Pictures of My Trip Thus Far

Here Are Some Pictures of My Trip So Far, I am by no means an award winning photographer, so please forgive me if these aren’t the best photos.

Salvador, Brasil

This is a picture of Pelourinho, it’s been of my favorite places to go to since I’ve been here. There are lots of stores where you can buy pictures, paintings, crafts, jewelry. You can get acaraje, cashews, nuts, there are great restaurants where you can get  authentic Bahian cusine.  On Tuesday night, the place lights up. There is a lot of stuff to do. Music, food, crafts, dancing. It’s really a nice place to visit.

This is a picture of a famous church in Pelourinho

This is a picture of a statute of Zumbi dos Palmares

This is a picture of a statue of the first Bishop of Brasil.

The two pictures above are pictures of beautiful cachoeira. We went to the rodoviária(bus station) and  it was a two hour bus ride to get to Cachoeria from Salvador. The buses were very nice and comfortable.  The view on the way there was stunning, it was very sunny, there were green valleys, lots of cattle, sheep. It was very rural, but beautiful. When we got there, we walked through the market where they had fresh produce and beautiful clothes. I would have bought some, but I couldn’t really take as much time there as I wanted because I was traveling with someone else. We walked across the bridge over the river, which you could go swimming in. We ate at a restaurant called Baiana’s Point. The restaurant was overlooking the water, so it was a beautiful view too. We had a seafood gumbo type of dish with rice and what tasted like squash and some very spicy sauce to go over the rice. It was a good lunch.

The above picture is a picture of a store in Pelorinho. The man who paints the pictures gave us a discount on the Obama picture because it was the day that Obama was reelected. You’d be surprised how many Bahians came up to me, as a Black American, and said they were excited about Obama. Everywhere we went when people found out we were American, they would say “Obama! Obama!”

This is a picture of a photo in the Afro-Brasilian museum in Pelourinho. We learned about Candomble, which is an African-originated religion that is still practiced in Brasil. The professor who was giving the tour told us that in one aspect of the faith, the orixas (orishas) go through a sort of spirit possession, which sounds very similar to what we call “catching the spirit,” in Black American culture. In my culture when someone catches the spirit, it’s a way for them to express their elation and connect with God by dancing, shouting, sometime speaking in tongues. The feeling comes from a connection with God and the movement and sounds are an expression of that connection and redemption, that’s what we believe anyway. The orixas sounds similar. It made me think that there are a lot more similarities between Black American culture and Afro-Brasilian culture than meets the eye.


These are some pictures of a beach in Salvador. The beaches are very beautiful here.

Well that’s it for now, hopefully I’ll be taking some more (and even better) pictures soon!

12 thoughts on “Pictures of My Trip Thus Far”

  1. Really Really cool, Peanut !!!!! Come on, tell me more, what other Brazilian dishes have you been eating in Pelo? What drumming and dancing have you seen ?Me and my son got both got a tremendous drumming cd at the shops that sell music cd’s there, are you interested in the title?

    You hit the nail on the head about the black American church, Peanut, and the ties to Candomble, and Voo Doo, and Santera


    1. i will be uploading some more pictures i took a great on of this sand sculptor at the beach today. unfortunately because of the program that i’m in, i haven’t been able to eat as much authentic baian cuisine as I would like. we’ve been having like the same rice, beans, sometimes chicken and lately mashed potatoes every night.


  2. Peanut, can you tell me about any drumming and dancing you might have seen? Of course , since I am a drummer , and work with an Afro Brazilian dancer from Salvador, Im always interested in those aspects of Salvador..

    Love the reports and pictures!!.


    1. one of the security guards at our hostel played some kind of guitar, unfortunately i haven’t been able to see much drumming though, i’ve been stuck in the hostel


  3. Ha , Peanut, its easy, go and call Reginaldo and go to that folkloric show and dinner in Pelo ( you have to call to find out what days in the week they have it)….Im just teasing , you have to do what you think is best

    I dont get a chance to see some folkloric drumming and dancing on every trip I make to Salvador, and, I always feel like I didnt have the best trip I could if I dont see that drumming and dancing…it just fullfills my trip there if I can see that culture


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