I’m in Salvador, Brazil


Hey everyone! Praise the Lord, I’ve made it to Salvador, Brazil in one piece. I am currently at my home base. I am going to be doing some volunteer work at a school (escola). The flight to Miami was about two hours and the flight to Salvador was about 7.5 hours, not too bad at all.

There is no air conditioning in my home base and we’re not allowed to flush toilet paper down the toilet…WTF!!! So I guess I’ll just have to use the thing that washes your butt…the bidet or whatever it’s called. Cuz I can’t do the no toilet paper stuff, you must be crazy with that!!

But we hailed a taxi from the airport and had a nice conversation with the driver in broken Portuguese. I did the best I could. I haven’t had a chance to take any pictures yet, but I will post some soon.

We passed the beach(praia) on the way and it looked beautiful!

3 thoughts on “I’m in Salvador, Brazil”

  1. The thing with not using toilet paper works like this. You still use it but you put it in a garbage next to the toilet of course. Yes, I know kind of grody on initial thought, right? Well, that’s just the way it is.

    Emerging infrastructure. Emerging modernization. It’s going to take time for Brazil to modernize on a vast countrywide scale. The important thing is for them to keep going forward. Beautiful country.
    In 1919, Boston “realized” they needed to build sewage treatment plants. It took until 1952 for them to build the first one! Up to that point they had been dumping raw sewage into Boston Harbour. Boston Harbour has been filthy forever. In the 1800’s people were warned not to swim in the harbour. Swimming prohibition continued deep in to the modern period. In the 1980’s Boston was forced by court mandate to properly clean and treat the water in Boston Harbour; the clean up continues to this day.




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