Reflections & Back to the USA

I am flying back to the USA this morning, a bit nervous about the flight , but looking forward to going back home.

Thinking back on my trip, I should say overall I enjoyed the trip. Even though the program  wasn’t what I expected and I got sick, I still enjoyed Salvador.

About the incident with the blonde woman I described in my other blog posts, even though her comments annoyed me, I still don’t dislike her and I forgive her comments. I’m not going to let that drag me down anymore. I wish her well and overall, despite her ignorance, I think she’s a nice person. We all have our ignorant moments, but any way, I’ve learned a lot both from my new Black girlfriend and from my experience in Salvador overall, especially about my identity as a Black woman.

I think if anything I can take from this is that I shouldn’t waste my time worrying about who does and doesn’t like Black women because it’s such a big world that it doesn’t really matter anyway.

I’ve got some more things that I would like to write in more detail about sometime later, like about my bus trip snafu and some other experiences too.

Anyway, all women are beautiful, there is no one race whose beauty is superior. The blonde woman is beautiful too, but no one race has superior beauty to another.  Everyone deserves to be respected and viewed as an equal. I am going to try and remember my experience in Salvador and remind myself not to waste my time on jealousy or anger when I look back on it because as I already said there’s a whole world out there.

Any way, my flight is this morning then I have a lay over in Miami, I’m a bit anxious, but I’m praying for safe travel and everything.


11 thoughts on “Reflections & Back to the USA”

  1. So I guess you are going to just shut up, take it and like it when it comes to anti-Black female racism/discrimination. How disappointing. I see the gaslighters and haters of Black women & girls with their psuedo-intellectual nonsense excuse making for the groups who hate Black women & girls (ESPECIALLY when those haters are Black males & White females) have gotten to you. How sickening. Our young Black girls are going to read this and be so confused, and grow up thinking that it is perfectly normal fro them to be hated simply because thy commited the “crime” of being born Black & female. Great, just freaking great. Black men were nott browbeaten into accepting racism during the civil rights movement, White women were not browbeaten into taking sexism during the fement, NO group was ever told by so many to just “take it” when it came to racism/discrimination but for some sick reason, people want to do that garbage to Black women & girls, and it makes me so sad and sick that so many Black women & girls are deciding to just take it, as you are doing.

    I hate this world.


      1. Peanut, you do NOT have to apologize for being angry with that stupid White woman’s anti-Black female racist nonsense. She made a racist comment against the beautiful Black women of Bahia, and she should ahve been called out on it, PERIOD. No excuses, no apologizes necessary on your part. She insulted YOUR group. At the start of the civil rights movement, NOBODY would tell a Black man who heard racist commenst from his group from a White man to take it and then compliment the comment maker and talk about how “smart” he is, at the start of the femenist movement, NOBODY would tell a White woman who had recieved sexist xomments about her groupt to just take it and go on about how “smart” he is, so i do not understand why you should have to bow your head in shame, go on about how “beautiiful” that racist White woman is, and from now on ignore anti-Black female racism. Yes peanut it is indeed a big world, but that is NOT an excuse for anti-Black female racism to go unchallenged. Sadly, there are TOO MANY idiots in this big world who want to continue to ignore the humanity of Black women & girls and who refuse to treat you with the respect and human dignity you deserve just like everyone else for it to go unchallenged and ignored. So I would like for you NOT to let this idiot racist off the hook for her anti-Black female nonsense and talk about how “beautiful” she is just because too many people want to act like White women & girls are all innocent little angels who can do no wrong


  2. Excuse me, Pheonix, I dont get Peanut is “taking it” in any form or fasion.She seems to have gained insight about being “black” and “black beauty” and “being accepted in Salvador for being black” , from going on the trip. She is just reflecting back in a general sence. She wrote long posts about this women’s behavior and we can all get and understand where this white women was coming from.

    Peanut, I hope you write more articles about other experiances you had down in Salvador


      1. Peanut, please do not get me wrong. This is NOT an attack on you, it just hurts me a great deal to see so many Black women & girls being browbeaten into submission because certain people do not want to see anti-Black female racism/ abuse put on blast or see you stand up for yourselves. Please be VERY careful who you consider freind & foe because there are A LOT of fake people who CLAIM to be for Black women & girls, but their actions and sneaky little words prove otherwise.


    1. BR with all due respect, I do not agree with you, and I do not see how anyone who TRULY cares about the rights of Black women & girls can. I am truly happy that peanut felt welcome & beautiful in Bahia, but that is not an excuse for that White racist woman to be let off the hook. Let a White man had made similar comments to a Black MAN in Bahia, and EVERYONE would want him to be punished, so why should a White WOMAN get off the hook for doing the same? And no I DO NOT “get where that White woman is coming from. Most likely she was born & rasied in a majority-White country where her White beauty was praised, acknowledged, and celebrated by the White mn in there in the media and on the street, so WHY does she want to begrudge a Black woman the same thing? That is not fair, for not only is White female beauty celebrated & acknowledged in majority-White countries & media, it also sadly is in non-White countries & media too, Black countries & media in particular, so there is NO excuse for her behavior & stupid comments other than racist, anti-Black female hatred & jealousy, so she SHOULD be called out on it!


      1. i get what you’re saying phoenix but keep in mind i was in a program and it wasn’t the time or place to start a conflict with someone, sometimes you have to let things slide, if it were a different setting, i might have challenged her on it…but i let reality speak for itself. the fact that me and the other black girl were getting all the attention and seeing the look of shock on her face was satisfaction enough for me. the fact that we didn’t have to pay full price things and got special deals just because the bahians liked us was enough for me.


  3. Pheonix, I apreciete your answer, and I think Peanut just said what I would have tried to say. She was in a close quarters situation , everyone is somewhat stressed anyway and Peanut is observing this behavior. Its not direct confrontation.

    I think Peanut sharing it with us on her blog is the act of not taking it. She also gave the little girl the love she needed, which was exactly the right thing to do.

    Peanut also obs


  4. Sorry, didnt finish, Peanut also observed that people in Bahia responded to her black beauty and favored her so she got to see the look on that white woman’s face, wasnt that turning the tables on her?


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