I am Ready To Go Home Now

I love Salvador, the city is great, but this program sucks!  I am beyond tired of this sh*t. I have been sick for the past few days and basically I have been stuck inside, so I can’t even go to the beach or anything. This program was a rip off. I contributed my own money to this trip, do you know this trip costs $3,000.00. My brother paid less than that to stay a week in an air-conditioned hotel in Salvador.

I paid thousands of dollars to sleep in bunk beds, use a dirty bathroom and eat rice and beans every night for dinner. I hate this program.

They advertised it in such a way that it made it seem like we were going to be having all these services and we were going to be experiening the culture, well that was false advertising because all we’ve done it spend time around other Americans and go out occasionally and attempt to spend time with some kids.

We live in our little homebase or hostel, the common area has bugs crawling on the couch, there is NO hot water, so you can’t even make yourself a cup of tea or take a hot shower if you’re sick, such as I am.

We spend all of our time around the same damn people and I’m sick of it.

I feel like I haven’t even truly gotten to experience the culture of Salvador, I’m just around the same obnoxious Caucasian Americans everyday, most of whom haven’t even spent any time around Black people.

We had a samba instructor come to our home base and instruct us, no one could do the steps, except for a couple people, myself and the other Black girl. I don’t consider taking samba lesson in a dirty, old home base with a bunch of people who don’t know what they’re doing to be cultural immersion.

I would much rather go to a real samba class on my own and dance with other Bahians. We aren’t learning the language the way we should at all, and frankly none of the other volunteers seem to have an interest in learning the language either.

We are cooped up with each other in our own little bubble, speaking English and not truly learning anything about the culture. Even our volunteer placements are nonsense because half of the volunteers have referred to the children in obscene terms behind their backs, one volunteer in particular has stated that one of the children is a piece of shit and then there is colorism/racism going on here all the time.

This program has ruined my experience in Salvador and I feel that my enjoyment has been tainted. I will NEVER again participate in this type of program, next time I go to a country I will be going alone because I don’t like this. I would  like to come back to Salvador another time and truly experience the country without all the extra nonsense.

I can’t even use the bathroom in peace because someone is always trying to use it, sick of this rip off program. Also, one woman is still making her snide racist remarks, she thinks just because she has fake blonde hair she is the goddess of the group, this whole trip, including MOST of these people  with a few exceptions, are on my last nerve.

I am ready to go back to the United States.

9 thoughts on “I am Ready To Go Home Now”

  1. I know you haven’t said this, but please don’t quit.

    It’ll be good for you to see this through and at least find something that you’ve gained from it.

    I say this because after having read what you’ve been writing for some months now, i have spotted a PATTERN. Yes, a PATTERN. LOL. Uhmm yeah anyways, it’s the pattern of quiting once faced with a tough situation or a situation that goes against how you pictured it in your head.

    Just saying..


    1. i’m leaving on saturday, i’m praying for that to come quickly and for a safe flight back home. i love salvador, but i’m ready to move on now.


      1. Have you had a super emotional day? It sounds like you have.

        You only have a couple days left. Just take deep breaths, take in the experience and before you know it you’ll be home and this will be a memory.


  2. On the plus side, you are learning what it means to be poor, which most Americans don’t get to, and you are experiencing some of the real culture, as opposed to what tourist attractions will give you.


    1. but i’m not experiencing what it’s like to be poor and most bahians don’t live in favelas and most bahians are NOT poor. so i’m not experiencing anything, i’m living in a little homebase and getting sick physically and emotionally because of it.


  3. Peanut, being sick is a drag…try to get well , first, and then, since you have your afternoons free and weekends, try to do things away from the group….but, i know, sick is a drag…if you have any extra money, go to that folk lorico show, you wont regret it and it could pick you up…

    there is always a low moment on a trip, even a good trip, and,you have hit your low moment…just get well , first, and then try to make it interesting….it will pick up again….


  4. A lot of places in Salvador dont have hot water…use only mineral water, the tap is not good…you can probably get some tea that is instant and can stir it into cold water, if you cant boil mineral water on the stove…

    Im wondering if you are sick to your stomach? That really is a drag, it happens to me all the time when I go to South Beach…

    You cant let your home base affect how you feel about Salvador, its all going on outside of your home base, you have to pick your shots now, and, make them count…you can pull this trip out of the doldrums…its up to you…you have 3 days to make something good happen …


  5. Peanut, now is the time to think about going into your pocket, even if you have to borrow from your family, and get a hotel room for your last days. You can just say its for your health and well being , to your work colleagues or the directors of the program…

    You can take control of your situation and , first, be in a space that you have privacy and a toile to use and get well. Are you getting the right advice for your sickness? Ar youu taking the right medicines


  6. You see Peanut? Look at the behavior of these racist White women, and they are taking that crap around Black female CHILDREN. That is why they HAVE to be called out on it! Sorry the trip took this kind of turn for you.


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