’t even remember all of their names right now. The sad truth is that it’s very, very easy to become a fanatic when you gain power. And people always look for someone to blame for all their troubles. The Star Trek episode about Nazis is what really showed this to me.
        Terrorism is a vicious cycle. As long as you have some reasonable bone to pick, or a way of building up an existing issue, fanaticism will take over, and from then on you have the moral justification of war to excuse your actions. And when you have that kind of fanaticism, a lot of people get hurt.
        Children get killed every day. They get killed by every possible demographic in South America and the Middle East. They get killed by the KKK. They get killed by every rocket and bomb that’s set off. What I think is really the saddest thing is that in the Middle East, often the children AREN’T innocent, because their upbringing has brought them to commit terrorist acts of their own. I cry for every child who has to grow up with this sort of thing.
        What really brings that last point home for me is the Chasidic children in Israel who stone cars in gangs, who really are racist because they’ve grown up in a country that causes them to hate a large and diverse demographic for no good reason.
        I grew up hating Christians, and seeing them as the bad guys. My parents told me Christians had changed in the last thousand years. I still hated them, because they had always been the bad guy, in every story I heard.
        My little brother thinks the Greeks and Romans are always the bad guys. He only knows about them from Channukah and the Destruction. Now that I am older, I know the world isn’t black and white, and that the Greeks and Romans really did build the foundations for our civilization. When we are at war, we only hear the bad things, and our world becomes as black-and-white as a child’s. This causes hatred, terrorism, you name it. And it continues the vicious cycle.
        So I mourn every child who is killed for a war they don’t understand.
        (Sorry for that rant. I really just needed to say it.)


    2. good comment, have u ever seen the movie “ruby bridges,” it’s about children and u are right some children aren’t innocent, but their innocent in the sense that they are only TAUGHT to hate, they’re not born that way and that’s what is understood through that ruby bridge movies…i think its one of the best movies Disney ever did anyway…it’s hopeful that we know hatred for the most part is learned and taught, that gives me hope that maybe we can unlearn it…someday maybe


  1. Beautiful piece, well written. All the children of world are valuable and deserve our thoughts and prayers, not just these white well-to-do kids. I totally agree with you on this.


  2. Peanut, Obama’s tears have nothing to do with children being killed by drones…I dont care if its a drone from the USA, or all the bombing done by the Islamist extremists to their own people in Pakistan and Iraq and Syria,or a black girl killed by a lost bullet in Brazil, I get a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach….but, this incident should be dealt with on its terms, and, Obama is the President of the United States…this happened inside the United States borders.

    And I think its hypocritical of people to get on Obama’s case for drone actions, and, not say a peep about the slaughter Islamic terrorists do to their own people…where are the tears for those children from the Obama critics? Shiite and Sunnies are massacering each other, and killed more of each other than USA troops, in Iraq, and, that is the real conflict going on in Syria now.

    Where are their tears , from the Obama critics for the black Brazilian women who have been hit and killed in high numbers by lost bullets in gang wars or gang confrontations with the police. And the pictures they show of these girls, its amazing how really beautiful they are…

    So, I dont even think its a good camparison to lambast Obama about drone attacks because he shed a tear about the children killed at the school. There is a lot of anti Americanism in the air, and everyone is holding the USA up to a higher standard than everyone else…people have backwards binoculars stuck up the rectum of the USA and can only see their hemmoroids…

    I think its kind of funny to nitpick on Obama about this at this moment…


    1. i think Obama should cry for the children who die from terrorist in their own country…i think that other countries should cry for children who die from their bullets too. but let me be clear…i started out speaking specifically about Obama and ended up speaking more in general about people everywhere and that’s what I THOUGHT I got across in my post maybe I didn’t.


    2. and also the reason i chose to write this from the perspective of an American is because a,) i’m american myself and b.) i ALWAYS hear Americans make comment like “this doesn’t happen here,” “this shouldn’t happen here,” and it’s usually “one particular group,” of people within the US that makes comments such as these…to me that’s like saying…”its okay if it happen everywhere else, but not here,” and that is not right to me. So, I wrote this from my perspective as an American and from the culture that I grew up in. I want for EVERYONE to cry for all children, but i focused on the US in this piece and only touched on the broader concept in the end.


  3. Peanut, I wasnt really countering what you said, its the atitude in Abagond’s post…and an anti American stench that is starting to rule that blog. I personaly think its important to talk about racism, black /white relations, discrimination against black Americans, white denial…I have no problem discussing those issues.

    But, Ive lived in a country that has a lot of anti Americanism, you wont feel it if you pass through, , but if you live there like I do, you really start to hear the behind the back anti Americanism,the blaming of America for al the ills (this isnt all the peole here, its just a political agenda by a lot of people and a brainwashing…I see it in the schools where my son went, i see it in the columns in the papers and discusions….and there is a lot of bs and warping of the truth about the cold war. Im willing to debate anyone who thinks they have the cut and dried stroy about what happened in the cold war in Brazil, and i will rip their logic to threads

    So, I smell the putrid stench of false anti Americanism from a long way, and , I see the people who read of the Soviet Union propaganda page with Fidel’s snot all over it, and they dont even know it…its been passed down to them in their political discusions and they have made up their mind that the USA is the villain of the world with no real look at all the real dirt that is going down, or why it is really happening. And, I have suffered anti Americanism so I have little pacience for it, and will get angry real fast…which is why Im pulling my commentary from Abagond for now, as well as because of Bulanik’s bullsh*t…I have to check myself or i will get banned .

    So sorry if I gave the impresion I was disagreeing with you, Peanut, Im more at odds with Abagonds post


  4. This is why the post from Abagond is loaded with hypocracy , naiveness, ignorance and anti Ameicanism…the first link is from Al Jazeera no less , so it certainly isnt trying to be biased.

    Look at the recent post by “sas” on Abagond, I mean its really getting disgusting on that thread…

    People really dont care at all about brown children


  5. The second link is page after page of Taliban bombs that have killed children….what an error to scrutinise Obama’s statement about Newton and wrap it into a subject that doesnt relate in any form or fasion….You see, people want to look at America’s hemmoroids with backwards binoculars up the rectum of the USA, but, cant really look at the dirt of the reality of the real world…I mean really, the back porch notion that we cant talk about other atrocities in the world and only criticise the USA just doesnt cut it for me…everybodies dirt is releant in a discusion like this


  6. People want to wrap themselves up in drone strikes that have killed 129 children and scream bloody murder and that the USA only wants to kill “brown and black skinned people” , ahh , but lets give those noble Taliban a pass for the slaughter of their own people …and, lets make sure not to understand the amount of black afro diasporic black and brown people killed by lost bullets in Brazil…I mean if people were really concerned about black and brown kids getting slaughtered, they would look into the fact that Farc has been suplying crack and guns to the huge drug gangs in Rio ( along with other parties involved in this arms trade), but , nobody really wants to look at that, because the USA isnt involved, only the hemmooids of the USA can be scrutinised, while other realities are blindly and naivly ignored, except the people who know but just have an agenda against the USA…hypocracy n


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