Another Promising Young Black Man Gunned Down in Florida


Trayvon Martin has taught the world nothing.

Jordan Davis, a 17 year old Black male  and some of his friends (also Black males) were sitting in his car  playing “loud music,” when Michael Dunn, a 45 year old white male pulled up beside him. Dunn asked the  young men to turn down the music, an altercation ensued and Dunn ended up shooting Davis multiple times.

Dunn claimed that Davis had a shotgun aimed at him and he only shot in self defense. However, police have yet to locate the shotgun that was allegedly pointed at Dunn by Davis. Davis later died on his way to the hospital.

The media has already looked into Jordan Davis’ background and determined that “he wasn’t part of a gang,” and had “A good upbringing…” because you know if he’s Black…he must have been up to no good  with is gang of  homies and therefore deserved being shot 8 times…right…*Sarcasm*

Apparently Trayvon Martin has taught Florida nothing.

Florida with it’s STAND YOUR GROUND law is quickly becoming the new Mississippi.

There was no hoodie involved in this incident, so that can’t be what’s to blame this time…so what next?

Michael Dunn has been arrested, so that’s a step in the right direction…but honestly Florida…COME ONE now!

My heart goes out to his family and loved ones, to lose a child right around the Holidays…that’s truly sad.


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