Is This Just Diarrhea Cuz I Feel Like I’ve Been Sodomized???


*WARNING GRAPHIC DETAILS, MAY GROSS SOME OUT, but don’t act like you’ve never had diarrhea before*

I am having a somewhat inconvenient day.

I woke up this morning and I had to go to the bathroom. So, I rushed to the toilet and went. I had diarrhea. It was so painful that my butt was burning and I was just feeling disgusting. I’m going to the  bathroom and it’s all loud and stuff coming out…sorry to get graphic…so my mom comes to the door and says, ” Is everything okay in there? You farted.”

“I know I farted mother, I have diarrhea.”

“Oh okay…you need anything?”


Mother walks away.

Call me crazy, but if you can’t fart in the bathroom in peace, then WHERE can you??? I know she was trying to help and everything, but come on…

So, I finally finish my business for now and I go and shower,  washing my hands and lower arms real good a few times and then I get dressed and go to the kitchen.

I am supposed to be eating healthy, so I try and cut myself a grapefruit and I cut my index finger!!! So, I gotta go and wash my finger and put some alcohol and band aid on it. In the mean time, I’m walking around bo-legged and all funny looking.

I feel like I’ve been sodomized in my sleep or something because that is just how bad my butt is burning from my diarrhea, so I have to use Vaseline.

I’m wondering if I got diarrhea either from eating too much junk food since I’ve been back…I have been eating a lot of chocolate OR I got something in Brazil, but I doubt it’s Brazil because I NEVER had any diarrhea while I was in Brazil it didn’t start until several days AFTER I got back.

So, that’s been my morning so far, I guess it’s just one of those days. I may have to go to the pharmacy and get something if my ailment doesn’t clear up on its own. Maybe this is what I get for getting so cocky in Brazil…but I really just don’t think it was my trip that gave me diarrhea.

Anyway, I am counting my blessings because I think that I am going to be fine. I haven’t had any diarrhea since this morning, the Vaseline has helped the burning sensation and my finger has stopped bleeding. I think I’m going to be okay, if the day goes by and my bowels are back to normal, it’s probably fine.

But, just in case I may stop by the pharmacy and get something. When Tyra banks did that show and gave away the free Vaseline  she never mentioned how useful it was for butt burning lmao!!!

I feel better just from blogging and getting this off my chest now!

See Tyra Banks Video Below-

3 thoughts on “Is This Just Diarrhea Cuz I Feel Like I’ve Been Sodomized???”

  1. Peanut, if it hit you today, I dont think it was from Brazil, I would think if you got something in Brazil , it would have happened right there….only Dengue fever can take 10 days or so to kick in…

    (I got your nice e mail and tried to send a responce to you but it came back, I put it on another thread here)


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